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Author: Ashli Templer

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Allergy Proof® by Ashli Templer (that's me!) is dedicated to helping hard working women with health issues get through life. I chat about autoimmune conditions, intolerances, allergies, and undiagnosed symptoms. If you're one who works 12 hours days and crawls into bed with stomach aches, I get it. Brain fog, itchy skin, BYO-ing snacks to parties, the works, I've been there. In this podcast I talk real-life stories with biz women, answer the questions you wanna know from health specialists and give all the tips I've learned over the years. I look at mastering your schedule, creating new habits, and thriving in your career to leave you feeling like you’re not alone in your health journey. I founded social media agency Pep Creative and skincare brand Yours Only and have been dealing with pesky intolerances and skin conditions my entire life. AND, for the past eight years, she’s been living with Hashimoto’s disease so I've seen a lot of specialists in my time. Follow my journey on Instagram at @ashlitempler.
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Hello! I am back after three months off working on all things Yours Only, Allergy Proof and myself. I've been able to work on building some strong campaigns and ideas for the brands, AND drumroll please... I have finally got to the bottom of my main symptoms, and am in the process of working out my treatment plan. If you feel like you're in the same boat - feel free to DM me, anytime on via @yoursonlyco or @ashlitempler. 
As I am nearly wrapped up for this season of the podcast, I thought I would reflect back on the year of 2020, and my biggest baby Yours Only. I know I have spoken about the process of developing the products, but I wanted to share more about who we are as a brand. I know this seems like a bit of a sell, but as Christmas is coming up, people are becoming a lot more considered with the products they’re buying, so it’s a great Story to tell, so you can share this episode with them after they’re opened their gift. 
In this week’s episode I chatted to Claire Aristides, who is a wellness tech innovator and trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as the founder of the Mindology App. Her story really stood out to me, because as you’ll hear, she also has Hashimoto’s disease, but didn’t know it, until after she had 7 miscarriages. She was super healthy, until she experienced a lot of stress in her life. Claire used hypnotherapy to help her through it, and then decided to become a hypnotherapist herself. It’s a super long, but interesting story, so make sure you stick around to hear all of it, because it will get you wanted to try hypnotherapy yourself. Enjoy!Full show notes at: 
Hello! As we finalllllly ease out of lockdown, I thought it would be good to chat about eating out with allergies and intolerances. I get a bit of social anxiety when it comes to eating out, but have really nailed the process to eating out WITHOUT the stress. I cover both locally and travelling overseas so you can always be well fed. If you wanna chat more to me about it, feel free to DM me on IG at @ashlitempler. 
Today’s guest is someone who I love dearly. Her name is Melanie Mitchell and she is  the founder of The Sundae Agency, which is a sister agency to my agency Pep Creative. She is also the founder of The Citrus Club, which is located in Yeppoon Queensland. She is SUCH a genius when it comes to all things branding and advertising, and was the creative brain behind the Yours Only branding. We’ve always bonded over our health journeys as they’re very similar. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a few years ago, and has been on a very long and windy journey to get her system in a healthy place. Mel and her fiancé Rhys have been trying to fall pregnant for the last two and a half years and she is still not pregnant. We always hear stories of women who struggled who finally fell pregnant, but not stories of women still on the journey. It is a little raw, but I really hope telling her story will help you, or someone else going through the same thing. Enjoy. Full show notes at: 
If you’ve been following me on Instagram you would have seen I've had some ongoing issues with my lips. It started with just general dry cracked lips, then the corners of my mouth got really cracked and started to bleed. And now they’re just so inflamed and red, where the edges of my lips are really wonky. Not ideal. I couldn't even tell you when it first started but it’s definitely been since working from home. In saying this, I have always had dry lips and always need to have a balm on hand, but this is next level. In today’s episode, I am going to go through a few things: 1: Some of the reasons why you get dry lips2: Why I think I have dry lips, and what 3: What I am going to do about it, where I would love your help. If you want to chat about what you want in a balm, DM me at: 
Today we are talking to the lovely Millie from Dietician Edition. She is a Melbourne-based Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Founder of Nutrition Consultancy company Dietitian Edition. This episode touches on the importance of skin health from what you eat, to what you’re putting on your body, which is something I am so so passionate about. As I am not a specialists I thought I would bring someone one who is qualified to educate you about skin health.Full show notes at: 
In this episode I talk all about how you can work out what the heck is going on with your body so you can get rid of symptoms like brain fog, stomach aches, vomiting, rashes or all of the above. I am NOT a doctor, and have zero qualifications to be providing you with medical advice, so I always recommend checking with your doctor for actual diagnosis or drastic life changes. What I am suggesting in this episode is what worked for me, and for some girlfriends, and everyone’s body is different. If you ever wanna chat, feel free to DM me via 
