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Making a difference one conversation at a time:- Real talk about Social, Cultural, and Mental Health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges. Subscribe to your favorite podcast app to receive new episodes every Friday.
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LANE KAWAOKA has been investing for over a decade and now controls 4,200+ units.  As the owner of,, and, Lane is responsible for finding investment opportunities, analysis, and marketing. Mr. Kawaoka obtained a BS in Industrial Engineer and MS in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the University of Washington. In addition to an analytical engineering background, Lane has real-world experience in working as a project manager for over $250 million dollars of capital construction projects in both the public and private sector. Working as a high-paid professional in Corporate America and frustrated by the traditional wealth-building dogma, Lane was compelled to inspire and mentor other working professionals via his Top-50 Investing podcast at Info: Testimonials: up a time to chat:
 My name is Jeremy Norrie and I am an independent documentary director & producer for Amazon, FOX, and CBS streaming platforms among various others. We approach each filmmaking project with a serious attitude and an open mind.  We explore both hard-to-believe counterculture as well as very serious mainstream subjects.  Many of our films also have an ongoing theme of empowerment and overcoming adversity.  In the future, we will continue to bring our audience new topics and fascinating stories that will both help, entertain and inspire. List of my film credits: you can find our (Amazon) (FOX) (CBS)Cannabis vs Cancer Cannabis and Cancer
I-fearless was co-founded by David Stone and Gail Hulnick.David Stone:David is the public face of i-fearless. He is a life coach and transformational speaker andleader, dedicated to helping people overcome the anxieties, worries, and self-doubts thatkeep us all from achieving our highest potential.In 2009, in spite of a highly successful international marketing career, he worried himselfinto homelessness. Then, fed up with the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that got in the wayof the life he wanted to live he set out to find a better way. Now he guides others to livefearlessly through books, workshops, keynotes, and blogs.His latest book is Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt out of the myth that worry is requiredand take charge of your own life nowHe is a provocative, inspiring, and disruptive writer, speaker, and change agent. He makeshard topics accessible and helps people enjoy the expansion of their comfort zones. Hefirmly believes that your parachute can’t open till after you’ve jumped out of the plane.David is a Certified Trainer in the Jack Canfield Success Principles and a professionalmember of the National Speakers Association.W:  www.i-fearless.comFacebook Group: Fearless Living & Growth SocietyAuthor of  Unsubscribe from Anxiety and The Fearless DecisionIf you've read my books I would be so grateful if you would consider leaving a review on Amazon. This is the best way to help others find it. Thank you in advance!
R. James Case is the author of “Fear Is A Choice: Unravelling the Illusion of Our Separation from Love”. He is the host of Adventures in Truth Livecast and podcast, and he created the program The Science of Transformation- His passion is the transformation of fear.  His powerful insights, unique approach, and clarity have been assisting people for three decades to change their relationship with fear, in order to achieve the Quantum shift and change they desire.
Kimberly  Spencer is an award-winning high-performance coach and trainer,  Amazon best-selling co-author, international motivational speaker, and the founder, helping visionary leaders build their empire and stand out in their full potential in their bodies, businesses, and relationships. From her entrepreneurial beginnings at five selling bags of glitter-water to her neighbors, to becoming an award-winning screenwriter, certified Pilates instructor, Miss Congeniality, and six-time WEGO Health Activist Award nominee, Kimberly is proof that it's better to make your own mold than to conform to someone else's. She's also the former executive of a national e-commerce startup and was the owner of the private Pilates studio, Fitness with Kim in Los Angeles, CA. Her journey into the world of mompreneurship with her husband was featured in the 2017 Netflix docuseries, Being  Dad. Her work has been featured on The CW, ESPN, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and NPR, and in Thrive Global, CNBC, and Forbes.Website:https://crownyourself.comFacebook: Group: In:
The career of Donald “D.J.” Vodicka encompassed the rapid expansion of the prison system in California. For sixteen years, he was a prison guard in California’s highest security and most notorious correctional institutions Daily duties included serving meals to gang leaders, proctoring serial killers in lockdown cells, or patrolling exercise yards filled with violent felons while unarmed and outnumbered 1000-to-2. He belonged to an elite unit called the Investigative Services Unit (Internal Affairs), responsible for solving horrific crimes occurring inside the walls. He was retired as a decorated veteran officer, but certainly NOT of his own volition. He became the most influential “whistle-blower”, uncovering the silent secrecy of a group of rogue prison guards who called themselves “The Green Wall.” His book is a true story, a real-life drama of one man’s courage to do the right thing against the California State Prison System that helped in the cover-up. It is an unblinking look at what can go wrong when only one person is willing to stand up and speak for what is right, against almost insurmountable odds. Vodicka’s televised state senate testimony exposed a scandal that led to resignations, transfers, sudden retirements, and reforms of the system that are still underway. The story is a classic tale of the triumph of personal integrity in the most dishonest and crooked institution imaginable.
