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Author: Kevin Dorsey

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Welcome to the Live Better Sell Better podcast with your host Kevin Dorsey of Inside Sales Excellence the #1 Patreon group and Youtube Channel for tech sellers and leaders.

Where we dive deep into tactical advice on how to book more meetings, close more deals, and lead sales teams to success.

Inviting the top experts in the software sales world to talk about every topic you can think of. From Cold Calling, Closing Deals, Storytelling, all the way to Sales Management and Brand Building.

We leave no topic untouched.

PLUS - This show is all about tactical advice, no fluff, no long backstories, just the juicy details.

But we don’t stop there, we also focus on the PERSON in sales person, making sure we also take care of that too. Mindset, mindfulness, goal setting, stress management, we cover it all.

Thank you for listening, and if you’re interested head on over to to learn more.

Now with that, get ready, grab a notepad & let’s get into the good stuff!
235 Episodes
Joining Kevin is Dan Drucker, VP of National Sales and Marketing at Canon, as they unravel the secrets of making your sales pitch stand out in a crowded market. Discover the power of specificity in sales messaging, going beyond the surface-level personalization of names and alma maters. Kevin and Dan stress the importance of understanding the unique challenges your buyers face and tailoring solutions that resonate. Learn how to make your clients feel truly heard and understood, distinguishing your message in a sea of generic communication. Explore key insights, including: - Strategies for uncovering industry challenges and understanding buyer personas through subject matter experts and client feedback loops. - The diversity of communication channels, from direct messages on LinkedIn to live events, and the effectiveness of building relationships with warm leads. - The crucial collaboration between sales and marketing teams, sharing prospect insights and crafting messaging aligned with the sales process. - The necessity of specificity in navigating buying committees, addressing individual concerns and priorities. The episode delves into the creation of tailored assets for potential buyers, suggesting a focus on unifying problems within a company rather than fixating solely on price. Learn the importance of leaders providing specific guidance and coaching, steering away from generic advice. The conversation also touches on the value of cultivating hobbies outside of work to foster creativity and recharge. Join us for an insightful discussion that will transform your approach to sales messaging. Find the speaker on LinkedIn for more valuable insights, as they continue their journey in the dynamic realms of sales and marketing. Don't miss out on this episode packed with actionable strategies to elevate your sales game! The key moments in this episode are: 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:47 The Power of Specificity in Sales 0:02:11 The Power of Specificity in Effective Messaging 0:03:51 Differentiating Personalization and Specificity in Sales 0:05:49 Enabling Sales Teams to Learn and Adapt 0:08:56 The Importance of Specific Questions in Sales 0:10:14 Standing Out in a Noisy Sales Environment 0:12:17 Marketing Strategies and Tools 0:13:44 Effect of Communication Frequency on Recall 0:14:32 The Role of Automation in Sales 0:15:39 The Power of Simplicity 0:15:55 The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing 0:17:03 What Marketing can learn from Sales 0:18:09 What Sales and learn from Marketing 0:18:45 Improving Collaboration Between Marketing and Sales 0:20:18 The Importance of Specificity in the Sales Process 0:22:42 Tailoring Assets for the Buying Committee 0:24:23 Driving Performance through Specific Coaching 0:27:12 Crafting the 'How' for Better Sales Performance 0:28:28 Finding Balance and Creativity Outside of Work
Unlock the secrets to making your money work for you in this episode of the Live Better, Sell Better podcast, hosted by Kevin Dorsey. Join us as Kevin welcomes Stacie Sussman, CRO at RevUp Advisory, to delve into the world of financial wisdom and unconventional investments. Stacie shares her journey of realizing the need for a different approach to money management, sparking a transformation that led her to educate herself through books, podcasts, and lectures on non-traditional investments. Discover the power of finding a passion or side hustle and investing in it, a strategy that Stacey passionately advocates. In this episode, you'll learn: - The significance of investing in coaching or programs to enhance skills related to your side hustles. - How networking and community involvement can open doors to new opportunities and shape your world. - Strategies for turning your side hustle into a full-time business or exploring joint ventures with friends. - Insightful perspectives on investing in "boring" businesses like laundromats or car washes for stable cash flow. - Tips