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Today we chat with the incredible Casey Lightbody. Casey is the CEO and Founder of the Quiet Collective a Brisbane based, global reaching company with a focus on the introverted businesswomen and entrepreneur. Casey is a world class marketing mentor and introvert business coach. Born in Zimbabwe , Casey moved to the UK , climbed the corporate ladder and started her beautiful family . It was after moving to Brisbane , Australia Casey embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. This episode discusses Casey's own personal entrepreneurial  journey, and how she plans to bring out the best in  introverted businesswomen so they too can have the confidence and courage to lead the world in business! But more importantly achieving their dreams by being exactly who they were born to be ...themselves! Casey believes that women - especially the quiet ones - are going to lead and heal the world! This lady is extraordinary , an inspiration and in this episode opened our eyes to how to not only bring out the best in ourselves but also those around us! Follow Casey at:Website - - @thequietcollectiveFacebook - @thequietcollective 
This is an interview we recorded last June with Jodie Bach - McLean. It was such a privilege to chat with Jodie Bache -McLean, the Managing Director of both June Dally- Watkins and Chic Managment Brisbane, a true inspiration in the business and hospitality world. In this episode Jodie shares some amazing insights into what it was like to travel the life and business journey alongside the brilliant June Dally- Watkins, lovingly known as "Miss Dally". June Dally Watkins and Chic Management have been leaders in the personal development field for many decades with Miss Dally starting her business in the 1950's. Jodie joined the organization at age 15 and has never looked back. This is an incredible story of two brilliant women changing the lives of so many individuals 1 by 1. If I could sum up what "Hospitality with Heart" means in a photo it would be these two incredible ladies and their remarkable friendship in life and business over the course of 40 years. x
Absolute privilege to have hospitality expert Greg Maples on our  'Hospitality with Heart' podcast this week.Greg is currently Director of Restaurant Services at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Chairman of Hawaii Restaurant Association and an Adjunct Professor at Brigham Young University, Hawaii for the Hospitality Tourism and Management Program.Greg has had incredible success throughout his career including the expansion of the Jack in the Box franchise and being a franchisee of over 80 Sonic Drive - In franchises. Greg knows business and what it takes to get the right people on the bus to build and execute on your vision. Anyone that knows or has had the privilege to work under Gregs leadership knows he is 'Hospitality with Heart' personified. 
Kalin Uluave is a Hawaiian based , pure bred entrepreneur. This young man is brilliant, hardworking and continually on the hunt for opportunities.On this weeks episode we talk about Kalin's successful Soda Bomb business and the new opportunities he is bringing to Hawaii. We also discuss the tricky business of needing to learn to dance with failure and how helpful it is to have a business partner and wife that 'was raised and born to bet on yourself'.The journey has already been a mountain of beautiful peaks and learning curves and he is only getting started. Be ready to be inspired and get to work. Kalin only knows one pace - full steam ahead! 
In this weeks episode we chat with Foodie Blogger Lauren Kinnear.We find out why Lauren is so passionate about food, her favorite places on Hawaii's  North Shore to visit and what it takes to do great Hospitality With Heart.
It is a privilege to have the President of the Polynesian Cultural Center Alfred Grace as our podcast guest this week. President Grace who originally hails from New Zealand is an inspiring, authentic and loving leader who has been at the helm of one of Hawaii's leading tourism destinations since 2012.President Grace talks about his role as President during the Center's most challenging time, his love and admiration for the service of his employees and the mission and vision he has for the future of the Polynesian Cultural Center.After listening to Lasi's discussion with President Grace you too will be inspired by this loving leader and his very own version of what it means to do "Hospitality With Heart". 
The Sunrise Shack journey began in 2016 with three brothers and a friend ( who is basically another brother) , Travis, Alex, Koa and Koa Rothman. The boys had a dream to bring healthy food and drinks to the world and it started in one of the best locations in the world, Sunset Beach , Hawaii. Two years on in 2018 they started their second location in Waikiki and now have added a  humming online store to their offering where they continue to sell not only their food and merchandise but also their vibrant outlook on life  that they are taking to the world.It was a privilege to talk about the journey of the Sunrise Shack with Travis who had the original idea to start the Shack, and who came into the business world from a career of professional body boarding and modelling for some of the world's most loved brands.Whilst the Sunrise Shack has already grown to be one of the most loved destinations for anyone visiting Hawaii, it  is fair to say that the Sunrise Shack and Travis's journey is only just beginning.



Aloha Kiwi Style Family!Welcome to our Hospitality with Heart Podcast. Where we will be bringing you into our world of Food, People , Culture and Hawaii. All the things we love that we want to share with you! 
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