I am a new author of the book Human Earthquake Book 1 (available on Amazon) and I have a unique story that I detail in my book. My life story is told with humor, raw emotions, and the uncensored truth of how I became the most notorious pimp in the Midwest for over 20 years with encounters with over 400 women. I say that not boastfully but just stating a fact of my journey in the business of selling sex. My story does not start or nor stop there but this book is the first book of a three-part series. Ultimately it is a story of how I rose to the heights of the oldest profession in the world but was redeemed from that lifestyle. I don’t’ condone being a pimp or a prostitute, my life is in a totally different place. I wrote this book with the purpose of helping my urban community (Chicago and so many others) and the young men that should want and get other options than a life of crime. I have experienced it all, police brutality, social injustice, and the consequences of my actions. 
Tamara Cherry is the author of All the Bumpy Pebbles, a fictional novel based on her years of reporting on the domestic sex trafficking of women and girls. Tamara was an award-winning crime reporter for CTV News Toronto, as well as the Toronto Sun and Toronto Star newspapers, before founding Pickup Communications, a public relations firm aimed at supporting victims and survivors of traumatic events. She has lectured widely on the topic of human trafficking and assisted in the training of hundreds of police officers, lawyers, and front-line service providers.Website: www.pickupcommunications.comAnyone interested in learning more about or participating in my research project can do so by visiting
Jamey Jenkins is a native of Hazlehurst, MS, a graduate of Alcorn State University.A member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, a professional photographer who shoots under the alias Big Pretty Pictures, a long-term employee at Nissan North America, an amazing father, and a phenomenal person. His most recent accolade and venture is the launch of Hello Black Man enterprises. Hello Black Man  originated as a Journal series, to restore communication within the black community and more importantly within the black family. It has sparked a fire and he is now exploring apparel, jewelry, podcast, conferences, and building a nonprofit organization to support the black man throughout the course of life. 
Jamie has been entertaining audiences as one half of the comedy duo, Mack & Jamie, for over 35 years. His appearances with Mack on The Tonight Show both with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno lead to 125 original episodes of the syndicated half-hour COMEDY BREAK WITH MACK & JAMIE. Jay Leno said, “…Mack and Jamie are at the top. They are the funniest duo, working today!”  Since the amicable end of Mack and Jamie, after 35 years, Jamie has entered the elite corps of LA Voice Actors. Providing voices for many National Commercials, plus The Simpsons, Rugrats, Power Beach, Justice League, Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights, and scores of Video Games, most recently Gears of War I & II & III & IV, Transformers Halo, and numerous film loopings for celebrities such as Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, even John Lennon. Jamie was named “Westlake Village Citizen of the Year” for his successful fundraising for area schools. He was named one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People in Ventura County.” He can be seen on YOUTUBE by going to BOOMERSONABENCH.COM with Phil Proctor, of Firesign Theatre fame. In 2017 he had a change of heart, literally. He suffered CHF in July of 2017 resulting in a heart AND liver transplant from a 46-year-old donor. He waited in the hospital for three months and every day he made an entry in his journal which resulted in a book called The Tin Man Diaries. Jamie speaks to groups about donation and the many benefits of donorship as an International Ambassador for One A Silversmith by trade, he crafts sterling silver jewelry at his studio in Burbank, California.
