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Showcasing the Greatness of People Through Their Life Stories

We are developing insightful episodes that will capture the lives of extraordinary people to create connection, alignment, and inspiration for our listeners.
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Today we chatted with Lindsay Maurice, energy medicine practitioner and podcast host for Chatting With Chickens and Other Wonderful Animals. Lindsay is a beautiful soul who shares stories and sheds some light on the practice of energy medicine. We are firm believers that you don't have to understand to believe. Please enjoy!Chatting With Chickens Podcast @l.maurice on Instagram
Equestrian sport is a weird and wonderful world, and the art of judging competitive hunters and jumpers is a unique skill that only comes with hard work determination, and a whole lot of what some would call "Je ne said quoi" Many try to master it though not everyone does, and for those that think it might be easy, you are sadly mistaken. It's anything but easy. I've been lucky enough to find space for myself in this niche market of equestrians and the best part of it is getting connected with some of the most amazing people and personalities that share the same space. I'm thrilled to introduce you to my friends Scott Fitton and Kim Dorfman, judges extraordinaire, that have paid their dues, worked beyond hard, and are considered among very few at the top of their judging game. Scott and Kim will be joining many of us at the 2022 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to make their mark and help you perhaps make yours during the spectacular 100th-anniversary event. I hope you'll join me in welcoming them both to Toronto in a few short weeks and perhaps in listening to this episode, you'll gain some insight into their personalities, unique careers, and how they do what they do at the level they do it enjoy. So firstly, I like to start by thanking all of our guests for being here. Both of you for saying yes to our request to be on the What's Your Why podcast. We're here today with Scott Fitton and Kim Dorfman, Large R Hunter and Equitation Judges' extraordinaire, very prestigious and highly acclaimed.
In today's episode, Helen talks with Meaghan Douglas. Meaghan is a repeat guest and shares her insights and wisdom on the value of learning to reframe your thoughts. As always, these two have a great dynamic which allows for an informative conversation with some great takeaways. @coaching_with_meg
In our final episode of the Women In Business Spectacular series brought to you by the Saratoga Horse Shows, we talk to Adele Einhorn whose vision brought the inaugural horse show to fruition. Enjoy!
In this episode, we chat with Ashley Duda. Ashley is a professional rider and licensed Large “R” judge in Hunter and Equitation currently living and working in Kansas. Ashley is wonderful and has taken an interesting life path not without challenges that lead to a life lived with gratitude. . Her passion for horses and learning is inspiring. This episode is worth a listen! Please enjoy Ashley Duda.
In this episode, brought to you by the Saratoga Horse Shows Women In Business Spectacular we sat down with EquiFit founder Alexandra Cherubini. IN this short yet powerfuk interview we learned three lessons that everyone needs to hear. We hope you learned as much as we did from Alexandra.
In this episode, we talk to Jeff Morgenstern, the founder of Perfect Products a specialized and dynamic nutraceutical company dedicated to the comfort, well-being and performance of top equine athletes. We talk to Jeff about his inspiration to develop his first product and hs path to get there. Perfect Products is a specialized and dynamic nutraceutical company dedicated to the comfort, well-being and performance of top equine athletes. Founded in 2006 by the Morgenstern family, Perfect Products emerged in response to the growing need for natural nutraceutical solutions in the western and hunter jumper horse show industries. As a horseman himself, founder Jeff Morgenstern began by developing the well-known calming formula line Perfect Prep EQ™, and has since expanded the company into the entity that it is today. Their advisory board of professional horsemen, veterinarians, farriers and scientific researchers assist Perfect Products in researching, developing and testing the formulas. Each Perfect Products formula is designed with a broad spectrum of targeted ingredients to address horses' well-being and produce visible, consistent results.
Please enjoy this week's episode with Dr. Kate Stephenson brought to you by Saratoga Horse Show Women In Business Spectacular.
Join us again this week for an amazing conversation with a legend in the industry. Please welcome Louise Serio.
Please enjoy this week's episode presented by the Saratoga Horse Show Women In Business Spectacular with special guests Brooke Baldwin-Degrazia, Jennifer Hannon and Patricia Griffith.
Thank you so much for joining us today for another episode of What's Your Why. I'm not sure if you've had a chance to tap into our latest episode launch just last week, the brainchild of an exciting collaboration between What's Your Why? and Saratoga Horse Shows, which supports an event aptly named the Women in Business Spectacular.The Women in Business Spectacular is an equestrian competition, which happens from July 13th to 17th at White Hollow Farm in Saratoga, New York. Part of the event's intention is not only to operate with a predominantly female staff but also bring attention to women in business, inside and outside of the equestrian spectrum.What's Your, Why partnered with Women in Business to play our part and bring you stories from women who play, played and will continue to play a role in business associated with equestrian sport. If you have a chance, give it a listen. We'll be launching weekly on Wednesdays until July 13th for the arrival of the event.Now, back to what you tuned in for today. Megan Douglas, from Coaching with Meg joined us in March, where we chatted about the concept of top five. We had such an abundance of positive feedback after that episode that we asked Meg to join us again. During our conversation in March, we touched briefly on the idea of giving yourself permission so I asked her if we could dive a little deeper into that, thinking that the practice of it might help more than just myself.
