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Heather Taylor is the creator of Heather’s Detours, a new and up and coming podcast about many topics ranging from family life, divorce, dating post-divorce, and general mother lifestyle tips. Heather Taylor was a single, divorced mother of 4, until she then re-married, adding her partner’s two children into their family also. With her experience of being a single mother, and then blending two families and making this work, Heather is the perfect host for producing tips and resources on lifestyle, divorce, and re-marriage. Offering real, practical advice and empowerment to other single mothers out there, Heather Taylor does not claim to be perfect or have all the answers. Instead, she sheds light on her own personal experiences, and what she has done to move forward. Heather notes that through her own experiences she has learned that ‘sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.’ With this enlighted philosophy, coupled with a Christian faith mentality, Heather can help empower you to take the next steps forward in life after any hardship, whether that is divorce or any kind of traumatic experience.
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Creating a parenting plan and sticking to it is tricky at times and Complaints happen. Today we talk about some of them. Do you know the way you handle your parenting plan can effect your kids self esteem?  Details are important. Explaining change is okay and its healthy for all. Consistency is so important especially at the beginning of a separation or divorce. Join me today on Heathers Detours.Choose your Hard-Heather Listen today and check out Instagram for a Giveaway! A free family photo session. Check out Instagram to see detailsSupport the show (
This is a subject that is a hard one for me.  It's a detour that I have felt I needed to talk about yet didn't know how? A friend of mine and past guest Kyle called me one day and said he felt like he wanted to talk about this subject and how he has unfortunately dealt with this on many levels. To me it was a sign. I was wanting to talk about it and than he called. Its a sad thing to talk about. Being educated is important though. Join us today and hear some advice and warning signs to look for.   Support the show (
 Ripple Effect (noun) Definition says: the continuing and spreading results of an event or actionDivorce is hard and it effects your life in so many ways. Divorce effects obviously you and if children are involved  it effects them too.  Does it effect others? You bet it does. Today I have two siblings of mine join me as we take a trip down memory lane to discuss and hear their point of view and how my divorce has had ripple effects in their life too. It was emotional in man ways and I am so grateful for my family.Happy Memorial Day.  Grateful for my freedom and those who have and continue to fight for our freedoms.Support the show (
When someone has a heart attack, we immediately run to help them.  Some say its a BIG wake up call to things going on in our body.  We quickly  pay attention and seek for help. In our marriages or life we sometimes have "heart attacks"  and we need to be aware and take precaution and necessary steps to heal the issues. Recovering  from any form of "heart attack" isn't easy.  Some say,  people are never the same after a divorce or trial or heart attack. Join me today as we talk with Attorney Peter Olson. He has some advice and has developed a course to help save us from "heart attacks."Show Notes:  transformyour.familyAchieve a Magnificent Marriage*Zoom calls can be tricky with my sound. Sorry for any difficulties you have with the sound. Support the show (
What is Head Space? It's how I describe thoughts in our head that can become our reality. However, is that reality true? Today I talk about this and share some stories. Blending families can create a lot of head space. Its also natural to have opinions just make sure what we think is TRUE! Join me on this episode to understand what I am talking about. I hope this will help you or relate in some aspect of your life.Love,HeatherShow Notes:Loving what is: Byron KatieSupport the show (
 First off Happy Mothers Day!Trials come in all forms and today I talk with Val and she shares with us some twist that happened to her as a mother.  We talk about her journey  with her family and husband. Sometimes when trials hit we can take it out on those we love most. Everyone is fighting a battle and I can't stress enough to be kind and give a little more love even when its hard. Enjoy this podcast and search for gratitude this week in your life. Love,HeatherSupport the show (
You don't want to miss this episode. Its a good reminder to live like you are dying. Life is a gift. Friends are a gift. Your significant other is a gift. Family is a gift and so on.  How do you comfort those who need comfort. Join us today on Heathers Detours with Marissa.Do something for someone else and pay it forwardSupport the show (
Who needs fiction when you have real life stories? We all have a story and today I sit down and talk with JaNae Dyreng.  I appreciate her willingness to open up and share her story. I hope you take the time to listen. Together we can share stories and help each other. Support the show (
Confession: I am behind on my podcasting. Guess what, " Its okay." Sometimes in life we are our biggest critics.  Expectations come to mind again and we put to much pressure on ourselves. Its ok to let down our guard. Today is a quick short message on this topic. Hope you are all doing ok and hanging in there. Remember to be kind to yourself.LoveHeatherSupport the show (
Life throws enough curve balls right?   Time and time again I have learned its better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes what we can do at certain times of our life's ranges. I met Melanie on Instagram and I was drawn to her knowledge on being prepared. She has a simple program and also more detailed ones. Her Instagram stories are full of great knowledge.  She covers a lot on being prepared.  Being prepared brings peace and sometimes we all need to feel that peace in unpredictable times. Take control and help bring peace to your life and your families no matter where you are at.  Little by little you can be better prepared.  Plus Melanie is also in a blended family! We chat for a brief moment about that too.  If you use the code: DETOURS you get a discount on her E-book.Have a great week,HeatherSupport the show (
I have always loved this quote, " Music is the prayer the heart sings"  Does music effect you?  I love music and it can bring out many emotions in me. I got to sit down and talk with one of my good friends Mark Zembal.  He recently released a new country album: Roadkill Rodeo/Rusted Regrets  Mark wrote the lyrics and composed the music. Let me just say he is one talented guy.  We talk about the background of a lot of his songs.  Inspiration from this album came from experiences he has encountered.  He too is in a blended family. I cant wait for you all to listen to them. I also am excited to say at the end of the podcast we uploaded on of his songs. Its one of my favorites from his album- Lean In.  Sit back, listen and enjoy. You can download this album on itunes,  spotify etc. I would love to hear what you think of this episode. Drop me a message on instagram or email me at heathersdetours@gmail.comP.S. I  actually am singing in song # 6 ( cant fix you) we are na-na's on the into and Hey!Support the show (
