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Making a difference one conversation at a time:- Real talk about Social, Cultural, and Mental Health issues related to real-life experiences and challenges. Subscribe to your favorite podcast app to receive new episodes every Friday.
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Host Julian Perry discusses the political mess that has launched 2023!!
Welcome to 2023II - Host Julian Perry discusses the struggle for Speaker of the House, the dishonest Congressman-elect, and more!!
 Elana (rhymes with Nirvana) Davidson is the best-selling author of the book “Finding Your Own Happy: The Soul Searchers Guide to Peace and Happiness in Everyday Life. She specializes in helping empathic and sensitive women end emotional turmoil, (re)claim their confidence, and experience real peace- so they can wake up happy and excited to get out of bed in the morning and be free to create lives they truly love. Elana's professional training spans decades of exploration and study in fields of consciousness, psychology, personal development, and energy healing and, along with her natural empathic and intuitive abilities, inform her work with clients. She is also a certified Transformational Kinesiologist and holds a BA in Child-Study and Human Social Dynamics. When not traveling the world sharing her message and her healing gifts, Elana lives in the beautiful town of Moab Utah.
A Christmas message from the host Julian Perry
Host Julian Perry discusses the mental health epidemic that has gripped our country.
Host Julian Perry discusses the recent Senate run-off race in Georgia and the sham that is called "our politics"
Host Julian Perry discusses, forgiveness, the economic struggle of lower and middle income people and violence that is destroying our society.
Listen to host Julian Perry discuss the Supreme Court, Gun Laws, Student Loans and more!!
Host Julian Perry recorded this episode on Blast Radio using the new Blast Mic. He is discussing the cost of living.
Host Julian Perry discusses the 2022 elections and what's  next.
Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Voice Heard


Host Julian Perry discusses the importance of voting and making your voice heard.
Host Julian Perry discusses the power that can be achieved if people of color stand up and be counted!! They must commit to voting to be a part of the process and journey toward change!!
Host Julian Perry discusses the challenges of  our times and the affect on our lives.
Host Julian Perry chats with Heather Hester about he experience with her son coming out and how she and her family handled the journey including the challenges and changes.Linkedin: Hester's info:https://chrysalismama.comInstagram and FB @chrysalismamaTwitter @chrysalismama1LinkedIn
Host Julian Perry talks about listening to people who are suffering to hear the truth.
Host Julian Perry discusses the blame placed on Rap and Drill Rap music and those responsible for fixing the real problem.
Why The Hate?

Why The Hate?


Host Julian Perry is discussing the hate and prejudice that has taken over Social Media and beyond.
Host Julian Perry discusses violence in minority communities and how the government needs to step up and in for its citizens
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