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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce
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The Hard Truth About B2B eCommerce

Author: Isaiah Bollinger

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This podcast is all about B2B eCommerce. B2B is a different breed of eCommerce and it needs a different breed of Podcast. We get into the nitty gritty of integrations, adoption, platforms, data and so much more regarding what makes B2B difficult to make successful for eCommerce!This podcast is hosted by Isaiah Bollinger and Timothy Peterson of who can help you with all things B2B eCommerce.
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Mark Brohman from Digital Commerce 360 is the ultimate B2B eCommerce researcher. He has done more research to quantify the industry than anyone else in the world. We are lucky to have him back on the podcast to discuss his latest finding on the industry and all that has changed after one year of Coronavirus. 
Nessim Btesh is our first second appearance guest and impressed us with his incredible transformation of his family B2B business to 100% digital sales during the height of covid. Since then, Nessim has added many features to their Headless B2B eCommerce website and is also seeing a better balance between in-person and online sales with Covid ramping down. Nessim is one of the most innovative technology leaders in the B2B eCommerce space and is constantly pushing the limits of what can be done.
Paul do Forno is considered a top 100 eCommerce influence in the world and has worked on some of the largest B2B eCommerce projects out there. Paul is a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital, the Gartner leader in the Commerce and Content space. He brings more than 25 years of experience in strategy, digital experience, consulting, technology, and digital. We talk about how to break down enterprise projects into smaller more effective projects that can be done in phases and how to leverage the right platforms to do so.
In, season 2, episode 18, we bring on sales experts Sean Doyle Co-Founder of Fitzmartin, and their Director of Revenue Operations, Will Riley. FitzMartin is a specialized marketing and sales communications firm that helps clients solve complex sales and marketing problems. What we have uncovered is that building a more unified CRM process that aligns with B2B eCommerce and empowers sales reps to actually sell versus spending too much time processing orders or doing mundane CRM tasks can vastly improve performance. B2B eCommerce is really an extension of sales capabilities and should align with the sales reps needs.
Adam Goldschmiedt has transformed and rebuilt the Pixafy eCommerce practice to focus on ERP first eCommerce in the B2B space. Their parent company Net@Work had a very strong Sage and ERP practice and offered a unique value to their customers in eCommerce. Adam formed a unique integration product called ErpCommerce that connects SageX3 and Magento so that you can use a modern eCommerce platform like Magento with all the data and functionality you need from your ERP. We discuss the importance of unifying your operations through a strategy like ErpCommerce and how to get more out of your eCommerce business.
Guy Bauer is the Founder and Creative Director of Umault, an agency that makes wildly creative B2B video marketing campaigns people actually want to watch. Guy has been making commercial videos for over 20 years and is the author of Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works. In this episode, we discuss how B2B companies need to simplify and improve the communication of their brand to stand out. Many companies simply look the same in the B2B space and fail to communicate their unique selling proposition through video, their website copy, or their brand.
Brett Sinclair has been in B2B eCommerce for a lot of his career and has developed a wide range of understanding of the industry. In doing so he realized education was the key missing link companies needed to get better at eCommerce in the B2B space. He started The B2B eCommerce Association of Australia and has seen tremendous success with companies growing through education and networking with other B2B specialized vendors and experts. We talk all things B2B and how to get over the education hump into important next steps like ensuring your solution is adopted by customers.
Ofer Yourvexel is an Israeli entrepreneur with decades of technology experience. He founded a company that eventually turned into Pepperi, a B2B eCommerce platform that can also help you with sales reps mobile ordering, and other B2B functions. Ofer found that the B2B eCommerce market lacked a unifying solution that allowed businesses to provide their sales reps a native mobile app solution for taking in-person orders, customer service to take over the phone orders, and a B2B eCommerce platform all tied together via one system. Pepperi is one of the only unified platforms that can do all of these functions with one platform and one unified business logic.
Ray Grady is a B2B eCommerce veteran with multiple decades working in services and software supporting B2B companies. He has found that automation is key to making B2B companies successful so they can free up their vital employees from mundane order taking tasks and focus on upselling and value-added tasks. Ray has some incredible insight in this podcast on how to optimize and automate orders via three methods, EDI, Conexiom, and B2B eCommerce. This is a must-listen episode if you want to get to the next level!
In Episode 30 we discuss the future of B2B eCommerce.   What does this mean for businesses going into this new year and a new decade?  We discuss the transformational shift from 2020 to 2030 -- just as we saw for retail from 2010 to 2020, but now for B2B going online.  B2B is lagging retail in eCommerce capabilities because it is more complex and difficult to effectively implement but that excuse will not hold up much longer.  How you are going to transform your operations to digital via digitizing your business practices so that customers can buy online or via EDI and other digital means?  Tune in, we'll let you know!
