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Personal Journey and storytelling
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This weeks guest is Barb Smith Varclova, a beacon of resilience and a leading expert in childhood trauma.  From her challenging upbringing as a dissident in Prague, facing persecution and fear, to her own survival of a life-threatening car accident.  Barb's journey is marked by profound experiences that have fuelled her passion for childhood trauma expertise.  In this episode we delve into her story and the transformative impact of her resilience on the field of trauma the show
Larisa Loredana Mitrica is a seasoned Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner with over a decade of experience. Specializing in unlocking the mind's potential, Larisa explores life's challenges through psychology, holistic remedies, yoga, and Rapid Transformational Therapy®. In this episode, she emphasizes the positive effects of music in our lives, inviting you on a transformative journey toward empowerment and authenticity. Larisa's commitment and expertise pave the way for overcoming barriers and unlocking your full potential.Links: the show
What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?


Rupa Datta is the visionary founder of Portfolio People. She has dedicated herself to a mission close to our hearts, making portfolio careers accessible to all and reshaping the way we perceive work in the modern world.With a rich and diverse background encompassing consulting, contracting, committee roles, and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, Rupa stands as an undisputed expert in the realm of portfolio careers.Today we're delving into a subject that connects us all – our names. So, join us for an enlightening conversation as we discuss the fascinating exploration of the significance of our names.Links: the show
Mirko Didara is a dedicated entrepreneur, has achieved success in various industries, including Nyos Properties, known for exceptional lodging, and "Bliss & Beds," a luxury property brand offering personalized getaways in stunning locations. In this episode, he shared his remarkable story of resilience and second chances.Links:blissandbeds.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
The Art of Branding

The Art of Branding


Daphne Diluce is an internationally acclaimed designer and branding expert celebrated for her diverse creative talents. Her work reflects a global perspective, effortlessly incorporating cultural influences. In addition to her branding expertise, she is a fervent filmmaker and director. Daphne's strong family values infuse her projects with a personal touch, emphasizing meaningful connections. With a proven track record in handling high-profile individuals and complex projects, she excels in her field. Daphne's creative process is fuelled by love and passion, underlining deep emotional connections within her designs. As a prominent figure at Brand Clever, she draws upon her international experience and storytelling passion to elevate her work.Links:http://www.daphnediluce.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Mildred Talabi has a decade of expertise in mastering personal branding and a diverse background that spans journalism, PR, and Communications. She has not only authored four books but has also built a remarkable presence on LinkedIn with over 50,000 followers and recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice. Additionally, she has founded the Visible Women Tribe, a global community for women in business and leadership.  In this episode she shares her story of why it is important to be visible.Links:www.mildredtalabi.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Bram Duffee is a highly experienced paramedic from Houston, Texas, with an impressive 25-year career. His journey into lifesaving started at just 14 when he saved a life in rural Kentucky, sparking a lifelong passion for first aid. He became one of the youngest paramedics in the country at 19, working in challenging environments, including critical care helicopters and diverse emergency units. Bram's academic pursuits led to two master's degrees and a Ph.D. in Human Development. His research explores paramedic-bystander conflict and decision-making under stress. He's authored books and co-authored groundbreaking work on hypnosis in emergency medicine. Currently, he's an Institute for Social Innovation Research Fellow and an educator, teaching university-level courses and hosting the "EMS Research with Professor Bram" podcast, sharing invaluable insights for those in emergency patient care.Links: www.ProfessorBram.com www.BramDuffee.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Nick Wilson is a British Army veteran who turned adversity into inspiration. After 14 years of service, Nick founded a successful chauffeuring business, Purely Platinum. However, he battled depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic spinal pain. A suicide attempt marked a turning point, leading Nick to sell his business and start Wellbeing 360, a mental health consultancy. He's also a Global Goodwill Ambassador, founded Talk Mental Health CIC, and raised funds for charity. Nick's impactful campaigns reached hundreds of thousands of people, and he completed a 385-mile trike ride to raise awareness for the 385 men who commit suicide monthly in the UK. His dedication earned him recognition and awards for his contributions to mental health awareness. Join us as we delve into Nick's inspiring journey.Links:mentalhealth-uk.orgsamaritans.orgwww.disabledadventurer.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Debra Blackman was born in the East End of London.  Her parents lived in a bedsit, in a shared house with no hot water.  Her early years were traumatic, as her family had a history of mental illness and abuse.  The family moved to the countryside when the family business grew. They became respected, middle-class members of the community.  Debra had a childhood that took her to a top private school, rubbing shoulders with privileged society.  However, when at home and behind closed doors, she lived in fear.  She has overcome adversity, and in many ways those formative years forged her resilience and determination.  Debra has over 25 years of business experience with leading organisations.  Through counselling Debra discovered her Soul Purpose... to leave her legacy to charity.   To support her in her mission, she has her own successful international business Viessentially Ltd. Links:https://viessentially.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Ghulam Fernandes is a Grief Transformation Coach who specializes in helping people deal with the various life events that can cause grief. Ghulam's personal experiences with grief drove her to gain extensive training in this field, and she founded her Handling Grief practice in 2022.  She's dedicated to providing others with the knowledge, tools, and processes to identify and process their grief, ultimately transforming their lives. Ghulam's passion lies in witnessing the positive transformation of individuals who have been trapped in the pain of unresolved grief.Links:www.handling-grief.comhttps://www.sueryder.orghttps://www.samaritans.orgdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Dr Matisa Wilbon is a TedX speaker with 18 years of experience as a sociologist and a decade dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her expertise has been instrumental in guiding individuals and organizations towards conquering the hurdles of inequity. During her tenure as a university professor, she pioneered a distinctive approach to teaching sociology, making her scholarship accessible and transformative for families and communities alike.  In this episode, she shares her personal journey and insights into why equity and inclusion are so vital in today's world. She'll also discuss the tangible changes we can all make to create a more inclusive and equitable society. Links:www.matisawilbon.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Ike Williams was born in Jamaica nearly a decade before the island gained its independence from Britain in 1962.  He considers himself fortunate to have experienced life in both colonial and post colonial Jamaica.  These experiences have moulded in him a rich and unique understanding of life.  After teaching for nearly ten years in Jamaica, he migrated to the Bahamas, where he now lives and works.  In this episode he shares the events that catapulted him into the teaching profession and we discuss his book, Teaching My Art My Heart and how this relates to storytelling.Links:www.Xlibris.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Ian Hawkins is the author of the book, Storytelling is your Superpower.  With a background as a business journalist, his work has been featured on CBS, Reuters, and the BBC World Service.  Ian is celebrated not only for his journalistic prowess but also for his warm and inclusive  style as a moderator. As a dynamic speaker, he captivates audiences with his insights into innovation, change, and the art of storytelling. His engaging presence has graced events on three continents: Europe, the United States, and Australia. He has shared his wisdom with an impressive clientele, including Olympians, cabinet ministers, and CEOs, helping them harness the power of storytelling for their own success.In this enlightening episode, Ian Hawkins delves into the essence of his book and why storytelling holds such an incredible power in our personal and professional the show
One Hundred

