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In this week's episode we dive into our schedules and what drives us to be productive. You can create wealth with a great work ethic, planning, and goals. Give it a listen now!
What just happened to the Mortgage Rates? In the last two week's we've seen a jump by almost a point. So let's talk about it. 
In this week's episode Trent and Alex discuss uncertainty in the world, real estate, investing, and give their thoughts on how to navigate the crazy real estate market.Follow DeskTalk Podcast for weekly episodes about all things real estate and investing.
In this episode Trent and Alex discuss the tactic of wholesaling during the global pandemic, and how potential buyers could find great deals if they look at wholesale properties.
The Side Hustle

The Side Hustle


In this week's episode we talk about side hustles and ways to make extra income doing what you love.
In this episode Trent and Alex discuss what is happening in the current real estate market of 2021. Stay up to date on all things real estate with weekly episodes of The Desk Talk Podcast.
The Levers for Success

The Levers for Success


In this episode Trent and Alex discuss the levers for success with special guest Chris Shepard.
With the winter storms decimating the USA over the past week we decided it's a good idea to talk about prepping your house for a storm in case this happens again. This is a super important topic today, and think it's worth a quick listen. It will help you in the future!
In this episode we dive deep into everything about reverse mortgages and how they can be used as an asset after retirement. 
Let's talk investing on this fast paced Friday episode. Tips and Trick for how to start investing and how easy it can be for you. We talk Apps, Ideas, and most importantly, investing in yourself.
In this episode Trent and Alex talk about the lifecycle of a real estate transaction from start to finish.Follow Desk Talk Podcast for weekly episodes about real estate, investing, and how to gain financial freedomFollow:@realtortrentw - Trent@alexsmagalamortgages - AlexFilmed and edited by Timber Reel Productions - @TimberReel
Alex is going through the process of buying his first home. Here's how it's going so far in the market.@desktalkpodcastFilmed & Edited @TimberReel
Investing & Saving 101

Investing & Saving 101


In this week's episode Trent, Alex, and special Guest Chris Shepard Talk about investing and saving 101
In this Fast Paced Friday Episode Alex and Trent talk about why it's never too late to get into the housing market, especially now.
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