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With host Julian Perryemail:
The state of our union

The state of our union


With host Julian Perry
Host Julian Perry discusses student loan debt and its devastating impact on households and the quest for the American Dream.
247 Real Talk Podcast host Julian Perry discusses the rent crisis that is looming in NYC and more!!
Host Julian Perry discusses unfair government policies (taxes) and the destructive epidemic that is student loans!!
247 Real talk host Julian Perry discusses crime in NY, inflation and its effect on those burdened with student loans, the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown and its handling by the White House, etc
Relax and enjoy the host Julian Perry sharing his perspective on crime in NY, student loans, and the slap at the Oscars.
Tapping into her gift of creativity, Tameka Chapman created the Mogul TV Global Network to offer television programming that showcases culture, legacy, and diversity. Partnered with Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Apple TV, MOGUL TV Global Network App is available to over 100 million viewers! Tameka Chapman is a US Navy Veteran, Television Producer, Award-Winning & International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Global Speaker, former Paralegal Specialist [15 years], and 7-Figure Business Growth Strategist to some amazing entrepreneurs! When she is not busy in her multiple roles as the CEO of Mogul Media, LLC, she is fully enjoying life with her husband of 22+ years and the ah-mazing toddler duo Aspen + Arden!CEO, Mogul Media, LLC ( Creator and Founder, Mogul TV Global Network ( On Mogul TV Global Network you can watch amazing shows and LIVE events Website | Email | Connect ==> Check out Season One of our original shows!Curves, Curls, and CrownsIn Her EarYoung & Thrivin' EntrepreneursStay tuned for more
 Founder of Creode Theatre, Philosopher, Writer, Actor, and Model Adam Dennis Geiger lives by his own truths and passion, much like his industry counterparts, such as Wahlberg, Dean, and Brando, to which he’s commonly compared. From his dynamic looks on - and off-screen, Geiger may have been born and raised in North Carolina but quickly found his way to New York City and made it his home since the age of 15 when he began living on his own, in true rebel fashion. Website & Social MediaWebsite:              www.creode.orgFacebook:     
Join host Julian Perry as he shares his perspectives on the way, inflation, student loans, survival, socioeconomic class differences, etc.
The host Julian Perry shares his perspective on unacceptable politics and politicians, the hate-filled Russian war, the dire need to wipe out student loans, and more.
In the News Ep. 8:George Floyd Convictions, Russian Invasion, Ex-Officer Kim Porter's sentencing, and more with host Julian Perry
An in-depth discussion about Shameful Politicians, Gun Violence, Bail Reform, and more.
More discussions about suicides, Class Segregation, Political Gains and Losses, Spotify, etc with the host Julian Perry.
The Host of 2487 Real Talk discusses and gives his own perspective on Celebrity Suicides, Supreme Court Judges, Spotify Perspective, Bail Reform, and more.
Reflections on MLK's dream, where we are today, and a new dream.
From Pain to Power: Native to Los Angeles, Kaliid boasts a successful career in digital production and also services as an author, entrepreneur, and podcast host of the “Misconnected Podcast,” a series that addresses difficult topics with social commentary, interviews, and analysis. Recently, Kaliid published his first book, entitled “There Was Violence” (available on Amazon, Apple, and Google Books), a gripping memoir based on true events that explore Kaliid’s turbulent journey spanning from the mid-1970s through the late ’80s. This coming-of-age tale follows Vaughn Harper, a young boy born into generational trauma who then navigates a chilling and unpredictably dangerous world of domestic and urban violence while seeking peace and his triumphant and true calling. “You are not the darkness you endured. You are the light that refused to surrender.” ― John Mark Green After coming to terms with his own violent trauma, Kaliid instinctively knew that he needed to share his story with the world. He aims to inspire victims of violence to explore their own trauma, seek the appropriate help, and live a more peaceful and happy life * Official website:* Website, “There Was Violence”:* Purchase Links: Amazon: Books: Books: Social Media and Press * Twitter:* Instagram:* YouTube “Companion Channel” for Bonus Testimonial from Imani Kaliid:
What's going on as we enter 2022. Sharing my personal experience and thoughts about the upcoming year and Covid.
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