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The Dr Boyce Breakdown

Author: Dr Boyce Watkins

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This is a podcast reflecting the fearless perspectives of intelligent Black people around the world. Led by Finance Professor Dr Boyce Watkins, we engage in expansive, open-minded commentary that will never be constrained to a liberal or conservative box.
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You'll be amazed by the story of Curl Mix.
Tonight I speak about the arrest of Sam Bankman Fried.  This is a very big deal for the crypto space and for investing at large.
I spoke today about the new Black Political party started by the hip-hop mogul Diddy.  The party is called "Our Black Party" and advocates for black politics.  But in the age of Biden and Trump, it's hard to figure out if Diddy's black political party represents authentic black leadership or serves a a tray to deliver black voters to the Democrats. 
From, Dr Boyce Watkins explains the concept of the economic god.
Mike Epps and Shannon Sharpe squash their violent beef
Dr Boyce breaks down what he's seeing in the stock market.
Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps are talking tough and risking everything with irresponsible behavior.
Dr Boyce explains how to build an economy without depending on your oppressor. To access all materials from these trainings, please visit
Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins break down the secrets to Love and Money.
Dr Boyce breaks down the lawsuit between Snoop Dogg, Master P and Walmart
The reparations plan in California makes no sense and doesn't include any cash payments. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School. You can learn more by visiting
Dr Boyce Watkins explains the real reason they refuse to pay us reparations. If you'd like to join The Dr Boyce Book Club and get free access to his lifeclass, you can visit
Dr Boyce Watkins leads a financial consciousness exercise in which we learn why black owned businesses are better than more jobs. You can join Dr Boyce's Daily Financial Consciousness Training by visiting
Taylor Swift bets are being made on the Super Bowl and Dr Boyce Watkins speaks of a stock that will make money if the gambling trend continues.
Dr Boyce Watkins explains the meaning of financial consciousness within the black community
Dr Boyce Watkins speaks about what its going to take to build economic soldiers for the future.
Dr Boyce and Alicia review the Ava DuVernay movie Origin
Byron Allen placed a bid for Paramount Pictures, and some are wondering if the bid is for real.
Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia ask why Jay Z gave such a racially awkard speech
Dr Boyce and Tiara discuss a social media influencer who has chosen to become a stay at home girlfriend
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Very inspiring and gives a context on overall life. It's very difficult to look beyond the trained patterns of life and this episode highlights how important it is to look for patterns that suit you rather than that of existing patterns. Not only I loved it but also it's a needed one for anyone's personal growth.

Sep 25th
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