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Food, But We Digress...
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Food, But We Digress...

Author: Alex French Guy Cooking

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"Food, But We Digress..." is a Podcast about Food and Cooking, hosted by two food geeks and cooking enthusiasts : Alex, the host of popular YouTube channel “Alex French Guy Cooking”, and Joshua, the food-obsessed video editor of Alex's videos... Ramen or Pho ? Coffee or Tea ? Neapolitan or NYC Pizza ? They don't always agree, which is good, but boy do they digress... React to it on Twitter using @FBWDpodcast
35 Episodes
We are always trying to get authentic food from authentic places, but sometimes we fall. Sometimes they try to fool you into believing it is authentic. Real Feijoada ? Genuine Croissant ? Authentic Pasta ? Very easy to get fooled.
Double Carbs is using two different carbs on the same plate. Rice and potatoes. Pasta and bread. I feel like it may be wrong but I am not sure. Sometimes it works. What do you think ?
Failure in the kitchen is painful, but it is inevitable and very useful to know which route not to take. While making croissant for Christmas breakfast, Josh experienced it the hard way. Alex and Josh try to draw conclusion from this.
Josh is having a croissant every morning. Hold on. He's having "sort of a croissant", but the english version. Alex is not offended. HE IS NOT ! Oh by the way, food purists are hypocrites.
A terrible story about a shit smell in a restaurant. Western France Andouille sausage is around the corner. Stinky foods can be delicious. How come can that be. Absolutely dreadful yet completely delightful. Also, Dog treats do stink, just saying. Enjoy or not. I don't judge.
Alex and Josh talk about regional Omelettes and they try to find which one is the best. They both have a personal favourite but of course, it is not the same. Great.
Eating with hands is gross. Or is it ? Alex and Josh have different opinions on this. Eating with  bare hands creates a different bond with food. It also is a convenient way for bacteria to get into you. But, what if you wash your hands ? Still gross ? What about the etiquette ? What about pizza ?
Alex and Josh discuss about Italian Tomatoes and how people perceive them : Is it a lure ? or is it true that they are the best in the universe ? Can't other countries make good tomatoes too ? Very controversial subject here.
Alex and Josh reflect on the Fried Rice series (YouTube). Loads of things were learnt, a few were not even told in the series.
Kitchen Uni-taskers are a controversial subject. Do we really need gadgets ? IS a rice cooker a gadget ? How often doo you have to use a uni tasker to accept it in your kitchen ?
In every passionate cook's journey, there's a tilting point where you actually start making the ingredients you need to cook recipes. That's an important one cause there's no going back. Could You Make EVERYTHING You Eat ? Each One Shall Teach One Yeah.
We all have a personal Food Nemesis : Oysters, Asparagus, Chicory, Guts, Brains, Balls, Black chocolate... We are all picky eaters to a certain degree. Where does it come from ? Why are we picky eaters in the first place. ?Alex and Josh share memories, stories and experiences and try to find out why.
Rice. (nuff' said)

Rice. (nuff' said)


Rice is so underrated. Rice memories. Rice recipes. It can take so many different forms. Medium grain, Long grain, Short grain, separate grains, sticky grains, jasmine rice, japonica rice, basmati rice. Alex and Joh genuinely love RICE, and yet they both had good and terrible experiences in the past with it.
Fried food becomes soggy when you dip it, unless off course you ....
Existential problems with Joshua and Alex. Pancakes.
Alex suffers from Chili Addiction. Josh has been there, and now he's offering precious guidance.
Is Wine undoubtedly superior to Beer ? Is Beer simply better than Wine ? Alex and Josh have each picked a side, but hold on, You might actually be VERY surprised on who picked which side...
Josh and Alex discuss all about Michelin starred restaurants. One of them likes them, the other dislikes them.
A saucy Sauce-off ! Sounds like "Saucisson" in French. Whatever.
Back in the game for Season 2 ! After a well deserved break, Alex and Josh are back in their kitchens, and they digress. 's all I got for this description.
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Paul Swindlehurst

ditalini goes into pasta fagioli

Feb 10th

György Névery

I am definitely up for a beer :)

Aug 7th

ibrahim GHO

I love this podcast 😍

Sep 26th
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