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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce
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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce

Author: Isaiah Bollinger

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This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce!This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.
16 Episodes
In this episode, we speak with Richard Keller about how real-time delivery and real-time information such as pricing and availability in B2b eCommerce is critical to growing your business.  Richard Keller has been in the technology space for over two decades building many different applications in the B2B industry. He has spent many years in the ERP business and worked with all sorts of B2B companies such as manufacturers and distributors. His most recent venture is an eCommerce marketplace technology he is using to build marketplaces like 1800 Battery where you can get real-time delivery and logistics of any battery from many providers. 
In episode 15, we discuss why you need a mindset of constant improvement and agile project management to scale your B2B eCommerce business. Our guest, Lori Mcdonald, has been running Brilliance Business Solutions for over 20 years helping both manufacturers and distributors with eCommerce. In the beginning they focused on custom solutions but since focused on Episerver, Insite, and BigCommerce. In this episode we discuss why you need the right platform to scale and grow and how you can go about choosing that platform. 
In episode 14, we talk with Justin Finnegan about why B2B eCommerce is now a critical requirement to be competitive and that relationships with customers are no longer enough. Justin Finnegan has built three leading digital agencies including most recently, Gorilla Group, one of the largest B2B eCommerce providers in the world. Justin Finnegan has been in B2B eCommerce since its inception in the late 90s and early 2000s and is now at a product company helping automate offline B2B orders, Conexiom. In this episode, we discuss many topics such as the evolution of B2B eCommerce, why companies struggle with it, why it's so important, and what agencies can do better to support b2b companies with eCommerce.
In Episode 13, Timothy and Isaiah talk with guest Mark Sutherland who has decades of experience in digital and eCommerce on both the client and agency side. He has been in both B2C and B2B eCommerce for small and large companies that have scaled internationally. We hear first hand how he brought a B2B eCommerce business to 8 figures that were previously struggling before he joined. He knows what it takes to scale internationally and how to scale a B2B eCommerce into the tens of millions of dollars.
Nessim Btesh is based of Panama and transformed their family B2B business to 100% digital sales in one year! Based out of South America they now went from a showroom to complete digital transformation online taking all orders online due to Coronavirus and ramping their business up during a time when many are struggling. Nessim has some amazing insight into why they developed a custom eCommerce solution integrating their many back office systems like their ERP to create a seamless commerce experience. They even have automated shipping capabilities and are working to further automate their pricing algorithm and much more. He truly developed a world class B2B system in a fraction of the time most companies have even achieved just a small percentage of this kind of success online.
Brian Beck and co host Isaiah Bollinger dive into the nitty gritty of B2B eCommerce and why we feel there is so much left on the table. The opportunity is literally billions of dollars, hence the book Brian wrote, Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce. We discuss eCommerce platforms, integrations, and what it takes to scale B2B eCommerce. Brian Beck is a true thought leader in the space that has been in the trenches himself as well as advised many companies so he knows what it takes to grow a B2B eCommerce business. If you don't know Brian Beck and your into B2B eCommerce its about time to learn from one of the best.
You may think B2B eCommerce is all about the website, but you couldn't be further from the truth. Steve Engelbrecht, CEO of Sitation, a process and operations company for B2B brands, discusses why you need to have great operations and processes to succeed with eCommerce. Co Host Timothy Peterson and Steve dive into why many processes are broken in B2B and how that stops companies from successfully growing with eCommerce. We discuss everything from PIM, ERP, and simply day to day B2B operations and how that impacts eCommerce.
In Episode 9 we invite guests David Crouch, CEO of Slatwall Commerce and Brad Gustavesen, CMO of Slatwall Commerce to discuss B2B eCommerce. Slatwall is a modern eCommerce platform that combines enterprise features with headless commerce flexibility. Timothy Peterson and Isaiah Bollinger discuss what David and Brad are seeing in the B2B eCommerce space and why they have developed unique features like subscription built into their core platform to separate themselves from other major providers.
