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The Toonami Faithful Podcast is a weekly podcast that talks about the action cartoon block Toonami on Adult Swim.
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Sketch is joined by Colt and LaserKid to discuss Toonami's recently announced Shenmue animated series.
CJ Maffris and Paul Pescrillo seat down with voice actor Josh Martin, the voice of Buu in DBZ, DBZ Kai and Dragon Ball Super. They talk about his role as Buu, his other roles, and what advice he gives to those that want to get into voice acting. 104856
Sketch is joined by Kuro, Celia Rose and Alien to discuss Paranoia Agent. Music Credits: "Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen" as performed by Susumu Hirasawa "Papercut" as performed by Linkin Park "Shiroi Oka - Maromi no Theme" as performed by Susumu Hirasawa
Sketch, Paul, VLord and CJ discuss the latest Toonami news including the pending arrival of Assassination Classroom and Toonami returning to Latin America. Then they discuss the second night of Batman programming featuring The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and the anime anthology Batman: Gotham Knight.
Sketch, Paul and Duelist discuss the Batman animated films Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. Music Credits: - Batman Theme by Danny Elfman - 1966 Batman Theme by Neal Hefti
Sketch, Paul and Kuro talk about the animated Batman films that will be airing on Toonami on August 15th and 22nd. They also briefly discuss the upcoming InuYasha spin-off, among other things. After the main podcast, stick around for Daniel Limjoco's exclusive on-the-floor interview with Adam Gettis.
Sketch, CJ and VLord and joined by LaserKid from the Demon Slayer Podcast to share our thoughts on the first 29 episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Music Credits: "Fighting Gold" as performed by Coda
Episode 323 - Con Air

Episode 323 - Con Air


Sketch, Paul, Duelist and Caboose discuss Adult Swim Con's on-air Toonami event. They are also relieved to know that JoJo will be returning to the block this Saturday.
Sketch, Paul, Darrell and CJ talk at length about Food Wars. Expect some opinions and food related tangents. Music Credits: ROUGH DIAMONDS (English Version) as performed by SCREEN mode
CJ, Paul and Caboose Jr. rundown Season 2 of Black Clover, talking about what they liked the most about this season and screwing up the many names of characters in the series.
Sketch and VLord are joined by Duelist and Kuro to discuss Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 and they manage not to tangent much until the end of the podcast.
CJ had the chance to sit down and talk all things JoJo with the voice of Reimi, Kira Buckland. Both go in-depth about the franchise and the fanfare that follows. Later on, Kira talks about the pressure of being cast in Demon Slayer, as well as her experience with being cast in video games.
Sketch, Darrell, VLord and CJ contemplate what Toonami will do now that My Hero Academia season 4 is wrapping up. After that check out Daniel Limjoco's on the floor interview with actor Darrel J Delfin.
Christina Kelly returns to our podcast after 5 years for another interview with CJ, Paul and Sketch. We talk about Food Wars, recording now for Funimation, and other shows she is on.
CJ and Sketch interview voice actor John Gremillion. He voices Gentle Criminal on My Hero Academia and Roland Chapelle on Food Wars.
Sketch and Darrell are joined by LumRanmaYasha from the Manga Mavericks podcast to discuss Gundam: The Origin: Adventure of the Red Comet. Then stick around for an on the floor an exclusive interview with Robbie Daymond, brought to you by Daniel Limjoco. Music Credits: "BEYOND THE TIME" as performed by LUNA SEA
CJ Maffris and Paul Pescrillo interview Chris Wehkamp, the voice of Aizawa in My Hero Academia and Hinawa in Fire Force.
Sketch and CJ Maffris recorded a news segment discussing Toonami's upcoming schedule oddities, it ran on too long, like this sentence.
Paul, Sketch and Caboose Jr chill with Toonami's newest editor George Banks.
Alex Von David, ADR Director of Sword Art Online, joins Sketch and Paul Pescrillo as they rundown what happened in Sword Art Online: Aliciazation - War of Underworld and give their thoughts on Part 2 of SAO: Alicization.
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