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Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and the author of Radical Confidence: 10 No-BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life. She is also the host of Women of Impact, a show featuring women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success.Links and Resources:Book: Radical Confidence by Lisa BilyeuRadicalconfidence.comLisa on TwitterLisa on Instagram Candice's CommunitySupport the show
Robbie Bent is the CEO and co-founder of Othership, a physical space, platform, mobile app and community. Othership combines transformational breath work and physical spaces built around sauna and ice bath classes to improve individual and collective well being.Links and Resources:Othership Breathing AppOthership WebsiteOthership YouTube ChannelRobbie Bent’s TwitterText me / Join my Community the show
Raoul Pal is the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision with a background in finance and hedge funds in London and Spain. We discuss cryptocurrency 101 by explaining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs. He gives tips on how to invest wisely in crypto and what the future of money looks like.Links and Resources:Raoul’s Twitter, Real Vision Crypto’s website, and Raoul’s Adventures in Crypto.Support the show
Dr. David J. Ley is a world-renowned clinical psychologist and author of Insatiable Wives and The Myth of Sexual Addiction. We’ll be discussing everything about sex: porn, kinks, addiction, and even religion. We share our sexual role models, what we think of sex education in America, and how sexual values play a role in a person’s belief system and political values.Links and Resources:Dr. Ley’s Twitter and website.Support the podcast  ► psychologist and author Dr. David J. Ley talks about sex, porn, “addiction”, and the value of proper sex education.Support the show (
Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is an entrepreneur and a solo capitalist with an investment portfolio valued at over $500 million. He invests in early stage tech companies, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Pomp is the host of his own podcast and has a daily newsletter about business and finance with thousands of paid subscribers. In this episode, we talk about cryptocurrency, fiat currency, financial tips, and dystopian futures.Support the show (
Alex Mashinsky is an entrepreneur who has founded several notable technology firms as well as founder and CEO of Celsius Network. In this episode, he talks about his personal journey growing up in Ukraine, his hope for cryptocurrency against the largest banks of America, what his company Celsius aims to achieve, and the legacy he wants to leave behind.Links and Resources:Alex’s Twitter Celsius Network Twitter, YouTube channel, and websiteSupport the show (
My first in-person guest is Adrian Grenier, actor, philanthropist, host of his YouTube channel “Earth Speed”, and owner of DuContra Ventures. He shares his life after being an actor in the limelight, how he decided to create his own environmentally-sustainable community, and his plans for the future to combat climate change in his own way.00:00:00 00:03:18 Blurred Lines Between Adrian and Vinny Chase   00:14:65 Adrian’s Journey to Finding His Authenticity  00:22:09 Owning Your Own Divine Masculinity  00:34:01 Forced “Boss Babe” Narrative  00:40:29 Decentralization of the Enflamed Food Industry, Bitcoin, and Climate Change  00:56:02 Land Trust Dow and Fund, Cryptocurrency, and YBM  01:03:33 Earth Speed, Hay Bale Urinal, and Homesteads 01:09:03 Where to Find Adrian Grenier Adrian Finding His AuthenticityIt took Adrian more than two years to shed his ego identity like vanity and indulgences during his time as an actor. He rebuilt a new life as a “farmer”, which he still doesn’t feel like he truly is, but is in constant pursuit of growing food and working in harmony with nature. He found authenticity by keeping his feet on the ground and accepting that he doesn’t know and that’s okay, which in turn awakened his curiosity. Divine and Toxic MasculinityAdrian grew up with a single mother whom he believed took on traditionally masculine traits through a female perspective that didn’t trust men. She didn’t have any positive male role models in her life and taught Adrian that she could be both a mother and father. This led to Adrian internalize his mother’s relationship with men and became emasculated, feminized, and not be in touch with his masculinity. He then sought negative expressions of masculinity: fame fortune, dominance, and ego that ended up being destructive. He had to relearn what it meant to be a man by unlearning what his mother taught him. Culturally, he believes people are relearning those roles and how best to show up for each other as men and women.Decentralization of the Food Industry, Climate Change, and CryptocurrencyAdrian is looking into an ethical and spiritual perspective which will serve as the foundation for his farm and was inspired by decentralization: creating communities and utilizing currencies such as bitcoin and cryptocurrency that is self-sufficient and not controlled by centralized governments and banking systems which can network out to similar communities. In combatting climate change on a smaller scale, he aims to produce an ecosystem that’s created in harmony with itself and has no waste unused, compared to a factory farm that produces waste that only ends up in a landfill. What happens with factory farms and monocropping is once it reaches a certain scale, disease starts to be introduced to a degree that the environment can’t handle. With that, Adrian discusses his future project—a hay bale urinal that turns human waste into compost for land.Links and Resources:Adrian’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages Earth Speed Instagram and YouTube channel DuContra Ventures Official Website, Twitter, and InstagramSupport the show (
