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Author: Ian Smith, Amanda Danells-Bewley

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Join Amanda Danells-Bewley and Ian Smith as they take an irreverent look at the plethora of odd, interesting, and occasionally ridiculous celebration days from around the globe.
13 Episodes
Ian & Amanda talk to Dr Anna Watson of CHEM Trust about chemistry and chemicals. Moles are occasionally mentioned.
Episode for World Postcard Day with guest John Sheehan from Ghost Postcards.
Arrrr me hearties, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day with very special guest Alex Barker from Be More Pirate.
It’s Roald Dahl Day, and Ian and Amanda are celebrating in the Grove Bookshop in Ilkley, with manager Mike Sansbury. Amanda shows off her vintage book collection, Ian explains why he spends so much time in the loo, and Mike tells us which Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film is the best.
Ian & Amanda celebrate International Bacon Day, and are joined once again by Farmer Jan from Muckleton Meats who schools them in how to cook a full English breakfast.
In this mini-episode, Ian and Amanda's banana splits are judged and found wanting.
In this bumper episode, Amanda and Ian have a wide ranging conversation with photographer Mark Waddington.
Ian & Amanda celebrate National Prosecco Day
Ian Smith & Amanda Danells-Bewley celebrate National Lollipop Day with help from Ian from the awesome Panda Sweets online retro sweetshop!
Ian & Amanda celebrate National Hotdog Day in the wrong country on the wrong day.
It's National Don't Step on a Bee Day, and Amanda & Ian talk to each other about bees.
It’s World Chocolate Day, and Ian & Amanda talk to Frank Laws of Frankly Delicious, an ethical chocolate maker and chocolatier.



It's International Picnic Day, so of course Amanda and Ian start a new podcast.
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