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Author: Janna Macik

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Hello, and Welcome! I am excited you are here, and I am grateful that his platform can connect us as we create new opportunities for ourselves and others. Join our weekly encouraging conversations to advance your career, expand your unique potential, and become a better leader. My name is Janna Macik. I am Global HR, Talent Mobility & Immigration Expert, Career and Leadership Strategist, and Empowerment Enthusiast. I proudly hold the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS), and Global Mobility Specialist-Talent (GMS-T) designations from Worldwide ERC®. As an accredited Judgment Index Consultant, I am passionate about sharing personal development, empowerment, leadership, and growth. Outside of my consulting work, I enjoy being present with my family of nine and advocate for children with unique abilities. I am excited to see you join me on this journey of Personal Empowerment!
21 Episodes
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Dr. Charles and Elaine Sanger. Dr. Charles and Elaine Sanger are author advisors, authors, and publishers. They serve entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and people with a story they want to share with the world through their Your Message Programs.We will talk about: 📖 Authorship🏆 Business | Entrepreneurship🔄 Marriage | Partnerships| Working Together
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Suman Kapur, M.S.Suman Kapur is the CEO of Well Balanced Solutions. As a Professional Development Coach and Consultant, Suman understands people in a way that enables her to guide them towards win-win solutions. She brings her spirit of inquiry, education, and "people first" attitude to her professional life, helping resolve conflicts, enhance leadership skills, and develop healthy workplaces. Topic: How To Turn Conflict Into A Positive ExperienceWe will discuss: 💥 Conflict is inevitable💥 If handled correctly, conflict can be positive💥 Conflict leads to change, and change can be good💥 Effective communication is key
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Diane Elko.Diane Elko is passionate about IMPROVEMENT and CHANGE! She is the owner and President of Improve It! Consulting & Training, with extensive experience leading, motivating, and coaching executives and teams toward successful results. Diane has spoken at conferences nationwide and published numerous articles on Quality Management and Creative Team Problem Solving. Her focus is on the customer, and she combines this with helping small business owners achieve the significant results they deserve using practical, measurable, and straightforward systems.Topic: How Focusing On Quality Can Improve Your Career And BusinessWe will cover:💥 Quality management on your professional journey💥 How to define QUALITY💥 "Improvement through the power of people and processes." 💥 Four step process to improve quality💥 How to get unstuck and improve your career and business through four step quality processI am excited your are here!
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez,Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., is a Neuropsychologist, Executive Coach, and Organizational Development Consultant. She helps professional women stop being overlooked for promotions, negotiate a bigger salary & speak up at work.Topic: How To Take Your Career To The Next LevelWe will talk about: 💥 What questions you need to ask yourself when you want to take your career to the next level.💥 Who you need to communicate your goals of career advancement to and what timeline to expect.💥 Tips to become a valued contributor in your work environment to gain the attention of key decision-makers.💥 How to overcome the dilemma of confidence vs. competence for women leaders.💥 Doubt can hijack your leadership career trajectory.💥 What to do if you want to change career or transition right now, during a pandemic.You will advance your life and career by asking yourself the right questions when you want to move to the next level, overcoming your doubts, and making valuable contributions in your workplace and your industry. When we grow and succeed together, we will change this world to be a better place.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski.Dr. Natalia consults and speaks globally, comes from Hanover (Germany) and lives in Dubai. She edutained on conferences and events like Women In Leadership Economic Forum (United Arab Emirates), SAP Now (Slovenia), Digital Enterprise Show (Spain), Digital Takeover HR (Croatia), Marketingoffensive (Germany), Masters of LinkedIn Summit (USA), LinkedIn Local Warszawa (Poland) and DTAC (Bahrain).She started as a Social Scientist, turned into a Dr. of Philosophy, a “LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn” (Inc. magazine), a Forbes Coaches Council Member, “Top Expert” (Erfolg magazine), a LinkedIn Learning author and the Middle East’s leading Edutainer.Topic: How to Build an Impressive Personal Brand on LinkedInWe will discuss:⭐ What is personal branding⭐ Importance of your branding⭐ Benefits of LinkedIn⭐ Tips to expand your social network
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with KRISTIN A. SHERRY.Kristin created a phenomenal Award-Winning YouMap® Profile. She is an Author of Career Books for Adults & Self-Discovery for Kids: Amazon #1 Bestseller YouMap, You've Got Gifts!, Maximize 365.Topic: How to Pivot Your CareerIf contemplating a career change, consider these steps:⭐ Discover your Four Pillars of Career Fit™ – Pinpoint your strengths, values, preferred skills, and interests to help you move in the right direction.⭐ Write out your ideal day – Envision what you want your day to look like.⭐ List deal makers and deal breakers – Know what you need to have and want to avoid; stay honest with yourself.⭐ Assess feasibility/desirability – Evaluate viability and level of desire for the options before choosing.⭐ Align with your target – Tailor your networking pitch, resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview stories to the new career/role target.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Brian G. Bachand.Brian's journey began from being a priest to an executive in New York City and now founder of his own company, evolution evolution. His expertise is helping professional leaders and organizations evolve to be courageous and intentional. He is based out of Toronto and is proud to be both an American and Canadian citizen.Topic: How To Move Beyond Fears To Freedom In Changing Your Career Path.We will discuss these four points:⭐ How to identify, accept and surrender when it is time to change⭐ How to deal with some of the main fears that creep up and hold us back⭐ How to take positive and aligned steps to move your career to the next stage⭐ How to leverage your network, skills etc. for what you desire to do next
