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Author: Jesse Adams, Rob Gilmore, & Allie Charlesworth

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Real talk about the world of fandom. Conversations and interviews about topics of interest to fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, comics, and gaming.
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This week, we took a few minutes to thank everyone who has helped us make the back half of 2020 better than we'd hoped. We launched Glitchy Pancakes on June 19 of this year with an episode on Protest & Rebellion in SF/F, featuring the amazing Sheree Renée Thomas. From then until now, we've published 30 episodes full of fun and illuminating conversations about all aspects of SF/F fandom with a slate of absolutely fantastic guests, and we hope you've all gotten something good out of listening. We greatly appreciate every guest who gave us a slice of their time, as well as all the listeners who have kept us going. We'll be back in January serving up more fresh hot stacks of Glitchy Pancakes. Happy New Year everybody! Let's make it the best one yet!Subscribe to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
Some say there are certain works & authors in SF/F/H that one Must Read in order to appreciate or understand the genres. But with all the amazing new work coming out from new voices around the world, are the so-called "canonical" works even relevant anymore? How can fans navigate the world of speculative fiction in a way that makes it meaningful (and let's not forget FUN) for them? We get into it with two fantastic guests: 2019 Astounding Award winner & author of Under the Pendulum Sun, Jeannette Ng, and Georgia Tech Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies & author of The Future is Female, Dr. Lisa Yaszek. Heads up: there may be some discussion of gross '70s Jell-O molds.Jeannette Ng: Website and UNDER THE PENDULUM SUNDr. Lisa Yaszek: Website & Amazon author pageOctavia Butler on Devil Girls from Mars: Gernsback and Amazing Stories Transmissions: Ng’s Astounding Award Acceptance Speech: Have Always Fought Book of Science Fiction (edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer): Davis: Ojetade: Cavendish: Last Man by Mary Shelley: Aldiss on Mary Shelley: to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
"Own Voices" fiction means stories written BY members of the marginalized groups and cultures they depict, instead of written by people from outside those groups. People deserve to tell their OWN stories instead of having others take up that space and write about them, so today we get into what needs to happen and why. We're joined by two amazing author/editors: Sheree Renée Thomas (World Fantasy Award-winning editor, author, Marvel writer, and new Editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) and K. Tempest Bradford (author, editor, writing teacher at Writing the Other, podcaster, and Vice Chair of the board of the Carl Brandon Society) for a deep dive into Own Voices fiction and why it's so important.Sheree Renée Thomas: Website and Twitter (@blackpotmojo)Books: NINE BAR BLUES, DARK MATTER & DARK MATTER: READING THE BONES, & pre-order BLACK PANTHER: TALES OF WAKANDAVisit & subscribe to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionK. Tempest Bradford: Website and Twitter (@tinytempest)Fiction & Non-Fiction Bibliography: the Other writing classesThe Carl Brandon Society's websiteSubscribe to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
Swing and a miss, Audible! After last week's episode, the audiobook giant emailed authors & publishers with a "solution" to their policy of not paying creators. It was... not good. We talk with author & Mocha Memoirs Press publisher Nicole Givens Kurtz about why SO MUCH MORE needs to be done to make publishing equitable and ethical. And while we're at it, we get into the recently announced purchase of Simon & Schuster by Penguin/Random House (taking the "Big 5" publishing houses down to the Big 4), and why this is a raw deal for readers as well as writers, agents. and publishers. On a positive note, congratulations to Nalo Hopkinson on being named SFWA's 37th Grandmaster! See, good stuff happens too, sometimes...NICOLE GIVENS KURTZ: & @NicoleGKurtz on TwitterMOCHA MEMOIRS PRESS: & @MochaMemoirs on TwitterAuthor Susan May's blog post about AudibleGate 2Washington Post article about the Penguin/Random House + Simon & Schuster purchasePetition from Writer’s Guild: to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
PAY CREATORS. PERIOD. It's a tale as old as time, folks... the House of Mouse has been refusing to pay royalties to the great Alan Dean Foster for his many novelizations of Star Wars (including 1976's Star Wars: A New Hope), Alien, etc. In the entertainment industry, this is what's known as "a d*** move." In other news, Audible (owned by Amazon) is pushing a ridiculous return policy that steals money from the pockets of authors. Fans gotta rise up... to discuss this, we brought in author & publisher John G. Hartness, he of the often-colorful hair and always-colorful language. Listen & learn what we can all do to make the entertainment industry more fair to the people who make the stuff we love.Verge Article on Alan Dean Foster/Disney: from Mary Robinette Kowal/SFWA: May Blog - from Writer’s Guild: Beware: 770: Doctorow: ($10/mo plan read or listen to as much as you want): for free in return for reviews: John Hartness: Books - free shipping through Dec 7!: to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
