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Author: Georgina Langdale

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The Soul Garden is where Georgina Langdale,  soul guide and ecotherapist explores nature-based wisdom, spirituality and contemplative practices to help us .

Drawing inspiration from nature's wisdom and timeless teachings, and urged on by the changing times we are in, Georgina offers ways for you to define and cultivate your soul purpose, and explore and develop your innate connections with your people, your sense of self, and your world.

Georgina is inspired by extraordinary healers in history, including Hildegard of Bingen, Renaissance 'physician of the Soul', Marsilio Ficino, as well as contemporary thinkers and doers. In 2013 she founded the intentional, artisanal and award-winning apothecary Archeus. 

Whether this is about quiet self-development, or empowering you to step forward and contribute to creating positive change in this world, you will find support, encouragement and tools for your journey here.

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This episode is slightly different to my normal approach to this podcast. It is part creative mash-up, part lament, part call to action. Earlier this year the area I live in was hit by tropical cyclone Gabrielle, and even in the few months since then it seems as if the whole world is burning or flooding. I started getting this riff going around in my head and so I made this song to try and capture my fear and my reimagined future, in this moment now.Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Who's afraid of flying? Me! I used to love it, but now I am just seriously afraid. I have gone from intrepid explorer, to trembling coward. And I don't think I'm alone in this fear.So in this episode of the Soul Garden, I look that fear in the face and talk about how I have used the power of ceremony to overcome it, or at least bring down to something manageable! Given how many of us are afraid of flying, I thought it might be helpful to others to share the techniques I have used to deal with this phobia.Also mentioned is my upcoming course, Soul Medicine for the Midlife Woman.Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In this episode of the Soul Garden, host Georgina  Langdale reflects on Earth Day. She also is prompted by its proximity to ANZAC Day to name some of the fallen, species that have gone extinct since WWI due to human impacts, in a from of prayer and meditation called Lectio divina.Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
This week I share with you some background on why I set up my business Archeus (ten years ago!), some of my thoughts on how I work with Nature to help and support women in midlife and all the changes and transitions it brings from menopause, to changing relationships, caring for ageing parents, and all the grief and joy, living and dying of life.I think of everything I do as earth medicine for the midlife woman and it is informed by touching oneness in a childhood event, discovering the wisdom of ancients, working with the healing power of plants, understanding the physiology of menopause and wanting to offer ways of supporting body, mind and spirit. Archeus,nzBeauty on EdenNiki Bezzant - This Changes EverythingCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
How do we find balance and resilience in a changing world? How do life changes and transitions, both internal and external act as catalysts for a deeper way of being?It's been a few weeks now since the cyclone Gabrielle devastated the region I live in. This has been a life-changing experience and this episode of The Soul Garden explores how to navigate through events such as this and how we may help create love, resilience and compassion in a changing world.Info about the Earth Medicine for the (midlife) Soul offering is here.Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In this week's episode I'm sharing a healing meditation and visualisation I recorded today for a friend who is going through cancer treatment. I wanted to create something that she might find gives her comfort during her treatment, that may help her activate the healing her body wishes for at this time.After I sent it to her I thought of how it might give comfort to others too. It could be a place of quiet refuge that helps healing happen. That supports the soul and spirit at this time.If you need a bit of healing right now, a bit of love then I hope this helps. And if you know someone who may find comfort in it, then please do feel free to share this link and spread the love. The meditation itself starts at 5.10".Go well, GeorginaCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In this powerful episode of The Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale explores the idea of perimenopause as a liminal space that invites us to draw in the potential of our post-menopausal  wisdom years. She offers up another view of perimenopause that reframes symptoms as markers of transformation. She sees perimenopause as a gestation and birthing of a new way of being, and mentions how she has worked with ceremony to deepen these ideas."Perimenopause is a time of great change. It is a casting off, and a gathering inwards. It is transformational. An initiation. It is a farewell, and it is a welcoming in of a new power. "The ceremony At the Threshold is available hereThe offering Unlocking Potential is available here,Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
It's World Menopause Day and following an interview I had with the fabulous Tracy Minnoch-Nuku and her Sexy Ageing Podcast I felt a little nudge from some of the things we had talked about in her interview.  I had touched on sensitive topics. I was being candid, but not forthright and this troubled me.And so it came to pass that I found myself writing a blog entitled Beyond Menopause a different power awaits. But it felt like it wanted to be said out loud and so here it is for you. I hope there are things that resonate for you, or may even uplift and empower you.You can find Tracy's Sexy Ageing Podcast here. Our interview is released on 18 October. Her website is here.And my NatFem Botanics range of products that I formulated to support women through the  menopause change cna be found at Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Song for a Friend

