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Author: Chance Whitmore

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In life we have two choices: experience or exist. Every week each of us make that choice: To seek a way to live or to simply get by. Walk alongside me each week on Strive Seek Find as we continue seeking our own Brilliant Future.
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Recently  I managed to get out and snowshoe for the second time this year. In this week's epsiosde I dicuss what I learn from this and other snowshoeing experiences including some that would make Red Foreman  use his catch phrase.   Contact Strive Seek FindSupport the show
This week I'm joined by writer Russ Cunningham as he shares his passion for writing  science fiction and fantasy.  Along the way we discuss our own time  writing together and share some memories of college. Contact the showSupport the show
Today's episode I reach back to  earlier days in my career  and how to respond to people who choose to be passive agressive and how it led to my fictional law firm of Whitmore, Whiteman Whittemore and Whitman .Contact Chance Support the showSupport the show
This week  on Strive Seek Find we dip into science news and NASA's  development of a Nuclear Rocket Engine and how it could impact our future.  Rocket Engine ArticleContact Chance/Social MediaBuy me a CoffeeSupport the show
Today  I sit down with Robert Emerson  freelance game designer, writer and creative to discuss  his experiences in game design and  passion for role playing games.  Support the show
Get Back Up Again!

Get Back Up Again!


In this week's episode we look briefly  at how resilency and how to nuture it adults and children alike.   Get involved in the conversationSupport the show
Work Travel is a different beast.   there are no two way about it.   This week I had the opportunity to explore San Antonio  through a work lens with colleagues.    It was a great experience my first time in Texas and a wonderful opportunity to build relationships.  All that plus:1.   My definitive grade on Whataburger2.  My take on Texas BBQ 3. Some great places to check out in San AntonioStrive Seek Find on Social MediaRoadmap BrewerySupport the show
This week is a brief look at what you could value beyond money in your career. Contact Chance/Join the Discussion/support the showSupport the show
This past week, thanks to a dear friend, I had the opportunity to consider areas I've become less flexible and more prone to "Get off my lawn"  Join me as I consider the melt flexiblity needed to not become set in our ways.  Contact Chance  via email or Social MediaStrive Seek Find WebsiteSupport the show
This week we take a brief look at milestones, what they are and some huge ones that have hit in my house this week. Contact Chance/support the showSupport the show
Starting out 2023 its important to think about the #cruible you have been through and consider how those experiencescan forge you into something new.   Contact ChanceSupport the show
Today I'm joined by Amy for the latest of the Whiskey with the Whitmores episodes of Strive Seek Find.   We discuss  family traditions, how  and why they change and the power they have with children.  Chancewhitmore.comContact Chance/suport the showSupport the show
Take Time to Be

Take Time to Be


As we arrive at the holidays its important to step back and give ourselves space to slow down and think.   Today I found myself reflecting while snowshoeing about the importance of giving yourself time to just Be. Contact ChanceSupport the show
Today I want to hold myself #accountable.   It is easy to lose track of the good things in life whether they be people or events that make life special.    So in this week's episode  I discuss some of what I've been #grateful for this year.  #gratitude Contact the ShowSupport the show
On today's episode we are joined by Heath Britt, one half of the outstanding E14 podcast and retired Navy Chief.   We  have a #dram of #whiskey and discuss his #service in the #Navy.  E14 PodcastContact Chance via linktree linkShow WebpageSupport the show
This week I visit Sockeye Brewings  gastropub in Boise Idaho.   Sockeye is the 3rd largest brewery  in the state of Idaho and puts out the #1 selling beer in the state with their Dagger Falls IPA.   Join me and guest Charlie Ruff as we explore this Idaho original.   Support the Show/Contact ChanceSockeye BrewingSupport the show
Today you will ride along on a the best family hike of the summer:  The Bloods Lake's hike near Park City Utah.    Contact ChanceSupport the show
Today  we are joined by Professor Tenielle Fordyce-Ruff,  a professor of Legal writing at ASU's Sandra Day O'Conor College of Law  as she shares her passion for Legal education with us.  She shares not only her passion for Legal education, but also offers advice and paths to mentorship for those who want to enter the field.   Contact Chance/ Support the ShowContact Professsor Fordyce-RuffSupport the show
In this episode we will be learning about the orgins of an Idaho mystery :  The Nampa Figurine.  We will briefly describe the history of the figurine and try to discover whether it is fraud or forgotten history:  Support the Show/contact Chance the show
Get out of your Lane!

Get out of your Lane!


In today's episode  we talk about the importance to continuing to try new things as we age. How our reactions and expectations as adults to new learning are far different than those we have as children and how  to fight it.   Contact the ShowStrive Seek Find on Chancewhitmore.comSupport the show
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