for generating surplus cash and venturing into unique assets like artwork with potential for appreciation. Stacie and Kevin highlight the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals to expand your circle and create possibilities. The episode concludes with a summary of various investment opportunities, including art and real estate, and emphasizes the role of education, professional consultation, and starting small in the world of finance. Don't miss this chance to gain actionable insights and discover unconventional paths to financial success. Customize your approach to money management and take the first step towards unlocking your full financial potential! The key moments in this episode are: 0:00:00 intro 0:00:47 Putting Your Money to Work 0:02:10 Realizing the Need for Financial Change 0:03:34 Exploring Financial Investment Opportunities 0:04:49 Investing Strategies for Sales Professionals 0:07:14 Investing in Side Hustles: Time, Networking, and Calculated Risks 0:12:04 Building a Network for Success 0:14:23 Transitioning from Side Hustle to Full-Time Business 0:17:14 The Impact of Compensation Plans on Leadership 0:18:20 Exploring Small Business Opportunities 0:20:50 Leveraging Technology and Investments for Financial Success 0:22:33 Investment Options Beyond Traditional Methods 0:28:56 Maximizing Income through Tax Strategies and Investments 0:29:49 Starting the Investment Process 0:32:05 Creating Wealth and Happiness through Passion
In this episode, Kevin welcomes the resilient Jack Ryan to share his extraordinary journey that intertwines living better and selling better. Jack's story is one of overcoming adversity, including paralysis from a jiu-jitsu accident and multiple strokes, conquered through unwavering determination and physical rehabilitation. His "you don't know me" attitude, influenced by his mother, fueled his resilience in facing life's challenges head-on. Explore with us: - Jack's transformative mindset, shaped through overcoming trauma and adopting an "I'll show you" mentality. - The power of letting one's story and actions speak for themselves, illustrated through Jack's personal journey in weightlifting and extreme sports. - Insights into financial wisdom, from saving and wise investments to seeking guidance from financial advisors, crucial for career progression. - Jack's emphasis on the importance of slowing down to contemplate long-term goals like retirement. - His perspective on the growing field of data engineering and the potential for financial growth, advocating for self-investment through education and skills development. - The significance of community and networking in personal and professional success, as Jack reflects on finding peace and contentment after overcoming health-related challenges. Join us for an inspiring conversation as Jack Ryan unveils his life's triumphs and outlines future adventures, including a captivating journey in Iceland and a commitment to building meaningful professional partnerships. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and apply them to your own journey towards success and personal growth. The key moments in this episode are: 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:47 The Ups and Downs of Success 0:01:54 From Surfing to Tech: A Journey of Transformation 0:09:20 The Power of Grit 0:11:47 Nurturing a Mindset of Grit 0:13:46 Embracing Self-Worth and Letting Go of the Need to Prove 0:15:15 Overcoming Challenges and Investing in Self 0:20:00 The Importance of Not Having Regrets and Investing Early 0:23:16 Exploring New Career Path in Data Engineering 0:24:40 Investing in Skills for Financial Success 0:25:38 The Power of Learning from Others 0:27:32 Building on Clarity 0:28:57 Partnerships: The Future of Revenue 0:31:06 Partnerships: The Future of Sales 0:32:20 Building Community and Leading with Empathy
Does this sound familiar? You've been told to follow a generic sales processin order to achieve better results, but it's not working. You're feeling the painof wasted time and missed opportunities as you struggle to align with yourbuyer's needs. It's time to break free from the ineffective actions anddiscover a new approach that will truly improve your sales outcomes. In this episode, you will be able to:- Discover champion selling and advocacy strategies to boost your sales success.- Learn the importance of building trust with champions and how it can drive your sales results.- Gain insights on aligning your sales process with the needs of your buyers for better outcomes.- Unlock the power of multithreading and engaging multiple stakeholders to close more deals.