One Hundred


Today marks the incredible 100th episode, and we have something truly special in store for you. To commemorate this significant occasion, we've gathered a fantastic trio of remarkable individuals who will be grilling me with their insightful questions. Yes, indeed, safety in numbers! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our esteemed guests: Sabrina Aici, Dez Mighty, and Claudette Douglas. Together, we'll dive deep into captivating discussions that will enlighten, entertain, and leave you inspired.Links:debbiewilliamspodcast.comwww.unfiltered.Londonwww.spiritfirst.comSupport the show
 This week, Amy Frame,  a Board Certified Nurse Coach, Life Coach, and Business Coach shares her story about overcoming fears and being courageous.  She is no stranger to courage and with courage at the heart of her core values she lives her life accordingly.  Amy started her journey in the united states army at the age of 18, deploying to Iraq and completing a 1-year tour. She then returned to school, where she became a registered nurse working at a level 1 trauma center. She has overcome some incredible difficulties in her life, but has chosen to step out of the matrix, create a life fully aligned with her beliefs and each day finds the courage to move forward. Links: the show
This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming back Clinton Jordan, a captivating performer who has graced esteemed audiences, including influential figures such as UK Prime Ministers and esteemed Royalty, including the late Majesty the Queen. Clinton's diverse talents encompass professional singing, motivational speaking, and education. Throughout his career, he has graced the stage alongside renowned artists like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and the late Tina Turner, among others. His magnetic presence has also been showcased on various international TV networks.  Furthermore, he is also a Vocal Arranger for the choir sensation The Kingdom Choir who performed live on TV to over 2 billion households for the Royal Wedding in 2018. Recognising his outstanding leadership, his educational workshops have garnered him the prestigious Jack Petchey Award. In this episode, we provide an update on his mission to activate one million voices.Links:https://www.clintonjordan.comhttps://p7kkcpgc.pages.infusionsoft.netdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
This week we catch-up with Wayne Sapsed, owner of the music streaming business, For The Lag of God, showcasing amazing, talented and creative independent musicians from all genres around the world.Links:forthelagofgod.comdebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
Jose Pereira, a former Citgo Petroleum CEO, was wrongly held captive in Venezuela for almost five years (November 21, 2017, to October 1, 2022). He was part of the CITGO6 and his only "crime" was being an American. Since his release, Pereira focuses on reconnecting with family, writing his memoir, advocating for wrongfully detained Americans, and reforming US hostage policies. He draws upon his international experiences to inspire and empower others to effect positive change, with an unwavering motto of resilience and faith.Links: the show
Embracing Our Talents

Embracing Our Talents


Dez Mighty is a true visionary and a creative force to be reckoned with. He has an exceptional talent and has conquered the worlds of filmmaking, photography, spoken word, acting, and the dynamic realm of the media.  His creative prowess knows no bounds, and he constantly seeks to shatter barriers and unlock our untapped potential for self-expression.  In this episode, he shares his story on the transformative power of stepping outside our comfort zones. Through his contagious passion, he empowers us all to embrace our unique voices and fearlessly share our stories with the world. Links:www.unfiltered.Londondebbiewilliamspodcast.comSupport the show
This week, we welcome Steve Judge who is a professional speaker, author and resilience coach.  His autobiography entitled, Don’t Lean on Your Excuses is where he shares his story that took him from a wheelchair to world champion and beyond.  He explains how he didn’t lean on his excuses throughout his journey and the learnings he gained which he now shares to help and empower others.  He is passionate about everyone experiencing the happiness and fulfilment of achieving the life that they have imagined and truly deserve. Links:Twitter: @stevejudge        stevejudgegoldYoutube: the show
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