We recap the 2020 Election (wow, Georgia) & continue destroying your TBR lists with a heaping helping of recommendations. It's a tough time right now, heading into the holidays in the time of COVID-19, and we all need some quality entertainment to keep us happy and get us through. We've got books, shows, comics, movies, and games to keep your spirits up and your big brains occupied. Enjoy!Jesse's Recs: This is How you Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone, Utopia (series on Prime Video), Over the Garden Wall (animated miniseries on Hulu), Gravity Falls (animated series).Allie's Recs: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Yonder Chronicles (Switch game), Fobia (Switch game), Mortal (2020 film), The Call (2020 film).Rob's Recs: Suspiria (2018 film w/ 1977 original), Cosmic Ghost Rider (graphic novel), Hanna (Netflix series).Shopping hashtag to support creators (artists, writers, etc.): #CreatorHolidaysVoting info: Runoffs are January 5th for both Georgia Senate seats (Jon Ossoff vs. David Perdue & Rev. Raphael Warnock vs. Kelly Loeffler), as well as Public Service Commission seat (Daniel Blackmon). Early voting starts December 14th, and absentee ballots can be requested now. If you want to help, here are several resources (thanks to Allie for compiling): us on social media @GlitchyPancakes, email comments, questions, or suggestions to CakesPod@gmail, and don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app & leave a review if you like what we do. Thanks for listening!
WorldCon, AKA the World Science Fiction Convention, is one of the oldest and most storied conventions anywhere, the home of the Hugo Awards and the source of much fandom lore. The 79th annual WorldCon will be in Washington D.C. at DisCon III, August 25-29, 2021. DisCon III Co-Chair Bill Lawhorn joins Rob & Jesse to talk about the history & meaning of WorldCon, what to expect in 2021 (Sheree Renée Thomas & Malka Older hosting the Hugos, yes please!), and how DisCon is addressing certain *ahem* issues that previous WorldCons have faced. Listen in & get all the details!WorldCon 2021 (DisCon III): them on Twitter @worldcon2021Subscribe to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
Join us for a great chat with Liz Gorinsky, recorded for Multiverse Convention. We talk about the publishing business, trends in speculative fiction, the life of an editor, and the meaning of major awards with the Hugo-winning editor & Erewhon Books founder.BIO: Liz Gorinsky (she/they) is a speculative fiction editor. Liz began her publishing career at Tor Books, editing a list that included popular and acclaimed speculative fiction authors Felix Gilman, Mary Robinette Kowal, Liu Cixin, George Mann, Annalee Newitz, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Cherie Priest, Lev Rosen, Nisi Shawl, Brian Francis Slattery, Catherynne M. Valente, and Jeff VanderMeer; and anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow, David Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ken Liu, and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. She won the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Editor, Long Form, and has received seven nominations in that category. She also won the 2016 Alfie Award, designed and presented by George R. R. Martin, in the same category. She was part of the team that founded, and acquired and edited short fiction and comics for that site for many years, and also acted as the reprint editor of Queers Destroy Fantasy. In June 2018, she founded Erewhon Books, a new independent speculative fiction publishing company where she is the President, Publisher, and lead editor.EREWHON BOOKS: to Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and please leave a review if you like what we're doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Email questions or comments to, and thanks for listening!
Join us for a fascinating hour with Hugo Award-winning artist Galen Dara, recorded for Multiverse Convention. We chat about artistic inspiration & stylistic choices, consistency & practice as a creator, and how to stay productive during quarantine. Also about apricots. Ripe ones. Very ripe ones.Galen Dara, Multiverse's 2020 Artist Guest of Honor, is an award-winning artist working primarily in the styles of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She has won the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, and been nominated for the Locus and Chesley Awards, among others. Her clients include Escape Artists Inc., Skyscape Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, Uncanny Magazine, 47North Publishing, Fireside Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, and Tyche Books. When she's not making art, you can find her on the edge of the Sonoran Desert climbing mountains and hanging out with a friendly conglomerate of humans and animals. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @GalenDara and find her online at Glitchy Pancakes on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes & subscribe to this podcast on your favorite podcast app, and please leave us a review if you like what we do. Email questions/comments to CakesPod@gmail. Thanks for listening!