- Harness the effectiveness of texting in your communication to increase sales engagement and conversions.My special guest isDarin Alpert, an experienced GTM professional and entrepreneur, joinsKevin Dorsey on the Live Better Sell Better podcast to share his expertise onaligning the sales process with buyer needs. With a background in foundingand selling companies, as well as receiving backing from renowned investorMark Cuban, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights tothe discussion. Together, they delve into the importance of having achampion or coach in the sales process, exploring the characteristics thatdefine a true champion and offering guidance on how to identify and developthem. With a focus on multithreading and transforming champions intoadvocates, Darren provides actionable strategies for maximizing salesoutcomes by aligning with the needs of buyers. Sales professionals looking toenhance their success will find this episode to be a valuable resource. The key moments in this episode are:         00:00:06 - Introduction          00:01:14 - The Importance of Champions                   00:03:57 - Defining Champions, Coaches, and Mobilizers                   00:06:11 - Challenges as a Buyer                   00:09:02 - Buying Reputation          00:12:32 - The Importance of Communication and Understanding in Sales          00:13:34 - The Role of Salespeople as Consultants          00:14:53 - The Negative Impact of Speed in Sales            00:17:37 - The Importance of Multithreading in Sales          00:24:57 - The Importance of Customer Stories          00:26:07 - Buyers Prefer Talking to Yodas            00:27:32 - Power and Influence in Sales          00:29:03 - Leveraging Internal Champions          00:30:57 - Building Champions Through Product-Led Growth
Unlocking the Sales Mind: Discover the powerful journey of SDR Troy Barteras he defies conventional beliefs, unleashes the potential of mindset training,and battles the paradoxical challenge of transforming perspectives for long-term sales success. In this episode, you will be able to:- Unlock the power of a positive mindset to supercharge your salessuccess.- Develop effective sales habits that will consistently drive results.- Gain a new perspective on the role mindset plays in your salessuccess.- Fuel your motivation and drive to achieve your sales goals.- Discover the benefits of mindset training for your entire sales team. My special guest isOur guest for today's episode is Troy Barter, the head of revenue at RocketShipping. With over two decades of experience in the sales industry, Troybrings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. What sets Troyapart is his deep understanding of the importance of mindset in sales. Hefirmly believes that mindset is not something innate, but rather a skill thatcan be trained and developed. Through his book and upcoming course, "TheSales Development Mindset PhD," Troy aims to equip sales developmentrepresentatives (SDRs) with the tools and strategies they need to cultivate amindset of resilience, discipline, and unwavering motivation. With Troy'sguidance, SDRs can unlock their full potential and achieve long-term successin their sales careers. Get ready to learn from Troy's invaluable insights onmindset coaching in this episode of the Live Better Sell Better podcast.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:06 -  Introduction         00:01:26 - The Importance of Mindset          00:04:07 - The Mindset of an SDR          00:06:00 - The Components of a Sales Development Mindset          00:08:53 -  Unlocking and Maintaining the Sales Development Mindset          00:12:38 - The Importance of Perspective          00:18:19 - Coaching Mindset for Success          00:19:26 - Creating a Winning Mindset          00:20:59 - Turning Habits into Success          00:25:14 - The Importance of Dedication and Breaks          00:26:40 - The Benefits of Dedicating Time to Activity          00:28:06 - Developing Effective Habits          00:30:10 - The Power of Mindset          00:33:41 -  Finding Long-Term Motivation          00:36:56 - The Importance of Repeatable Actions          00:37:53 - Investing Time in Family          00:39:05 - Making Your Children Laugh          00:39:39 - Connecting with Troy Barter          00:40:11 - Wrapping Up with Troy   
Discover the secret sauce to crafting a buyer enablement environment thatleaves sales professionals in a bind. With outdated content overwhelmingbuyers, find out how to provide the most relevant information at the righttime, leaving sellers questioning their approach and eager for the nextepisode. In this episode, you will be able to:- Boost sales success with effective buyer enablement strategies: Learnhow to empower your buyers and close deals faster.- Increase deal closure rates with customizable content libraries:Discover how tailored content can give your sales team a competitive edge.- Harness the importance of leadership in sales for remarkable results:Learn how effective leadership can drive your sales team to new heights.- Achieve personal fulfillment and sales success: Uncover the secrets to finding personal satisfaction and achieving remarkable sales results.