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Exciting News! Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with popular science educator Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson! Physicist Dr. Al Scott addresses politically and socially divisive issues with insightful evidence-based analysis of the facts. Dr. Scott shows listeners how to apply the tools of science to polarizing issues discovering the most rational path to an optimistic vision of the future. See my podcast page
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This episode wraps up my exciting two-part interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium. We discuss climate change mitigation, public perceptions and misperceptions of nuclear power and society's progress towards decarbonizing the economy. We chat about the imminent launch of the James Webb Space Telescope and justifications for funding of big space astronomy projects. I hope you enjoy it! Subscribe to my podcast at Join the Facebook discussion @TheRationalView Instagram @The_Rational_View Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #evidencebased #climatechange #netzeroneedsnuclear #greenenergy #cleanenergy #space #astronomy #neildegrassetyson #nuclearenergy
The Rational View is proud to present an interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. This is the first in a two-part series.  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, and witty director of the Hayden Planetarium,  is joining Dr. Scott.  Selected as one of the 100 most influential persons in the world by Time magazine in 2007, Dr. Tyson was awarded the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication in 2017. In this interview we discuss communicating complex scientific issues with a polarized public. Dr. Tyson addresses his non-judgemental approach to spreading rational evidence-based perspectives to inform public policy.  Subscribe at Join the Facebook discussion @TheRationalView Instagram @The_Rational_View Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #neildegrassetyson #science #TOK #evidencebased #outreach #rational #skepticism
This episode includes a talk I gave to the Canadian Association of Physicists at their annual conference, in a special session focused on industrial physicists. It discusses the responsibility of scientists to communicate their work to the public and engage with society. Society sees scientists as disconnected elites who are isolated in academic ivory towers. We need to counter this opinion and show that we are also people who fight similar issues. We also need child care. We also worry about how to put food on the table. To communicate effectively and get society to a 'Star Trek' future we all need to listen and empathize and step out of our social media echo chambers. Also, please stay tuned for an upcoming episode where I will be interviewing the famous Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson! Subscribe at Join the Facebook discussion @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #evidencebased #ecomodernism #homeopathy #flatearth #nuclearpower #greenenergy #renewableenergy #startrek
This episode is full of Cool Science. The James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s next flagship observatory, is now scheduled for launch on December 18th of 2021. This infrared observatory with a 6.5 metre segmented deployable primary telescope will rocket off to a distant Lagrange point where it will deploy a tennis-court-sized multi-layer foil sunshield to allow it to cool to -223 degrees Celsius. The mission cost over $10 Billion to put together. René Doyon obtained his PhD in astrophysics from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medecine in 1990. He is a full professor at the physics Department of the Université de Montréal, Director of the Institute for Research on Exoplanets and the Mont-Mégantic Observatory. His research activities focus on the search and study of exoplanets, young stars and the development of state-of-the-art astronomical instruments for ground- and spaced-based observatories. He is principal investigator of the Canadian-built instrument onboard the James Webb Space Telescope, to be launched in 2021. His research team led the development of novel imaging techniques that contributed, in 2008, to obtain the first images of a multiple planetary system outside the Solar system. His distinctions includes the 2009 Polanyi award, and prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and more recently the 2018 Killam Research Fellowship. Subscribe at Join the Facebook discussion @TheRationalView Instagram @The_Rational_View Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #JWST #spacetelescope #astronomy #astrophysics #exoplanets #SETI #spectroscopy #firstlight
In this episode Dr. Scott discusses society's apparent need to spend wads of money performing security theater. Security theater is an insidious phenomenon whereby people are pressured into pointless and irrational acts of theater in the name of security. This inevitably happens as a result of a seemingly preventable tragedy, followed by a politician or security official who feels pressured to act. Society spends billions of dollars on out-of-proportion security theater every year. The entire US TSA is one example of a security theater that makes people feel safe to fly. Another common example is the driving need to cycle through arcane passwords that nobody can remember every couple months. How about the hygiene theater of scrubbing down everything with disinfectant to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID-19? How does one fight security theater when it is so easy to cast opponents as monsters who don't care about the safety of children? The answer is that we all need to ask our elected representatives to engage in a rational public policy discussion before we give away our money and our freedoms in pointless acts that are unlikely to provide the desired results. Follow me at Join the Facebook discussion @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #securitytheater #TSA #COVID #freedom #rational #sciencebased 