No one ever plans to get divorced?  Sometimes you just want to talk to a lawyer or get some advice? Sometimes you don't know where to turn? I was lucky to meet Stephanie Tang. She is an attorney, mediator, and collaborative law professional. She took some time out of her busy schedule and talked with me about some advice and gave some counsel on what to do?  We talk about going to court, mediation and so much more. I also found it interesting what she said is the # 1 thing in her experience what couples fight over? What do you think it is? Join me today and I promise you wont regret it.  Have a great weekHeatherSupport the show (
After my divorce one of the first things I wanted to do was to take new family pictures. The family I thought I had was no longer and I wanted me and my children to see and feel our new family unit. It was with a lot of mixed emotions I got these pictures taken and hung on the wall. I than stored away old family pictures and scrapbooks for my kids to one day go through and decide what they wanted to do with them. Even though our original family was no more it was still part of there legacy. To this day its all in a box when they are ready to go through it. I also wanted to create new photo albums. I wish Memory My Way was created back than, Today I talk with the owner of Memory My Way. We talk about the cloud and saving photos and so much more. Do you print photos anymore? Her company is a lifesaver and I cant wait to share it with you. Below is a link if you are interested to learning more. the show (
Today I talk with author Noelle McBride. ( Not Nicole) I called her that once during our podcast. Noelle wrote a book about Divorce and her insight is amazing. Her spiritual knowledge and comparison is uplifting and giving hope to those who find themselves in this trial.   She states, " My Story is one of redemption and healing, of beauty for ashes." Join me as we dive deeper into this amazing book.To Purchase Book:Amazon/ Title: Beauty for AshesSupport the show (
I see you, I hear you. I know we are not all in the same boat. We each have our own story.  Today I talk with Steve. His story is encouraging  and he gives some great advice. Hearing peoples stories hopefully makes you feel not alone and second gives HOPE. We all need hope in any situation of life. Enjoy. love,HeatherSupport the show (
Today Doug and I talk about Divorce. Not just one divorce but 6?  Join us now and if you have a specific question you can email me at or message me on Instagram.  Divorce is not fun and remember no one wins.  If you  are thinking about divorce or you are in the middle of it hang on, there is hope. Have a good,Heathershow notes: Human Intimacy Marriage, the family, and its meaningSupport the show (
Responsibilities change as we go throughout our life. When blending a family new guidelines need to be set.  Responsibilities can set the tone for the home and its so important to make sure we are all on board.  Our mind is a powerful tool when blending families or with any new relationship.  The life you once had is forever changed and you feel over burdened.  I remember being a new single mom and I had a lot of responsibilities and even more was added to my plate.  Many times it was overwhelming and I felt like I was drowning.  Todays episode we talk with, "The Transformed Couple"  we talk about responsibilities and get a female and male perspective. They are an amazing couple ( from Canada) and I think you will enjoy this episode.  Now lets listen to this podcastlove,HeatherSupport the show (
I am back!  I have missed recording and talking with all of you.  I hope this episode resonates with one of you or better yet ALL of you.  At the end of each episode I always worry if I conveyed  my words in the right way .  It is hard at times to put my thoughts and feelings into the right words. It feels good to be back and I have  great things in the works. My last episode taired on November 23, 2020.  Ironically, its my 44th birthday today and I found it fitting to start season 2.  Happiness sounds so easy, people say its a choice?  Maybe it sounds fake?  This episode I discuss some things I learned about myself this holiday season. I share examples and some advice on happiness.  Hopefully you can  relate and this episode can help you in some way.  I do love feedback and I would love for you to leave a review on iTunes or whatever app you use.  It would be the best birthday gift.  Here we are at the beginning of season two. Cant wait to see where this takes us,HeatherSupport the show (
Wrapping up season one!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your support and downloads. Please share this podcast on social media and with family or friends. Also please leave a review  on  Apple podcast or Spotify. Leaving a review helps me grow and helps my podcast pull up for those searching for a podcast on divorce, blending families etc.Today I talk a little about Holidays and give some advice as we are entering the holiday season. I also share something really sweet my new in-laws did to help me feel excepted as we began our blended family during the holiday season. I pray you all have a good Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Wherever you are right now be grateful for what you have. I know this can be hard however our attitudes effect a lot of our moods and this is important for the holidays.  I would love to hear from you. Please message me tell me your thoughts on season one. Please tell me what you would you like to see in season two? I have some fun ideas. Also please follow Heathers Detours on Instagram or Facebook. I will be posting giveaways and tips on more blending families  and releasing information for Season two.  I would love to stay in contact. Until season 2..... One more thing Check out  you can leave a message there too.LoveHeatherSupport the show (
 This topic can be a hard one to talk about. However I know its important and we can all learn from this episode. I was so honored to have Geoff Steurer join me on Heathers Detours. Geoff is a therapist and author. He is an expert on this topic and I enjoyed talking with him about pornography and the effects it has on marriage. Can a marriage survive pornography?  Listen to todays episode as we discuss this question and much more.  I promise you will learn so much.  Make today great-HeatherShow Notes:  Fight the New Drug                               Beauty RedefinedSupport the show (
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