- Elevate sales performance with a positive mindset: Discover how a positive mindset can drive your sales performance to new heights.The key moments in this episode are:         00:00:06 - Introduction          00:01:34 - Defining Buyer Enablement          00:03:34 - The Problem with Sales Enablement          00:06:17 - The Challenges of Buying in B2B                   00:08:08 -  Building an Ecosystem for Buyer Enablement                   00:12:55 - Crafting an Environment that is Helpful, Not Overwhelming                  00:14:11 - The Secret Sauce of the Platform          00:15:09 - Customer Success as the Driver of Sales          00:16:39 - The Importance of Intention and Using the Tool          00:24:50 - The Importance of Easy Access to Resources          00:25:58 - Building a Holistic Approach to Sales          00:26:36 - Leveraging Analytics for Personalized Outreach          00:27:41 - Asking for Feedback and Providing Value          00:28:20 - Recommended Content for Sales Teams          00:36:54 - Leadership Page          00:37:40 - Creativity and Intentionality in Sales          00:39:08 - Believing in What You Sell          00:40:00 - Happiness Breeds Success          00:41:26 -  Buyer Enablement and Building Trust
Does this sound familiar? You pick up the phone, ready to make a cold call,only to be met with disinterested prospects and unanswered voicemails.You've been told to start your pitch with a long-winded introduction aboutyour company, but all it does is bore your prospects and leave you feelingfrustrated and unproductive. It's time to break free from this ineffectiveaction that only leads to wasted time and missed opportunities. Instead,discover the power of crafting a compelling cold call opener that capturesyour prospect's attention and sets the stage for a meaningful conversation.In this episode, you will be able to:- Unlock the secret importance of training your greenhorn sales reps and nurturing their talents.- Dive into the journey of overcoming obstructive mindsets that can hobble one's sales performance.- Learn the key to constructing a safety net for practicing role-play and simulation exercises.- Get a grip on strategic methods for launching a successful cold call and pitch to potential customers.- Explore the route of managing disagreements and cementing trust with your potential customers.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:06 - Welcome to the Live Better, Sell Better podcast,          00:01:02 - Training and SDR Tactics,          00:02:37 - Breaking Down Mental Barriers,          00:04:22 - Implementing Practice and Repetition,          00:09:39 - Effective Practice Sessions,          00:13:08 - The importance of readiness in sales enablement,          00:14:00 - Hiring for characteristics and potential,          00:16:30 - The need for skilled sales reps,          00:19:00 - Chunking and practicing specific skills,          00:20:19 - Effective cold call openers,          00:26:35 - Building Genuine Connections,          00:27:03 -  Making Sense of the Conversation,          00:27:49 -  Steer the Conversation,          00:28:38 -  Handling Objections,          00:29:42 - Handling Early Objections,           
If you're feeling frustrated because your demos aren't connecting withprospects and leading to con, then you are not alone! Many salesprofessionals in the SaaS industry struggle with presenting engaging andvalue-adding demos that truly resonate with their audience. Instead of thedesired result, prospects may feel disinterested, unimpressed, or confused,causing them to hesitate or even walk away. It's time to find a betterapproach and create demos that leave a lasting impact. In this episode, you will be able to:- Unearth how to make your SaaS sales talk with value-adding demos.- See the need for altering your presentation from persuading to helpingyour clients see the benefits.- Get insights into the impact of setting the scene before unveiling a- Master the art of asking the right questions to put your potentialclient's needs under the spotlight.- Grasp the need to center your demos around the emotional experienceto spur excitement and create value. The key moments in this episode are:         00:00:06 -                        Introduction,                   00:02:03 -                        Purpose of Demos,                  00:05:31 -                        What People Do Wrong,                  00:08:36 -                        How to Execute a Great Demo,                   00:11:26 -                        The Impact of Demonstrating Value,                   00:11:49 -                        The Importance of Helping Buyers Process the Demo,                   00:12:50 -                        The Educate, Demonstrate, Connect the Dots, Buy It Framework,             00:13:58 -                        Types of Questions to Keep the Demo Engaging,                   00:16:30 -                        Make Them Hold It Questions,                   00:20:06 -                        Value-Oriented Anchors and Closing the Demo,                   00:23:03 -                        The Importance of Want,                   00:24:04 -                        Helping Customers Get What They Want,                   00:25:51 -                        Confusing Like and ROI with Want,                   00:26:25 -                        Navigating Off-Topic Questions,                   00:30:19 -                        The Power of Emotional Experience,                 00:34:42 -                        Bringing About Change,                   00:35:22 -                        The Importance of Practice,                   00:35:54 -                        Learning More About The Practice Lab,          00:37:16 -                        Key Takeaways, 
