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The ERP Advisor presents timely information drawn from real world experience with software selections and implementations across dozens of industries. Topics include: ERP Software, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Data Migration, and Blockchain and AI as they relate to ERP. The ERP Advisor is hosted by the independent and objective consultants of ERP Advisors Group. Never accepting commissions or kickbacks from any software vendors or implementation partners, ERP Advisors Group helps you navigate the most complex enterprise software projects.
234 Episodes
With consumer demand for increased production colliding with an industry-wide talent shortage, it seems the most obvious answer is to improve manufacturing efficiency. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we examine how ERP solutions for inventory control, real-time reporting, and material requirements planning can help streamline manufacturing processes and increase productivity.https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn: with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
We are seeing a trend toward industry-specific and cloud-based ERP solutions — and Infor looks to be answering the call by innovating and investing in their future. For this edition of The ERP Advisor, special guest Carly Shube joined us to evaluate Infor’s offerings for product-based companies, with a specific look at CloudSuite Industrial.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
Rounding out our menu of legacy software reviews, we welcome Jim O'Donnell of TechTarget as he brings some 30 years of expertise in covering a wealth of technical fields as a writer and editor. In this edition of The ERP Advisor, we discuss Deltek, Epicor, and IFS legacy applications, as well as providing our feedback from the Epicor Insights 2021 conference.https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn: with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
In ancient times, before the existence of the internet, Sage brought forth their numbered ERP solutions to become the third-largest ERP vendor in the world. But while Sage 90, Sage 200, Sage 300 and the rest can be adapted to the cloud, they weren’t built for it like Sage Intacct and other modern ERPs. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we review Sage legacy products and provide insights from our experience in evaluating them for our clients.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
It is the largest ERP vendor in the world, serving Walmart and Costco, Chevron and Exxon Mobile, Ford and GM, and Google and Apple. SAP is a bona fide ERP juggernaut — and it is making a competitive play for midsize businesses with S/4HANA.So where does that leave the legacy customers? While the end-of-life for legacy products has been extended, the messaging is clear: SAP is eager to terminate ECC 6.0 and Business Suite 7.In this edition of The ERP Advisor, special guest Doug Ham joins us to review and analyze available options for existing SAP customers and provide a prognosis for where we think SAP is headed in the immediate future.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
AX, NAV, GP, SL … in and amongst the acronyms, there lies a fascinating story of how Microsoft sidestepped building its own ERP by acquiring existing software. Or so it thought.Fast-forward to today, where Dynamics 365 and Business Central have largely replaced Axapta, Navision, Great Plains, and Solomon. While Microsoft will continue to provide support for these legacy products, making the move to a modern cloud ERP is not a simple upgrade.In this edition of The ERP Advisor, special guest Carly Shube joins us to explore the landscape of Microsoft legacy software and provide an outlook for the future.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
When an open-ended search reveals one of the top questions about a product to be “Is it still used?” — it is time to evaluate modern ERP solutions.The end-of-life discussion surrounding PeopleSoft and JD Edwards has continued for the better part of a decade. And while these legacy systems aren’t dead yet, is the headache of maintaining an out-of-date ERP truly worth it?In this edition of The ERP Advisor, Quentin DeWitt joins us to discuss some of the most common issues for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers, as we examine what options are available for those that want to upgrade.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
When Oracle announced that it would be continuing support for E-Business Suite through the next decade, it helped satisfy immediate concerns about sunsetting the platform. But it is clear that Oracle’s focus on innovation will remain on NetSuite and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.In this edition of The ERP Advisor, we examine what the future holds for Oracle E-Business Suite and provide guidance to existing customers on whether they should stay the course, consider an upgrade, or evaluate new options for ERP systems.https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn: with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
We are witnessing a major transformation in the ERP landscape: more and more vendors are sunsetting legacy products in favor of cloud ERP solutions. With working from home accelerating demand for cloud ERP, vendors are responding with better software.It has made for a competitive set of choices — so how do you decide when it is the right time to upgrade? And what if it looks like you need to evaluate a new ERP? In this edition of The ERP Advisor, we will provide guidance on how to upgrade from a legacy ERP and find the right software for your needs.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
