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Author: Mijndert Burger

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The podcast show where we read 50 books each year, so you don't have to. With host Mijndert Burger we publish 1 episode for each week, which will equal to 1 book review per week. The books are non-fiction and can vary from memoires, science, sport, lifestyle, experiences, events, fitness, entertainment and so on. We pretty much cover it all. 50 Books per year, are you up for it? For questions contact or go to Are book reviews what you are looking for and do you have requests? Find us on twitter @50books1 and instagram @50_books
12 Episodes
In chapter 11 of 50 books each year Mijndert is reviewing and learning about nuclear energy, plutonium, how it came about and where we are right now. We have all heard of it and formed opinion about nuclear energy, maybe you are for it or maybe you are against it. But do you have all the facts? These 3 scientists, researchers and policy makers give us the run down of the facts and the current state of nuclear power.Do you want Mijndert to review a book? Contact us or go to and join the story!
In chapter number 10 Mijndert is Reviewing the book: Why Buddhism is true, by Robert Wright. Don't be afraid of any spiritual cloudiness in this book. Robert is writing about the science and philosophy behind Buddhism and is giving experiments as examples. Linking this to the teachings of Buddha Robert is giving us an easy to read book. Always feeling lost when meditating because of thoughts? Listen to this chapter or just buy the book! Want Mijndert to review a book? contact us on or go to 
In Chapter number 9 we review the book: Leadership in Turbulent times, by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Every leader, every presidency, every person has his struggle. But how do you deal with them? Learning of history is something that we humans don't easily do. But Doris Kearns Goodwin a Historian and Pulitzer price winner has written this great books so we can learn from different leaders. In 25 minutes we touch on two of the four presidents being talked about in the book. Want to know more about them and go more into depth? Just buy the book! Want Mijndert to review a book? contact us on or go to
Always been dreaming about becoming an astronaut but unsure if you have what it takes to become one? In this chapter Mijndert takes makes some test questions with you to see if you have what it takes to become an astronaut. The book contains a lot more tests and questions so buy the book if you want to become an astronaut! Do you want Mijndert to review a book? contact us on or go to the website 
In Chapter 7 of our podcast 50 Books each year Mijndert is reviewing the book of Nelson Mandela 'Dare Not Linger'. From his life in 1940's till 1950's and his presidency in the 90's the lessons of Nelson Mandela are very relevant and important to remember. Unity and equality between all races and all genders is a Human Right. With showing that Mandela had a side of violence we hope to show that Mandela was a person, a human. And since we all are human we, like Nelson Mandela, posses the skills to call for unity and uphold each other to it. Even when we might have been part of a (minority) group who has been suppressed. Want to feel and picture the difficult choices Nelson Mandela made in his presidency? Buy the book! Do you want Mijndert to review a book? Contact us or go to reading 50 books per year is fun, join us!
In chapter number 6 of the podcast show ' 50 books each year ' Mijndert is reviewing; The Power of Mathematical Thinking, by Jordan Ellenberg. If you want to learn how to win the lottery and which lottery to play then this is the book for you. Mijndert will read the examples that Jordan is providing in the book and tell you how to make the calculations. Mijndert is also reviewing with Jordan how stockbrokers work and how banks push their index funds. Do you want to know what the mathematical way of thinking about this is? Join the show, subscribe! Because reading 50 books per year is amazing and teaches us a lot! Want Mijndert to read and review a book? Go to or contact us
In Chapter number 5 of our podcast show '50 Books each year' we are reading and reviewing the book: Gender your guide, by Lee Airton. Lee wrote how it was for them to deal with being transgender and non-binary and how you can make your language more gender friendly. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, Mijndert made them too but we kept this chapter as a single take to show the moments of thought and mistakes and grow from there. Reading 50 books per year is the most fun we ever had because we are learning so much! A special thank you to Fernando for lending me this book and to give me the opportunity to learn and grow. Want Mijndert to review a certain book? Contact us or go to the website for the social media channels. @50_books for most ;) 
In Chapter 4 of our podcast 50 Books each year Mijndert reviews ' Homo Deus ' by Yuval Noah Harari. Mankind is changing, are we aware of it, are we in control of it and are we participating in it? This Chapter asks certain questions about he past, present and future and gives real world examples of what is happening right now in the world. Thank you Yuval Noah Harari to make us thing so deep and so broad. If you are interested in a piece of the book listen to the podcast. If you want the full spectrum of changes, Harari's thoughts and examples than buy the book, we recommend it! Contact us at or on twitter @50_books
In chapter 3 of the podcast 50 Books each year we review the book Factfulness by the Swedish Hans Rosling. Hans is a doctor, a teacher, a researcher and a father. He puts a mirror in front of us and forces us to evaluate the way we look at the world. The we know all the facts, do we know the real facts? You will be surprised by the very low number of people who scored good on his 13 question test. If you think you know the world answer the 3 questions that we ask you in this chapter. Or just buy the book for the full 13 questions! Contact me at or on twitter @50_books
In chapter 2 of the podcast 50 Books each year we review the book 'Prepared' by Diane Tavenner. Diane is the founder of a public schooling network in the United States of America and has received multiple awards for the exceptional performance of her students. If you are looking to be inspired and care for the future of our children than this episode is one to listen to. Or just buy the book! Contact me at or on twitter @50_books
In the first chapter of the podcast 50 Books each year I am so happy to start with a very inspirational story. Phil Knight is the CEO en Co-founder of Nike. Phil takes us with him during every high and low that his company has had. If you want the real story about entrepreneurship, money, deals and personal issues then this chapter is one to listen to. Or just buy the book! Contact me on or on twitter @50_books



Hello and welcome to the podcast: 50 Books Each year. I am Mijndert your host and in this podcast I am going to be reviewing 1 book each week. I'll be covering mostly non fiction books and am looking forward to your input. Do you have a great book that I must review on the podcast? Contact me at or on twitter @50_books
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