The Saratoga WIB (Women In Business) Spectacular is the first ever horse show created by women, operated by women, benefitting women’s health and showcasing women in business. Open to all competitors, both men and women, in the equestrian community, this one-of-a-kind extraordinary event is one you will not want to miss. Please enjoy the first in a series of 6 podcast episodes for the WIB. Heather Briggs starts off the series!
In this episode, we were fortunate to interview Jayne Pritchard, a news anchor at CTV News in Barrie and an author. Jayne talks about her journey through breast cancer and her recent book After the Diagnosis - One Woman's Story of Overcoming SetbacksAn excerpt from Jayne's book:My name is Jayne Pritchard. You might recognize me as one of the news anchors from CTV News in Barrie. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have written about my experience and the importance of looking after yourself through this journey.The reason I wrote this book is because I want women to ensure they get regular mammograms, and whatever other diagnostic tests their doctor recommends. Early detection is key to a positive outcome. I almost put off my mammogram, that discovered an early form of an aggressive type of breast cancer. I would hate to think of what would have happened if I had left it another year.Women also need to know that it’s not the end of the world when they get a breast cancer diagnosis. Fear, sadness, anxiety and even anger are all natural emotions. You need to give yourself permission to feel that way. On my journey I learned so much. This knowledge is to share with others, not to keep to myself.In this book, you will find out about the treatments I underwent instead of chemotherapy, and the immune boosting supplements, many of which can kill cancer cells. I feel traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies both have a place and can support each other. I share my “Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips” to support your health as you heal and to live a vibrant life going forward.You’ll also discover that in this wonderful Universe there are spiritual guides who are always with you, and your loved ones who have passed on, never really left. May those stories inspire you. Your mind may also be opened to something brand new and life-changing because, after all, life does change after breast cancer.You can follow Jayne on Instagram @jayne.pritchard1
Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me again for another episode of What's Your Why. Over the past few weeks, I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with a gentleman named Charlie Moorcroft, a name that may be familiar to some of you, but for others, maybe not - so please allow me. Charlie is a wonderful soul, who is most prominently known as an equestrian trainer to the stars, most notably their kids. He also has a "not so secret" life operating Charlie's Animals in conjunction with the Charlie Moorcroft Conservation Foundation, a foundation created to assist with funding for animal rescues, sanctuaries and all things in between. He graciously joined us to chat about all the amazing things his foundation is doing and more importantly, how we incorporate knowledge and education for both nature and animals, introduce, inspire, and instil it into the heart of the youngest, aspiring equestrian, not to mention all those non-equestrians too. Please listen on to learn more and I hope you enjoy meeting my new friend, Charlie Moorcroft.Instagram - @moorcroftconservationFacebook - @MoorcroftConservationFoundation
And we are back! In today's episode, Helen sits down with long-time friend Meaghan Douglas, M.Ed. More about Meaghan Douglas, M.Ed.Meaghan’s experience living on both the east and west coasts throughout her life introduced her to the amazing country that is Canada. She brings 15 years of experience as an educator and 10 years as a counsellor in both the private and public sectors. Her previous role as vice president of a health and wellness organization has provided her with many opportunities for leadership development and training. Meaghan’s decades-long interest in equestrian show jumping, having once been a competitor herself, was a natural lead into her work with equestrian athletes, with a focus on growth mindset training and development. Meaghan’s philosophy is that clear and effective communication is the foundation for building dynamic team environments. She has a passion for facilitating opportunities for professional and personal development. When coaching clients or delivering innovative programming, the consistent pillars of growth-mindset, communication, accountability and wellness are present.Linked InIG: @coaching_with_meg
Lenore Philips: Just Ask

Lenore Philips: Just Ask


Welcome to another episode of What’s Your Why, where we sit down with the esteemed Lenore Phillips. Lenore is known for many things, but most widely, being the current president of a little company called Phelps Media Group. PMG is an International leader in sports media renowned for and specializing in sports branding, public relations, event coverage, media strategy web design and social media.I start out our conversation by drawing attention to the idea of a straight, or in this case, not so straight path to destiny. Lenore shares with us her experiences, ups and downs, and twists and turns of this thing that we all call life. Her story is provocative, enduring and full of gumption, and it’s also one that helped turn my attention to consider a different perspective.I used to think that the road to achieving goals or destiny, whatever you believe, was a path from A to B. I have since discovered through conversations like this one, that you can choose to make your path from A to Z and there are so many wonderful stops and letters along the way. These stops may, or may not change or adjust your thoughts, dreams or trajectory, and that is perfectly ok.This conversation with Lenore makes me remember a Kelly Cutrone quote, who is the author of “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You”, where she says:“Dreams won’t always take you on a straight path to destiny, but they’re usually related to what your soul wants for you. They’ll force you to ask yourself the hard questions, they’ll kick your ass and more importantly, they’ll turn you on.”Enjoy this conversation and I hope that you feel empowered tin understanding that it doesn’t have to be “what it is”, and you always have the power to be the maker of your own destiny. Whether you decide to make your path straight or curvy, it will forever be your choice.