The Rational View welcomes Edgardo Sepulveda back to discuss the interactions between social inequality and COVID-19. Edgardo has co-authored a paper on the topic providing evidence that societies with higher inequity also suffer higher COVID-19 mortality rates. It is not immediately clear why this might be the case, and it is difficult to tease out a correlation amidst all of the other confounding factors. This discussion is an interesting exploration of the application of statistics and the scientific method. Edgardo Sepulveda has been a telecommunications economist for 25 years, the last 15 with his consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Chile and has an MA in Economics. As part of his civic policy-related engagement, he also writes about electricity, inequality, COVID-19 and other issues, including at the Progressive Economics Forum, where he wrote the blog that we’ll be discussing on this episode. Edgardo has been the guest on a number of other energy-related podcasts. His Twitter handle is @E_R_Sepulveda. “The Spirit Level” by UK social epidemiologists Picket and Wilkinson is the book that came out in 2009 and popularized the idea that social and economic inequality negatively affects individual and population health.  It has its own Wikipedia entry here: and is highlighted in the Equality Trust (a social NGO set up by them) here: The Economist covered some of the COVID-inequality work in an article in its July 31, 2021 edition in the Finance section titled: “Why have some places suffered more covid-19 deaths than others? Income inequality is a big part of the answer”. Subscribe at Join the Facebook discussion @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #covid #inequity #inequality #pandemic #science #evidencebased #statistics 
As part of my series leading up to the Stand Up for Nuclear events coming up in September I'm interviewing another Canadian organizer and a nuclear industry professional. We discuss the controversy over Canada's Deep Geological Repository. One of the leading options for long-term mitigation of nuclear waste hazards. Sheila Whytock is a nuclear operator at Bruce Power, in Ontario Canada. Sheila got her BA at Laurentian University, her Bachelor of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University, and completed a power operator apprenticeship while working for Bruce Power. She was raised on a beef farm in Orillia, and now resides in Teeswater, one of the potential host sites for Canada’s deep geological repository.
 Sheila is co-founder of “Willing to Listen”, a grassroots group interested in pursuing the facts and benefits associated with potentially hosting a DGR in their community. Along with this, she is also host of the podcast “Willing to Listen”, board member of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, local contact for Mothers for Nuclear Canada and local organizer of Stand Up for Nuclear events within Ontario. Subscribe at Join the discussion on Facebook @theRationalView Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #nuclearenergy #greenenergy #atomicenergy #nuclearreactor #nuclearwaste #netzeroneedsnuclear #cleanenergy #chernobyl #radiation #atomic
In this episode I am excited to interview an economist to investigate the market dynamics associated with energy transitions and provide insights on what is needed to electrify our economy and get us to net zero carbon. Edgardo Sepulveda has been a telecommunications economist for 25 years, the last 15 with his consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Chile and has an MA in Economics. As part of his civic policy-related engagement, he also writes about electricity, inequality, COVID-19 and other issues, including at the Progressive Economics Forum, where he wrote the blog that we discuss on this episode ( Edgardo has been the guest on a number of other energy-related podcasts; his Twitter handle is @E_R_Sepulveda. Subscribe at Join the discussion on Facebook @theRationalView group Twitter @AlScottRational Instagram @the_rational_view #therationalview #podcast #climate #energy #greenenergy #netzero #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #netzeroneedsnuclear
On this episode I’m interviewing Paris Ortiz Wines: Global Director of Stand Up For Nuclear  As the Global Director of Stand Up, Paris oversees all of the organization’s outreach and engagement efforts. She has spearheaded in-person demonstrations and social media campaigns around the world, growing Stand Up from a single event to 67 events across 28 countries.   `Paris began her career at Environmental Progress, an environmental non-profit organization that fights to protect nuclear plants around the world from premature closure. In 2 years she went from being an Executive Assistant to a Junior Analyst, revising energy analysis reports, leading research groups, and organizing international conferences. It was during her time at EP that she fell in love with nuclear and committed herself to fight for the development of sustainable energy. Wanting to concentrate on growing a grassroots movement for nuclear power, she left EP and transitioned into her role at Stand Up for Nuclear. Paris continues to mobilize and assist allies around the world in building their network and developing their strategy.  Paris graduated from the University of California-Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies. Subscribe at Join the discussion on Facebook @therationalview discussion group Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #nuclear #greenenergy #cleanenergy #standupfornuclear #netzeroneedsnuclear #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy  
