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On this special episode, host John T. Meyer shares the six themes he has drawn over the course of 100 episodes as well as what he loves most about building a podcast. John gets nostalgic by bringing back clips from some of his favorite episodes and is grateful for all of those who have listened to any (or all) of the 100 episodes. John's six leadership themes from 100 episodes are:Belief - Hear why Coach John Stiegelmeier says it's essential to success (Ep 13). Cheerlead - Listen to Liz Giorgi explain the real role of any CEO (Ep 20).Growth - Nate Poeppel teaches us that life is the curriculum to become a better person.Community - Whatever your community is, Paige Pearson Meyer reminds us to leave it better than we found it (Ep 73).Foundation - It is in our times of trial where we learn what we stand for and no one embodies this more than Tim Schut (Ep 72).Gratitude - Let the words of Dr. David O'Hara wash over you as he teaches us how to practice gratitude every day in big ways or small (Ep 87).
A lot can change in two years, look no further than episode one of the Leadmore Podcast with Governor Dennis Daugaard.Consider this a BONUS episode of the Leadmore Podcast before episode 100 officially drops. This is a replay of episode one. John starts by discussing the importance of looking back at your work and recognizing how far you've come. Don't be afraid about how you look, what it sounds like, or what the five-year-plan looks like, it only matters that you start. That's how John started this show and as he admits, it is reflected in the quality of episode one of this podcast. Listen to John's thoughts on replaying episode one and take a listen yourself to the wise leadership lessons of South Dakota's 32nd Governor, Dennis Daugaard. 
Transition is part of everyone's life. Sometimes a transition is exciting, but oftentimes it can be stressful and confusing. The key is to understand how to navigate it. In this episode of the Leadmore Podcast, host John T. Meyer reflects on his season of transition. You might recall that he sold his company earlier in the year and now he's trying to figure out what's next. John has spent the summer reflecting, reading books and talking to friends, including past Leadmore guests about change and transition. In this episode, he also taps into the Leadmore Podcast community to ask - how does one tackle transition?  Resources:July 2021 Leadmore Episode - What is John going to do next?
Josh Western is the CEO and Cofounder of Space Forge, a British company where their mission is to make space work for humanity. Space Forge is an in-space manufacturing company where they are building the world’s first returnable and relaunchable satellite platform.In episode 98, Josh shares the story of how he went from a child growing up on Star Wars and Star Trek to Founder of a company within the space industry.Josh leads by example by showing resilience in the face of failure and even has a “failure of the month” award with his team to show how failures make us better. Follow along with Space Forge as their first mission goes to space in September 2022 and they continue to lead change within the industry.Story of Space Forge (2:50)Creating Vision (12:15)Space Resurgence (18:00)Solving Problems (23:20)Follow Josh on TwitterCheck out Space Forge
Leadmore Podcast host John T. Meyer often talks about leaders being called or pushed to step into new roles or start new things. In June 2021, Gabe Nelson experienced this with starting the first women’s elite soccer team in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.In episode 97, Gabe Nelson tells the story of starting Sioux Falls City FC, what they learned in their first year, and how they plan to move forward with impact on the community.A financial entrepreneur, father, author, and community contributor, Gabe saw an opportunity to empower women through soccer, and he stepped up to the challenge of making it happen.  Creating Sioux Falls City FC (3:30)The First Year (13:44)Lessons so Far (17:29)Looking Ahead (22:25)Check out Sioux Falls City FC HereFollow Sioux Falls City FC on Twitter Follow Sioux Falls City FC on InstagramCheck out Gabe’s Financial Services Business Here
Leadmore host John T. Meyer has two core ideas with the Leadmore Podcast. First, the world needs more leaders. Second, leadership doesn’t have to look the way it always has. Leadership comes in many forms. In this divisive and politically charged time, we need the right leaders to step up.In episode 96, John shares about the kind of leadership he believes we need during this time. He shares a framework for leadership including tapping into potential, using empathy, finding alignment, and the importance of mentorship. What leadership role are you being tapped to step into? Do you need to be tapping someone around you to show them their potential? Allow this episode to remind you how you can step up into leadership and help those around you step up as well.Tapping Leaders (4:48) Empathetic Leadership (7:15)Alignment (10:05)Mentorship (14:30)Connect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
Tammira Philippe is the President and CEO of Bridgeway Capital Management in Houston, Texas, where they are committed as a firm to put 50% of their earnings back into the world. Focused on creating returns for humanity, Tammira is a leader full of energy, dedication, and with a special focus on cultivating and leading a diverse team.In episode 95, Leadmore host John Meyer talks with Tammira about giving back as a leader and an organization, leadership transitions, and personal drive and ambition. Tammira reflects on the winding path of her career and the decision to dedicate herself to one industry as a leader.Tammira was taught early in her career how to find a place to both lead and follow, and has been putting that into practice ever since. A lifelong learner with humility, adaptability, and energy, Tammira’s spirit and heart for her work and others shines through in this episode.Journey to Bridgeway (10:30)Leading in Capital Management (17:10)Leadership Transition (25:25)What’s on the Horizon (34:10)Check out Bridgeway Capital ManagementFollow Tammira on TwitterRead Tammira’s book recommendation, Conscious Capitalism