We're back! Join us for a fascinating hour with Maurice Broaddus, recorded for Multiverse Convention. We discuss Afrofuturism + music, TV adaptations, the influence of comics, and how authors can live mission-driven lives. Broaddus, Multiverse's 2020 Author Guest of Honor for 2020, is an award-winning author of speculative fiction ranging from middle-grade detective books (The Usual Suspects) to steampunk novels and novellas (Buffalo Soldier and Pimp My Airship) to urban fantasy (The Knights of Breton Court series), and hundreds of published short stories. Broaddus also has a new 3-book deal for a space opera at Tor, AND a TV adaptation in the works. On top of all that, he's extremely active in his community AND still finds time to collect comics (more than 20k issues so far)! Maurice Broaddus can be found at: and on Twitter @MauriceBroaddus. Find Maurice's books at IndieBound or Amazon.Follow Glitchy Pancakes on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes & subscribe to this podcast on your favorite podcast app. Email questions/comments to CakesPod@gmail. Thanks for listening!
J.K. Rowling won't get off the transphobia train. In the wake of her recent comments, tweets, and blog posts, we decided to discuss this issue with Malorie Cooper, extremely prolific science fiction author (writing as MD Cooper), successful businessperson, trans woman, and owner of a truly impressive wardrobe of catsuits. We talk about Rowling's recent detective novel (under the pen name Robert Galbraith... and yes, we'll talk about that name), trans authors you can read instead of Rowling, and how we can approach the Harry Potter universe without continuing to support its author.Find Malorie Cooper on Twitter at @MDCooperAuthor. Find her books on Amazon at: & books recommended in this episode:Marianne de Pierres: Kelleher: N. McIntyre: Jane Anders: CITY by Sam J. Miller: Glitchy Pancakes on Twitter and Facebook @GlitchyPancakes. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and hey, if you like what we're doing, we'd love for you to leave a review on your podcast app. Email suggestions & comments to Thanks for listening!
SHERLOCKIANS! You're going to love this. We discuss the premiere of Enola Holmes on Netflix. Joining us are the founders of 221BCon, the greatest Sherlock-themed event around: Heather Holloway & Crystal Noll. We discuss Millie Bobby Brown's acting, Henry Cavill's shirtful performance, Mycroft being a jerk, and just what the heck was going on with Lestrade? Plus plenty of fun Sherlockian lore to occupy the minds of you most excellent detectives. Enjoy!Visit 221BCon in Atlanta & online at & follow @221Bcon on TwitterMultiverse Convention 2020: MultiVirtual is online & free October 16-18. Find out more at & follow @MultiverseCon on social mediaCRYSTAL NOLL's Twitter: @LadyRedCrestStream Glitchy Pancakes on your favorite podcast app, and if you like what we're doing, we'd love it if you'd leave a review! Follow us @GlitchyPancakes on social media & thanks for listening!Twitter handles: Jesse = @Jesse_A_Adams, Rob = @iaiblackout, Allie = @allie911
It's everything you want to know about Furries but were afraid to ask! Enjoy a fascinating look into the world of furry fandom with the excellent Chelsea Eckert. Learn what draws people to furry, the many different ways people can participate, crossovers with other fandoms, and dispel some misconceptions you may hold about this inclusive, artistic bunch of anthropomorphic-animal geeks. Also find out which superhero MAY be a furry...CHELSEA ECKERT: Find her on Instagram @World.Of.BeanCraftStream Glitchy Pancakes on or on your favorite podcast app (now on Amazon Podcasts too!). Follow us on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes and Facebook at Send emails to, and make plans to check out our VIDEO panel episodes at Multiverse 2020: MultiVirtual (details at Thanks for listening!
Ever wondered who Polidori wrote "The Vampyre" about? Have you ever noticed LGBTQ+ coding (positive or negative) in your favorite science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories? What do the past and future look like for LGBTQ+ genre writers? We talk about it with author & publisher at Queen of Swords Press, Catherine Lundoff. There's a LOT to unpack here, but we got a good start! Might need a part 2 on this one... or part 3... check the notes below for contact info & links to Catherine Lundoff's excellent articles on the history of LGBTQ+ speculative fiction.CATHERINE LUNDOFF: QUEEN OF SWORDS PRESS: + @QoSPress on TwitterCatherine's article on Queer SFF/F/H pre-1970:'s article on Queer SFF/F/H 1970-2010:'s piece on Queer Horror from Nightmare Magazine: GlitchyPancakes on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes. Send email suggestions to Thanks for listening!
