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Author: Candice Horbacz

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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.
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#38 Keisha Grey

#38 Keisha Grey


Keisha Grey is a highly acclaimed former adult star with more than 1.5 million fans on Instagram. Her meteoric rise to become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry was not without a few hiccups, though. First, Keisha battled addiction, and her fall from grace led to a short stint at Dunkin Donuts. Nonetheless, her determination to kick out the habit and subsequent journey to sobriety is a story of perseverance, gratitude, and love. Interestingly, Keisha is our most requested guest, and she talks about her exit from mainstream shooting, finding love, and why porn is an art.Support the podcast https://www.chattingwithcandice.comKeisha’s InstagramKeisha’s Twitter handleSupport the show (
Aella is one of OnlyFans' most successful creators. Aella was homeschooled in a fundamentalist Christian household. After leaving home and finding herself unable to afford college, she found herself in a series of demoralizing jobs, the worst of which included working in a windowless factory and being exposed to sunlight for only two days every week. She escaped that awful life through camgirling and escorting. She briefly worked in the "safe for work" sector before returning to porn and becoming the owner of one of the most lucrative accounts on OnlyFans. In this episode, Aella and I discuss the varying definitions of degrading work, the value of monogamous vs. polyamorous relationships, and how she unwittingly humanized sex workers through her social media presence.When the pandemic hit the US,  Aella was escorting and decided she needed to find a different way of doing her work. In her journey to becoming an OnlyFans creator, she felt anxiety about marketing her pornographic content openly.In her "safe for work" roles, Aella had created a network of influential peers who were unaware of her experience doing sex work.  There was a tenable discomfort around introducing her content to those peers, and she feared that people would no longer want to be publicly associated with her. She entertained the nagging feeling that her reputation would shift from an intellectual to just a "titty girl." Reentering sex work had become daunting in a way that it hadn't been when she first entered the industry years before. This time, she felt she had something to lose.The public's perception of sex workers tends to be very one-dimensional and born from a lack of information. A lot of the resistance to sex work and sex workers results from not knowing any sex workers who are comfortable with themselves and the profession. Men and women in the industry internalize the shame projected onto them by the public and keep their work private to protect themselves. Feeling comfortable and secure about sex work goes a long way in driving an honest conversation about it and humanizing sex workers by releasing them from the shadows.Links and ResourcesSupport the podcast https://www.chattingwithcandice.comAella’s TwitterAella’s InstagramAella’s Blog  Support the show (
Our bodies are unique, and the way one person’s body heals might not necessarily work for you. Which begs the question, how much control do you have on your wellness? Are you the type that follows other people’s practices without analyzing whether they can work for you? According to Dr. Tommy, the more control we have over our wellness, the better outcomes we can expect. However, this does not mean you should stop taking those wellness classes or cancel all coaching subscriptions; what that means is that you should take control of all your wellness plans. Because a wellness expert can’t fix you, the only thing he/she will do is show you how to fix yourself. Thus, it’s up to you to decide how you’ll go about fixing yourself.Support the show (
Chatting with Candice  Sall GroverEpisode Run Time: 01:24:27Sall Grover is a former Hollywood screenwriter and CEO of Giggle, a female-only app that connects women worldwide for freelance work, activism, and emotional support, all without unwanted interruptions and misogynistic abuse. Grover was inspired to launch the app after bearing years of sexual abuse during her time in Hollywood. In this episode, we discuss the importance of having a women-only app, dealing with transitions, and emphasizing with sexually abused women.   Links and ResourcesSall's LinkedInSall's TwitterGet the Giggle App via Apple or Google Play Store Support the show (
#34 Tera Patrick