Song for a Friend


Why is it that we find out so much about those when love only when we are at their funeral?Sometimes inspiration for a podcast episode sneaks right up on you and compels you to sit down in front of the microphone and speak from the heart.This is one of those episodes. Short. Sweet and hopefully helpful. In it I explore things left unexplored and the beauty and sadness of the things we discover only after we lose someone we love.Thank you Stevie Nicks for your beautiful classic Fleetwood Mac song 'Landslide'  as your music made this moment happen.While this episode is for my friend Ruth, I do think that really, it is for all the people we all love and cherish.Georgina xarcheus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Sometimes we just feel the need to take a deep breath and pray for peace. This meditation is one I have created to extend that peace to this planet, to our Mother Earth. It is an invitation to come together in a message of healing for this planet, for ourselves.I've been so troubled by the language that is increasingly being used to describe Nature. it is a language of battle, of fury, of revenge. This earth doesn't want battles, it wants balance. This earth does not want fury, it wants peace. I think we all really just want peace.Our relationship with nature, as part of nature and cosmos is central to all the work I do, from coaching and guidance, to teaching. from end of life care, to creating ceremony and helping people explore their soul purpose. In the apothecary I create products that are imbued with the healing power of nature, from balms to tree and flower essences.  And in my daily life I meditate, visualise and connect to nature, and in connecting with nature, I connect with my own true essence.This episode shares a moment of this connection so that together, we can raise the frequency of healing and hope. | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
When we can explore consciousness we can find ways to see death as a natural part of the life cycle.Life experiences shape us, but they can also give us the ability to make more sense of the world around us. For me a Near Death Experience opened the door to insights into infinity and the paradox of connection.None of us want to lose the people and beings and places we love, yet we can find new ways of remaining connected to the love of these things. In this week's episode of the Soul Garden, presenter Georgina Langdale gently explores life, death, and infinity. archeus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In this episode of The Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale takes a look at how the wisdom of the Florentine philosopher, physician and priest, Marsilio Ficino, can help us to create a soul-aligned life. When I look at soul, I really think of this heart space for me, soul is where we truly reside within ourselves with no ego, with no fears and sense of competition or comparison. It is just where we truly are. It is the things that light us up. So when we are really in touch with what our soul needs, we can really start to live and work in a way that supports our well-being, our emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing. It can help allay stress and fear and anxiety. And in this day and age, I just think that's so important.I've found over the past few years when been coaching clients or doing my own work, my own artistic pursuits and things, I really draw on the work of Marsilio Ficino and his ideas to help myself and to help others reach that point of really understanding their inner landscape and the things that feed their soul.In this episode of the Soul Garden I describe this process and how it can take you from feeling like you are not doing what you came here to do, to living a life with a purpose that makes your soul sing.To listen to the Soul Garden interview with Thomas Moore click hereTo learn more about my Soul-Aligned purpose offering click herearcheus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In this episode of the Soul Garden presenter Georgina Langdale takes a look at the 15th Century physician, philosopher and priest, Marsilio Ficino.Ficino has been a key influence in Georgina's work as a herbalist, healer, end of life carer and energy worker. She shares some of the things she loves about him and how he has inspired her 'Planets Within' collection of natural perfume, skin serums and creams and a flower essence elixir for her Atelier Signatum Naturalis range.Ficino is an extraordinary man whose wisdom rolls down through the ages for our times today. He saw our health and wellbeing within the context of our relationship with nature and cosmos, and he saw care of the soul as central to life. Astrology, herbology, music and art are all part of the lexicon of this self-proclaimed 'Physician of the Soul'.Georginalnature.comThe Atelier Signatum range can be found under the SHOP tab. Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
How many of us have been struggling lately? The news is unrelentingly grim. Everything has become calamitous. It is hard not to feel fearful. Grief is never far from the surface. I have found myself asking, how do we navigate a path through this?If you have followed my writing, podcast, videos and teaching for a while now, you’ll know that my first point of call for support through tough stuff, was Nature. Over the years I have dug deeper and deeper into the ways we have connected to Nature for our health and wellbeing throughout times and I believe there is valuable wisdom from those ages past that can help us find a way of being in these unsettling times. In this episode of The Soul Garden I reflect on some of the ideas of the ancients , through to contemporary mystics and how they can help us navigate these times and create a better future.At the end of the episode there is also a 4 minute guided meditation. Enjoyarcheus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