Join this Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Barbie Winterbottom.Barbie is an Author of The 5 Imperatives for HR Leaders, Leadership Influencer, HR Expert, previously Chief People Officer, and currently CEO of Business of HR. She coaches HR & People Leaders to be Business Leaders first.We will discuss the 5 Imperatives for HR professionals to transform their career from tactical “doers” to strategic value add thought leaders.We will cover:💥 Why HR folks need to think differently about the work they do💥 Why HR needs to be business leaders first and HR practitioners second💥 CEO’s and CFO’s need to support HR to execute the work they expect💥 The 5 Imperatives are not just for HR professionalsBy learning from others' leadership experiences and investing in our growth from tactical to strategic, we will become a thought leader, transform our careers, and ultimately change this world to be a better place.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Brian Bogert.Brian Bogert is a passionate human behavior and performance coach, speaker, business strategist, top sales professional, and philanthropic leader who believes in helping growth-minded individuals make their best even better. Topic: How Choosing to Embrace Pain Creates Success and Avoids SufferingWe will cover: ➡️ Where the concept Embrace Pain, Avoid Suffering came from➡️ The difference between pain and suffering➡️ Ways you can apply this concept in your own life➡️ Themes of the high performers
Join This Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You":Topic: How To Become A Well-Balanced LeaderWe will discuss six balance dials that affect your life and career satisfaction. I believe that we can improve our performance and achieve a better life and career satisfaction by gaining self-awareness and seeking being balanced in all aspects of our lives, we will ultimately change this world to be a better place.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Nicole Barile.Nicole is the Founder of NB Intercultural, a training company helping to improve business communications across cultures. For over 15 years, she's been working closely with organizations to create culturally competent and globally-minded leaders. Nicole has been to over 40 countries, speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and has been in the global mobility world for over 15 years.Topic: How To Become A Culturally Competent LeaderWe will cover:What cultural competency is & why it is neededHow to achieve cultural competencyThe benefits of cultural competency for your career and life
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Wilma Figueroa.Wilma is a Career Coach and Behavioral Trainer at Legions Group. She is a certified DISC Trainer and John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Mentor.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Gia Ganesh, Director of People and Culture at Florence Healthcare to discuss career framework and how to grow your career.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" to talk about leadership skills necessary for your success.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" to talk about your personal fuel source and ways to optimize your performance.
Join me on LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Cher Jones.Cher is a Corporate Social Media Trainer, Keynote Speaker, 1:1 Personal Branding Coach. She is teaching professionals how to brand themselves & use social media at work for work. Make sure to check out LinkedIn show #JustAskCher on Tuesdays at 8 pm EST.Cher shares her branding strategies and tips on how you can show up better on LinkedIn to gain engagement and visibility.#poweringuniqueyou #GlobalHR #ProfessionalConnections #LinkedInBranding #globalmobility
Join this LinkedIn Live Broadcast "Powering Unique You" with Elena Anderson-de Lay and Tiffany Castagno, PHR, SHRM-CP.We discuss how to create and make the most of professional connections!Connections are meaningful.Connections are important.Connections are powerful.#PoweringUniqueYou #LinkedInLive #connections#professionalnetworking #businessnetworking #businessconnections
Join my special guest Amy Blaschka and I as we explore on topic The Power of Your Stories.Amy is a Social Media Ghostwriter and Forbes Leadership Contributor. She helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better.
Enjoy this episode of "Powering Unique You" with Michael Smith who shares the story of HR Mobility Peer Group and how it has grown over 1500 HR Executives in 24 months.Michael is a Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AHI Corporate Housing and Entrepreneur in Residence at The Shelby County Chamber.He will share tips on how you can build your professional community.
Join me on  "Powering Unique You" with Harry Elsinga, who shares four key points on what it means to be a Talent Champion.Harry held various HR executive leadership roles at GE since 1996 and from 2008 onward in the GE Oil & Gas CHRO role including the 2017 merger with Baker Hughes as CHRO until May 2020. He is now in transition as CHRO & Talent Champion advisor. Harry’s foundation is built on a broad global set of experiences with assignments in Hong Kong, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Belgium, the UK, and the USA.Topic: How To Become a Talent Champion
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Victoria Mccullar

Janna this podcast was really meaningful to me. We all have a story and have to be our own cheerleader. I am enjoying listening to you on the podcasts when I can't watch you live. Thanks

Jul 25th
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