In many ways, I believe I am just like any of the billions of people existing on this planet. ​I have reinvented myself frequently over my professional career. After I graduated from college at The Citadel (where I played NCAA Division I basketball), I was employed in the Marketing Department at the corporate headquarters of Wendy’s International in Dublin, Ohio. From there, I worked in hospital administration for Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. After getting married and moving to California for my wife's job, I became the Customer Service Manager for an academic publishing company in Santa Barbara. After our daughter was born and we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, I became a police officer with the Cincinnati Police Department, where I was a SWAT Hostage Negotiator. Following a family relocation to Texas, I started a school security consulting business and coached high school girls' basketball in Houston. Each time I took on a new job, I had to develop new skills and faced different challenges. There was always a significant learning curve with every new position. But my greatest challenge began in early 2012 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Acral Lentiginous Melanoma, which presented on the bottom of my foot. By the time the melanoma was detected, it had metastasized to a lymph node in my groin. Because my cancer is so rare (only about 6,500 people are diagnosed with this form of malignancy in the U.S. each year), I was treated at the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. I had two surgeries to remove the tumors, and after I healed, I was put on a weekly injection of the drug, Interferon, to help keep the disease from coming back. I took those weekly injections for four years and seven months before the Interferon became so toxic to my body that I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit with a fever of 108 degrees. Fortunately, expert medical care saved my life. The Interferon gave me severe flu-like symptoms for two to three days after each injection. I lost fifty pounds during my therapy, was constantly nauseous, fatigued, and chilled, my ability to taste food significantly diminished, and my body constantly ached. This misery went on for over 1,660 days! One thing I learned during all my pain and suffering is that you have two choices. You can succumb to the debilitating discomfort and misery, or you can learn to embrace it and use it to make you a stronger and better human being. I chose the latter. 
Meagan Copelin is an international speaker, author, empowerment coach, blogger, contributing writer, and podcaster. Mental health is her passion which is why she founded Mental Rich, a mental health movement dedicated to helping young girls and women who suffer from mental illnesses, steaming from abuse, abandonment, and rejection. Meagan’s goal is to become a trailblazing voice for young girls and women worldwide. Drawing on her own experiences of mental illness, loss, and trauma, Meagan uses her words to encourage others to build a home within themselves; to love, live, and create fearlessly. Her love for people and their struggles is evident through her work with mental health. Meagan’s story is inspiring and her energy contagious. She has overcome immense obstacles such as homelessness and mental illness with grace and perseverance. Meagan entertains and empowers audiences with her moving personal stories. Her voice has helped her to be featured on several platforms for the purpose of empowering women to tell their stories from struggle to success and live up to their full potential.
Terry McDougall is an Executive and Career Coach and author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Prior to becoming certified as a coach, I was a long-time marketing executive in financial services. Today I work with high-achieving professionals who are "successful but not satisfied" to optimize their professional success AND personal happiness. I've found that way too many "successful" people are not very happy and are feeling stuck and/or burnt out. My goal is to help people begin to reconnect with their internal wisdom and understand that what they want matters and is worthy of their attention. For many high-achievers, they become almost addicted to external validation to the point that they lose touch with their own desires. Because of this, they will push themselves relentlessly which results in burnout. Often by the time people seek out me for coaching they often are considering quitting their jobs even though their livelihood depends on it. The focus of my coaching and the topic of my book is about helping people see the larger context of the work environment -- much like seeing the whole playing field in sports. When they begin to see the bigger picture, they begin to understand that there are myriad options for what they can do next and that in reality the pressure that they put themselves under is not necessary, and is in fact, a huge waste of energy that could be used more productively. I'd love to be a guest on your show and talk about some of the issues that I see with my clients and what shifts are needed to overcome the anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and confusion that so many people experience at work.