Fundraising, donors, grants, endowment funds, budgets, audits.… While nonprofit financials provide unique challenges, they can be solved with the right ERP system. But after last year’s Blackbaud data breach, nonprofits everywhere were left searching for answers.In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we reveal what we discovered from working with nonprofit organizations over the past several months, with a look at how to find the right ERP for your organization.https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn: with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
When there are so many excellent enterprise tools available to organizations, why do accounting teams continue to rely on Excel? We’ve observed that making the jump from copy/pasted spreadsheets to automated financial reporting often requires a better understanding of the software itself.In this edition of The ERP Advisor, we examine how to get what you really want out of your Enterprise Accounting Software, along with a look at optimum functionality and use cases for different configurations.www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
Economic forecasts from esteemed organizations predict that the US construction industry will contract in 2021. So why are others expecting growth? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we discuss how implementing the right software can help companies defy downward trends and grow while the competition shrinks. We also provide helpful insights from recent ERP projects with clients in the construction industry.For more ERP insights, visit erpadvisorsgroup.comConnect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
Is there a way to guarantee ERP implementation success? When it’s time to go live, there’s no turning back. You just spent a lot of money on a new enterprise software system, so it better work.As we say goodbye to 2020 in this holiday season, find out what you can do to give yourself the gift of a successful go-live.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
ERP implementations aren’t naturally destined for failure. The key to success lies in finding someone who can orchestrate the thousands of details, features, and moving parts that are intrinsic to any ERP implementation — and then harmonize them into the final result of a successful go-live.If it sounds impossible, it’s all in a day’s work for an ERP implementation consultant. In this edition of The ERP Advisor, we will take a look behind the scenes to reveal the mechanics of how our consultants work their magic to accomplish successful ERP implementations.Featuring special guest Joe Malil, Principal Consultant at EAG. with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
Cyber Security Awareness Month Special Episode: Considering how much is at stake in enterprise systems — from financials and trade secrets to customer data and credit card numbers — the argument could be made that ERP security best practices carry the highest importance. We’re looking for holes in the fence and discussing how to patch them in this episode of The ERP Advisor. Featuring special guest James R. McQuiggan, CISSP at KnowBe4 USA.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
There are a lot of stories about famous ERP implementation failures. There is a lot less information on how to prevent one from ever happening in the first place. Rather than focus on the tragedies, we prefer to provide the answers on how to avoid an ERP implementation disaster. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we discuss the underlying reasons why implementations go off the rails and provide guidance on how to identify the warning signs ahead of time. Featuring Principal Consultant Curtis Wait as a special guest.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
With so many vendors and platforms to choose from, you need a fail-safe formula for evaluating which one will ultimately be right for your organization. In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we discuss the best ERP selection criteria and provide a sneak peek at our Total Certainty System for vetting enterprise software solutions.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
How can you provide in-compliance, accurate and timely reporting for financials? In this episode of The ERP Advisor, we discuss ERP and financial solutions for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, including automated internal controls compliance and testing.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
It has never been more important to properly care for and nurture customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management systems can help businesses and organizations cope with COVID-19, but it’s important to find the right CRM to meet your needs. In Episode 40 of The ERP Advisor, we explore the evolving role of CRM systems in the wake of COVID-19.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
A surprising number of businesses and organizations have relied on in-person interactions to stay viable, leaving the question of e-commerce implementations for another day.Almost overnight, the e-commerce conundrum has shifted from “optional” to “unavoidable” for anyone who wants to stay in business — especially B2B companies that may not have previously considered it.E-commerce applies to everyone now, and in this episode of The ERP Advisor, we explore the changing customer experience and discuss how to find the best e-commerce software and CRMs in 2020.Connect with us!https://www.erpadvisorsgroup.com866-499-8550LinkedIn:
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