Mark Brohan is a master of research and is the leading researcher in B2B eCommerce. If you want to know whats going on in B2B eCommerce you need to know Mark Brohan and his research at Digital Commerce 360. We discuss all the latest trends going on in B2B eCommerce, where the market is heading, and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve. Mark believes we are at a similar point in B2B as retail was a decade plus ago when eCommerce was first starting to disrupt retail.
In episode 7 we bring in Loan Laux CEO and Founder of Outgrow to discuss his work in B2B eCommerce. Loan has been working in eCommerce in the United Arab Emirates and is our first international guest. We discuss the challenges of working as an agency in B2B eCommerce and what companies can do to be more successful with their agency. We also discuss the interesting challenges of international B2B eCommerce and why Loan has chosen a unique platform Reaction Commerce to work in B2B eCommerce.
Integrations are the backbone of B2B eCommerce for most use cases. We discuss iPaaS (integration platform as a service) and why this is so hard for companies to overcome with Jeremy Rudolph from Celigo. Jeremy has Over 10 years of sales experience, including 5+ years focused on building and selling a disruptive SaaS & PaaS solution to startups, SMB’s and enterprise businesses. We discuss logistics, fulfillment, back office systems and why these systems all need to be talking to other systems in some way or another to make the customer experience unified and successful for B2B eCommerce.
In episode 5, we talk with Nick Seagers, Director of Operations at Stran. Stran is a top 40 promotional products distributor that continues to grow and lead the charge in distribution. Stran and Trellis worked together to build a massive multisite B2B eCommerce infrastructure that has been very successful for the growing distributor. We discuss the challenges of getting a technical infrastructure in place and what it takes to be successful in B2B eCommerce from someone in the trenches building a program from the ground up. Nick is an expert in operations, eCommerce, and has a great understanding of how to manage an internal organization thats naturally not technical to leverage new technology.
In episode 4, Co-Hosts, Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of Trellis bring on Michael Powers who is implementing B2B eCommerce for Alaska Rubber Group. Michael Powers is a B2B eCommerce strategist with over 15 years of digital marketing and eCommerce experience including re-platforming of a legacy B2B eCommerce platform and implementing customer adoption & acquisition strategies. Michael Powers had built out a B2B eCommerce program for a distributor and brought their revenue from next to nothing to 30% of all sales. He is now back at it again with a new organization to transform their sales from offline to online.
In Episode three, Co-hosts, Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of Trellis speak with Aaron Sheehan from Weidenhammer. We discuss the technical challenges we face with certain project budgets in B2B eCommerce and why it can be so difficult to get non technical organizations over the eCommerce hump. Aaron has been in the e-commerce ecosystem advising merchants and architecting solutions since 2015. He's launched BigCommerce and Magento stores, performed multiple systems integrations, and managed teams around the world to deliver results for his clients. He is a Magento Certified Solutions Specialist (M1 & M2) and has completed several BigCommerce certifications.
Co hosts, Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis and Timothy Peterson, client advocate of Trellis speak with Brady Behrman, the CEO and founding partner of PunchOut2Go. As an entrepreneur with experience and proven track record in building technology businesses that focus on client success innovation, Brady and his team help organizations of all sizes around the globe adapt to the ever-evolving, complex B2B Commerce & eProcurement technologies. We talk about what were seeing in the B2B eCommerce landscape and what Brady has done to help companies be more successful by using their integration technology.
In this episode (Episode recorded April 2020) our co-hosts Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, and Timothy Peterson, Client Advocate of Trellis, we discuss why we started this podcast and what businesses can do to become more successful with B2B eCommerce. We discuss many of the challenges such as platforms & technology, culture, sales, and more. We discuss current B2B eCommerce trends and who is really doing well in B2B eCommerce. We also discuss whats stopping companies from succeeding in eCommerce. 
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