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Author: Hellovision!

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A weekly podcast talking about tv shows, tv news, and other general pop culture musings. Join Casey Hackett, Sean Higgins, and Chris Brook as we celebrate our favorite medium via another!
100 Episodes
It's been awhie, but the boys are back! Topics include the Parks and Recreation series finale, the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special (or SNL40 to you youngsters), The Last Man On Earth, and Jon Stewart's decision to leave The Daily Show. All this, and the welcome return of Under the Dome talk!
The Boys are back to tackle the big issues: YOGURT. AND FOOD. AND AUSTRALIA. Then, Casey warms up to Agents of SHIELD, Sean likes Transparent, and Chris is intrigued by DISH Network's new Sling service. Then, the gang pick their favorite TV shows of 2014, with a single show topping ALL of our lists! Trust us, if we say it's good, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY BE WATCHING IT.
The march to episode 100 continues! Chris and Casey are joined by returning guest Kristina (T) Hansen to discuss the ridiculousness of Sons of Anarchy, the woes of Mulaney, Casey is loving the Nat Geo channel, and T has a bone to pick with The Newsroom's final season.  We then bid a fond farewell to The Colbert Report and Boardwalk Empire. 
Then, 2 Months Later... The boys are back after another lengthy hiatus to catch up with what's new in their lives, Chris proves he is really good friends with "Friend of the show, 'What's her name,'" A farewell to shows already canceled and on the bubble, the boys discuss what's wrong with "Mulaney," Casey enjoys "Jane the Virgin" and feels weird about it, Sean had some awful falafel in Orlando, and the return of "Cranky Old Casey" in which Casey is fed up with "The League."
After a 2 month gap, we are back and Hellovision is ON THE MOVE! Casey now lives in Los Angeles, Chris is moving into a new place, and Sean is looking to move! Besides that, we dissect what makes something "Sci-Fi," a lot of sad deaths, the triumphant return of MINKUS, and Casey has an adventure with Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul!  Then the guys discuss some new Fall pilots. Casey reviews "Selfie," Chris tackles "A to Z," and Sean reviews "Bojack Horseman." All this and the boys unveil their new grading system when reviewing shows!
On this week's installment of Hellovision: Yahoo! saves “Community!” Better Call Saul may or may not involve wormholes! Wet Hot American Summer is potentially returning as a TV Series, some surprising Boardwalk Empire news, and Chris still has some trouble pronouncing the last names of actors Martin and Charlie Sheen! In the second half, Chris convinces Casey to start watching the ridiculously dumb “Under the Dome” for it’s second season. And then Casey tries to convince Sean to start watching it too. IT’S DOME MADNESS!  
John Mulaney's new show looks not great and Casey is apparently a fan of Nasim Pedrad.  Then we discuss our favorite and least favorite opening credit sequences for various shows! 
Hellovision returns with guest host Chris Sampson to discuss all the heartbreaking cancellation announcements, shocking renewals, and Casey is concerned about the rising amounts of comic book based tv shows coming to the airwaves next fall. Then we discuss the exciting returns of Louie and 24 to the airwaves after long absences, as well as how impressed we are with the quality of FX's Fargo miniseries! 
This may be the loose-iest of the goose-iest of all Hellovision episodes as the gang gets together for a rare in person episode! Due to some beers and general silliness we go a little of the rails but are able to discuss Mad Men, Orphan Black, Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman, and the greatness of Tig Notaro! All that and Chris picks a MAJORLY CRAZY SONG THIS WEEK.
Casey returns from Los Angeles and a case of food poisoning and we are back at it with returning guest host, Chris Sampson to fill in. Topics discussed include the impending return of Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day, the awfulness of The Big Bang Theory, Comedy Bang Bang gets picked up for FORTY episodes, and the guys all give a minute review of the new Comedy Central show REVIEW (5 Stars!) In the second half the guys break down our top 3 favorite TV villains with some expected and some truly unexpected choices! 
We forgot it's our 4th anniversary, and Casey is so flabbergasted he can hardly pronounce anybody's name correctly! Chris challenges Sean and Casey to name all the Presidential dogs, discussion of Hannibal, The Americans, and Mixology. All this and the debut of Chris Brook's Snack Corner. All this and the return of the Epix Horn!
The Hellovision crew record live and in person together to discuss TV News, The Winter Olympics, the abundance of great comedy shows on tv right now, LA Deli, and Casey makes some wine pairing suggestions.
THIS WEEK ON HELLOVISION: - NEWS! - Casey has some searing questions about Happy Days! - A recurring joke is born! - Shiggins admits that anything can be good. - What are You Watching Returns! - Broad City is great and so is Enlisted! - Sean calls a famous show the wrong name! - Everyone should watch True Detective! - Everybody on Dawson's Creek is a creep! - Sean and Casey watched the Royal Rumble and Hellovision will never be the same again!
It's another week where we take a break from TV to discuss THE MOVING PICTURES, also known as, movies! Casey is joined by returning guest Ben Emery and first timer Suzanne Michelle (with a cameo from Shawn Callan) to go over the ENTIRE Fast and Furious movie franchise. Will we make through all 6 movies?! Will Ben love or hate them?! WHO IS THE SEXIEST POKEMON (yes, this is addressed)?! Find out all this and more!
The Hellovision crew gets off to the rockiest start they've ever had. The guys gather to discuss how 2013 was for them personally, including an astounding amount of beers consumed by Chris, and embarrassing story for Casey, and Sean's favorite meals of the year. Later they discuss what they hope to accomplish in 2014, and a quick review of Trophy Wife by friend of the show, Shawn Callan! We promise more TV talk in the next epiode!
It's the end of another year, and the Hellovision crew brings a list of their favorite TV related things from 2013, as well as some things they didn't like! Thanks for a great 3rd year and we'll be back in 2014!
Hellovision makes a not quite triumphant return from a month long hiatus with talk of In 'N' Out Burger, the word "Brioche!" a uttered a surprising amount of times, some Book talk and discussion over how upset people are over the fact that "the dog" on Family Guy was killed off!   Then, Chris has Boredwalk Empire spoiled and Casey spoils a classic Charles Dickens story, Agents of SHIELD is borderline terrible, and Sleepy Hollow is a SLEEPER HIT (see what we did there?) 
On this episode of Hellovision! - Halloween festivities are discussed! - RIP Marcia Wallace - Fox Need More "Dads!" - Homeland - Is The Honeymoon Over? - Sean is at the cutting edge of hating things before it’s cool! - The unaired CBS pilot for Super Clyde is watched and discussed! - And are shows that utilize Twitter for comedy funny or lazy? For more information, check us out at!
Chris is on vacation so Casey and Sean decide to take a break from talking exclusively about TV! Instead they take on pumpkin beers, discuss Gravity, and the shows they've been enjoying the most this Fall!
Breaking Bad is over and all we want to talk about is how the show ended so FULL ON SPOILERS for the Series Finale! If you want to share any insights of your own, reach out to us on or email us at! Have an A1 Day!
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