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Author: Mark Mallett

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What the Spirit is saying to the Church at this hour...
41 Episodes
Recent messages from seers around the world all warn that the Catholic Church is in grave danger... but Our Lady also tells us what to do about it. Join Mark Mallett and Daniel O'Connor as they delve into prophecies on the growing crises in the Church...
The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse


In these difficult times, God is extending a literal thread of hope to us through Heaven's messages... It's time to grab onto it. 
My interview with Hrvoje Morić on the decisive times through which we are living... 
The media and government narrative — versus what actually took place in the historic Convoy protest in Ottawa, Canada in early 2022, when millions of Canadians rallied across the country to support truckers in their rejection of unjust mandates — are two different stories. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, froze bank accounts of Canadian supporters of all walks of life, and used violence against peaceful protesters. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland felt threatened... but so did millions of Canadians by their own government.
Nothing has divided families, parishes, and communities more than "masking." With the flu season starting with a kick and hospitals paying the price for reckless lockdowns that kept people from building their natural immunity, some are calling for mask mandates again. But wait a minute... based on what science, after previous mandates failed to work in the first place?



Are you feeling frozen in fear, paralyzed in moving forward into the future? Practical words from Heaven to get your spiritual feet moving again...
It's Happening

It's Happening


Since our last webcast over a year and a half ago, serious events have unfolded that we spoke of then. It is no longer so-called “conspiracy theory” — it’s happening. 
National Emergency?

National Emergency?


The Prime Minister of Canada has made the unprecedented decision to invoke the Emergencies Act on the peaceful convoy protest against vaccine mandates. Justin Trudeau says he is "following the science" to justify his mandates. But his colleagues, provincial premiers, and the science itself have something else to say...
Something has gone terribly wrong when the very inventor of a technology, now in world-wide distribution, is calling for its immediate's halt. In this sobering webcast, hear why doctors are warning of a "vax apocalypse" by injecting babies with an experimental gene therapy they don't need — and that could leave them severe disease in years to come...
AS governments around the world begin to enforce mandatory injections while threatening the "unvaccinated", who exactly is playing Russian Roulette with other's lives, much less their own? 
Global leaders have been injecting their citizens with experimental "vaccines" for nearly a year, but nothing has changed — except, who the super-spreaders are now.
The World Health Organization changed the definition of "herd immunity" last year to exclude those naturally recovered from COVID-19. Totally contrary to established immunology, the change has resulted in catastrophic results for human liberty.
Are you sure your neighbours and family are the actual enemy? Mark Mallett and Christine Watkins open up with a raw two-part webcast on the past year and a half — the emotions, sadness, new data, and imminent dangers facing the world being torn apart by fear… Continued in Part 2.
Are you sure your neighbours and family are the actual enemy? Mark Mallett and Christine Watkins open up with a raw two-part webcast on the past year and a half, the emotions, sadness, new data, and imminent dangers facing the world being torn apart by fear…
Rise of the Antichurch

Rise of the Antichurch


John Paul II predicted in 1976 that we were facing a "final confrontation' between the Church and the anti-Church. That false church is now coming into view, based in neo-paganism and a cult-like trust in science...
Is the Church's mission to preach the Gospel of Bill Gates... or something else? It's time to get back to our true mission, even at the cost of our lives...
Remaining on the Rock

Remaining on the Rock


Jesus warned that those who build their house on sand will see it crumble when the storm comes... The Great Storm of our times is here. Are you standing on the "rock"?
Our Gethsemane is Here

Our Gethsemane is Here


Recent headlines further confirm what seers have been saying for the past year: the Church has entered Gethsemane. As such, bishops and priests are faced with some huge decisions... 
Has the "time of mercy" ended? A message from Heaven that the door of justice is opening...
How God is purifying and preparing us for the coming of the Holy Spirit, who will be our strength through the present and coming tribulations...
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