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Episode 69.In today's episode Erin sits down with B. Jeffrey Madoff to talk about creative journeys. Jeff shares his story going from a fashion designer, to working in film and production, to teaching a course at Parson's School of Design in New York City. This conversation dives into...Starting your journey without a mapBeing seduced by trying new thingsRedefining failure and successHow creative ideas are actually formedConnect with JeffJeff's LinkedIn: Jeffrey MadoffJeff's Production Company: Madoff ProductionsJeff's Book: Creative CareersCreative Careers Instagram: @acreativecareerConnect with ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 68.In today's episode Erin sits down to discuss how to use your story to attract the right people to you, and how your authenticity is actually your superpower. Every great brand has a great story, and a strong why. This conversation will dive into how to create the right 'vibe' with a little visualization, and things to think about when crafting your unique story.Brand Strategy Workbook: Find it Here!Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 67.In this one-on-one conversation Erin talks about the importance of giving yourself permission. Is there a brand you want to start? A creative project? A trip you want to take? A new restaurant you want to try? This episode covers breaking through the debilitating fear of taking action on your desires, and how giving yourself permission leads to a liberating sense of freedom and confidence. Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 66.Today Erin is sitting down with Cathy Heller, host of the popular podcast 'The Cathy Heller Show' (formerly 'Don't Keep Your Day Job'). On her show her guests open up in conversations about what led them to the biggest moments in their lives, and how you too can create a life that you can't wait to wake up to every single day.Cathy moved to Los Angeles when she was in her twenties with the hopes and dreams of becoming a musician and selling out stadiums. She ended up scoring not one but two record deals, but they both ended up falling through. Her dreams of becoming a bestselling artist started to dwindle away and she ended up getting a 9-5 job. After a while she had a spark of an idea that led her to creating a 7-figure business.In this episode we'll touch on...The all or nothing mindset ( It's not Beyoncé or bust ).How we constantly look for evidence of what we think is possible.Becoming expansive and stepping outside of your norm... it's yes, AND.The importance of surrendering in order to achieve your wildest dreams and more.Connect with Cathy HellerCathy's Website: cathyheller.comCathy's Instagram: @cathy.heller Podcast: The Cathy Heller Show ( anywhere you listen )Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 65.In this episode Erin talks about how to know when to quit and move on. A discussion around the topic of sunk cost fallacy will get you thinking if you're holding onto things in the present moment just because of effort, time, or money you've put into it in the past.Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 64.Welcome to season 3 of the Life Styled Podcast. In this episode we'll sit down to talk about how subconsciously resisting change isn't doing you any favours. Erin will share her experience of dealing with resistance, and some key tips that helped her step out of it and learn to surrender. In this episode you'll hear about:Finding your true values in lifeCreating a lifestyle that suits YOU based on those valuesChoosing our own meaningAccepting what isConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 63In today's episode I'm sitting down with Evelyn Marie, an evolutionary astrologer and we're talking all about astrology and your souls journey within this lifetime. If you're interested in learning more about how the universe, the planets, and the moon affect your life path then you'll love this episode. We dive deep into evolutionary astrology in this episode and talk about where you soul has been and the patterns it's trying to break in order to grow and expand during this life time. Here's some of the points we'll hit:How the nodes of the moon tell us where our soul has been vs where it wants to goUsing evolutionary astrology to create growth in our livesLearning why we might be repeating things in our life based on our souls pastHow to build a career for yourself in the astrology world when there's so much to knowConnect With EveEve's Website: innertemplehealingarts.comBook a Reading with Eve: Chart reading, tarot etc!Contact Eve about joining her course hereConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's WebsiteFind your birth chart here!
