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Author: Doug Billings

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Conservative Political & Social Commentary
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It's snot often that we find a conservative entertainer... Although there are MANY out there, few of them come forward to do interviews for fear of having their careers and livelihoods canceled by the woke culture. Bert Lynch, a singer, songwriter and entertainer has overcome stage 4 throat cancer and is a walking message of hope. He will be performing at Doug's "Determined Patriotism Conference" in Branson, MO over the Independence Day weekend.
As part of Dr. Simone Gold's "Legal Eagle Dream Team" of attorneys, Joey Gilbert is fighting against the biggest crime against humanity since The Holocaust. You'll have to listen to understand.
Lt. General Michael Flynn says that Doug Billings is the new Rush Limbaugh and that his show, The Right Side with Doug Billings will become the most important voice for the Conservative movement in America and around the world.Also discussed: The current state of play in the United States.
Her speech demanding an end to vaccines for school-aged kids without parental consent went viral. Human rights attorney and abolitionist, Leigh Dundas talks about the gruesome and horrifc reality of child sex trafficking and how she's on a crusade to end it.
Incredible breaking news about election fraud and the involvement of Italy.Barack Obama and pallets of stolen cash.Cyber attacks, viral warfare and the threat of China.
Former advisor to President Trump, author and international center of the fake Russia collusion investigation, George Papadopolous holds nothing back and discusses high-profile individuals and their involvement in the attempted coup of an American presidency.
She's one of the most thoroughly researched election fraud experts in the world - especially with regards to Italy's involvement in it.Big breaking news in this interview.
The only "systemic racism" problem in America comes from the Commusocialist left, the mainstream media, celebrity class and the professional athlete class.
Part two of an interview with black-American Ron Freeman and our discussion about the myth of American racism and why the left want you to believe that America is racist. 
Part one of an interview with black-American Ron Freeman and our discussion about the myth of American racism and why the left want you to believe that America is racist. 
Doug's 5-part series with Mike Lindell and 3-part series with Simon Parkes
Good Friday message
Thuggery in America

Thuggery in America


Thuggery in America is on the rise 
Democrats / Commusocialists need chaos. They want chaos. Chaos is their patron saint.
Doug gives the truth about the Georgia election law.The Texas border: Worst Humanitarian Crisis in U.S. History Derick Chauvin will be found not guilty.
Maria Zack is one of the most thoroughly prepared researches in the world with regards to current election systems. The details of her data include specifics: Names, locations and nations.
America is now last in the eyes and purposeful intent of Joe Biden.Kamala Harris' laugh at the suggestion she visit the border crisis is appalling.The crisis at the Texas border is the worst case of humanitarian crisis outside of war time.Over 25,000 unaccompanied minors are in American detention centers in Texas.The chaos is purposeful. The Commusocialists WANT chaos. It's their patron saint.
Joe Biden is clearly not in control - of anything - not even himself as he falls up the stairs.Andy Cuomo will be forced from office.Republican Julia Letlow WINs election in Louisiana. 
Doug's latest interview with Simon Parkes
The Commusocialist party wants chaos. Chaos is their patron saint.They have planned for and purposefully created the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border.The illegal immigration of human beings increases humanitarian crisis - it does not diminish it.They view the illegals as a major component of their electoral base. 
Comments (10)

Brett Paknis

did castbox drop this podcast????

Mar 5th

Bjorn Stringham

who is "she"? Give us a name

Feb 4th

Rob Pooley

Thank you sir

Jan 29th

Rob Pooley

amazing interview, hard to swallow some of it but hopeful, if you know what mean. I was really believing that God put President Trump as the man of the hour and don't believe his hour is over yet. love your show, from Buffalo, Wyoming and p.s. I don't believe Cheney will ever be voted in anything in Wyoming again, the backstabber

Jan 23rd

Ramon Sanchez

how does it feel knowing you help 2 clowns spred there lies to thousands of patriot Americans like me. your show should be canceled... and yes I was long time listener. I will stick to the Alex Jones show. you backed two clowns Charlie Ward and Simon Parks are both frauds.

Jan 21st
Reply (1)

Alan Besherse

the question is: why are they so desperate to get rid of him now at rhe 11th hour. what are they afraid of?

Jan 15th
Reply (2)

David Sims

Very good show with Simon today. I just discovered you and will listen.

Jan 13th
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