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When 1 out of 3 teens experience dating abuse before high school graduation, it’s all of our responsibility to work together to end abuse once and for all. The Ask Ava series, developed by teens in our SPEAK Teen Leadership Camps, is designed to connect with and educate teens about teen dating abuse and healthy relationships. We’ll be answering each week’s question with a deeper look here on our podcast. Listen alone, with a family member or trusted adult, or friend to get answers, gain more information about this important topic and learn about resources for teens and those that care about them.
151 Episodes
Episode 148: "What does stalking look like in real life?"Support the show
Episode 147: "What if my partner pressures me to change my plans after graduation, for them?"Support the show
Episode 146: "What if my partner lets me use their car, but expects me to pay them back with sex?"Support the show
Episode 145: "What if my partner insists on holding onto my money?"Support the show
Episode 144: "What if my partner keeps bothering me while I'm working?"Support the show
Episode 143: "What if my partner gives me gifts, but holds them against me later?"Support the show
Episode 142: "Up until what point during sex can I change my mind, and take away consent?"Support the show
Episode 141: "What if my friend says, 'If you really love me, you'd have sex with me'?"Support the show
Episode 140: "What if my partner is guilting me into paying for all of our dates?"Support the show
 Episode 139: "What can I do if my partner makes me feel trapped in the relationship?"Support the show
 Episode 138: "What if you sexually harass someone by accident?"Support the show
Episode 137: "What if my friend is being distant now that they’re in a relationship?"Support the show
Episode 136: "How do I tell my friends I’m being abused, if they are friends with my abuser?"Support the show
Episode 135: "How do you know your partner feels uncomfortable if they hide it?"Support the show
Episode 134: "What if my partner is pressuring me to skip class or drop out?"Support the show
 Episode 133: "Why does my friend keep going back to their toxic ex?"Support the show
Episode 132: "How many people lie about abuse?"Support the show
Episode 131: "What if someone keeps asking me out after I said 'no?'"Support the show
Episode 130: "If we talk about having sex before we start drinking, is it still consensual?"Support the show
 Episode 129: "What if my partner is pressuring me to pay them back with sex?"Support the show
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