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It’s Waterboy from 1998. We complain about Touchstone Smurf Weiner Productions and green screen technology. Recapping the movie. Brendan likes the colours, Alex likes the voice Adam Sandler does. More at
We watch a horrible movie this week. It's cut in odd places, makes no sense, has a weird looking monkey and made almost no money. It isn't even remembered by the world. Joey from Friends was in a movie and no one cared. Monkey business.
Check out the timed show notes at: Brendan is on vacation and so, YOU get next week's episode a week early! We talk self-inflicted Dutch Oven's, Playmate abuse, The Juice, Rugrats, South Park and #DeflateGate.
Alex did a wonderful job with his soliloquies on this episode. We talk H-JO, baths, cat rescue and Cinco di Mayo on this episode. This week, we're trying out timed shownotes find them here,
Our motto for this romantic ghost tale is WITTB. It involves a former game show and prime-time host whose name we just enjoy saying. This movie really isn't our cup of tea. Romance, money, murder and pottery. Find us at
We start our ghost trilogy with this children's classic: Casper. A friendly ghost if I've ever met one.
Come along with us and watch Tim Allen's haircut. We have a comedic-sci-fi bonanza on this episode 90's TV Dad hits us right in the cocaine feels. Yep, that happened.
Another VHSRip and CANCON production on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema. Our second installment in the 2021 Extraterrestilogy. This dollar store bin movie actually has a half-way decent beginning. But, then, the plot falls apart and they turn into ali
We watch Men in Black. Aliens, Coffee, Chinese Food. If you made it to the end of this episode, you get a gold star and a pitcher of Sunny D. We get the Fresh Prince and order some delicious Chinese food on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema. What's your
This movie is a philosophical story. It's not at all funny. It's not an adventure story. It's 6, or so people, in a cube. One of them designed the cube. Another is a jerk, pedo-cop--Epstein. Email
This psychological thriller has us tongue-tied and our brains turned into mush. We really struggled with this one. I mean, what is the point? Why didn't they consider another ending? Why is this movies plot dependant on it's suspenseful music? "What? I do
We begin this episode with Black Mirror, Prime Ministers and Elijah's audition tapes. This movie is terrifying. Henrycully is a masterful actor in this movie. He probably killed his own brother and starts torturing and killing animals.
Ep. 21 - Daddy Issues and Underaged Marriage - Deep Impact (1996) Originally recorded : December 2020 (The Night Before The Night Before Christmas) The Night Before Christmas and all through the house not a space ship was stirring, not even an asteroid.
Movie discussion starts at 6:32 We start up this one with broken garage doors and used cars. Man, after watching that, we sure wish we owned a Chevy Silverado for all of that volcano action! Find us,
Brendan and Alex make a promotional short for Spotify and Amazon Music. Find episodes, show notes and more of Refined 90's Cinema at
Robot penises and a useless child on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema. We are now on Amazon Podcasts too! Find us,
This week! Oh this week! The boys are back and getting in touch with our collective 90's feminine side on this (penaultimate to Ep. 19) episode of Refined 90's Cinema. Find us,
This week, the boys are CLUE-LESS about Clueless from 1995. Neither of them have seen it, they're weird what can I say! Find us,
Are they trapped? Are they parents? Are they the? Find us this week on the most Refined of 90's Cinema's. Watch Dennis Quaid and the Mom have a fun time when their twin daughters-both played by the same actrice-make friends. Find us,
The Boys take on another christmas classic, on this special Christmas Extravaganza of Refined 90's Cinema. Find us at
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