What’s Your Why is a passion project for us and one that we are so excited to keep bringing you. Our stories are very different, but our What’s Your Why story is similar to that of our next guest. It's similar, in that we will continue to serve our passion project with fingers crossed that our hard work and effort pay off and we continue to gain ground doing something we love. Fame and fortune wouldn’t be bad additions to the story either, but one foot in front of the other right?!?!I was elated and honoured to sit down with director extraordinaire, Ron Davis who is accredited for bringing us so many amazing documentaries. He is the brainchild behind some that might be familiar to you such as “Harry & Snowman”, and “Life in the Doghouse”, and others that you may not be as familiar with like “Pageant” and “Miss You Can Do It”. In our conversation, Ron also talks about a few films with 2022 release dates that I have no doubt will be the epitome of success and great additions to his amazing roster.Ron Davis is a breath of fresh air. Amidst his charm and charisma, I had an exceptional, candid conversation with him and one that I am hoping you will enjoy as much as I did. In addition to this, I learned something new as well…Check your ego at the door and let the best idea in the room win.Enjoy.
Hi everyone, thank you for joining me for another episode of What’s your Why.  As you know, we launch a new episode every month.  And we’re continuing to connect with inspirational, motivational people to hear more about their life stories.  We use those stories to tap into our own thoughts and feelings for personal and professional success and growth.  Our goal is to share these with you, our listeners, in an effort and hope that you might do the same. In life, I have a motto (well a couple of them), but one in particular.  It’s not mine, but one I aim to live by.  I’m sure you’ve all heard it before and are no stranger to the saying “live your life by design” or what I used to share with one of my stepsons, “be the maker of your own destiny”, but have you ever truly lent yourself to analyze that saying and/or have you met someone that’s actually doing it? With a quick background story, Heather and I had the opportunity to discover a young lady that has been doing just that.  Building her life and designing her destiny to align with her success story.  In 2017, she founded the equestrian apparel company called TKEQ the shop, now a leader in the equestrian athletics industry at the ripe old age of 17.  Kaelyn Kennedy launched her business as the owner and creative director and is the epidemy of class, charisma, charm, creativity and confidence with a touch of humility and grace on the side. I really enjoyed meeting Kaelyn and learning her story, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to do the same.  So, for your listening, and learning pleasure, I introduce you to Kaelyn Kennedy, the equestrian athlete with big dreams, big ideas and a very big future!
Thank you for joining, and lending us your ears, hearts and minds for another episode of What’s Your Why. Heather and I were recently given the opportunity to remotely catch up with the amazing ladies of C-6 Equestrian.  A collaboration of inspirational women, designed to foster a community of like-minded individuals. Dr. Jenny Susser, an acclaimed Sport & Performance Psychologist, Mette Larsen, USDF Silver Medalist and accomplished FEI dressage competitor, and Sinead Halpin Maynard, a 5* eventing athlete and USEF Team rider, happily collided a few years ago and have since created this powerful and growing movement. Their mission is to create a new model for women and horses grounded in “How women do it”.  Their Vision is to harness the power of women to create a new transformational space for them and their horses. In a collaborative effort, the team behind C-6 Equestrian challenges the current industry model, fostering an innovative community for females within the sport. They challenge old perspectives and invite women to explore a greater connection to their energy, skill sets, and confidence to enhance personal journeys with themselves and horses and they’re accomplishing this through their engaging symposium series and growing online community. From discussing sports psychology and women in sports to building confidence, we bring you the C-6 team for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! C6 Equestrian
We are beyond excited to share today's guest with you! In this episode, she speaks of her incredible journey of self-discovery towards her own unique abilities, abilities that can be considered controversial, but in my opinion are welcome tools to finding, achieving, and sustaining direction in life balance.  Sheila Trecartin is internationally renowned and specializes in animal communication, mediumship and intuitive business consultation, and offers holistic services for pets and people.  I've been fortunate enough to receive assistance from Sheila utilizing all of these specialities and let me tell you the word astonishing doesn't even begin to describe an experience with her.  I feel like each consultation I have with Sheila has been an important awakening, and dare I suggest, soul searching guidance on a journey of self-awareness and life path. Not to mention the deeper connection and understanding I have of my own furry friend's needs, emotions and reactions, which I discovered through her astounding skills. Sheila describes Sagacity to be wisdom through discernment, and with this conversation, I can't think of a more sagacious person.  Please enjoy listening as we share the beauty that is Sheila Trecartin. Online Courses with Sheila Trecartin Instagram @sheilatrecartin Facebook
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