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Hello! Welcome to The Marketing Pod’s marketing podcast. In case you were wondering, this is the place to find discussion on a wide range of marketing topics. Our focus is B2B, but everyone’s welcome.
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The Marketing Pod recently collaborated with B2B Marketing on research into the changing role of the CMO in B2B organisations. In this podcast episode, hear B2B Marketing’s Editor-in-chief Joel Harrison and The Pod’s founders Jodie Williams and Jen Hughes discuss some of the key findings of their researchHear about the key drivers behind major changes in business attitudes, including the impact of COVID-19 on B2B customer behaviour and how this has created an increased need for an experienced and empathetic marketer in the c-suite. As organisations are evolving to meet the altered expectations of their customers, so too is the role of the CMO, who is increasingly being called upon to provide crucial customer insight. In this  influential position, the CMO must create robust strategies which will enable business growth during difficult times. So, as the ownership of customer insight shifts from sales to marketing, our podcast panel asks: what should senior marketers be doing now to make sure they are ready to lead their businesses to success - and what skills, tools and technology will they need to gather around them during the coming years.
Every B2B business has had a different experience of Covid-19. As a global logistics business, GEFCO’s services have remained very much in-demand - but in recent months their primary focus has necessarily been keeping their people safe. It’s meant some significant operational changes, all of which have been made a little easier by meaningful support from HR and marketing.GEFCO has been extremely proactive in their use of marketing during the recent crisis, acting quickly to address the changing conditions brought about by Covid-19. So, we thought it would be great to catch up with their UK Head of Marketing Lydia Maule on how they have adapted their marketing strategy, to keep staff and customers connected and engaged.Hear Lydia talk to Pod’s Ellie about how GEFCO switched from in-person Innovation Days to podcasts & virtual events; how they’re still celebrating their staff and upholding their ethos as a people-first business, and the other ways in which GEFCO have used marketing to make sure their staff and customers feel confident and cared for.
The coronavirus pandemic has had a deep impact on the professional lives of B2B marketers (and inevitably their personal lives too).In this episode, The Marketing Pod’s co-founders share their experiences and thoughts on what marketing teams can be doing to keep communication flowing with audiences and each other. Their tips will help B2B marketers prepare and plan for the future, even while uncertainty remains.Jodie and Jen take a look at which opportunities are missing right now and discuss how marketing professionals can pivot activity to stretch their budgets and seek out value in new places, using digital marketing as a core focus.
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