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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce
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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce

Author: Isaiah Bollinger

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This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty-gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce! This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.
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Lucas Robinson, is the driving force behind WebLife Stores and With over a decade of eCommerce experience, Lucas has transformed WebLife Stores into a thriving hub of creativity and expertise, serving prestigious clients like NBC, MLB, Harvard University, and JP Morgan. From humble beginnings selling a single mailbox in 2005, Lucas has propelled to become the leading retailer for large commercial mailboxes in the US. We talk about how they starte...
Mark Fitzgerald has been in eCommerce for over two decades. As he progressed in eCommerce he found more and more opportunities in B2B eCommerce. He joined the founder of Pos Supply to help with just that and brought them to 50% plus sales in eCommerce as a business. They now use SuiteCommerce to power eCommerce along with Netsuite on the backend. We discuss all the challenges of getting better adoption for B2B eCommerce.
Diego Terra has been in eCommerce since the early days of Netsuite. He ended up building the best Commerce platform for Netsuite, what is now called SuiteCommerce. His firm SuiteCommerce got acquired by Netsuite and went on to continue building on Netsuite for eCommerce. He has since moved on to starting Hairball, which helps companies leverage tools like Shopify & BigCommerce with an integration to Netsuite. Diego has an immense background in B2B eCommerce, and we discuss all the learnin...
Matt Harris has been working on web projects for nearly three decades. In the early days, eCommerce was the wild west, and there were fewer high-quality platforms from which to choose. Now there are many great platforms, and Matt has focused on B2B eCommerce around Magento, which has been a leading B2B eCommerce platform for over a decade now. We discuss all the challenges that are both technical and cultural in B2B eCommerce.
Alex Back is an e-commerce veteran who co-founded the well-known DTC furniture brand, Apt2B, before a successful exit last year. He is currently building out an exciting new platform called that will change the future of AI in the furniture industry and e-commerce in general. We discuss the complexity of furniture eCommerce and how learning to deal with this complexity in eCommerce can lead to better B2B eCommerce results.
Timothy and Isaiah have been doing eCommerce projects for over 30 years combined. After 4 years of running the podcast, we have a pretty good idea of whats coming next for B2B eCommerce. Hear our predictions and ideas about what we believe the future of B2B eCommerce will be like.
Tom Pierce is a highly experienced problem solver with a diverse background that includes military service, pastoral ministry, and application software. Tom has a deep background in ERP implementation and has worked on some of the most sophisticated defense industry manufacturing problems. We discuss the complexity of enterprise software and how it can apply to today's world of B2B eCommerce.
Vladimir Diakonov & Brandon Briggs implement B2B eCommerce solutions across Magento and Shopware at IT Delight. We discuss the many challenges of B2B eCommerce such as scaling product data to large data sets, integrations, and marketing. We also discuss the internal politics that often hinder B2B organizations.
Jason Nyhus spent over 20 years building one of the most successful eCommerce companies in the world, Digital River. He recently joined Shopware as the president of Shopware to expand its presence in the United States. Shopware is gaining traction in B2B eCommerce and has a very strong focus on B2B eCommerce, especially the midmarket. We discuss how technology is advancing and can be used to level up any company in B2B today.
Derek Sewell is the Director of Strategic Accounts and partnerships at, an Enterprise AI / Deep Learning algorithm for solving the most complex data challenges. does some of the most robust product data transformations for large enterprises in the world. They are now a strategic partner of affiliated distributors. We discuss how to optimize and improve product data for better B2B eCommerce and overall growth of B2B businesses.
John Hill is a technology and operations executive with more than 30 years of multi-industry experience spanning retail, distribution, insurance, automotive, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology, software as a service, high technology, and the public sector. At MSC Industrial Supply John Hill is tasked with improving B2B eCommerce for a multi-billion digital operation. MSC Industrial Supply has far more digital adoption than your average B2B business. We dive into whats made them so adept at d...
Paul Vragel has worked in manufacturing his entire career. He founded 4aBetterBusiness 25+ years ago, to assist management teams and employees of manufacturing companies to radically improve their efficiency. By allowing the employees and experts on the ground floor to improve processes, teams can rapidly solve problems. We cover four key elements Paul uses to collaboratively resolve these & other issues: 1) Eliminate fear. 2) Acknowledge that employees are the world’s experts ...
Amit Bhaiya is the founder and CEO at DotcomWeavers. They have been Adobe Commerce (Magento) partners for years and developed a deep niche in the Epicor ERP integration space. Epicor is a difficult ERP to integrate with. However, they have figured out how to make mid-market B2B companies successful with Magento integrated into Epicor and specialize in that space. We talk all things B2B eCommerce and what is causing so many challenges in the industry.
David Bradley has a background in back office software such as ERP and other logistics-related software. He then went on to found Qpilot, which runs the most flexible product subscriptions and repeat delivery programs on the planet. We discuss how recurring deliveries or scheduled deliveries are a massive opportunity for B2B companies to improve their eCommerce experiences.
Jason Somerville is a 20-year eCommerce veteran and Founding Partner at GW Partners. We discuss all the challenges Jason has faced in eCommerce that has evolved from B2C to a more multichannel and B2B eCommerce format. We also discuss the investment landscape for brands and what brands can do to better set themselves up for investment and exit.
Nate Obray has three current roles, President and founder of OBV, CTO of ZAF, and as an advisor at Mobrium. Nate has a technical background but also has ventured into the business side as a founder and operator. Nate has deep experience in logistics, 3PL, and warehouse operations, all of which tie heavily to B2B eCommerce operations. We dive into the complexities of B2B eCommerce operations, especially as they pertain to logistics and technology.
Ryan Lee founded Nautical Commerce to democratize marketplace technology. It turned out that most distribution and B2B businesses really were operating as marketplaces but without modern marketplace technology. Hence, Nautical has focused on enabling B2B companies to automate and modernize their business models with world-class technology. Previously marketplace technology was unnattainable for most B2B organizations, but today that is not the case.
We did a special episode 105 live in Boston at our annual Digital Commerce Today event with guest Bill Mirabito. Bill is a partner at Chameleon Collective, and veteran in the eCommerce industry. We discuss why B2B eCommerce often lags behind B2C eCommerce and how companies can use modern tools like iPaaS and other technologies to catch up faster. Sales reps and technology departments need to come together to bring eCommerce to the forefront of legacy B2B organizations.
Rick Watson is a commerce veteran with more than 20 years experience. He is both a consultant and analyst in the eCommerce industry. We cover many common reasons companies struggle with B2B eCommerce and what they can do to overcome those common themes we see over and over. Rick is an independent consultant and is especially adept at helping private equity-backed B2B companies get eCommerce right.
Ed Kennedy has been in B2B eCommerce for almost two decades. He has seen everything from integration challenges to sales rep enablement and other common B2B eCommerce challenges. We discuss the challenges Manufacturers and distributors face in trying to modernize or adapt to B2B eCommerce. Ed discusses how distributors that aren't doing B2B eCommerce well are already far behind. We also discuss how manufacturers can best handle channel conflict.
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Denial Brown

Thanks for your podcast! I hadn't heard of this platform before and was glad to learn something new. Now many companies are looking not for ready-made solutions, but for custom e-commerce software that would meet their needs. Companies such as can create similar

Jan 20th

Mohamad A. Hammoud

Terrible episode. The guests are clueless.

Mar 15th