Welcome to summer vacation 2021! This podcast is a short retrospective on the last year and a bit of my foray into podcasting. I hope you have enjoyed it, and thank you for listening! Remember to come out this September to support your local Stand Up for Nuclear event. I'll be helping to organize one in Ottawa on Parliament Hill on Saturday September 25th from 2-4pm. Come on out and show your support for Canada's nuclear heroes! Also please support the Tax the Gas and Save Pickering petition. Let's make sure Ontario doesn't regress in 2024. Check it out at Subscribe to the podcast at Join the discussion on facebook @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #NetZeroNeedsNuclear #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #energytransition
One of our most important issues in society today is the transition from fossil fuels to zero carbon emission sources. One of the keys of this transformation is to significantly increase the fraction of nuclear energy in our energy portfolio. Dr. Chris Keefer is an emergency physician, medical simulation educator, nuclear energy advocate and a popular podcaster. He is the President of Canadians for Nuclear Energy and the Director of Doctors for Nuclear Energy and the host of the Decouple Podcast. He also has another honour –the first repeat guest on The Rational View! Since our first interview I’ve gotten to know Chris a lot better through Canadians for Nuclear Energy and he constantly amazes me with his energy and focus on nuclear advocacy. In this episode we discuss a new advocacy campaign called 'Tax the Gas'.  Go to to join this movement and ask the government to reverse the carbon tax exemptions for fossil fuel natural gas, and also to refurbish the Pickering nuclear plant which we will need to power our electric cars with negligible CO2 emissions. Subscribe at Join the Facebook discussion @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #netzeroneedsnuclear #taxthegas #greenenergy #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #nuclearreactor #cleanenergy
This podcast continues my focus on communication of science and gender issues in STEM. In the previous podcast on this topic I surveyed women going into the field of science, and a professional female engineer to get their opinions. In this episode I interview a researcher who is studying these issues. Dr Merryn McKinnon's original degree was in marine science where, after the novelty of moving intertidal snails with a paint scraper wore off, she discovered that talking about her research to other people brought her far closer to her conservation goals than her actual project ever could. This led her to the field of science communication where she has stayed ever since, working in a range of roles and countries. Merryn enjoys the diverse issues science communication allows her to explore, applying her innovative thinking and problem solving skills. Merryn has worked and conducted qualitative and quantitative research nationally and internationally, in both non-academic and academic roles. She regularly contributes to ABC Radio on ABC Sydney's Nightlife and Radio National's Research Filter, talking about interesting science from around the world. Merryn designs and delivers science communication workshops, as well as workshops specifically for women in STEM. Merryn's research contributes to a better understanding of the relationship between science, media and the public. She conducts research which explores why publics react and respond to scientific issues the way they do in a variety of different disciplines including public health and conservation science. She is actively building a research program exploring the influence of equity, inclusion and intersectionality in STEM, especially STEM communication. Subscribe to my podcast at Chat with the experts on Facebook @therationalview discussion group Instagram: @the_rational_view  Twitter: @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #STEM #genderissues #genderequity #womeninSTEM #womeninscience #scicomm #womenempowerment #steminist #womeninengeineering #sciencecommunication
Energy Return on Investment (EROI) is an important figure of merit for energy sources that tells us whether we get out more energy than we put in, and if so, how much effort it takes to run a vibrant society. I ask 'the father of EROI', Professor Charlie Hall, whether renewable energy is actually a sustainable resource able to power society's transition from fossil energy. In this interview, Prof. Hall describes how renewable energy sources are only sustainable when they form a small fraction of our electrical grid.   World-renowned Professor Emeritus Charles Hall has been a research scientist since 1970, and started teaching in 1972. His work has focused mainly on energy sources. As cheap high return energy sources start to decline his analysis of the impacts of energy return on investment on society have gained prominence. He is interested in understanding the effects of peak oil and declining EROI on economic growth and possibilities, and how that might play out in the developing world. Many of these issues come full circle to the limits to growth arguments that emerged in the 60’s and 70’s. He is an AAAS Fellow, a Fulbright Fellow (Argentina) and was named one of the 100 Outstanding World Scientists of 2004. He is a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Creative Research, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for BioPhysical Economics. His work with Murphy and Balogh, “What is the Minimum EROI that a Sustainable Society Must Have?”, was featured as the 10th Anniversary Best Paper published in the Journal Energies for Hall, Murphy and Balogh. Subscribe at Join the conversation on Facebook @theRationalView discussion group Instagram @the_rational_view  Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #evidencebased #EROI #greenenergy #renewableenergy #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #sustainability 
