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New Adventures with Nate | Business, Marketing, Photography, Sass
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New Adventures with Nate | Business, Marketing, Photography, Sass

Author: Nate Dale

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Hey friends, I’m Nate, owner and creator of New Adventure Productions and New Adventures with Nate. We’re here to talk all about marketing, life, and how to be the absolute best business owner you can be. From services and best practices to maximizing profits and winning at pretty much everything, we’ll cover it all with realness and a whole lot of sass!
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As small business owners, we have three options to getting our work done. Do it, ditch it, or delegate it. We are skilled at the first two, doing something or ditching something but it's the last one, delegating it that makes things a little scary. This podcast covers everything you need to do plus actionable steps you can take today to delegating tasks!Check out Honeybook and $200 off your first year!Join our Facebook group New Adventures with NateAre you on Clubhouse? Find me on Clubhouse and join my Clubhouse Wedding Vendor Group!Connect with us on Instagram!
Getting ghosted in your emails with clients? Believe me, it happens to all of us! But we don't to accept this as our doomed destiny forever. Nope! Instead, we can do a few things now to ensure that you're doing you're all to minimize inquirers that just ghost you after you answer them.Check out Ellie's Email Templates for Photographers Here!Follow Ellie on InstagramSee more of Ellie's work on her websiteFollow Nate on InstagramSee more of Nate's work on his websiteGet Canva Pro (or just regular Canva!)Get $200 off your first year with Honeybook
Have you ever wondered why you're not feeling like you're doing your best on your own? Trying to start or run a business but have no one to turn to?You need to find your tribe!A tribe is a group of people who inspire you, help you, and bring about something that you always knew you had within. Check out Modern Day Businessman by Nicholas Baylerle* Join our Facebook Group: New Adventures with NateFollow me on Instagram!*This post contains affiliate links which help make the world go round and reduces the amount of Jeff Bezos gets so go ahead and help support this nearly starving artist instead. :)
Ever heard the expression, show what you want to sell? Well, it might feel like a cliche at this point, but it still stands true even in 2020 and in a pandemic (and beyond). This podcast is all about how I strategically showed what I wanted to sell to take my business to the next level of #goalsdreamslivingblessed. But showing what you want to sell isn't the only thing you need to do. Join our Facebook Group: New Adventures with NateCheck out my resource page for entrepreneurs and photographersBuy the book: Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle See our most recent travels on Instagram
Have you ever wondered how to connect with other like-minded and amazing individuals who not only get what you're doing but also want you to succeed? Referral marketing is all about that and more. But there are a few catches and to be successful you have to go in knowing that it's a two way street. With that type of mindset, the opportunities are endless.Check out our Facebook group New Adventures with NateFollow me on Instagram!Check out all the free resources/freesources on the site! 
Do you ever think about being your own boss? Do you ever fantasize about hitting the road at 10AM on a Tuesday and not worrying about being late to work because you work for yourself? Well, maybe these were just my own personal motivators, but I can tell you that I knew I wanted to be my own boss.For the past year and a half, I've been fully self-employed and it's been the best adventure and journey I could have ever taken for myself. I have so much more time to work on the things I love and to spend time with the peeps I love. This podcast was inspired by a great friend of mine who I had the opportunity to chat with about her future opportunities as a fully self-employed individual. After we spoke, I thought I'd share about the plan I came up with for her in order to help inspire her to take that leap of faith from no time to full time. Join our Facebook group here!Follow me on InstagramCheck out the website!
Every new business has to start somewhere. But if you're in business to make money, it just doesn't always make sense to work for free and the last time I checked, "exposure" doesn't pay the bills. That's why it's so important to value ourselves and to know what we are worth. Check out the podcast to learn more! Here are some important links for you!How to Calculate Your Cost of Doing BusinessThe Modern Day Business Man - Success without Sacrifice by Nicholas BayerleCheck out our free group on Facebook: New Adventures with NateFollow me on Instagram! @newadventureproductions
Have you ever started a project and then realized that you're overwhelmed with all the steps? Maybe you know what you want for the end goal and steps 6-8 but steps 1 and 2 are tough to come by? You've probably experienced "PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS!" It's this intrinsic dread that makes you freeze and not able to move forward in a project. Whether you're running a business or just trying to figure out where to BEGIN, we've all been there. The better news is that there are some easy things you can do in order to overcome that paralysis and to begin moving forward, even if you're not sure what is going to come next!Check out our Facebook group: New Adventures with NateHere's my photography page: New Adventure ProductionsFollow me on Instagram: @newadventureproductions
Let's face it, there's a million reasons why we should just work harder than our competitors, right? We want to serve our clients better, faster, cheaper (sometimes), and be the best (fill in your profession here) we can be. But here's the tea. We can't always be the best and we can't always compete with competitors that have been at it for years and years.So what the hell are we going to do? We're going to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing! Check out our Facebook group: New Adventures with NateHere's my photography page: New Adventure ProductionsFollow me on Instagram: @newadventureproductions
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