Episode 62. Recently I decided to take a month off of instagram. I had been feeling the need to disconnect for a little while now and take some time tuning out the outside noise. In this episode I'll be sharing with you what happened during my time off and how it affected me.Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 61In this episode I got to sit down with Kelsey Reidl, who is a marketing and business coach that created the Vsionary Method. She helps her clients take their big ideas, break them down into small manageable chunks, and build businesses that generate revenue and scale. If you’re looking to start a business, hone in on your niche, and get started in the world of marketing then you’re going to love this episode. We touch on so many points that will inspire you to take action and bring your visionary dreams to life, like:Being your own biggest cheerleaderFinding clarity and your niche one nudge at a timeBecoming an expert in one thingThe best ways to get started marketing your bizConnect with KelseyKelsey's Instagram: @kelseyreidlKelsey's Website: kelseyreidl.comThe Visionary Life Podcast ( wherever you listen! )Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 60In today's episode we sit down for a one-on-one chat to talk about the difference between being and doing. We're diving deep into the ideas of masculine and feminine energy and how we need both within our lives to find balance.Connect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 59In today's episode I'm sitting down with Chelsea Montgomery to discuss power, purpose and clarity. Chelsea is a clarity coach helping both individuals and corporate businesses gain clarity in life and in the workplace. She shares her own personal journey of wrapping her identity up in her career, and then contracting an illness that didn't allow her to work in which she felt she lost her purpose and identity in life. Some other things we chat about in this conversation are:being certain in your misery vs. the risk of being happytaking clear aligned actionfinding your why and your purpose outside of external thingsyour 'north star' vs. 'gold stars'Connect with ChelseaChelsea's website: chelsea-montgomery.comChelsea's Instagram: @_chelseamontgomeryConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 58In today's episode we sit down for a one-on-one chat to talk about motivation. We'll discuss how overwhelm leads to less motivation, and the importance of action even in the smallest way. Here's some things we'll touch on:Thinking is not actionHow action can lead to clarityThe 'blank page effect' and knowing where to startConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 56In today's episode we're sitting down with Fabienne Fredrickson to talk about how to work less and make more. Fabienne is a big advocate for women making their own money and lots of it. She's an entrepreneur who transitioned from the health and wellness space to create an incredible business called Boldheart where she now mentors thousands of women to scale their business. In this conversation we break down fighting off self-doubt and gaining confidence to go after what you want. Here's some key points from the conversation:Getting out of a 'stuck' mind frameOvercoming self-doubt to create the life you really wantThe importance of both masculine and feminine energies in businessGetting rid of shame around money and the spiritual laws to manifest more of itThe harm isolation can have to your creative ideasConnect With FabienneFabienne's Website: boldheart.comFabienne's Book: The Leveraged BusinessWatch Fabienne's Ted Talk Here.Connect With ErinLife Styled Instagram: @lifestyledpodcastErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Want to get back on track with your content creating? JOIN THE WAITLIST: 55In today's episode we sit down for a one-on-one chat to talk about different career paths and tying your self-worth to what you do. I am a firm believer that what you do is not who you are as a person and often I think we judge people based on their titles and external factors. In this episode we'll discuss:Diving into how what you do is not who you areHow character is what should matter mostLearning to process your feelings, and tap into your intuition after any interactionsConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Want to get back on track with your content creating? JOIN THE WAITLIST: 54In today's episode I'm sitting down with Life & Leadership Coach, Alisha Herrick. We go deep in this conversation talking about a lot of different things to help better your mindset and your life like:The journey to true self-love and self-compassionUsing Tarot as a tool for growth and awarenessExpanding your capacity to which creates greater self-awarenessConnect With AlishaAlisha's Instagram: @alisha_herrickAlisha's Website: alishaherrick.comConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Want to get back on track with your content creating? JOIN THE WAITLIST: 53In today's episode we sit down for a one-on-one chat to talk about the realities of starting over from scratch. Here's a few points we'll hit on in this episode:How clarity comes with getting startedHitting rock bottomHow emotions take control of the rational mindRegaining control of the mindConnect With ErinErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 52In today's episode we're sitting down for a one-on-one to talk about the importance of rest. In a world built for extroverts sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming and exhausting trying to navigate it all as an introvert. We'll discuss the importance of mental rest just as much as physical rest, and creating a more mindful life.Connect With ErinLife Styled Instagram: @lifestyledpodcastErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 51In today's episode we're talking about creating things from love vs for love. We'll discuss how social media algorithms have made it easy to continue to create for love rather than getting to the root of what you truly enjoy and doing things with purpose. I'll share my experience falling into the trap and how easy it is to get consumed by it all. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic!Connect With ErinLife Styled Instagram: @lifestyledpodcastErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 50In today's episode I'm joined by Wendy Robinson who is an artist and creator. Wendy had it all, a full time teaching job and owned her own home, but around the time she hit 40 she decided to sell all her things and run away in a van. Since then she has developed her art into her job, created a youtube channel, and brought together a community of creatives online. During this episode we'll discuss:Following what feels goodThe reality of leaving your full time job and how to sustain yourselfHow to become confident in your work as an artistThe importance of staying in your own laneBeing inspired by someone vs. losing yourself trying to emulate themThe realities of van life and living on the goThe power of routineConnect with WendyWendy's YouTube: The Unexpected GypsyWendy's Patreon: Find the community hereWendy's Instagram: @the.unexpected.gypsyConnect With ErinLife Styled Instagram: @lifestyledpodcastErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
Episode 48In today's episode I'm sitting down with Celebrity Fashion Stylist and On Air Fashion Expert, Erica Wark. Erica has been working in the fashion industry for 11 years now and has built an inspiring personal brand around her passion. If you're interested in working in fashion then this episode is for you. In this episode we'll discuss:How to break into the fashion worldWhy you should be feeling like an imposter sometimesStarting small and working your way upFocusing on what's in your powerConnect with EricaErica's website: ericaonfashion.comErica's instagram: @ericaonfashionConnect With ErinLife Styled Instagram: @lifestyledpodcastErin's Instagram: @erinelizabethhErin's Website
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