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Jason Hein is the Principal B2B Visionary at Bloomreach, and has extensive experience in B2B eCommerce. Jason B2B experience goes back to McMaster-Carr, where he eventually landed at Amazon, to develop their B2B offering. Having helped develop what is now the largest B2B eCommerce site in the world, Amazon, Jason went on to do consulting for distributors. He has extensive experience helping distributors with B2B eCommerce and helping them overcome the challenges they face.
Harry Drajpuch is the CEO at Amware Fulfillment, a national 3PL fulfillment provider that specializes in scalable solutions for companies that are beyond the start-up phase and in need of professional advice and execution for high-volume fulfillment operations. With distribution centers located across the U.S., Amware enables 1-2 day delivery to 95% of the U.S. The company is equally adept at operating B2C and B2B fulfillment environments, providing one logistics partner for all sales channels.
Tim Swindle is the CEO of Paddle Smash, a new CPG company. He previously exited a software company another CPG company he founded. Tim has extensive experience leveraging retail and using B2B sales to grow a business. We discuss the mix that retail plays in business and how to properly mix retail, eCommerce, and other channels. We believe a mix of channels is best and using eCommerce to facilitate those channels can be extremely effective and a huge competitive advantage.
Hymie Zebede has been selling on Amazon for well over a decade now. At first, he used to do it himself and source products but quickly realized his skill was on the Amazon platform itself, and not sourcing products. He now partners with clients to help them sell better on Amazon. What he learned is that it's far more effective to narrow in on a handful of top products and get those listings to high volume, than to try and list thousands of products that barely get any sales. He can show you how to optimize your listing and make Amazon a massive channel versus just a small little piece of your business.
Brian Lombardo, SVP Channels and Partners at Unilog, has been in B2B distribution for nearly three decades now. First at a major distributor, then at Infor, a leading distribution ERP, and now at Unilog, a B2B eCommerce platform.  We talk about the challenges of getting distribution onto eCommerce and how to overcome them with product data, erp integrations, and unifying culture with salespeople. Brian and Unilog have worked with both small and larger distributors and continue to innovate in B2B eCommerce with their platform Unilog which can provide product data, PIM, and eCommerce.
Kristina Harrington is the President of Gen Alpha, a B2B eCommerce platform that specializes in OEMs, specialty vehicles & aftermarket organizations.  They have interactive parts manuals and allow you to sell parts with the entire suite of products to allow customers to return what they need if necessary. Parts can get very complex for large vehicles and equipment and you need a robust system to handle all the use cases that might come up when selling parts to service them. Kristina talks about all the things they have seen to help manufacturers over the course of a decade. Previously to Gen Alpha, Kristina worked in manufacturing and has a deep understanding of the needs of such businesses.
Fiona Norton is the head of product marketing for B2B eCommerce at BigCommerce. BigCommerce is massively accelerating their B2B roadmap due to so much demand for their product and acquired two companies, BundleB2B and QuoteNinja, B2B apps on their marketplace to speed up the process. Fiona has done market research showing that the number one problem facing B2B is actually onboarding their customers to use eCommerce. Building it is simply not enough. Sales teams and customer services teams need to work hand in hand with the organization to get the customer comfortable using the website.
TJ Gamble started his digital agency, Jamerson, over two decades ago, to help businesses with eCommerce. Jamerson specializes in software development for Magento and BigCommerce. In the early days, B2B eCommerce was not a major focus of platforms like Magento and BigCommerce, but over the past few years has become a central focus of both Jamerson and most major eCommerce platforms. TJ has helped companies scale B2B eCommerce by ensuring their technical infrastructure is ready to scale to new heights. He has developed many popular Youtube videos showcasing his knowledge of the popular eCommerce platforms on the channel eCommerceaholics.
Gil Bar Lev eCommerce career goes back to the early days of Toy's R Us and Amazon! Fast forward 20+ years and he is now growing a B2B marketplace called HomeRoots that is tackling the complexity of the furniture industry. Furniture is highly complex and is currently difficult for businesses to get into their hands at reasonable B2B prices. HomeRoots solves this by taking international companies and directly bringing their products to US-based businesses. We talk about how to solve the complexity of B2B at scale and what it takes to grow a marketplace.
