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Our Podcast will focus on how British Columbia can benefit from natural resource industry. Not just the projects themselves but the communities they are built in and the people in them. The BC Resource Coalition advocates for the sustainable development of natural resources in British Columbia while preserving our environment.
14 Episodes
Mark Lamb, General Manager and Head Coach, and Andy Beesley, Vice President of Business joined Clint Chappell on the BCRC Show. 
Ken James breaks some massive new about the WCO project that will be located in Prince George. Willy Manson also had some questions for Mr. James about local contractors and using BC as whole for this huge project.
MLA of Prince George - Mackenzie Mike Morris was live on the BCRC Show. Mike talks about how critical BC Resources are to BC, how people can get involved with politics and resurrecting the idea for a new rail line.
Clint Chappell is talking to Allie Blades, from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)They discuss Allie Blades, from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)Living in smaller towns and the dependence on natural resourcesImportance of LNG to BC - $40 Billion InvestmentWomen in the industryWhen projects do not come through the impacts on communitiesSilent Majority#wearebcresources
Clint Chappell is talking to Don Willimont - The Cutbanks Conversations podcaster.They discuss The Cutbanks ConversationsHow Cutbank started and the people involvedHunting and some of the amazing experiences Don has gone throughHow the Natural Resources impacts hunting, local business and the environment is positive waysThe evaluation Don has gone through as a hunterOne of Don's most terrifying experiences and how other hunter came to his assistance#wearebcresources
Clint Chappell is talking to Dustin Elliott  from Better Questions Better Life PodcastsThey discuss Dustin's PodcastHis move from Prince George to Australia How as communities we need to band together to talk about projectsHow podcast help give new perspectivesHow natural resource projects help everyoneWhat is it is like doing a Podcast
Clint Chappell is talking to Carl Sweet, a Director on the BC Foresty Alliance.They discuss the BC Forestry AllianceHow the Forestry Alliance startedHow they are building awarenessWhy loggers want a sustainable industryHow the Natural Resources industry impacts all businessWhere you can find them#wearebcresources
Clint Chappell is talking to MasterChef Season 4 Winner Trevor Connie.They discuss the MasterChef show:What it was like to competeWhat is Trevor doing nowHow the Natural Resources industry impacts the restaurantsClint reveals how he knows Trevor and what he was doing when Trevor won
Clint Chappell is talking to Dan Rae, BC Resource Coalition's Blogger. 
Clint Chappell talking to Paul Tiefensee, CEO of Formula Contractors Ltd
Clint Chappell talking to Andy Beesley VP of the Prince George Cougars.
Clint Chappell talking with Rajpal Fagurha with SkyPath Consulting.
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