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Welcome to the Lincoln Leads podcast! As the employee benefits landscape continues to evolve, Lincoln is leading conversations on key trends and industry insights. Tune in as we discuss important topics that are relevant to employee well-being—including mental, financial and physical aspects, and the impact of current events. Through the Lincoln Leads podcast, our knowledgeable professionals are here to engage in thoughtful discussions and partner to help you lead.
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Description: Life is returning to normal, in many ways, as the US sees more success in containing and preventing COVID infections.  But there’s still a lot of uncertainty – whether there will be another wave of infections and serious illness, who will have long-term health impacts of COVID, and how families will be affected by the economic and social disruption.  Having the right type of protection against the unexpected has never been more important.© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3716430-081321
In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic caused an estimated 76 million U.S. Workers to shift to a work from home environment, essentially overnight. While much of our world is beginning to show signs of pre-pandemic lifestyle, there are some changes – like working from home – which may persist post-pandemic. Listen to learn about the Autonomy Paradox in telework – a key concept exploring the root causes of mental health & stress which can adversely impact your workforce. Employers can help their employees navigate these complexities – and our expert physicians are here to offer solutions. Resource links: Teleworking tips from the University of Washington 5 Tips on Working from Home when your significant other does too Supporting new ways of working together during remote workReferences used for this episode© 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved. LCN-3554911-041921
Welcome to season two of Lincoln Leads! In the first episode of the season we’ll explore how many of the changes the workforce experienced in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be considered permanent – whether that’s at home or at work. Listen in to learn about how employers can help support their employees as they navigate adapting to new routines and expectations, and key ways to successfully lead a happy and productive workforce.LCN-3418907-012221 © 2021 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
The loss of a loved one can have a profound impact and at times can be difficult to navigate. We know employers are looking for ways to support their employees who are experiencing grief. 2020 has also created unique challenges in dealing with grief and bereavement. In this episode of Lincoln Leads we’ll discuss how employers can support their employees through these difficult times and offer solutions to help with the emotional and mental health implications of experiencing a loss.Links to resources mentioned in the episode:Taking the Next Step Taking the Next Step (Non-Beneficiary)Grief White PaperMoving Forward Navigating Loss LCN-3217150-082620© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
2020 has driven a more virtual world for everyone – especially employees when it comes to taking care of everyday tasks such as helping children with school, ordering groceries or addressing health care needs. Employers can play a vital role in making sure employees are still taking care of their health even though it may mean using virtual tools. In this episode we’ll discuss the importance of continuing to keep up with health care needs and how employers can help employees access virtual tools to maintain a healthy workforce. Sources:The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Outpatient Visits: Practices Are Adapting to the New NormalCompanies Seek to Boost Low Usage of Employee Assistance Programs“Are You Wearing Your White Coat?”  Telemedicine in the Time of PandemicNearly Half Of Americans Delayed Medical Care Due To PandemicMeasuring Health-Related Productivity LossTelemental Health Care, an Effective Alternative to Conventional Mental Care: a Systematic ReviewKeeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care WorkersLCN-3163780-071520© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
Employee well-being is top of mind for employers, especially in these challenging times. Employees are feeling the impact of stress stemming from economic and social disruption but there are ways employers can help effectively address these concerns. In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Glenn Pransky, Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts medical school and scientific advisor for Lincoln Financial group as we discuss how mental, physical and financial well being are inter-related and steps employers can take to help their workforce. Sources and studies referenced in the episode:KFF Health Tracking Poll April 28 2020  The Growing Crisis of Chronic Disease in the United StatesMoney worries may have outsize mental health impact on women, LatinosThe relationship between personal debt and mental health: a systematic reviewKiller Debt: The impact of Debt on MortalityMeasuring Mental-Related Productivity LossMoney worries in the workplaceHRE’s number of the day: Coronavirus stressHow has COVID-19 Affected Mental Health, Severity of Stress Among Employees?Survey: Most Americans Are Feeling Anxious About Their Money Worker stress, resiliency a concern as company leaders consider return to officeAlpha & Lincoln Financial Consumer Insights Study 2020Companies Seek to Boost Low Usage of Employee Assistance ProgramsLCN-3137747-062320© 2020 Lincoln National Corporation. All rights reserved.
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