 - Unearth novel strategies for outbound prospecting and leadcultivation.- Craft relevant and value-oriented messaging for client interaction.- Comprehend the need for personal touches in your outboundprospecting endeavors.- Grasp effective cold call strategies and initiating conversations withconfidence.- Leverage LinkedIn to its utmost potential in aggressive outreach andsocial selling.  The key moments in this episode are:00:00:06 - Introduction,00:01:03 - The Importance of Outbound,00:03:33 - Channels of Outbound Prospecting,00:05:39 - Standing Out in Outbound,00:11:21 - Relevant and Value-Based Messaging,00:13:50 - Examples of Relevance and Value,00:15:41 - Importance of Creating Valuable Assets,00:17:50 - Taking Ownership and Leading with Value,00:20:48 - Follow-up Strategies for Unresponsive Prospects,00:25:46 - Sending Follow-up Emails and Hyper-Personalization,00:28:05 - The Importance of Cold Calling,00:30:22 - The Importance of Optimizing Phone Calls,00:31:31 - Natural and Effective Call Openers,00:35:17 - The Structure of Cold Calls,00:38:24 - The Role of LinkedIn in Outbound,00:39:53 - Making Time for Self-Work,00:44:58 - Thank you and farewell,00:45:11 - Good luck in Q4, 
Does this sound familiar? You've been told to simply submit your resume andhope for the best, but all you're feeling is the pain of rejection and frustrationin the highly competitive job market. It's time to discover the effective  strategies that will truly make you stand out and increase your chances of  getting hired.In this episode, you will be able to:Discover how to separate yourself from the crowd in a highly  competitive job market.  Uncover the importance of forging personal relationships and  efficiently engaging on social media platforms.  Gain insights on how to demonstrate an exceptional expertise in cold  calling during hiring procedures.  Find out how a well-executed demonstration can effectively highlight  your skills and abilities.  Understand how to emphasize on long-term growth and development  opportunities to boost your professional journey.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:06 -                          Introduction and Purpose,            00:01:22 -                          Hiring in the Current Market,            00:04:38 -                          Standing Out as a Candidate,            00:07:36 -                          Selling Yourself as a Sales Professional,            00:09:38 -                          Projects and Proactive Efforts,            00:12:51 -                          Standing Out in the Hiring Process,            00:13:21 -                          Interviewing Differently in a Competitive Market,            00:14:51 -                          Negotiating Compensation,            00:16:33 -                          Negotiating or Getting the Job,            00:21:41 -                          Investing in Employee Growth,            00:25:36 -                          Referral Bonuses and Standing Out in the Application Process,          00:26:33 -                          The Importance of a Digital Footprint,            00:29:28 -                          Effective Filtering in the Hiring Process,            00:33:45 -                          Realistic Ramp Time,            00:38:28 -                          Importance of Handling Customer Problems Professionally,            00:38:40 -                          Living Better to Sell Better,            00:39:15 -                          Myth of the Nine-to-Five,            00:39:28 -                          Guarding and Being Intentional with Time,            00:39:49 -                          Appreciation for the Guest,    
Does this sound familiar? You've been told to hire more salespeople to boost  your declining sales, but it's not delivering the results you expected. The  pain of investing time and money into new hires without seeing significant  growth can be frustrating. In this episode, we'll show you a more effective  approach by focusing on top-of-funnel metrics and lead qualification to drive  sustainable growth and overcome this challenge.In this episode, you will be able to:Unravel the impact of leading metrics and lead qualification in  powering growth.  Disclose the efficacy of harmonized messaging in enhancing the resultsof sales talks.  Extract valuable cues from customer interactions to bolster your  messaging strategy.  Familiarize with the magic of six probing questions to collect vital  feedback and optimize messaging.  