In addition to the teaching and coaching that helps people deepen their connection to nature, develop compassionate communication skills to help in life, and at the end of life, and help the changemakers committed to building a sustainable future, I also have part of my business dedicated to helping and supporting women as they go through the menopause transition. I recorded this episode the other day for a podcast I called The Dangerous Age - I put it upon my NatFem website, but thought I should share it here as well. In fact I will probably merge it into this Soul Garden podcast so everything is all in the one place. So, without further ado, in this Dangerous Age episode I talk with GP and women's health expert Dr. Samantha Newman about HRT, the Mirena and menopause.Sam's private practice is called FEMALE GP and can be found here: can find her show on Radio Kidnappers here.NatFem Botanics is a range of natural and organic products for menopause and beyond, including vegan and non-vegan balms for vaginal dryness. You can find the range here and we ship internationally: archeus.nzThe book Sam mentioned is The Vagina Bible: Vulva and Vagina - Separating the Myth From the Medicine, by Jennifer Gunter.Other links:Continence New Zealand: The International Society for the Study of Vulvalvaginal Disease: | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
When your guest says, “The deep ancient side of me responds to the deep ancient side of that site, that place in nature” you know you are in for a fascinating discussion.In this week’s episode of The Soul Garden I’m talking to Harriet Sams, archeologist, archaeotherapist, intuitive guide and ecotherapist. I love our discussion! We talk about the beauty and the pain of sense of belonging. We explore our relationship with landscape through the felt, the known and the unseen. We look at grief at a personal and at a landscape level.We experience the sunrise on winter solstice at Newgrange in Ireland. Newgrange is a Stone Age (Neolithic) monument in the Boyne Valley, County Meath, it is the jewel in the crown of Ireland's Ancient East. Newgrange was constructed about 5,200 years ago (3,200 B.C.) which makes it older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza. We climb to the top of peaks in the Lake District and explore the story of the wonderful Neolithic ‘Langdale Axes’ and we discuss the power of storytelling and its role in helping us bring our relationship with the environment back into balance.We also look at the relevance of nature-based forms of spirituality in these modern times. One of these forms of spirituality is druidry, which really is just a word for understanding and celebrating the connectedness of the natural world (and our place in it). She explains how druidry for her was part of her quest for "wanting to find a deeper meaning of archeology that wasn't being spoken."Whether at the COP26 Climate Change talks or standing at an ancient site, part of the process of healing is bringing back the story. And so on that note, I hope you enjoy our story.The Soul Garden is presented by Georgina Langdale, founder of Archeus and the Centre for Nature Connection which offer coaching, guidance and training for navigating life with a deeper connection to nature, and caring for others at the end of life. archeus.nzHarriet’s links are: OBOD | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
I think that we can all relate to feeling stuck at times. We ask ourselves questions like, “what is my potential?” and “How do I figure that out?”. A couple of days ago, I found myself literally sobbing at my computer going, ‘who am I? What am I doing? I had got really, really stuck. So in this podcast I take a look a getting stuck, and getting unstuck, and how we find our tribe, and the common questions and issues that we can find ourself facing as we hit midlfe. Creativity, potential, menopause, happy places, historical wisdom, vaginal dryness, it’s all there!NatFem and Unlocking Potential readings can be found at archeus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Jackie Butler is a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapist based in Richmond in the Tasman district of New Zealand. I first met Jackie when she enrolled as a student in the Natural Carer end of life care programme I run at the Centre for Nature Connection.Jackie's approach to end of life care incorporates her skill as a 'cranio' therapist and we explore this in this discussion. I love this interview - there is something about Jackie that is instantly calming. She is beautiful food for the soul!Jackie's website is jackiebutler.nzFor courses, coaching and other offerings of mine head to archeus.nzCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Do you find yourself sometimes wishing that you could connect into something bigger, into nature to help you feel grounded or to help you through the tough stuff? In this episode of the Soul Garden we are going to look at plant essences, which are beautiful, beautiful bridge builders between us and the natural world. I hope you enjoy this episode with me, Georgina Langdale and the Soul Garden.Plant essences invite us to observe the natural world more deeply and for us to become really cognizant of our resonances with the natural world. The resonances that can bring us back into balance that can support us through the tough stuff of life.  In doing this, we start really tapping into an ancient way of being with the natural world. We start to see ourselves reflected in nature around us, and we start to find our natural allies. And this is absolutely beautiful nature therapy. This is medicine for the soul.For further training and information on plant essences look in the Training and Coaching sections on my website: Courses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
Setting up your own business can be incredibly exciting, rewarding and stimulating – but it can also be hard!I learned two things (possibly the hard way!) in pursuing my dream of creating Archeus and the Centre for Nature Connection. One was: you are going to learn more about courage than you ever realized you needed to know; and the other thing is you should never be afraid to reach out and ask for help or guidance.In this week’s episode I talked to business coach, Tony Walker, about the role a business coach can play in helping you as you build your dream.You can find out more about Tony at Tony Walker CoachingTony's radio programme is on Radio KidnappersIf you have a dream to set up your own natural skincare or products company then you may also get a lot out of my online course: The Eco Artisan. I’ve pulled together everything I‘ve learned about setting up a natural skincare business AND how to place nature at the heart of every business decision. The Eco Artisan can be studied in your own time and at your own pace. It is packed full of information, videos and downloadable resources. It won’t tell you how to make your formulas, but it will give you everything else you need to know to set up an eco-conscious business for the 21st Century.Georgina Langdale xCourses | Coaching | Community:Archeus NatFem Botanics | Perfume |Plant Essences:Archeus Instagram: @ArcheusNaturalLivingFacebook @ArcheusNaturalLivingYoutube @ArcheusGeorgina
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