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Author: Chance Whitmore

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In life we have two choices: experience or exist. Every week each of us make that choice: To seek a way to live or to simply get by. Walk alongside me each week on strive seek find as we continue seeking our own Brilliant Future.
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Parenting  at the best of times is a dubious adventure wrapped up in stress excitement,  guilt,  and ,  a large  helping of “What the hell are they thinking?   I’m sure that’s not ever going to change As kids grow up  one of our jobs  is to know when its time to back off and let go…. And when it is time to keep the  framework so they have structure.   Along with some judgemental statements about some podcast styles  and Worth Mentioning!Support the show (
Is it Societal Grief?

Is it Societal Grief?


   Many of us have looking for meaning in the  events of the last two years.   While watching the news recently something hit me:  Are we  stuck in a societal cycle of grief?  Also in this episode :ShoutoutsDark Web Worth Mentioning the show (
Welcome Home

Welcome Home


Sometimes Its life’s small events that remind you of what’s important.   That’s been my weekend.  And with gratitude I thought I’d share this with you today. the show (
Louder is not Better

Louder is not Better


The old saying is  the squeaky wheel gets greased.  To certain extent that is true, but somewhere along the line  people have translated this to mean  “Whoever screams loudest and longest get’s there way.    And honestly,   that’s problematic. the show (
HIstory is Watching

HIstory is Watching


Welcome to the Strive Seek Find Podcast I’m your host, Chance Whitmore.  Life is easy when everything is hitting on all cylinders…  These days it often is not.   This week, as we  return to school I’m reminded of this very fact.    How  we deal with parts of our life being spinning (nearly) out of control will whether we  control the insanity… or  collapse under the strain of a life stretched completely out of shape.  And it  that makes you think. the show (
 I have to say  hearing the phrase “well it’s the new normal”  makes me want to scream.  Not sure why.  Perhaps because we aren’t close to stability or that we are tone deafly marching forward in denial, but either way it has joined my list  of most hated phrases.   So today, rather than claiming things are  back to normal, I thought reminder of where we are at might be in order. the show (
So about that Covid

So about that Covid


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the Whitmore Household.  School starts with all the chaos that ensues as we moved from one schedule to five distinctly separate schedule.   At  the best of times it’s a sprint  and worst its  running through the forest at night with your eyes closed. And then the special chaos arrived.   Called to school on day 4 to pick up my daughter  because she wasn’t feeling well.   Normal year no big deal    This year… tested… and positive for Covid.    3 days after my body started to crash..  and my positive test soon followed.  What  followed has made for a discombobulated and interesting week.   So as I sit her on my 7th.. or is it 8th day.. locked in my bedroom  I may sound a little preachy today… take it for what its worth.Support the show (
The ten questions episodes are based around a simple concept:  Allowing people to talk about the things  they are passionate about.  It can be a job, hobby, cause, or anything in between.  Today I’m joined by  Dave from the Beer in Front Podcast about his enjoyment of  podcasting and beer.  So join us in learning  the why of the Beer in Front Pocast and what we can learn from Dave's  passion.  Support the show (
Bernard Shaw once said “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."   And at times when we’re grinding, I can’t help but think that is true.   As I am starting back into my “busy 9 months” I find myself thinking about how to capture the  “mental energy” in a bottle to sustain me through the cold winter months.   Those times of years where the grind of the job and life  makes you lag just a bit.   And it looks like I may have found the ticket…. Firing up the creativity. the show (
We’ve been home from Hawaii exactly a week  as we record this.  It feels oh so much longer than that. In the second of several of our Hawaii vacation episodes, tonight  Amy and I will discuss our eclectic alcohol experiences while spending on the week on big island. Its here! the show (
This episode marks second   “ Ten questions” episode . The ten questions episodes are based around  a simple concept:  Allowing people to talk about the things  they are passionate about.  It can be a job, hobby, cause, or anything  in between.  Today  I’m joined by  Phil Diplock, head baseball coach at a local high school. Support the show (
Escape to Escapism

Escape to Escapism


Going to geek out a bit today.    A little celebration  of parts of myself that I have been missing a bit for the last year or two.  In the last few month as things have begun to loosen up ( as much as it will for the foreseeable future and some of my other interests have started to come back.    Today I thought I’d talk about a few of these beginnning with movies and books.Support the show (
Well while in Hawaii its important to have a few new life experiences.   This is the first  of several episodes that are coming out of ourHawaiian adventures.  Join Amy and I  today as we hike the Kuleana Iki trail that takes you through floor of a dormant volcano.   Support the show (
Con men,  flim-flam artists the like, when it comes to movies we revel in their getting away with it  while knowing eventually they will eventually get there comeuppance , it is easy to forget in those situations these people are the worst kind of predator preying on  the susceptible.   Today we are going to look at a few of the worst cases and talk briefly about what they all have in common and what they were looking for.Support the show (
Welcome to the Strive Seek Find Podcast.  I’m your host Chance Whitmore.   This episode marks the first of a new  type of episodes.  “ Ten questions”. The ten questions episodes are based around  a simple concept:  Allowing people to talk about the things  they are passionate about.  It can be a job, hobby, cause, or anything  in between.  Tonight for our inaugural episode, I’m joined by Rudy, who among his fascinating hobbies, builds some amazing Fishing poles.   Support the show (
After lockdown, post lock down, another variant is a coming and a million other things  I’m fairly sure that we are ALL Ready to get away.   How an what this looks  like will be different for everyone. Knowing the vacation styles of those you travel with and what they need is important for your stress level.  Support the show (
Welcome back to Season 2.   A few weeks ago I road tripped into Oregon for the first time in over a year.  It gave me an opportunity to look at things through new eyes because while Oregon borders on Idaho… they tend to be very  different places at the heart.   In a previous bonus  episode I touched on some the high quality beverages that seem to be everywhere in Oregon , today I thought it would be appropriate to touch on another ubiquitous Oregon business:   The  dispensaries:  Because while I’m not in the least bit interested in marijuana (and in fact it is one of those things that could get me fired) I would like to acknowledge the creativity that can be seen just outside these establishments.Support the show (
Strive Seek Find returns for season 2Support the show (
Beers with the Boys

Beers with the Boys


So this week was time for a Breakaway.   I needed a break from work.   Season 1 was wrapping up.  It was a great time to get away. A  road trip was in order. Thanks to  our Friend Charlie,   a group of us were able to come together this weekend  and hit the road to the some of the best (intentionally) and worsts… (accidentally)  breweries in central Oregon.    Support the show (
Whitmore.  Welcome to Episode 52 of the Strive Seek Find Podcast   I’m excited today.   Last June I challenged myself to do 52 weekly episodes of what would become this podcast.   I’m proud to say. Its been with bonus episodes closer to sixty with the bonus episodes.   Now that I’m done patting myself on my back for the simple accomplishment of being consistent, this week I was reminded by a friend of the importance of disconnecting  from our  communication machine from time to time.    This is can be the same as getting into the hills (if you really do it right or a conscious decision.  Support the show (
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