Appreciate the importance of building faith and formulating a method  for uniform message uptake.The key moments in this episode are:           00:00:06 -                          Introduction,            00:01:03 -                          The Issue of Throwing People at Problems,            00:03:37 -                          Analyzing Top of Funnel,            00:06:26 -                          Fine-Tuning Messaging,            00:10:22 -                          Messaging vs. People Problem,            00:13:08 -                          Messaging and Sales Process,            00:14:38 -                          Understanding Capacity,            00:15:11 -                          Timing and Capacity Planning,            00:17:23 -                          Quality Over Quantity,            00:21:10 -                          Hiring the Right Way,            00:25:28 -                          Leading with Why in Communication,            00:26:24 -                          Involving the Team in Hiring and Growth,            00:27:20 -                          Evolving and Adapting to Change,            00:28:29 -                          Prioritizing Physical and Mental Health,            00:29:45 -                          Finding Adam J Online,           
Do you want to skyrocket your sales performance and achieve  unprecedented productivity? Are you tired of struggling with time  management skills that hinder your success in the sales industry? If so, I  have the solution you've been searching for. In this podcast episode, I will  reveal the key to unlocking unparalleled results in sales by mastering the art  of time management and productivity. By implementing the strategies and  techniques shared, you will experience a transformative boost in your sales  effectiveness and efficiency. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello  to a whole new level of success. Get ready to achieve remarkable outcomes  and reach your full potential in sales.In this episode, you will be able to:Uncover the transformative effect of effective time management on  sales productivity.  Delve into the innovative two-hour solution and its potential to  supercharge your time management strategy.  Understand the significance of weekly assessments and the potential  for progressive improvements.  Explore the concept of prioritization through the lens of an urgent-important model, enabling better decision making.  Grasp the integral role of intentionality in influencing how we most  effectively utilize our time.The key moments in this episode are:           00:00:05 -                          Introduction,                       00:02:04 -                          The Two Hour Solution,           00:04:02 -                          Weekly Review,            00:07:10 -                          Prioritization and Time Management,            00:09:49 -                          Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail,            00:12:35 -                          Reconnecting with Your Goals,            00:13:55 -                          Reviewing and Blocking Commitments,            00:15:29 -                          Scheduling Excellence Time,            00:17:15 -                          Scheduling Green Time,            00:20:40 -                          Managing Red Time,            00:24:45 -                          The Importance of Recreation,            00:25:38 -                          Proactive Communication and Boundaries,            00:27:45 -                          Maximizing Productivity at Work,            00:29:18 -                          Recognizing the 80/20 Rule,            00:32:30 -                          Planning for Success,           
In this episode, learn how to mobilize and champion your sales deals with key insights and questions to ask your champions. But what happens when your champion isn't sold? Tune in to find out.In this episode, you will be able to:Discover how to effectively mobilize sales deals, even in the most competitive markets.Unearth the significance of being problem-oriented in the discovery phase, setting the base for solution-focused strategies.Identify how an upfront agreement for next steps can catalyze your business’s forward momentum.Learn to forge impactful relationships with industry champions, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.Understand how providing clear value propositions can elevate your brand recognition and trust.Master the art of driving sales deals, using a tactical approach to overcome barriers.Decode the key to successful problem-based discovery that leads to constructive decision-making.Get insights on setting collaborative upfront agreements that pave the way for efficient future operations.Absorb strategies on establishing robust relationships with your industry’s movers and shakers, influencing your growth trajectory.Delve into creating transparent value propositions, a vital element to bolster your business’s integrity.Unveil proven strategies to propel your sales deals, turning competition into an advantage.Grasp the integral role of problem-based discovery in devising innovative solutions to consumer needs.Ascertain the importance of