The Pentagon has recently declassified footage of UFO observations, and provided a summary report including an expert assessment of the data. Is the truth out there? Are we being visited by little green men from another planet? I provided a review in an earlier podcast UFOs & Aliens.  It’s now time for the Rational View to have another look. Robert Powell has a BS in Chemistry. He has 28 years experience in engineering management in the semiconductor industry. He is a founding Board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU). He was the Director of Research at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) from 2007-2017 and created MUFON's Science Review Board in 2012. Robert is a co-author of a book published in July 2012: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry and is an author of a book designed for children published in Nov. 2020 entitled, The Truth About UFOs: A Scientific Perspective. Subscribe at Chat with the experts on Facebook @therationalview Instagram @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #ufos #evidencebased #science #uav #mufon #scu #ufos #aliens #ufosightings
In this episode I chat with Dr. Ben Heard about environmental advocacy and communicating science-based viewpoints in a polarised debate. Dr. Heard provides his assessment on the rationality of the anti-nuclear lobby. Dr. Ben Heard is recognised as a leading voice for the use of nuclear technologies to address our most pressing global challenges. It certainly didn’t start that way. Back in the day he was a member of environmental NGOs and shared their basic objection to nuclear technologies. After completing a Masters in Sustainability he started working in major projects in climate change. But there was just no solution on offer to match the scale of the problems at hand. So instead of continuing his objection to nuclear technology he shut his damn mouth about it for a couple of years and did some learning. That was the start of pathway of writing, presenting, advocating and ever more learning about how we can reinvent the future using all our knowledge and ingenuity.  Ben was awarded his doctorate from the University of Adelaide in 2018, where he examined clean energy supply with a focus on nuclear technologies. He has presented his research findings at conferences around Australia and the world. He founded Bright New World in 2016 to provide a new organisation for people who want pragmatic, compassionate, and science-based environmentalism, in particular that values the role of nuclear technologies.  Ben lives in Adelaide, South Australia where he works in the private sector on energy and asset performance projects. He features as one of the global voices in the documentary Juice: How Electricity Explains the World. Subscribe at Chat with the experts at TheRationalView Facebook group Follow me on Instagram @the_rational_view Follow me on Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #science #evidencebased #nuclear #greenenergy #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #nuclearpower #netzeroneedsnuclear #ecomodernism 
Gender bias in STEM fields is an important issue in society. Women are statistically underrepresented in STEM fields and although gains have been made, the problem remains. This is a timely issue to discuss now: due to the pandemic, many more women than men have left the workforce to care for children. We need to be aware that many of the gains that have been made have recently eroded. Many will claim that women are not as interested in STEM fields, perhaps they are biologically different than men. I think this attitude is a cop-out and is dangerous to society.  I believe that one reason that anti-science sentiment has had an easy time taking hold in society is that many women expect to encounter discrimination and barriers in these fields. Anyone with this expectation is likely to seek answers elsewhere.  By maintaining these barriers, even unconsciously, men in STEM fields alienate potential allies.  We need to work actively to identify and mitigate cultural barriers and attitudes that dissuade women from successful careers in STEM. As an introduction to the issue I interview my daughter, Clare Scott, who has just graduated from high school with top marks in her class. She will be starting at McGill University in the fall for Environmental Sciences. She is also an avid highland dancer. I discuss her perceptions of gender bias as she prepares for her post-secondary education in a STEM field. I also imposed upon my talented wife, Ms. Sarah Kerns who has been an electrical and software engineer in a male-dominated field for over 10 years to provide her perspective and insights from her experience on these issues. Sarah was lead software test engineer for Canada's James Webb Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor.   Subscribe at Join the discussion @TheRationalView on Facebook Instagram @The_Rational_View Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #STEM #womeninSTEM #gender #discrimination #science #womeninscience #womenempowerment #womenintech #girlswhocode #engineering #STEMeducation #TOK
The scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change is clear. The IPCC has given humanity an aggressive timeline to mitigate the worst damage. The question about what to do in response to the crisis is a contentious issue. To achieve net zero CO2 emissions requires that we aggressively pursue our most potent sources of clean energy. The IPCC pathways to net zero recognize the need for a significant nuclear contribution, however a plucky group of renewable energy NGOs led by Stanford professor Mark Jacobson have put forth a daring roadmap to not only eliminate fossil fuels, but to do it with one hand tied behind our backs. They propose a complex and daring venture to eliminate both fossil fuels and nuclear power. My guests are co-authors of “Roadmap to Nowhere” a detailed dissection of infamous Stanford professor Mark Jacobson’s “50-state roadmap to 2050” wherein he argues that fossil fuels can be completely replaced by 'renewable' energy sources. Mike Conley is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, living in Los Angeles. A life-long nerd, he’s been interested in nuclear issues since 2010. Tim Maloney is a retired community college professor of electronics and machine control, an author and an inventor. Subscribe to my podcast at Chat with the experts at @the_rational_view on Instagram; @AlScottRational on Twitter #therationalview #podcast #science #evidencebased #renewableenergy #nuclearenergy #greenenergy #netzeroneedsnuclear #nuclearreactor #atomicenergy #cleanenergy #energy #electricity #gogreen #sustainability #environment #renewable
