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Author: Christine Faucher-Kelley

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Go From Confusion to Clarity in 6 Months Through Astrology... Where are you confused? Frustrated? Stuck? Create Direction & Clarity in your Life! Christine is a Life Path Strategist who brings a practical approach to living a fulfilling life of purpose. Luminance. Always infinite possibilities... always your choice.
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Wow... this Mercury Rx is kicking our butts! Technology did everything it could to get in the way of releasing this podcast! Powerful, that Mercury...So, this podcast... What's your definition of "Success"? Is your vision so narrow that you've set yourself up for never getting there?
When we recognize that Astrology increases our choices on how we will work with our Life Patterns, we receive guidance from our Soul's Pilot.
Have you divorced your Moon sign? Disown your Moon Shadow and you’ve disowned your Moon Shine.
6/25/13-7/19/-13: Taking ownership for our own happiness now allows us to create lives of meaning today. A look at what Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is asking us to explore.
There’s a buzzing going on… What’s happening with this country? With the poor? The 2 Percenters? With the bi-partisan government? With the climate, super storms, tornadoes? With the corporations? The crazy bombings and shootings… “WTF is going on?!” Uranus/Pluto Square: We need to focus upon making our own lives the most authentic expression of our Souls.
When we disallow our personal needs, we seek to have them fulfilled by others... Learning to honor and fulfill your personal needs based upon your Moon Sign.
Why do we lie?

Why do we lie?


The path to self-knowledge starts with having the self-respect to speak the truth, if at first, only to yourself.
Your "Sign" or Sun Sign is what fuels your personal impact on the world. Is it warming you or leaving you cold?
Mercury Retrograde 2/23/13-3/17/13. Please refer to the Website for the Mercury Retrograde breakdown by Sun Sign. Stay present people, this too shall pass!
Discover your Life Purpose through Astrology & Coaching!(I added a very important thought to this revision... If you haven't listened to the first one, listen to this one instead...)
Discover your Life Purpose through Astrology & Coaching!
This is a reading of this Poem by Rumi which explores how, trapped within the perceptions of our bodies, we struggle to understand the nature of our Souls.
My First Astrological Podcast!Wonder why things have been so nutty for the past few days? Mercury is Retrograde again from 11-6-12 thru 11-25-12. Check out this Retro's Rx...
Accomplishment is more than "doing"; it's about who you need to "be" to live your most fulfilling life.
Mindfulness is the key to a life of fulfillment… where else are you going to be fulfilled except in this moment… right… now?
When we can reflect upon all that is good in our lives from a place of Gratitude for all that we have, our lives transform into precisely what we want them to be.
Who are you when you are your most Authentic? Who could you be if you allowed more of your true Self to shine through?
Overwhelm and Procrastination are a pattern that lead to a downward spiral of frustrating feelings. Learn how to break free through a new technique I'm developing... watch for more on the subject in the coming weeks.
The Perfection Trap

The Perfection Trap


Perfection is a trap. It’s an unattainable land which you can never reach because, by definition, you’re never “good enough.”
When we are mean to ourselves it impacts the world in unexpected ways. What do you say to yourself in the mirror when things don't go as you had wished? Is it time to heal the relationship to yourself?
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