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Anna learns more about how services such as transport links are planned in new areas.  All with the help of Agent Plan-It!See for privacy information.
Agent Plan-It helps Anna find out about amenities and how they can be factored into any new town build.See for privacy information.
Anna is thinking about how populations have changing needs, and that living spaces will need to change too.See for privacy information.
Digital technology will be a big part of our future spaces – Anna and Agent Plan-It think about what these spaces might look like.See for privacy information.
Anna explores the town where she lives to see what problems exist and could be solved with town planning.See for privacy information.
Recently I set you a challenge for change where I asked you all to think about all the things we could change to make better and more sustainable communities for the future! We got lots of amazing entries but here are the 12 winners!See for privacy information.
Emily finds out all about Tudor buildings and architecture in London, some of which are over 118 years old!See for privacy information.
In the 18th and 19th century, the Gothic revival re-created a lot of architecture that has been around of centuries. Emily investigates! See for privacy information.
Georgian architecture is very prim, proper, and neat! Towns and cities were expanding during this time and there was a need to fit lots of houses in small spaces. This is where terraced houses come from! Emily, our 8 year old architectural expert, finds out more! See for privacy information.
Queen Victoria was on the throne at a time when London was expanding. She was on the throne for over 63 years so that's a long period of house building! Emily, our 8 year old architectural expert, discovers more...See for privacy information.
From Tudors to the future, this is the complete guide to London's architecture. Today, Emily, our 8 year old architectural expert, finds out more about the arts and crafts movement! See for privacy information.
The Edwardian period began in 1901 and accounts for most of our larger and more comfortable countryside houses! Emily finds out more! See for privacy information.
Today we're learning more about the 1920's, 30's and the art-deco movement. In just 20 years over 4 million new houses were built! Emily finds out more in our Guide to London's Architecture...See for privacy information.
After the war, there was a need for a lot more houses! Emily, our 8 year-old architectural expert, finds out more about the post-war and 1950's period. See for privacy information.
Emily finds out more about the archiecture of the 1980's, a time of disco-balls, platform-shoes and the internet! See for privacy information.
When we talk about the future, we think of hoverboards and tall skyscrapers, right? Emily finds out whether there's any truth to these ideas... See for privacy information.
Anna’s watching a YouTube clip about how New Towns were built in the war – and then hears a radio clip about the need for more houses.  It seems like an impossible problem – but then Agent Plan-It appears to help explain…See for privacy information.
Anna is wondering how town planners cope with increasing demand! Agent Plan-It helps explain that it’s not so different to gardening…See for privacy information.
Anna finds out about the different types of town planners – with the help of Agent Plan-It…See for privacy information.
Anna is looking at a map to find a place which might make a good location for a new town.  Agent Plan-It helps to explain why empty areas aren’t always ideal…See for privacy information.
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