Research into recycling of nuclear fuel was shut down by Jimmy Carter’s administration in the anti-nuclear movement of the ‘70’s. The work has largely remained sidelined due to the fact that Uranium is abundant and cheap and the spent fuel is easy to store safely on-site.  Opponents of nuclear power, however, have latched on to the long lifetime of hazardous radioactive waste as a reason to oppose new nuclear developments.  In light of this situation, and the amount of Uranium we will need in coming years to displace fossil fuels, it makes sense to revisit recycling. Mr. Thomas Dolan has an aviation degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a FAA Commercially instrument rated pilot. Mr. Dolan joined Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) in 1986 and accumulated over 25 years experience in law enforcement. Mr. Dolan formed and was the CEO of Homeland Security Aviation & Maritime Services, Inc. (HSA) in 2002 wtih a group of technical experts, addressing idenfitication and measurement of radiation sources in response to the needs of the emergency response community. Tom is a current member of American Nuclear Society. Steven Curtis holds a masters degree in Health Physics and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), both from UNLV. He worked on the Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) and radiation consequence management missions for Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for 13 years, and was project manager in charge of the Aerial Measuring System (AMSr). Mr. Curtis held Battalion staff and Company Commander Positions as an officer in the Army and Nevada National Guard. He has supported National Security Technologies, LLC, as a consultant in support of the Nevada Test Site. He has worked with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) on several DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) architecture projects. Steve is a current member and past President of the  American Nuclear Society - Nevada Section. Follow me on Talk to the experts at Insta: @the_rational_view Twitter: @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #nuclearenergy #greenenergy #atomicenergy #nuclearreactors #netzeroneedsnuclear #recycling #nuclearwaste #SMRs 
In this episode I welcome the co-founders of TerraPraxis, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll. TerraPraxis is a non-profit organisation focused on action for climate and prosperity. They have come up with a new idea that could revolutionize the battle against fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Using the heat and electricity from advanced nuclear reactors allows one to create hydrogen more efficiently than by non-thermal electrolysis. This carbon-free hydrogen can be used to create synthetic fuels and could contribute to reversing the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Kirsty Gogan has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior advisor to Government on climate and energy policy. Kirsty is managing partner of LucidCatalyst, an international consultancy focused on multiplying and accelerating zero carbon technology options available for large-scale, affordable, market-based decarbonization of the global economy. Kirsty chairs the UK Government’s Nuclear Innovation Research and Advisory Board (NIRAB) Cost Reduction Working Group. Kirsty also co-founded Energy for Humanity (EFH), an environmental NGO focused on large scale deep decarbonisation and energy access. Eric Ingersoll is a strategic advisor and entrepreneur with deep experience in the commercialization of new energy technologies, renewables, energy storage, oil & gas, and nuclear, with a special emphasis on advanced nuclear technologies. Eric develops commercial strategies for advanced energy technologies. Eric co-founded NGO Energy Options Network (EON), a group of technical experts working to accelerate the commercialization and deployment of alternative climate mitigation options. Eric was a member of the renewable energy advisory group of the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP), and was honored at the Obama White House as a Champion of Change in Renewable Energy. Follow me at Talk to the experts at Insta @the_rational_view Twitter @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #netzeroneedsnuclear #greenenergy #nuclearenergy #syntheticfuels #hydrogen #greenhydrogen #atomicenergy #nuclearreactors #SMRs
I’ve often found myself wanting to vote Green, knowing the environmental crisis we are facing, however, I've never been able to get past their anti-nuclear policies. In this episode I interview an influential green party member who is willing to consider the evidence for nuclear power. In fact, they were a candidate for the Canadian Green Party leadership. Dr. Amita Kuttner is co-founder of the Moonlight Institute, a non-profit organization that seeks to create frameworks for an equitable and just future, taking into account the realities of the climate emergency, as well as technology, and decolonization. Amita holds a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of California, Santa Cruz; their research focused on black holes, wormholes, quantum effects, and the early universe. Amita ran for Canadian Parliament in 2019 and served as Critic for Science and Innovation for the Green Party of Canada from September 2018 to February 2020, bringing forward policy on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Amita ran for leadership of the Green Party of Canada in 2020 on a platform of justice, science, and resilience. Follow me at Talk to the experts at Insta: @the_rational_view Twitter: @AlScottRational #therationalview #podcast #evidencebased #energy #nuclearenergy #atomicenergy #cleanenergy #netzeroneedsnuclear #green #climatechange #justice 
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