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Author: Craig Kelly

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Craig Kelly and celebrity guests chat frankly and honestly about themselves, their careers and their lives in Series One of Kelly's Heroes. Why should you tune in? For the pure entertainment of course and the lovely sing song at the end where the star reveals their favourite song. Who are the guests? Cricketing legend and national treasure Phil Tufnell, Welsh screen writing genius Russell T Davies, talented actors Kris Marshall, Max Beesley and John Simm are first up with tons more incredible celebrity guests to follow including legendary frontman Terry Hall and the boxing great Joe Calzaghe.
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Jonathan puts down his paint brushes to talk to me from his Chelsea artist studio. We reminisce about playing poker in Cardiff with Martin Amis and Sir Clive Sinclair. We natter about the tequila drink diet, meeting the great Lucian Freud, the infamous George Bush porn collage portrait and the secret to knocking up the perfect light and fluffy taramasalata. He tells me what it’s like to paint portraits over FaceTime. We discuss the launch of his exciting brand new VR Jonathan Yeo studio app. He also divulges his own all time favourite portrait and his singalong song choice Walk On The Wild Side which we both duet at the end. Oh and he reveals his creative superpower too.
Join me to hear this week’s catch up with Tamzin Outhwaite. We talk about filming Dun breedin’ with Julie Graham during lock down, riding around on a heavy orange bike and eating her favourite New York style sandwich. Who knew dancer Louie Spence can eat one whilst doing a shoulder leg stretch, just ask Liz Hurley. We also chat about her time on Eastenders, she reveals the secret of her success and how brilliant it was to work with those amazing iconic characters. She also chats about her love of theatre and how incredible it was to work with the excellent Jamie Lloyd and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in the west end play The Seagull and reveals when we can all see it on the West End stage. We finish the conversation with a lovely soulful duet.
Richard speaks to me from his home in east London. We talk about his breakthrough role in the hit comedy BBC TV series Coupling, his massive current Netflix show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and his experience of filming it in Vancouver. We also chat about his love of gardening, how it helped him beat the bullies and how he has named the climbing rose in his back garden Foopint. He also tells me how it feels to go on a West End stage while starring opposite Gwyneth Paltrow knowing Bono is in the audience, filming with Johnny Depp in The Libertine, who pranked him, he then reveals when being directed by Madonna she liked to call him Dickie.
We talk about his exciting upcoming film 'Mangrove' directed by the brilliant Steve McQueen, he reveals his favourite flavour, opening his West End play Blue/Orange the night before the Twin Tower terrorist attack in 2001. He lets me know how it felt to be on a BLM march in L.A recently, how important his breakout hit film 'Human Traffic' was, working with John Simm and how much fun it was to film. Shaun also tells me about the 'hush don't tell no one channel' and we explain why 11:11 is very special to us.
A special message from Craig 
Julie talks to me from her house in Brighton. We chat about her catchphrase 'Hello baby', the time at the Donmar Warehouse in our sell out play Helpless, where knickers were actually thrown at the curtain call and when Sam Mendes brought his recently won oscars backstage at press night as one of the actors snatched the Oscar from his hand to practice their acceptance speech in the mirror. We also talk about working with national treasure Martin Clunes multiple times and wandering around hotel corridors naked in the middle of the night. We discuss how she wrote and got her online TV series Dun breedin' made and aired during lockdown.Julie also tells me her fantasy dinner party guests, why she wants her next part to be a clairvoyant, how much fun those Peugeot 106 ads were and of course reveals and sings her favourite song.
We chat about his iconic group Tom Robinson Band, their massive hits 2-4-6-8 Motorway, the protest song Glad to be Gay and why that tune helped the LGBT movement. He tells me how he got into being a successful broadcaster for the BBC, being influenced by John Peel who replied to his fan letters while working on the offshore radio pirate station Radio London and later defied a radio ban to play Tom's song Glad to be Gay on the airwaves. We also talk about his battle with depression and his 6 years spent at the Finchden Manor community in Kent from the age of 16 which saved his life. He also tells me how he got to sing his favourite song Rickety Tickety Tin at the Sidmouth Folk Festival, which we get the pleasure of hearing at the end of the show.
From a council estate in the Welsh Valleys to Caesars Palace - the pinnacle of boxing. Super Joe Calzaghe tells me how he conquered the boxing world under the tutelage of his brilliant late father Enzo, how he beat the bullies of both his childhood and in the ring. We also chat about Eubank, Kessler, Hopkins, Lacey, Roy Jones jnr and inspired by the Rocky films how he beat them all to become one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen.  
We chat about how seminal band, The Specials, formed at the dawn of punk and life in Coventry at that time. Terry tells us what it takes to be a lead singer and how he's never happier than when he's at the garden centre - that's when he's not dreaming about Simon Le Bon on a big yacht. We also hear about his fondness for David Cassidy and the mystery of Walt Jabsco. The band have been getting together on zoom and despite missing their Glastonbury appearance this summer, there are new tour dates in the pipeline.  Finally, you wanna get a load of Terry crooning Moon River..what a legend.
Hugo speaks to me from the magical Queens Wood in Highgate. We chat about angry red cars, sloths, fish and chip suppers wrapped in newspaper, the tabloids, his stint as the comedian Bernie Stubbins and of course his smash cinematic hit The Full Monty.
I talk to Max from his Hollywood home in the hills and how he has coped in LA lockdown. We talk dinosaurs, birds, scorpions and black widow spiders as well as his hit show Bodies, touring with Robbie Williams  and performing on Paul Weller's classic album Wild Wood.
We talk cartoon characters, The Lakes, Life on Mars, Rick Astley and also why we wore those leotards at 18 years of age.
Find out why Lock Stock actor Jason Flemyng loves badgers. Also when he's not on a megabucks film set in Hollywood he enjoys a long run followed by a gentle dip in the Thames, just ask one of his best pals Brad Pitt. 
Find out how Kris has been stirring up the local old dears with his bike stunts. We hear about his building works, his love of jelly and having an Italian with Al Pacino.
Russell is getting through lockdown with ice cream, a good sea view and drive way cuppas. Find out about his new show Boys and hear his fabulous, Welsh singing voice.
Find out what Tuffers has been up to in lock down. From creosote-ing fences and beer flavoured sweets to long walks and why he wants to pull The Joker's ears.
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