Francois Jaffres joins us from Noviland, a new technology company focused on helping businesses source products seamlessly from around the world. Currently, they have over 400 manufacturers in south east Asia and are quickly expanding to other countries. Noviland uses their platform as B2B eCommerce system to enhance the sales process and make it easier for their customers to get products from these manufacturers. We discuss the challenges of B2B versus B2C and why companies are hesitant to adopt technologies to aid their sales teams via eCommerce.
In episode 28 we have the honor of talking to our guest Mike Jortberg who leads the B2B eCommerce at Slalom, a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Seattle, Slalom has organically grown to over 8,000 employees. Mike has a deep background in Salesforce and CRM technologies and now works with Cloudcraze / Salesforce B2B eCommerce to bring eCommerce to the Salesforce ecosystem. We talk all things B2B and why he has been successful with Salesforce B2B eCommerce as an offering in the space.
John Cymerman is the CTO and technical leader of Trellis. He has worked on many large B2B projects and has pioneered the integration strategy for Trellis. We discuss in-depth 5 different integration techniques and strategies you can deploy depending on your situation. The five are the traditional batch file / ftp approach, SOAP APIs, Rest APIs, GraphQL, and an iPaaS technology such as Celigo or Dell Boomi. There are many ways to approach an integration and that's why its so critical to architect the right approach before beginning an integration project.
In Episode 26 we get the pleasure of speaking with Amir Hessabi, Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer at BigCommerce. We discuss the value of a true SaaS eCommerce solution, BigCommerce, and how that can dramatically lower the cost of ownership for a B2B business. Traditionally B2B companies are used to legacy on-premise solutions and have often not yet adopted a SaaS application like BigCommerce for eCommerce. With SaaS you no longer need to pay for expensive upgrades or worry about software failing because all of that is managed for you in one affordable monthly fee. Having recently gone public, BigCommerce is a serious option that B2B companies should be considering.
In Episode 25 we have the pleasure of talking with David Stillson who has over 15 years of experience in Manufacturing, eCommerce, and business systems. David is currently the technical architect and manager of eCommerce Developers in LCI's digital experience team, a multi billion dollar public company. David has experience working with both small and very large B2B eCommerce businesses. We discuss the complexity of B2B from integrations to scaling sales and marketing as well as changing the culture within an organization. David gives great advice for people both new to the journey but also more experienced in the B2B journey looking to scale their online business.
In episode 24, Tim and Isaiah go through our five-step process towards improving your B2B eCommerce presence. The first thing you should do before getting to step 1 is to make sure you have an internal person qualified to run the project and a platform to build upon such as Magento, BigCommerce, Insite, or Salesforce, etc. Step 1 is to develop robust product data, step 2 is to integrate with internal systems, step 3 is to invest in user experience, step 4 is to have flexible payment and shipping options, and step 5 is to have external integrations with vendors or customers. We go through these steps in-depth to help you grow your B2B eCommerce business.
Our latest guest, Colleen Romero, has helped several massive companies scale their B2B operation online, such as leading brands like Napa auto parts.   We discuss what B2B companies need to do to build and implement a successful B2B eCommerce strategy.  We also cover topics such as why do companies struggle with marketing in B2B and how B2B eCommerce marketing is different from B2C. We discuss leading B2B eCommerce platforms and how to working with agencies. We also discuss what Colleen thinks it takes to find good agencies and make agency relationship successful.
Jessica Wetzel is an accomplished eCommerce Manager with 16 years of extensive experience providing strategy and growth in the areas of B2B sales, marketing, and eCommerce. In this podcast, we dive deep into how she helped a distributor go from offline to online with a robust eCommerce site that has evolved over the years. She wrote some impressive requirements documents to take the company to the next level and managed many agencies so she knows how to nail down requirements to get the most of your development team. Jessica is a true leader in B2B eCommerce and is now at PunchOut2Go where she can help you integrate with internal customer systems as a B2B business.
Adobe's Magento was recently named a leader in the B2B eCommerce Forester report. In episode 21 we discuss why Magento is a leader in the space and how they are working with B2B companies across the spectrum of sophistication. We discuss how change management is the leading problem that companies need to overcome to implement a best in class system like Magento for their B2B business.
In the first episode of season 2 co hosts, Isaiah Bollinger, and Timothy Peterson discuss our take on B2B eCommerce marketing. We discuss everything from acquisition to conversions to integrating with your sales team. We believe there is so much opportunity in B2B eCommerce to separate from your competition by being innovative in channels other players might not be spending time on. We discuss how social media is not something to ignore in B2B and can be a viable marketing channel for B2B eCommerce.
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Mohamad A. Hammoud

Terrible episode. The guests are clueless.

Mar 15th
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