Our guest is Johann Hari, writer, journalist, and author of “Chasing the Scream”, “Lost Connections”, and his most recent one entitled “Stolen Focus”. We talk about our waning attention spans and how this is affecting our children, how his trip to Provence Town changed (or didn’t change) his life, and how Google is stealing our attention.Links and Resources:Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention-and How to Think Deeply Again Johann's WebsiteSupport the show (
Geoffrey Miller is an acclaimed evolutionary psychologist, author, and Associate Professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico. He is known for his research on sexual selection in human evolution and has written numerous best-selling books such as Virtue Signaling, Spent, and The Mating Mind. We talk about the evolution of monogamy, the power of negotiations in marriage, and why a little jealousy can ignite passion into your relationship.Links and Resources:Support the podcast https://www.chattingwithcandice.comPrimalpoly.comBook: The Mating MindBook: Mate: Become the Man Women WantBook: Virtue Signaling: Essays on Darwinian Politics & Free SpeechBook: The Fourth TrimesterSupport the show (
Candice welcomes Dr. Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist researching human sexual behavior, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response. We talk all things sex: porn, “addiction”, women who watch porn, and how sex and porn can benefit people in more ways than we can imagine.Sex & Porn AddictionThere’s no doubt that some people are more addicted to sex and porn than others, but the question as a clinician is to ask: “How do I treat this?”. One model could be addiction and some of the things that are required to call some things as an addiction would be developing tolerance around the stimulus or behavior, Curie activity, having negative consequences as a result of the behavior. Each of these will be undergone and have disproven some aspects of them in science, called falsification. An addiction has to fulfill all criteria otherwise it’s not an addiction. Having shame because of conservative upbringings, having a high sex drive and not being able to complete everyday tasks and relationships, leading up to impulsive and compulsive disorders are not the same as addiction. In the field of science, no scientist has labelled porn as addictive and most of this stigma is around public perception.Women Who Watch Porn Women are the biggest spenders in OnlyFans and women who watch porn are seen to have positive effects such as improved sexual satisfaction, increased orgasm consistency, and higher relationship satisfaction. The big gender difference is that in sex clinics, the most common problem women report is low desire which has been going on for 40 years and watching pornography could be one of the ways to spark drive. Sex Research on Trauma Healing and Sexual ReframingPTSD is affective dampening, which is when a person shuts their emotions off because of the fear that their traumatic experience will happen again. Through orgasm meditation, the idea is if there’s a way to get victims to have intense emotional experiences that are safe where they can start to experience feelings of intensity again in a way that isn’t frightening so they can do exposures. This allows them to feel high intensity but a positive, pleasurable thing which can make their affective range broaden out again. CPT is one of the most common form of therapies for PTSD victimsSUPPORT THE PODCAST the show (
Teledipity founder Andrew Gabelic is back on the podcast! On this episode, I ask him about what 2022’s going to look like and if it’s going to be any better than the year that we’ve had. We talk about his forecast for the upcoming new year and we go deeper into life, enlightenment, and how we deal with positivity, trauma, and time and space through intuition and Numerology.Support the podcast episode the show (
Brian Keating is an American physicist who is a distinguished professor of physics at the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences in the Department of Physics at University of California, San Diego. He has written two bestselling books entitled “Losing the Nobel Prize” and “Into the Impossible: Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner”. This episode, we go scientific but not without a little bit of madness and magic as we talk about scientists, the field of science, religion, and whether aliens even exist. YouTube "Think Like A Nobel Prize Winner" on Apple Podcast "Into the Impossible With Brian Keating" on Apple PodcastSupport the show (
Rav Arora is a writer for the New York Post, The Globe and Mail, and Quillette and is one of the most prolific young contributors out there. In this 2-hour episode, we talk about everything you might want to know about Rav: Canada on COVID, race, romance, meditation, and Nicki Minaj.Links and Resources:Twitter New York Post QuilletteSupport the podcast the show (
Jim Kwik is a YouTuber, life coach, and Founder & CEO of Kwik Learning. He is also the New York Times’ Best-selling Author of “Limitless”, a self-help and manual on mental expansion and brain fitness. After sliding into his DMs in the hopes of getting him for our show, he finally comes in to talk about the pros and challenges of social media and how it affects our mental health and mind’s algorithm, what he really thinks about Neuralink, and going against hustle culture.Links and Resources:Instagram Kwik Learning IG YouTube SpotifySupport the podcast http://www.chattingwithcandice.comSupport the show (
Josh Denny is a comedian and former host of “Ginormous Food”. In this episode, we chat about what got him cancelled (again), being pro-choice or pro-life, the vaccine mandate, and the story behind his debacle with The Food Network. Support the show (
Chatting with Candice Benji Nolot Episode Run Time: 02:11:50After a short hiatus, I am welcoming Benjamin “Benji” Nolot into the podcast. He is a filmmaker and the CEO and founder of “Exodus Cry”, a Christian social activist group focused on the issue of human trafficking. In this episode, Benji and I talk about what inspired him on his advocacy, the issue of porn and sex trafficking online, and how we can possibly regulate the porn, its consumers, and the entire industry.Support the show (
