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Equality of Opportunity Political Podcast

Author: Jeremy Peters

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The Equality of Opportunity Political Podcast highlights local projects & initiatives making a positive impact in their communities, showing how these offer a foundation for a new type of system where Equality of Opportunity is a central tenant of our government & its
2 Episodes
An in-depth look at all the ways money undermines our elections, our government and our trust in one another. Includes viable solutions for how to solve some of our most intractable problems.
Introduction to Equality of Opportunity Political Podcast and its host.Explores the ideas behind America and how we are failing to live up to them. By highlighting local communities making real change, we can begin to piece together a system to replace the dysfunctional, money-soaked one we currently have. Brick by brick, we will build a foundation for a government with Equality of Opportunity as a central tenant; a government that lives up to the ideals of America.
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