In this week's episode I chat with someone who also did the podcast course with me, so we were able to connect on that front and talk about our similar health issues. Her name is Rachel and she does many things! She is a Women’s Health Educator for women who want to understand their bodies, an Australian-trained physiotherapist, nutrition and health coach and natural fertility educator, where she teaches women all those things they never learnt in health class - from periods, pregnancy and pelvic floor. She has her own podcast Mana Women's Wellness, which is connected to her resource library and her digital guides, where she answers all those questions you’ve been secretly Googling. We also talk about a life changing diagnoses of coeliac disease she got at 25 after a stressful moment in her life. It was pretty tough for her at the time, but now she’s super healthy and looking to start a family very soon. Full show notes at: 11
In this episode I talk all about the process of how I started my allergy focused skincare brand Yours Only®, starting with my health issues, to how I formulated the products, bottles and branding. There were a lot of twists and turns, but now you can see the end result, safe and pretty products perfect for anyone with dramatic skin. Take a peek: 
This week’s podcast guest is a little different to our usual interview episodes. Instead of interviewing someone you might know, I interviewed someone who’s suffered from severe eczema for most of their life, and ended up finding a solution that worked for her, and she now has the smoothest hands she’s ever had. Jacquie was working as a physiotherapist, which was labour intensive itself on her hands, and also meant she had to be constantly washing her hands. She found herself lying in oat baths, jumping from specialist to specialist, changed career paths to something less tolling on her hands, and worked out she had an enzyme imbalance in her gut, which was causing her skin to flare up. We heard her story through a friend and felt it was too good not to share with you all, because if you’re suffering from “incurable” skin conditions, there are solutions out there. If you know someone who has some issues with their skin, pls send them this episode as they might be able to explore new avenues. Enjoy! 
Off the back of a pretty bad flare up, I wanted to share what it feels like to go through one. This episode goes through the aftermath of a very big and stressful week, and indulging in some things I probably shouldn't have. I cover the importance of managing stress, reducing anything that causes a flare up and flare ups from food, alcohol, stress and Hashimoto's disease. Enjoy, and see you on Instagram: 
The delightful Vanessa Hutchinson has suffered from IBS and annoying gut symptom most of her adult life - BUT she now has them under control with a well managed diet. After suffering from her own gut issues, and discovering she needed to be on a low FODMAP diet she started Fodbods, FODMAP friendly snack options for busy people. They’re all made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients, vegan, gluten and dairy free.Full show notes at:
In this episode I share all about the make up, skincare, and cleaning products I use to help me live a low chemical life. After years and years of trial and error and using plenty of products that effect my skin, I finally don't have flare ups and itchy spots. All of these are just suggestions of what works for me - everyone is different. I did give a suggestion on a website that I use to test out which products are free of salicylates, and this is it:, and see you on Instagram at @ashlitempler
Bec Mitchell is another human who has experience growing up with allergies and intolerances, and jumped from specialist to specialist to get to the bottom of her symptoms. She practiced as a qualified psysio for a long seven years, before she decided to jump ship and work as a Corporate Wellness Consultant and Speaker where she uses evidence based wellbeing strategies for happiness and productivity. She is just a ray of light, who helps us see the connection between mental health and gut symptoms. Full show notes at: 
Heads up! This ones a little raw. I have previously have spoken about my health journey, but what I haven’t gone into depth about is my 2020 health journey. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and spent a lot of money on tests and they've mostly led me no where. This episode will take you through all the emotions, plus where I am at now (it’s positive, kinda). 
Monica Gingold is one of Australia’s leading hair and make up artists, who has been suffering from chronic fatigue since she was a teenager. I’ve been working with Monica for around 7 years now across various projects and she’s never mentioned anything about it. I felt passionate that Monica needed to share her journey as it would help SO many who are in the same boat. She’s always kept it pretty private, until now. Full show notes at:
Chloe Mcleod is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian, who is my dietician. She’s a very, very knowledgable and personable human who helps people across sport, performance and gut health. She’s played a veryyyy big part in my health journey AND led me in the right direction, which is when the idea of Yours Only® came to fruition. Full show notes at:
It's me! I have bought along my dear friend, Alyce Greer, founder of Bossy. Copywriting to interview me to deep dive into my health journey, with all of its twists and turns. Alyce and I have been friends for over ten years, so you'll hear a lot about the fun things we've been up to together, my diagnosis with Hashimoto's disease, allergies, ongoing health issues and how I came to create Yours Only®, my new skincare biz. Full show notes at:
The Allergy Proof™ podcast is coming oh, so soon. This podcast is dedicated to helping hard working women with health issues get through life. I’m Ashli Templer and I will be your host. I have more allergies and intolerances than you can count on one hand. I am that person who BYO’s snacks to parties. I’m also that person who has spent thousands of dollars trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms. From running my social media agency Pep Creative and skincare brand Yours Only, I know a thing or two about navigating a busy schedule with ongoing health issues. Join me and my special guests weekly as we chat about all things health, mastering your schedule, creating new habits and thriving in your career to leave you feeling like you’re not alone in your health journey. Please subscribe to this podcast so you can get notified as soon as we go live. 
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