Adapia D’Errico is a professional real estate investor on private equity and other areas of investments such as start-ups, ventures, and cryptocurrency. Her book “Productive Intuition” is a self-help book that aims to explore the “intersection of science and spirituality through story and the senses to immediately bring you into alignment with your Inner Authority”.In this episode, Ada and I talk about her journey of self-realization with her first marriage, being your most authentic self with your partner, and the Goalcast video that went viral. Support the podcast https://www.chattingwithcandice.com the show (
Mike Duffy is the CEO of Happiness Wealth Management, the founder of the Happiness Hall of Fame, and a motivational speaker. He is the author of The Happiness Book: A Positive Guide To Happiness! and four other titles on the same topic. With his expertise on both money and happiness, Mike is on a mission to help others achieve financial independence and lasting joy. In this episode, I talk to Mike about the factors that influence happiness and how to sustain it. We also share our own stories of how giving has contributed to our personal sense of fulfillment.Support the podcast and ResourcesMike Duffy’s LinkedInMike Duffy’s WebsiteHappiness Hall of Fame WebsiteHappiness Wealth Management WebsiteSupport the show (
 Jack Murphy is a podcaster, author, and founder of The Liminal Order, an exclusive men’s organization that ascribes to positive masculinity and believes in the power of individual accountability. His book Democrat to Deplorable takes a deep look into the Democrats who proudly switched parties to vote for former President Donald Trump.In this episode, Jack and I talk about feminism versus traditional masculinity, the keys to a successful marriage, and why more men should do yoga. The Negative Effects and Aspects of HomeschoolingThe past couple of years have witnessed an increase in the number of parents choosing to homeschool their children. Many experts have tried to explain why this is the case, and, for the most part, safety and religious concerns always top the list. Clearly, these concerns make sense because homeschoolers do not have the same exposure to peer pressure and bullying as school-going kids. However, although justified, these concerns do not repeal the reality that homeschooling can have lifelong adverse effects on children. For one, children need to spend time away from the caring eye of their parents to learn how to adjust. They need to understand that life is not a bed of roses, and situations will arise where they end up on the losing side of things. Thus, time spent away from family is when they can learn the art of compromise and deal with despicable people. Is Yoga Too Feminine?When you look at the yoga community, a disproportionately large majority of its members are female. Jack believes that this is probably because most men believe yoga is only for women.However, yoga is a recommended health practice for both men and women. So, as a man, you might be thinking that yoga is too feminine or that you’re not flexible enough, but yoga was originally invented by men for men. Furthermore, challenging your body in a new way can drastically improve stamina and build confidence. Of course, there are certain types of yoga that might be too feminine. So, as a man, it would be best if you avoided those. Why the Man needs to be the Leader in his FamilySadly, many men don’t want to be in charge in the family setting. Some husbands don’t understand how to lead while others simply refuse to lead. Jack believes that the many serious marital, financial, and parenting problems present in most homes are directly a result of men’s failure to lead. Jack further explains that women can furnish the house, clean, cook, and do the laundry, but that’s just part of their feminine side. So, as a man, your responsibility is to lead the way, take care of problems, and be the muscle. There is no such thing as equals in marriage, and women are happier when they have an alpha in the house who initiates stuff. A leader doesn’t wait for others to help him make the first move. He is the instigator.Links and ResourcesJack’s Twitter AccountThe Jack Murphy Live PodcastThe Liminal Order Jack Murphy’s Democrat to Deplorable    Support the show (
Dan Go is a serial entrepreneur, coach, and investor with over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry. He is also the founder of High-Performance Founder Accelerator, a fitness company that focuses on getting high-achieving entrepreneurs into their ideal bodies with minimal stress. Dan has been ranked one of the top fitness coaches on Twitter after building an audience of 90,000+ followers in under two years, with his 1:1 coaching program boasting a 94% success rate. In this episode, Dan and I tackle the powerful connection between fitness and entrepreneurship, the disadvantages of excessive workouts, and the mind-blowing benefits of walking in nature. Links and ResourcesDan’s TwitterDan’s WebsiteThe High-Performance Founder PodcastDan’s LinkedInSupport the show (
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Peter Beairsto

First of all anti racism education does not teach that blond haired people are bad. Second of all, the traditionalist view that because the man is physically bigger means that he should be the leader is goofy. The smartest wisest person needs to lead. The biggest person needs to guard the door for sure but lead? I don't get the connection. And then all that misrepresentation of feminism - oh my heavens!

Jul 18th

Ramon Alberto Santa Cruz

hey Candice. Thanks for the interview with Josh Wilson. I will listen to him too. the part that got me is when you said that some people need a hardship to change their life around. Im going to hardship at my present job due to political views (I'm a conservative and I am with Trump) and I'm surrounded by liberal and socialists sympathisers. So I'm planning on quitting this coming Monday the 19th because I found a new job. love the work you do, before and now. Keep up the awesome work. Ramon

Oct 15th
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