Why so grimdark? This week we discuss the psychology and various portrayals of the world's greatest detective, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight: Batman. What makes him tick? What kind of hero should he be? What should Bruce Wayne be doing with all that money? We cover it all with prolific graphic novel writer & author of "Batman: The Fog of Fear," Martin Powell. Find Glitchy Pancakes on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes. Stream episodes directly from or on your favorite podcast app. Email comments, questions, or suggestions to: CakesPod@gmail.Thanks for listening!
Fantasy author and excellent human Paige L. Christie joins us for a deep-dive discussion about the responsibilities we all have to each other as fans, creators, and people. We all love the things we love in science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, anime, etc., and we all want our experiences in fandom circles to be meaningful, fun, and safe. What do we owe to each other in order to make that happen? We'll talk about it. Also... pencils. TICONDEROGA 4LYFE!PAIGE L. CHRISTIE: media: find her everywhere @PaigeLChristiePAIGE'S BOOKS:DRAIGON WEATHER (Legacies of Arnan Vol. 1): WIND (Legacies of Arnan Vol. 2): LIGHT (Legacies of Arnan Vol. 3): FORGE (Legacies of Arnan Vol. 4): Coming Soon!Find Glitchy Pancakes on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes. Stream episodes directly from or on your favorite podcast app. Email comments, questions, or suggestions to: CakesPod@gmail.Thanks for listening!
On Friday, August 28, 2020, fandom lost one of its brightest stars. We sat down to remember and celebrate the life and work of Chadwick Boseman, who inspired the entire world through his talent, charisma, work ethic, and kindness, both on and off the screen. From playing Jackie Robinson to Thurgood Marshall to James Brown to King T'Challa/Black Panther, he showed us what heroes look like, and for that he will be forever loved and remembered. Here’s a resource from the CDC about screening for and treating colon cancer:
The art of science fiction and fantasy inspires us, amazes us, and fills us with the same sense of wonder that first made us fans of science fiction and fantasy. From our favorite book covers to RPGs to gaming cards to convention art shows, this genre wouldn't be the same without the artists who make it all look so fantastic. Today we dive deep into the world of fantasy & science fiction art with two of the greats: award-winning artists Amanda Makepeace and Charles Urbach. Enjoy!SIDE NOTE: Do not anger the Art Gods. One of us apparently said something that upset them, and they did promptly smite us by having our recording platform drop Rob's audio during recording. Thanks to Allie for stepping in. Moral of the story: respect the Art Gods or BE SMOTEN! AMANDA MAKEPEACE: URBACH: Artist Collective: Whisperer Project: Award finalists:
CONS!!! We sat down to discuss what we love about fan conventions and what the future may hold for our favorite geeky gatherings. We also discuss... some other stuff. It got silly, folks. Enjoy meeting Rob's eccentric alter-ego, Fox Curley!MultiVIRTUAL 2020 (Multiverse Convention's free online event): (annual Sherlock convention run by awesome people): to subscribe on your favorite podcast app and follow us on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes. You can also find us on Facebook or stream our episodes directly from Email questions or suggestions to Thanks for listening!
Ever wondered how Dr. House can solve any medical mystery in 48 minutes (plus commercials)? Well... he can't. Did you know you can't coagulate all the blood in your body and live? It's true! Today we talk with fantasy author & physician Dr. Darin Kennedy to delve into the writing of medical issues: who gets it right and who has gotten it so, so wrong. It's a bloody one - enjoy!DARIN KENNEDY'S BOOKS: Fugue & Fable series: The Mussorgsky Riddle, The Stravinsky Intrigue, and The Tchaikovsky FinalePawn Stratagem Series: Pawn's Gambit & Queen's Peril (King's Crisis coming soon)Look for Darin at and keep an eye out for his upcoming YA fantasy novel!Don't forget to subscribe to Glitchy Pancakes, follow us on Twitter @GlitchyPancakes, and maybe leave us a good review on your favorite podcast source if you like what we're doing! Thanks for listening!
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