formulated upfront agreements to streamline your operations.Nurture business relationships with influential industry figures, a primary ingredient for sustained growth.Recognize how presenting distinct value propositions can reinforce your brand’s reputation and recall.The key moments in this episode are:          00:00:06 -                        Introduction,                    00:02:06 -                        Buyer's Focus Process,                    00:05:20 -                        Champion and Mobilizer,                    00:08:26 -                        Navigating the Call,                    00:11:44 -                        Summary,                    00:12:57 -                        The Importance of Having a Champion and Mobilizer,                    00:13:40 -                        Suggesting Next Steps and Homework,                    00:16:40 -                        Closing the Deal,                    00:18:20 -                        Getting the Schedule and Commitment,                    00:21:27 -                        Recap and Coaching,                    00:25:25 -                        Mobilizing and Championing,                    00:25:45 -                        Importance of Proposals,                    00:26:56 -                        Core Format for Mobilizing and Championing,                    00:27:18 -                        Building Relationships, 
Have you heard the myths? Myth #1: SDRs are replaceable and don't need proper training. Myth #2: SDRs are simply cold callers and don't require coaching. Myth #3: SDRs will learn on the job, so mentorship isn't necessary. But the truth is, investing in the training, coaching, and mentorship of SDRs is crucial for their success and for the success of the company. In fact, this investment can lead to a successful transition to the role of an account executive. So, how can you ensure that you're receiving the proper support and guidance to reach your full potential? Stay tuned for our strategy to excel as an SDR.In this episode, you will be able to:Unveil the critical components for successfully growing SDR teams to new heights.Comprehend the importance of being mindful of regional distinctions and cultural aspects when constructing high-performing SDR teams.Recognize the significance of equipping SDRs with top-notch training, coaching, and mentorship for sustained accomplishments.Examine the potential of establishing a creative payment structure for SDRs that presents boundless earning potential.Embrace the importance of maintaining work-life balance and nurturing satisfaction in all aspects of life.The key moments in this episode are:          00:00:00 -                        Introduction,                    00:02:08 -                        Why Carmela has stayed in the SDR role,                    00:04:31 -                        How the SDR role has evolved,                    00:06:47 -                        Building a remote SDR team,                    00:09:37 -                        Helping the remote team feel like they belong,                    00:14:36 -                        Multicultural and Multinational SDR Team,                    00:19:14 -                        Remote Onboarding,                    00:23:10 -                        SDR Pitch Certification,                    00:25:44 -                        Experienced SDRs,                    00:27:39 -                        Tribal Training,                    00:28:57 -                        Hiring and Paying SDRs,                    00:29:54 -                        Compensation and Specialization,                    00:30:23 -                        Live Better Advice,                    00:31:35 -                        Motivation and Fun,                    00:32:08 -                        Finding Carmelo, 
In this episode, you will be able to:Unveil the secret behind successful sales teams through strategic planning.Grasp the concept of focused capacity to make the most of your resources.Explore the perfect blend of structure and autonomy for top-performing sales teams.Delve into the art of establishing realistic annual objectives for your sales force.Find out how encouraging open dialogue and vulnerability leads to a collaborative work environment.My special guest is Anthony Cessario VP Revenue at ClariWith a deep understanding of sales dynamics and team efficiency, Anthony Cesario, the VP of Revenue at Clari, shares his insights on the vital importance of focused capacity in driving higher impact outcomes. Drawing upon his experience working closely with go-to-market teams and helping them achieve their objectives, Anthony stresses the importance of identifying and prioritizing the highest potential accounts, establishing equitable sales territories, and fostering a transparent environment among sales teams. Tune in to learn how to optimize your sales team's performance by implementing Anthony's effective strategies.The key moments in this episode are:00:00:06 - Introduction, 00:03:06 - Determining Highest Impact Outcomes, 00:09:16 - Operationalizing Focus Capacity, 00:14:24 - Importance of Focused Capacity in Today's Sales Environment, 00:12:42 - Coaching Managers for Success, 00:15:54 - Maintaining Priorities Throughout the Year, 00:19:51 - Balancing Structure and Autonomy, 00:23:37 - Building a Business Plan, 00:25:28 - Creating a Sales Framework, 00:26:48 - Measuring Success, 00:28:07 - Live Better Advice, 00:29:12 - Future Letter to Self, 00:30:57 - Work-Life Integration, 
