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The Final Episode

The Final Episode


After months of discussion, we have decided to hang up our political hats for now. This episode we will discuss what's going on politically, but also remember some of our favorite episodes and guests. We will be doing another podcast, but this time it will be on tv shows and movies. It will be called What the Binge Did I Just Watch. Check that podcasts Facebook page for updates @whatbingewatch
Final Episode ...ish

Final Episode ...ish


Final Episode ...ish. As we start to bring the podcast series to a close. We got a lot to unpack today. We will be discussing current events up and until then and what comes after we end Nick and Russ Don't Know Anything.
10-Year-Old-Pregnant Rape Victims, Republicans voting no on everything, even if its actually helps and protects people.  Mexico is the place to be. Europe is already in 6G. What are Nick and Russ watching?
We are happy to have one of our favorite past guest and friend to the podcast, Brandy Chambers, join us as we discuss the recent over turn of Roe v Wade and were our democracy is headed.
What happens with a branch of the government strips all of the rights of the majority? They break the society, 1984 is upon us. They want us to be subservient, mindless workers . Roe v Wade - gonePolice Accountability - goneClean Air Act - gone...Next Gay Rights, Contraception, Interracial Marriage, Segregation, Meat name it...its going way. It will be easier to die and harder to vote in this country.VOTE BLUE in 2022!
Roe v Wade is gone. Healthcare rights to all women in the US are gone, they are coming for Gay Rights, Contraception, and Bedroom Privacy next. We no longer live in a Free America. We went live on TikTok.
Yosemite, Insurrection, Still No SCOTUS Abortion Opinion. Are we gonna get any Sensible Gun Laws? Lauren, Marge, and the other Trumpidiots.
What did the first hearing say about the Jan. 6th insurrection. What has the Evangelicals been covering up for years.
GOP Can't Lie To Congress. GOP's stance is guns over kids. Little ole' Pete gets arrested. Ukraine and Russia update.
This week lets talk about guns, what happened in Uvalde, and other issues. Nick has Covid.
Best of Season 2020

Best of Season 2020


Unfortunately Nick and Russ aren't able to do a new episode this week. However they present the Best of Season 2020 for Episodes 01 - 03. Its a look at the first episode, their discussion on childhood memories, like Nick's first pet chicken. As well as the dive into good deeds, healthcare from Episode 02, and change from Episode 03. Tune in next week for a new episode. 
Everything that isn't in the constitution is going to be taken away. Get out and vote Blue. The latest in the Russian war against Ukraine.
In this episode, Nick and Russ discuss Good versus Evil. Good will always triumph, because Evil is Dumb! How the Southern States are criminalizing Abortion, even when the mother's life is at risk. Public Education being taken away. Gay marriage is going to be reversed. Interracial marriage being reversed. Its going to go quickly if we don't all vote Blue.
Ukraine and The US!

Ukraine and The US!


What is going on in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And what the heck is going on in the US, crazy times we live in.
Madison Cawthorne Looks Great In Lingerie. MTG doesn't have a memory problem. Are Russian Oligarchs having a unalive problem? McCarthy had a spine at one point, maybe if he asks the wizard he can get it back. Is Bush and Obama related? Anti Abortion, Don't Say Gay, Can't be Trans in GOP America.
Let's talk about Taxes, and sprinkle some other news with it. As Tax season is coming to a close in America, unless you get an extension. No change in format yet. Plus the anti-abortion laws, the war against the LGBTQ+ community. Listen for some good tax tips.
This weeks past events in America with the confirmation of the first African American Judge. The attack on Women's rights. Russia's war crimes. Twitter gets a new co-owner. Russ's 23andMe. And Let's be Pirates. Discussion on changing formats for the show.
Discussing this past weeks events, include how Russia is doing in the Ukraine war they started. How far was Clarence Thomas' wife involved with Trump's presidency. And what team are you one Smith or Rock, with the slap that was seen around the world. Electric Vehicles, Inflation, and gas prices...
Nick and Russ discuss the ongoing war crimes of Putin. What the hell was the GOP thinking during the confirmation hearing of Judge Jackson. Is Trump going to be indicted? What are the topics that the GOP is pushing and do they matter?
Ukraine and More!

Ukraine and More!


Ukraine discussion. US news, more aggressive anti abortion bills are being passed, Operation March Sadness 2, and how did the Senate come together to vote unanimously.  INFLATION!
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