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Drums.Music.Life...With Kevin Washington

Author: Kevin Washington

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In this uncertain age where simple human interaction has been gravely reduced we strive to reach beyond sharing just information but to share moments, history, experiences….life. The purpose of Drums.Music.Life. is to draw from the magic of music. Music draws connections where there were none before. It breaks down barriers and builds relationships. It restores the feelings in us that make us feel plugged into the Universe in a healthy way. The goal is to support positive, loving, challenging, restorative, sustainable human connection and kinship simultaneously as it is being redefined by the current state of affairs. As music has always done. We’re just taking it to a different level, the podcast. Drums.Music.Life...with Kevin Washington explores the galaxy of cosmic music that Kevin was born into, sharing stories of iconic compositions and musicians, the history of the drum, and the healing elements and powers of music. The podcast also shares the vision, mission, history and current great work of St. Paul's beloved Walker West Music Academy. As Kevin invites...come take this ride.
4 Episodes
OK Family, we're back with another episode of Drums. Music. Life...With Kevin Washington. Questions...What does it take to heal? How do we move forward as a community? Who are we as we strive to redefine ourselves outside of the knees on our necks? The future of our evolution is rooted in our past. We are the fingertips of our Ancestors reaching profoundly into the future. As we move forward in this reality, we must draw wisdom from our Youth AND our Elders. This interview is a very special one. We had the pleasure of building with beloved Elders, Reverend Carl Walker and Mr. Grant West, the beautiful minds, hearts and hands that created Walker West Music Academy over 30 years ago. This interview is a brief look into how they orchestrated the birth of a music academy dedicated to the legacy of great Black music located in the heart of Rondo, the theory behind their mission, and the method to how they built a community around the shared love of music. Rev. Walker and Mr. West have poured into generations of talented musicians here in the Twin Cities. The message to the People is...Give 'em all you've got. Our children are worth it. We are worth it. Thank you for joining us. PS: There is some great music in this episode. Not only will you hear some original sounds from Kevin, you will also hear music from Rob (Big Rob) Coleman, Thom West and Grant West. Much love...We hope you love the episode. Peace, Kevin & Dani
Episode 3...out there in the world!!! Thank you for joining us. Part of radical healing and self care is celebrating who we are and whom and where we come from. In this episode you will be invited into some loving, intimate space with Kevin's parents, Donald and Faye Washington, 'The Cosmic Duo', for a candid conversation on some historic influences, the power of music on the Washington family and the spirituality of cosmic music. We know you will enjoy this one!!
Welcome back to this fantastic journey! Drum.Music.Life is being born in a revolution. Not a bad way to enter the scene. But don't get it twisted...This is Drums.Music.Life. We ain't here for no negativity. Music is Life, and that's what we're bringing to, light and LIFE!! Thank you for riding and rising with us. We are so blessed and excited to bring you beautiful stories, people and music. Future episodes include interviews you will not want to miss. Let's keep riding, yall. Peace. 
This launch episode of Drums.Music.Life...with Kevin Washington welcomes one and all into the world of drummer, composer, educator Kevin Washington. Kevin invites listeners to "Come Take this Ride With Me" as he shares a bit about his background and sets the stage for future episodes that will touch on the healing, restorative, transformative magic of music and the people who make it. In Drums.Music.Life, Kevin will connect with listeners, share healing commentary, original music, and iconic stories. Drums.Music.Life will also highlight the history, vision and mission of the great local institution of music education, Walker West Music Academy.  Come take this ride...
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