Tal Rotman is the VP of alliances at Namogoo, a company founded on its ability to eliminate customer hijacking on the Internet.  A significant base of customers gets hijacked by bad actors and businesses lose conversions due to false advertising. Namogoo solves this problem, and in doing so has developed an incredible AI engine that can do much more. With their engine, they can predict customer intent and even automate and optimize pricing for margin so that you get the higher price when customers are ready to buy or a lower price when they are likely to abandon.
Alex Lugosch is CEO of Rumbleship, which is an eCommerce platform plugin that lets you easily offer terms to your wholesale buyers and get paid when you want, without fear of invoice delinquency. Alex has seen every type of B2B eCommerce business, from small to large, and finds that there is a massive gap in how most approach eCommerce.  The most sophisticated eCommerce businesses in B2B are constantly innovating and adding new features, while the majority are stuck in their ways as legacy providers.
Ben Sharir has been in eCommerce for decades and helped many companies scale to incredible sizes in eCommerce. He is currently the director of B2B eCommerce for Estee Lauder, one of the largest CPG firms in the world. Ben Sharir believes that agile is critical to the growth of B2B eCommerce because it can actually de-risk projects by either failing fast or figuring out key problems early on. This can lead to much better outcomes versus the analysis paralysis that often comes with waterfall-based projects.
Paul do Forno is one of the leading B2B eCommerce experts in the world and is the Commerce practice lead for Deloitte Digital, the world's largest eCommerce agency. He is a repeat guest in which we go deep into how eCommerce for B2B is so much more than simply bringing people to eCommerce and is really about assisting sales reps and helping companies become more omnichannel. There are so many ways to sell digitally that B2B eCommerce really needs to be about opening up flexibility to sell in many different ways.
Our latest guest, Troy Lynch, CEO of PunchOut2Go, soon to be TradeCentric has seen thousands of B2B integrations. Their customers range on every major B2B eCommerce platform and do everything from Punch-Out to integrating with clients' ERP and e-procurement systems.  Troy talks about the difference between companies that strategically develop these integrations versus doing them as a last resort because clients require them.
We brought on Daniel Esrig, Co-Founder and CTO of, a new AR / VR company that allows for an affordable modern experience for eCommerce businesses. LevAR allows any company to use 3d models with seamless AR / VR capabilities on their website with the simple installation of an app and very little onboarding to get started. It's very clear that as experiences improve, customers in B2B will expect more robust product pages and products experiences to better understand how products work and behave in real life.
Mark Brohan is the leading researcher on B2B eCommerce and Vice President at Digital Commerce 360 who reports on all things eCommerce. B2B eCommerce is now accounting for a significant portion of all B2B sales and is driving innovation in many B2B organizations. Mark believes that B2B eCommerce is in a similar state to when B2C eCommerce was becoming a critical part of retail in the 2010s. This means its that critical for B2B organizations to get it right or become what the legacy retailers became who did not adapt to eCommerce fast enough.
Our latest guest, Kenneth Gray, is the owner of Grayt Media LLC, a Digital Marketing agency with the mission to scale revenues, boost brand awareness, and enhance the user experience for their customers. We discuss how modern B2B marketing requires so many touch points and channels to be effective such as Linkedin, Google ads, SEO, email marketing, and even in-person events and direct outreach. Kenneth talks about the best ways to deploy a multi-channel strategy to address many channels at once.
We have the luxury of speaking with Mark Donnigan about the changes in B2B marketing and how the industry has completely changed over the last decade. Especially with covid, in person, and one on one marketing techniques such as covid are less and less effective. Today's B2B businesses need to be building brand and content in the digital world where buyers are researching via social, SEO, and many other articles that might lead them to your business. 
Mike King is the Director of Global B2C Commerce at Slalom, specializing in implementing highly robust and complex Salesforce solutions.  In this episode, we discuss how to lay the groundwork to leverage eCommerce technology to empower power instead of letting people get in the way of what technology can do. Mike King has worked on multiple enterprise Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations with a variety of agencies, implementing large eCommerce solutions, and has been at the intersection of technology and people for over a decade.
Reed McGinley-Stempel spent a long time at payment startup Plaid and realized there was not a great solution to the challenges of passwords and the security risks they posed. He developed a new company Stytch that allows any company to use their technology to use other tools instead of passwords such as Magic links and tokens to reduce security implications of stolen passwords and massively increase conversions. It's a must-see technology you should consider for eCommerce!
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Mohamad A. Hammoud

Terrible episode. The guests are clueless.

Mar 15th
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