As State Historian and Director of the South Dakota State Historical Society, Dr. Ben Jones is a keeper of South Dakota history. Previously, he held the position of Secretary of Education and has held the title of Professor to many college students.In episode 94, Leadmore host John Meyer sits down to discuss the importance of studying history in the present day with Dr. Jones. They dive into the stories of four South Dakota leaders who have shaped the state today. Through this episode, Dr. Jones reminds us of the importance of exploiting wisdom from the past through asking questions and reflecting on applications to the present day.Why Study History Today (7:50)Red Cloud (13:40)Sitting Bull (26:15)Joe Foss (36:50)Theodore Schultz (47:40)Follow Dr. Jones on TwitterConnect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
Tim Schurrer knows what it takes to build a winning team. He spent almost a decade of his career launching two brands— StoryBrand and Business Made Simple—as COO alongside New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller.  He is the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business. In episode 93, Leadmore Podcast host John Meyer sits down with Tim to talk about defining success differently. In Tim’s new book, The Secret Society of Success, he shares stories from his career that have helped him discover how success is found in the process, not the result. John and Tim talk through making a leap in your career, what it means to live in the secret society of success, and how mindset and posture toward others are the true indicators of success.Making a Leap in Your Career (4:40)The Secret Society of Success (8:35)Stepping into the Tension (20:50)Get to Know Tim (33:20)Get the first two chapters of the Secret Society of Success hereBuy The Secret Society of Success hereFollow Tim on TwitterCheck out The Power of Healthy Tensions bookConnect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
Building community might be the most important skill of 2022.In episode 92, John sits down with Ashton Hauff, Co-Founder of The Good Kids, a branding studio in Bismarck, North Dakota. In search of community after moving back to Bismarck in 2015 after spending her college years in Minneapolis, she started Makewell. Today, Makewell is a community of 1,000+ makers around the Midwest. Their mission is to equip the makers and dreamers by sparking ideas and igniting action.As an experienced graphic designer, community builder, and current business owner, Ashton shares about creating community, knowing when to transition and start new things, building a team, and trusting in the community you’ve built when it’s time to move on.Creating Community (5:33)Challenge of Building Community (9:16)Leading a Community (15:37)Get to Know Ashton Better (23:45)Follow The Good Kids on InstagramListen to Ashton interviewing John on the Makewell podcast hereConnect with Ashton through The Good Kids websiteConnect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
Leadmore host John T. Meyer recently sold his design agency, Lemonly, and started a new company, No Fun Team. John shares what he’s up to with No Fun Team and the familiar challenges he’s experiencing of building a new company.John shares vulnerably about imposter syndrome and talks through advice that’s helped him navigate through it. He explains how visualizing success, sharing your failures, choosing confidence, celebrating your wins, and playing the long game all help along the way. Tune into episode 91 to get caught up with John and hear about his new adventures.Starting No Fun Team (1:24)Challenges of Building a New Company (8:12)Experiencing Imposter Syndrome (11:02)Dealing with Imposter Syndrome (13:50)Subscribe to the No Fun Team NewsletterListen to John’s audio journal for building No Fun Team, No Fun TalkLearn about Web3 from John on Leadmore hereConnect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
Brigit Blote joins John for the second time on the Leadmore Podcast to catch up on her journey as founder and CEO of Fomeno, where their goal is to make thrifting simple. Inspired after studying sustainability in the mountains of Costa Rica, Brigit started Fomeno while balancing life as a college student and Division 1 athlete. She won an international competition in 2020 to earn $100,000 in seed funding from the Hult Prize Foundation.In 2021, Brigit graduated college in only three years to fully focus on Fomeno. A year after her first conversation with John on the Leadmore Podcast, Brigit reflects on building a start-up company, raising capital, staying true to values and mission, and growing as an individual and as a leader.Catching up with Brigit (1:50)Fomeno’s Journey (6:05)Growing in Leadership (16:39)Finding Balance (25:13)Fomeno A Year From Now (32:26)Keep up with Fomeno on InstagramJoin the Fomeno early launch listConnect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
What happens in the world when all the world’s talent is accessible to us?John sits down for the second time on the show with his brother, Scott, who shares his love of exploration of the web3 space and is pioneering an effort to educate in the space through his company, Ed3. He is a part of a DAO, decentralized autonomous organization, where individual contributors have some ownership in decisions of the organization along with their contributions.In episode 89, the Meyer brothers discuss how DAOs are operating, how to become part of a DAO, and the impact DAOs can have in the future.What is a DAO? (3:57)How do you get involved in a DAO? (10:55)Adding value in a DAO as a leader (17:20)Potential downsides of a DAO (28:16)Future of leadership in DAOs: (30:22)Prediction on future of DAOs: (34:01)Explore more of what was mentioned through DAO Central, Crypto Jobs, and Shiny Object Social Club.-----Connect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore Community