Cuyla Coogan is a Queer Life Coach helping people in the LGBTQ+ community become more confident and comfortable so they can achieve their full potential. Pulling from her own experiences, Cuyla’s practice highlights the value of self-awareness and self-acceptance so her clients can be all of who they are, without reservations.To check out my personal website: www.cuyla.comTo check out my free online community called THE COMING ALIVE COMMUNITY:
 Kevin McCall is a husband and father. He spent his career as a plumbing professional and business owner. Kevin was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He continued to live in Pennsylvania after marrying, and this is where his three children, Kimberly, Kevin, Jr., and Ryan, were born. Kevin moved his family to Florida in 2007, where he currently resides with his wife of 40 years, Joanne. Following Ryan’s murder in 2009, he founded the Ryan P. McCall Foundation, Inc. to honor his son’s memory and to carry out Ryan’s vision of helping others and giving back to the community. The Foundation sponsors charity runs and other fundraising events, using the proceeds to support local organizations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Kevin remains close with his two living children, Kimberly and Kevin, Jr., who are both married, and he treasures the time he spends with his grandchildren. His deceased son, Ryan, remains a close companion in his thoughts and in his heart. 
My Name is Scott Milne and I am the author of the new book WIN THE WAR ON COVID-19 Virus Defense Strategy for Home and Business. I am a facility engineer and have been reducing contagion with strategy and equipment for many years before Covid-19. My Book also discloses an important study that was done in Madrid Spain using Ozonated Saline Solution. The outcome was remarkable with all treated patients recovering. 
I live by one mantra: Choose Your Struggle. For much of my early life, I was told that I was living with a debilitating issue of Mental Health. As my condition worsened, I was prescribed more drugs at ever higher doses until, in my early 20s, I was daily taking more than the estimated lethal dosage for multiple drugs and living with a full-blown Addiction to prescription pills. At 23, after two suicide attempts, an overdose, and time spent in an inpatient hospital and a rehab facility, I decided enough was enough and pledged myself to withdraw from all of my prescriptions. Over the next few years, many of my symptoms dissipated. After entering recovery and rebuilding my life, I pledged myself to one mission: choosing my struggle.In a world where many don’t get the first chance, I realized just how lucky I was to get my second. I decided to dedicate my life to making a difference around the topics of Mental Health and Substance Misuse & Recovery. After years of having my struggle chosen for me—to simply make it through the day—I finally chose what to struggle for. Along the way, I have served in a variety of roles aimed at bettering the communities I’ve lived in. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a B.A. in Psychology, I strive every day to end the stigma around the topics of Mental Health and Addiction by telling my story and helping others tell theirs. I have certifications in Psychological First Aid, Drug Policy, and the Social Contexts of Mental Health and Illnesses, Suicide Prevention, and Coaching, among others.You can learn more about my experience by visiting my links below and you can find my podcast, Choose Your Struggle, anywhere you get your podcasts.Website: http://www.JayShifman.comWebsite #2: http://WWW.OrnelasStationConsulting.comWebsite #3: URL: URL: URL: Instagram
An in-depth conversation with Amanda Webster about her Serious Mental Illness (SMI) diagnosis and her victory which included being decertified.Amanda Webster:I used fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to go from a hotel ledge where I was ready to end my life to being decertified as having a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) by the very professionals that told me it was impossible. I am now able to be happy with my nine-year-old, have the energy to chase my dreams and live every day as an adventure and not something to merely survive. I am a certified Mind-Body Wellness coach helping others find happiness through my course, Happiness Boost, instead of the complacency we are so often sold. I've been featured in Women's Health, Cosmo, Oxygen, and Yoga Journal and on a variety of podcasts. I'd like to talk about how we can take our dark past and struggles and turn them into our own superhero 
Conversation with Author and Crime Victim Advocate Tamara Cherry (on the phone) about human trafficking in Canada.Tamara Cherry is the author of All the Bumpy Pebbles, a fictional novel based on her years of reporting on the domestic sex trafficking of women and girls. Tamara was an award-winning crime reporter for CTV News Toronto, as well as the Toronto Sun and Toronto Star newspapers, before founding Pickup Communications, a public relations firm aimed at supporting victims and survivors of traumatic events. She has lectured widely on the topic of human trafficking and assisted in the training of hundreds of police officers, lawyers, and front-line service providers.Links to the novel:AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo 
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