#34 Tera Patrick


Chatting with CandiceTera PatrickEpisode Run Time: 02:21:06Since her on-screen debut in 1999, Tera Patrick transitioned from an adult content star into a renowned businesswoman and worldwide brand. She is the owner of the Teravision INC production company and runs the famous website Tera Patrick is the only woman ever to be featured on both covers of the Playboy Magazine and Penthouse magazine simultaneously and was crowned runners-up Penthouse pet of the year in February 2002.In this intriguing episode, I talk to Tera about her on-screen career, how she built her brand, and the importance of having a lawyer present during contract negotiations.[00:07:02] Tera’s advice to young girls joining the adult industry[00:12:05] Why having standards guarantee longevity in the industry[00:15:01] How Tera met her daughter’s father[00:18:45] The importance of being humble even when you’re a superstar[00:27:01] Tera’s take on the unhealthy competition present in the industry[00:30:50] How to stop shooting and build your brand[00:36:00] The essence of knowing your worth [00:40:56] Main reasons why Tera stopped shooting[00:44:16] Talking about Tera’s spirituality[00:47:00] The pressures of staying relevant in the adult industry[00:49:06] Dealing with a bad day at work[00:54:34] Focusing on the more meaningful things in life[01:02:05] Finding and staying true to your purpose[01:10:02] Why girls need to speak up when abused[01:19:00] The importance of having a lawyer present before signing any contract[01:28:07] Why the industry needs to have more women working behind the scenes [01:31:17] Tera’s experience working on OnlyFans[01:33:50] How to build your solo practice[01:43:00] The struggles of learning a new language[01:47:45] Tera’s bad experience with a stalker[01:50:45] The downside to fan entitlement[02:01:47] How to find your purpose during the pandemic[02:07:00] Why starting a podcast is a daunting task[02:03:30] The importance of traveling the world and experiencing new cultures Connect with Tera via her website or on OnlyFansSupport the show (
Chatting with CandiceDom JolyEpisode Run Time: 00:55:19Dom Joly is a multi-award-winning English comedian and travel writer known for his smash hit Trigger Happy TV, a hidden camera show that aired in more than 80 countries worldwide. He is also a former diplomat, and political producer turned columnist writing for the Independent and The Sunday Times.In this episode, I talk to Dom about his books, travel writing adventures, thoughts on conspiracy theories, and his recent encounter with a catfish scam that, interestingly, also involves my pictures. [00:04:22] Dom’s recent encounter with a catfish scam[00:11:58] How to spot a catfish scam[00:16:45] Dom’s experience with a persistent catfish[00:19:11] Why Dom decided to focus on Twitch[00:25:50] How Dom’s son reacts to his father’s celebrity status[00:28:15] Why we need to start having conversations with scammed people[00:30:47] The evolution of conspiracy theorists[00:38:27] Difference between British and American approach to life and politics[00:44:57] The relationship between politics and war[00:48:16] How growing up in Lebanon shaped Dom into the man he is today[00:53:05] Dom’s TEDx talkYou can follow Dom on Twitter or on Twitch and watch his TEDx talk.Support the show (
Chatting with CandicePhil DemersEpisode Run Time: 01:32:01Phil Demers is a former animal trainer turned activist. He has garnered international attention for his unique bond with a captive walrus named Smooshi. Phil’s story is featured in the 2020 documentary The Walrus and The Whistleblower. In this episode, I talk to Phil about his experience at Marineland, the future of animal captivity, and the Saving Smooshi campaign. [00:01:27] Phil as a Public Persona: Using Social Media and Facing Criticism  [00:08:40] From Animal Trainer to Whistleblower [00:15:29] Caring for Animals VS Using Animals for Profit  [00:20:48] Phil and Smooshi’s Imprinting Moment [00:22:03] Taking Time off from Marineland [00:27:33] How to Create Sustaining Change [00:33:10] Marineland’s Lawsuit and the Anti-SLAPP Legislation  [00:36:54] The Cost of Acquiring a Walrus [00:38:38] Society’s Collective Movement Against Animal Captivity   [00:49:32] Changing Canada’s Captivity Laws  [00:54:38] Why Marineland Won’t Hand Over Smooshi [00:59:07] Phil’s Advice to Aspiring Activists   [01:03:46] Looking Back at Phil’s Journey [01:09:10] Psilocybin Mushrooms as Legal Medication [01:21:56] Can Animals in Captivity Thrive? [01:26:34] Current Status of Phil’s Legal Battle with MarinelandIn 2000, Phil started working at Marineland. He applied for a job after seeing a newspaper ad. At the time, he thought it was a good opportunity to work at such a popular establishment. As a newcomer, he noticed that the animal’s living conditions were not ideal but did not speak up about it for lack of knowledge. Over time, Phil was given more responsibility and had become an expert marine mammal trainer. As Phil rose through the ranks, he realized that the management was primarily concerned about profit rather than the animals’ well-being. He claimed that the unkempt facilities posed health hazards to the animals. Unfortunately, his complaints only fell on deaf ears. In 2012, he decided to leave Marineland. Since then, Phil’s stance on animal captivity has been clear: the whole practice of it needs to stop. It has been well recorded that captured animals have a lower quality of life. For the longest time, big corporations like Marineland have controlled the narrative. But with the help of social media, more activists are emboldened to speak up against injustice and abuse. Consumers have the power to change things. By purchasing or boycotting certain products and services, we are choosing which messages to support.The COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye opener for a lot of people. Now that humans know what it’s like to feel locked up, they have more empathy for captive creatures. It’s only a matter of time before society’s collective consciousness totally rejects the practice of caging animals for profit and entertainment. Follow Phil Demers on Twitter and Instagram. Help support the Save Smooshi campaign through donations or merchandise.Support the show (
Chatting with CandiceDr. Debra SohEpisode Run Time: 59:19Dr. Debra Soh is a neuroscientist who specializes in gender, sex, and sexual orientation. Her writing has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Globe and Mail, Scientific American, and New York Magazine, among many others. Prior to writing The End of Gender, Debra was a weekly columnist and resident sex scientist for Soh holds a PhD from York University and was awarded the Provost Dissertation Scholarship for her fMRI research on paraphilias and hypersexuality. She is a recipient of the prestigious Michael Smith Foreign Study Award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and has published in academic journals including Archives of Sexual Behavior and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.In her second appearance on the show, I talk to Debra about the biological basis of paraphilias, the difference between drug addiction and sex addiction, and the absence of consent in antisocial patterns of behavior.[01:47] Debra’s Experience with Sex Research, the Stigma of Sex Research and Shame [09:31] Paraphilias (Kinks) and the Brain[13:02]Healthy Kinks and Unhealthy Behaviours[18:14] The Biological Basis of Pedophilia[23:50] The Evolving Definition of Addiction: Disease or Habit?[30:15] The Difference between Drug Addiction and Sex Addiction[36:55] Consensual Non-monogamy, Boundaries, and Antisocial Personalities[46:54] Pornography, Prohibition, and PaywallsYou can follow Dr. Soh on Twitter, on Instagram, and visit her at Support the show (
Wayne Dupree is a heavy hitter in the world of political commentary. We hit some pretty fun topics. Follow him on twitter Support the show (
Greg Ellis made a splash with his role in Pirates of the Caribbean and now is a powerful voice fighting for fatherhood and exposing the corruption of the divorce courts. Follow Greg and check out his youtube stay up to date on his upcoming projects the show (
Follow James on​You can buy his book​His latest project​New Clips channel​Support the podcast​ Support the show (
Scott Barry Kaufman is a psychologist, author, and podcaster. His recent book Transcend has been getting a lot of attention for the way that Scott redefines Maslow's hierarchy of needs. In this episode we talk about neurodiversity, self actualization (what the heck that is), redefining intelligence, and whether or not I'm a psychopath. Follow Scott on twitter is his website which has more information on his upcoming projects and his books, the show (
#25 Chrissie Mayr

