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PLAN A VISIT » // JESUS WANTS MORE FOR YOU. // You were never meant to spend life pressured, frustrated, guilty, or discouraged. // PUT THE PASSION BACK IN YOUR WEEKEND. // Modern worship, impassioned Bible teaching and great stuff for kids. // BECOME A GENEROSITY ROCKSTAR. // Not sure how to start giving? Try becoming a Generosity Rockstar with a gift of only $20/week or more!
89 Episodes
In this message from the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts series, Pastor Mark Carter shares three ways to make more room for the blessing of God. 
In this fifth message from the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts series, Pastor Alaina Bennetts explains two ways Jesus invites us to witness his power and reminds us to ask big and act bold.
In this fourth message from the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts series, Erica Adkins explains how God wants to use you to help people to see Jesus.
In this live prayer event recorded on August 30th, Pastor Carter explains how to adopt the right posture for prayer and then leads in prayer for our church and community. 
We need to have self-reflection and clear out our hearts from time to time to allow Jesus in. In this third message from the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts series, Pastor Mark Carter explains the importance of clearing the road and preparing the way, and provides three key steps for how we can do that. 
In this second message from the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts series, Pastor Mark Carter reminds us that we are infinitely valuable to and loved by God. 
When school’s out for summer, a quick glance at some churches might give the impression that they’re on summer break too. Family vacations, summer sports leagues, kids’ activities, and warm weather can easily pull people away from church during summer. But before you miss a Sunday, consider these three reasons why you need church this summer and fall.
There is no one else like Jesus, but you have to experience Him for yourself. Pastor Mark Carter encourages us to regularly review the Gospel of John as a way to refocus on the absolute centrality of Jesus, while being reproved about the nature of the world.
The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else. Comparison creates feelings of envy and jealousy, and it steals our joy. Focusing on what others have or are doing causes us to miss who God created us to be. In this message from the Comparison Trap series, Pastor Mark Carter teaches us how to run our own race and stop comparing ourselves to others.
No matter WHO we are, God’s servant-leaders will experience lonely seasons at Cherith. Cherith is the unexplainable waiting place. It’s the place where we feel forgotten, cut off from the blessing that used to be ours. Cherith is CONFUSING. And while it isn’t the place we would have chosen, ALL great leaders will have to pass through it. However, Cherith can actually a be sign of God’s APPROVAL – not His ANGER.
Erica Adkins turns to the book of Ecclesiastes for biblical wisdom on how to enjoy life more and reminds us not to under-contemplate God. 
Pitfalls of a Fool

Pitfalls of a Fool


Erica Adkins demonstrates why we need God's wisdom to see through the fog every day by sharing two major pitfalls of foolish people. 
God's Book

God's Book


We cannot build our lives on the rock of Christ without God's book.
The KEY to weathering your storms and trials well is FAITH.
There is only so much room in our hearts. We can’t love everything and be filled up with fresh, filling, after-Thanksgiving-dinner-satisfied love for Jesus at the same time. Wanting God the MOST makes the other stuff better.
The parable of the builders shows us how much we need to trust Jesus. Guest Pastor Justin Laib shares four ways to trust Jesus better.
Discipline will equip us better for every trial and opportunity up ahead, but LACK of discipline will cripple otherwise obvious opportunities to excel, grow, and bring lasting impact to our lives and the lives around us.
We need friends to get through life, but what makes a strong friendship? In this message on being better friends from the "No Regrets" series, the Biblical example of the friendship between Jonathan and David in the Old Testament helps illustrate the three elements of a committed and great friendship.  
Make It Rain

Make It Rain


What Does the Bible Say About Work? Many of us go through seasons when work is especially stressful or difficult. And sometimes the work we have is not what we want to be doing. In this message from the Make It Rain series, Pastor Mark Carter explains the many ways work is different when God is your personal CEO. 
It can be easy to become discouraged, to wallow in self-pity, and give in to self-hate if we're always meditating on where we aren't, who we're not, and what we haven't accomplished compared to others. When negative self-talk seeps in, it's time to course-correct our thought-life by forgetting the ideal and shifting our focus.
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