In this episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, KD has a conversation with Zoe Hartsfield on leadership and experience from the eyes of high-performing individual contributors and the role that recognition plays in performance and empowering others. HIGHLIGHT QUOTESSaying something nice vs meaning your compliment - Zoe: "Even when you're complimenting people or giving that recognition, you are so specific. You said my name. Those are the things that perk up in the back of our head and make us feel like this person actually means what they're saying." You can find out more about Zoe in the links below:LinkedIn: Live Better. Sell Better. is sponsored by our proud partners:Rocket Reach |
In this episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, we have another throwback about video prospecting. This time we have KD's conversation with Katherine Caldwell on her best practices for video prospecting, how to get your video watched, and what to do if the prospect doesn't watch it. HIGHLIGHT QUOTESWhat platforms should I use to send my video? - Katherine: "I prefer to send videos on LinkedIn because you don't have to even mess with the link. They can just instantly hear the notification and watch it quickly. That being said, not everyone's prospects are on LinkedIn so email is a good tool. But you will want something like Vidyard or Loom to make sure you're not going to spam." You can find out more about Katherine  in the links below:LinkedIn: Live Better. Sell Better. is sponsored by our proud partners:Rocket Reach |
In this episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, we're throwing back to KD's conversation with Morgan Ingram on the foundations of video prospecting the right way. They talk about utilizing video when there's still not much competition, using it as a new way of cold calling, and the ideal length of each video that you send.HIGHLIGHT QUOTESStart video prospecting while you still can - Morgan: "I'd say 3% of sales reps consistently do video prospecting. That's a fair number I'm leaning towards. The fact that I told you that is because a lot of people aren't doing it, you should do it because it's going to help you break through the noise."You can find out more about Morgan in the links below:LinkedIn: Better. Sell Better. is sponsored by our proud partners:Rocket Reach |
In this episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, KD sits down with Brandon Bornancin, CEO & Founder of Seamless.AI. The duo talk about intertwining values not only in business but in life in general. More than anything, taking action to do what's right for your customers is a given that many salespersons and leaders should recognize. HIGHLIGHT QUOTESTake actions and find solutions - Brandon: "Finding solutions, not problems is like finding the answers and being grateful and happy that you're alive. Because there's a solution for everything, as long as you're positive, and you're looking for that opportunity. And I just leveraged so many learnings from the demo day and my mom passing with like appreciating life being grateful for everything." You can find out more about Brandon in the links below:LinkedIn: Live Better. Sell Better. is sponsored by our proud partners:Rocket Reach |
In this episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, KD sits down with  Christian Banach, Principal and Chief Growth Officer of Christian Banach LLC. Everybody wants to land the big 6-figure, 7-figure deals. However, it's more crucial to know how we can put our foot on the door for those opportunities in the first place! HIGHLIGHT QUOTESSomething to note before doing enterprise deals - Christian: "When you're doing more enterprise-level deals, there's not an endless supply of companies. We may be reaching out to automotive, but think about how many automotive companies there really are. So you can't just blast out these lists. I think taking a more quality of quantity-based approach is the mentality you need to have when you're doing more of these enterprise type of deals." You can find out more about Christian in the links below:LinkedIn: Live Better. Sell Better. is sponsored by our proud partners:Rocket Reach |
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While there are several interesting ideas in this episode, the advice to get additional certificates in various fields is doubtful, since no one cares about your certificates... Everyone wants practical experience

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Solid podcast KD! Keep up the great work.

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