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New Ghost Stories Podcast

Author: David Nixon

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Hear witness accounts of the supernatural. Author David Paul Nixon has spent almost a decade travelling Great Britain and collecting lost ghost stories that have never been told before. Are these stories of madness, lies, or self-deception? Or could they be the real thing? The only way to find out, is to listen.
9 Episodes
Dr Hesselius, a practitioner of ‘metaphysical medicine’, relates the case of the Reverend Mr Jennings, a genial clergyman with a not-too-genial travelling companion.
Episode 7 - After the Flood

Episode 7 - After the Flood


With his home flooded and Christmas ruined, one man faces a ghost from his past as he looks towards an uncertain future.
They met every summer, year after year. Their love for each other grew and grew. And then in a flash, it was all over.
Is it just the medication, or is something out there really trying to hunt him down and drive him over the edge?
In the midst of a mental breakdown, one man’s demons take on a terrifyingly real form. And they wait for him every day, at Liverpool Street Station.
In The Black Clock, we discover why all the clocks in the clock museum stop at 4:30 every day. And it’s going to give a young boy the fright of his life…
In case no. 50, a childish prank gets increasingly intense, putting a mother and her daughter in danger.
Case no. 47 - A man starts to receive strange phone calls. The message is always the same – a woman needs to be rescued. But she may be dead already.
An author of ghost stories is excited to find his own home is haunted. Unfortunately, the ghost does not take kindly to his guests.
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