All people are creative, and our next guest believes the world calls us to express it. As the first visual artist on the Leadmore Podcast, Molly Noem Fulton helps us explore the expanse of our creativity and understand how creative work tends to the places we live–like South Dakota.Inspired by the vastness of the plains and the goodness of its people, Molly is learning to express her creativity in a new medium. In episode 88, we learn about her venture with Jodi Shaw as Molly and John T. Meyer discuss creativity and how we can overcome doubt, find courage, and express our ideas when we’re called to it.Meet Molly (1:29)Overcoming Creative Doubt (8:37)Exploring Your Creativity (19:05)Finding a Place Well Tended (29:05)Listen to Place Well Tended, Molly and Jodi's podcast about creativity in plains country.-----Connect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore CommunitySubscribe to John’s newsletter
Caught on the precipice of doom scrolling, host John T. Meyer calls an emergency podcast with philosophy professor Dave O’Hara to discuss the practice of Stoicism in this week’s episode. Easily one of the most accessible philosophies, Stoicism is a working philosophy we can apply to our daily life, especially when we’re living through the chaotic events and widespread turmoil we see in our feeds today.In episode 87, John and Dave talk about what Stoicism is, what it isn’t, and how we can apply it to help ourselves–and the world–flourish. The Working Philosophy (1:51)Applying Stoicism (16:37)A Student Walks In (25:49)What Can We Do? (29:04)
Before David Rosenthal became a full-time podcaster, he was a full-time venture capitalist. Entering Wall Street at the age of 24, David was one of the last associates hired at Madrona Venture Group before the Great Recession in 2008. Today he’s the co-host of the Acquired podcast, which tells the story of great companies such as Berkshire Hathaway and Tesla. It’s also the #1 tech podcast on Apple.In episode 86, David and John T. Meyer dive into entrepreneurship, storytelling, and leadership while unpacking his journey from Wall Street to the podcast studio. Learn how Acquired evolved to tell the story of household names and how you can find your unfair advantage.
Running has played several roles in Benson Langat’s journey to this moment. What started as a hidden hobby in Kenya became his ticket to higher education in the United States and quickly evolved into a profession. Today, it’s a passion he shares with a growing network of followers who are inspired by his story. In episode 85, Benson joins host John T. Meyer to share the lessons he’s learned from running, how it supports him in his work as a clinical therapist, and how he supports the country’s top runners as a coach. Tune in to hear how this transformative sport can help fuel your life and how it has saved others.Meet Benson (1:18)Walking with Runners Near and Far (12:56)Chasing Personal Growth (24:51)Rapid Fire with Benson (33:00)-----Connect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore CommunitySubscribe to John’s newsletter
True to Leadmore’s mission, John T. Meyer brings another show producer out from behind the scenes in this week’s episode. Sharing her story for the first time on the Leadmore Podcast, Ngoc Thach brings insights from her unconventional career path while John connects the dots in her leadership journey. In episode 84, John and Ngoc discuss her first year in business, what inspired it, and the road signs that directed her to start it in Sioux Falls. Tune in to learn why Ngoc left an executive communications role and how her business bolsters the missions of small businesses and nonprofits by leveraging the expertise of freelancers. Meet Ngoc (1:26)Building a Business as an Unlikely Entrepreneur (10:05)Making Mom Proud (22:30)Leading from Within (26:40)Rapid Fire with Ngoc (37:14)-----Connect with John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramSubscribe to the Leadmore newsletterJoin the Leadmore CommunitySubscribe to John’s newsletter
We’re starting 2022 on the right foot with Chris Ronzio, founder and CEO of Trainual. Energized by progress and driven by process, Chris discovered the need for Trainual long before it became a SaaS company. While software was key to scaling his own service, Chris has helped countless companies and contractors organize their systems and processes without it—and he’s going to help you, too.In this toolbelt episode, Chris sits down with host John T. Meyer at Trainual HQ to discuss the concept of frameworks and the importance of playbooks. Listen in to learn how to scale systems with playbooks, when to document a process, and where else playbooks can help you improve in life.Meet Chris (1:36)Scaling through Software (10:04)Building the Playbook for your Business (13:20)The Personal Playbooks (27:20)Rapid Fire with Chris (31:49)Want to dive deeper? Get The Business Playbook by Chris!-----Follow John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramFollow Leadmore on TwitterSubscribe to John’s newsletter
It’s the end of the year, and Leadmore host John T. Meyer is deep in reflection mode. Greeting us from Phoenix, Arizona, John looks back on the past year of Leadmore, brings listeners to the present, and gives us an exciting look at the future of the show.Tune into episode 82 to hear John reflect on Leadmore’s mission, the guests who help him accomplish it, and how the show will change in the coming year. You’ll also learn about the year’s top episodes and stats, why John needs more friends in Maine, and his action plan for Antarctica.Past (1:35)Present (10:48)Future (16:02)-----Follow John T. MeyerFollow Leadmore on InstagramFollow Leadmore on TwitterSubscribe to John’s newsletter
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