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8. The Streaming Wars

8. The Streaming Wars


They say love can’t bloom on the battlefield but does that apply to anime? In the finale of Anime in America we catch up on where anime is now, streaming’s impact on the anime industry, and answers life's biggest questions: What IS anime? Guests: Kun Gao, Grace Opigo
7. Raised by TV

7. Raised by TV


Remember how many failed attempts there were to get Dragon Ball onto TV? Yeah, neither did I but here we are. We also take a dive into what most millennials credit as their first taste of anime with Toonami. Guests: Jason Demarco, Roland Kelts
Who would have guessed it was tough getting any store to pick up AKIRA or the arduous road to get a single Ghibli film to the states for it to be the only anime film to eventually win an Oscar. Guests: Jerry Beck
5. Manga in America

5. Manga in America


If you’re tired of every movie being based on a comic book in the states….boy do I have bad news for you. Manga (Japanese comics) is a major part of the anime industry in Japan...but they’ve had and continue to have a hard time in America. Guests: Rachel Thorne, and Nick Rowe
Your average American has a very specific view of Anime and most of the time they think it’s tentacles and anime babes but we’re here to set the record straight. Also, It’s called Hentai and it’s ART.
Things have changed since the recording of our convention episode so we’re bringing you a special bonus episode to talk about the new convention landscape in a Covid world.
3. The Long Con(vention)

3. The Long Con(vention)


From humble beginnings, conventions were 5 people in a room huddled around a VCR and a tube television. Now they’re attended by hundreds of thousands of people and take an army to put on. Also, the world of being a professional cosplayer. What a world!
Localization is a messy world, especially in the 80s’, but that doesn’t stop Harmony Gold (a company, not a person) from mashing up a few shows to create the first big anime, Robotech. Also, you’ll never believe how former Italian prime minister and known criminal Silvio Berlusconi is involved!
Before you could go online to watch literally any and every anime you had to send a letter, a check, and wait a few months for a VHS of maybe 4 episodes. Also, doing that was a crime.
Chronicling the rise of anime and its journey from Japan to Saturday-morning cartoons in America. Western fans have since swarmed to anime...but not without some drama and bloodshed. Anime in America is hosted by Yedoye Travis.
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mmd vrlo

well as someone who's living in Iran ( where Arslan Senki came from ) it was very enjoyable to know anime was not an easy way to have fun back there , even in America . it kinda gives me hope that someday anime could become popular and a suitable way to have fun in my own country .

Feb 11th


Great podcast with nice editing and audio. A dive into some geek history. A lot of this info is available on Youtube essays but with the addition if some interesting interviews with a likable host. Definitely worth a listen. Here hoping for a season 2 or spin off podcast.

Oct 30th

Solomon Mars

wait... FINAL episode? aww maaaan.

Sep 12th
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