#25 Chrissie Mayr


Comedian Chrissie Mayr and I talk about where comedy is going, if any joke is untouchable, why comedians and pornstars gravitate towards each other, and what inspired her to start getting personal with her audience.Give Chrissie a follow the show (
Aubrey Huff is a 2 time MLB World Series winner, patriot, and father of 2. He is an unapologetic tweeter, and really great guy. I was a little nervous for our podcast because I thought it would piss off a lot of people, but it was one of my favorites to date. I really loved getting to know him, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Give Aubrey a follow on twitter Support the podcast the show (
One of the world's top performers joins the podcast and shows a side of herself that most have yet to see. Mia is such a sweetheart and I am so grateful she was willing to be so vulnerable on the episode. Follow Mia on twitter or twitch the show (
This week I want to introduce Michael Gallagher. Michael just released his new book Waking up- A guide for transformation. He was inspired by his time growing up in a cult, struggling with addiction, and overcoming his struggles. I really enjoyed getting to know Michael in this episode and I hope you do too.You can purchase his book and learn more about him www.michaelgallagherspeaks.comSupport the show (
This week I am so lucky to have the one and only Gad Saad join the podcast! We discuss his newest book The Parasitic Mind, postmodernism, and his unwavering dedication to the truth and bravery. Follow Gad on twitter the Parasitic Mind the show (
This is an unusual update for the podcast, but I felt like it had to be done. I had a few lessons today about the importance of discomfort and what a wonderful teacher it can be and I wanted to share my thought. to support the podcast or watch the episodes.Support the show (
Buck Angel is such a wonderful person. We only met in passing while I was still in the industry, and I was so excited when he said he would be on the podcast. Buck is an icon in the trans community. He is a voice of reason in what seems to be the age of nonsense. One of the things I respect the most about Buck is how he uses his platform to speak out against all the harmful disinformation around gender, and transitioning. Learn more about Buck (all socials are there as well).Support the show (
Glenny and I caught up we talked about how he landed his dream job at Barstool sports in a very hilarious way, how I was almost arrested in the south of France, and his new clothing line. I am excited to catch up with him and share a fun and light episode to shake things up! Give Glenny a follow Support the show (
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Ramon Alberto Santa Cruz

hey Candice. Thanks for the interview with Josh Wilson. I will listen to him too. the part that got me is when you said that some people need a hardship to change their life around. Im going to hardship at my present job due to political views (I'm a conservative and I am with Trump) and I'm surrounded by liberal and socialists sympathisers. So I'm planning on quitting this coming Monday the 19th because I found a new job. love the work you do, before and now. Keep up the awesome work. Ramon

Oct 15th
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