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Journey To Worthy - with Vanessa Haldane

Author: Vanessa Haldane

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I am your host Vanessa Haldane, founder of Journey To Worthy. Traumatic events, societal ideals, bullying, abuse, mental illness and the pressure we have put upon us by others, as well as ourselves leave us all doubting our self worth. No woman should feel this way and I have made it my mission to create a community of women who are welcomed without judgement or without prejudice, into the #journeytoworthy Army. Together we will learn to love ourselves, overcome past trauma, set personal boundaries to live a full and happy life and KNOW WE ARE WORTHY of love, respect and acceptance.
10 Episodes
Willo is a brave single mum who left behind property and a thriving business to escape an abusive relationship. With a toddler and a new born baby she fled and shares with us the journey to finding her feet.Facing homelessness Willo decided to turn her experience into a business to help other single parents and created - Share Abode; A co living platform to empower single parents.Topics DiscussedDomestic violenceLeaving Domestic ViolenceFinancial security and self worth following DVSingle motherhoodCreation of Share AbodeInstagram: @shareabodeWebsite: (FREE to register)
If the Name Lauren Huntriss sounds familiar - then you are probably a fan of the reality TV series "Married At First Sight". Loz shares with us her Journey To Worthy overcoming low self esteem and chronic pain to looking for love on a reality TV series.She is funny, bright, insightful and reveals some amazing truths on "reality" TV and also provides tips for listeners on how to overcome that self loathing to live a happy fulfilled life where you know your worth! Topics Discussed- Chronic pain- Cystic acne and self esteem- Anxiety and overcoming it- Reality TV  - spills some tea!
Allessandia helps women overcome negative self talk and body image with her body positivity Freedom coaching service. A mumma, and newly engaged, now fiancé - Lessy uses her own experience with body negativity to help women call in a life of passion and purpose.Today we discuss- Body Freedom - Body Blame - Comparison and Jealousy - Self sabotageand - cultivating confidenceYou can find Lessy on Instagram - @allessandiamontanaEnjoy this one - it's full of juiciness!
Peta Bobbine is the founder of Build a Brotherhood - a support network for men. She shares with us her traumatic childhood, journey to a sober life after addiction as well as her experiences with endometriosis.I encourage you to listen to the end, when Peta reveals how her brothers suicide led to her creating Build a Brotherhood and the magic that she, and co owner Leah, have created in support groups, events and help for men.Topics covered-Childhood abuse and trauma-Disordered eating-Substance abuse-Finding worth to become sober-Endometriosis and fibromyalgia -Suicide and mens mental healthYou can find Build a brotherhood here-Instagram: @_buildabrotherhoodWebsite:
Rosie Luik  is now a successful mumma of four, model, presenter, business woman and author. For years her insecurities held her back from following her dreams and it wasn't until she nearly died, that Rosie realised how short life really is.As Queensland's very FIRST altruistic surrogate, Rosie was thrust into the spotlight and gave , not only her body, but very nearly - her life, bringing twins into the world for a friend. Rosie now helps other women fulfil their dreams and hopes the interview will serve as inspiration to others to not wait until its to late to put yourself first.You can find Rosie:Instagram : @rosie_luikwww.rosieluik.comSocial Media agency:
Roxy is a country girl, a mum a wife and food photography superstar, who shares her “no diet” approach to eating on her Instagram @nourishing_roxy. Roxy is a , soon to be, qualified nutritionist with dreams of becoming a naturopath. In todays episode we explore her disordered eating patterns, her personal journey to worthy, anxiety and how we can all eat whatever we want - with her "no diet" approach.Topics- Unhealthy attitude to food- Anxiety- Eating intuitively 
Ann Toscano spent her childhood believing she was sick - physically and mentally, due to a mother with Munchausen By Proxy. Her traumatic childhood continued with sexual abuse and extreme psychological abuse. Now having overcome cervical cancer and still suffering from Lupus, endometriosis, inter cranial hypertension and mental health issues Ann has created a space for others with Bent But Not Breaking. She shares her highs and her lows with a raw intensity that is sometimes heart breaking but always inspiring.Some of the content in this episode is hard to hear - but worth it to see how powerful we ALL are in overcoming our trauma and using our power through healing - to help others. You can find Ann on Instagram - @bentbutnotbreaking and facebook - BentButNotBreaking. At the end of this episode Ann reads an original poetry piece that left me in tears - well worth the listen
Binge Eating disorder is , an often ignored, eating disorder affecting many men and women in Australia. Holly speaks openly with us about her experience, her Gastric sleeve surgery and how she treats her ED to this day.Holly is an open book and inspiring in so many ways - from her raw and real posts on social media, to her infectious laugh and kind personality. This episode provides such an amazing insight into disordered eating and I know you will walk away from this ep, having learned something valuable.You can find Holly on Instagram - @iwillwintheweightbattle.
This episode we delve deep into the life of Kate and her Journey To Worthy following years of drug addiction, toxic relationships and life as a single Mum to a child with additional needs.Kate speaks with such honesty and holds nothing back, when speaking of her addiction days. She provides an amazing insight into how easily the addiction takes hold, why it takes hold and most importantly - Kate shares how she made it out the other side to live a happy, healthy positive life.You can follow Kates journey - or send her a message of love and support - on Instagram @kate.nolen
Welcome to the very first episode. I felt it only fitting that I speak on the introductory episode to help you understand the "why" behind my creation of The Journey To Worthy and subsequent merchandise, events and this podcast.This is my story - my truth - and I open up about things I have never spoken about before. I connect the dots on my traumatic past to discover why I made the decisions I did later in life, and chose the behaviour I did. WARNING: This episode contains discussion on sexual abuse, assault, violence, drug use, pregnancy loss, suicide and may be a trigger for some people.
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