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Author: Kate Boyd | Author of An Untidy Faith

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You’re listening to the Untidy Faith podcast — where we have honest conversations and gentle encouragement for when following Jesus gets messy.

I’m your host, Kate Boyd, author, speaker, and gentle guide for Christians who are disentangling their faith from culture, rebuilding their relationship with Scripture, and desiring to find joy in following Jesus again. 

There can be a life of faith after deconstruction. Let’s find yours together.

104 Episodes
Othering is pervasive in our climate of tribalism today, and its effects alienate us from ourselves and others. Jenai Auman joins me to discuss othering and ...the signs we often miss that we have been othered ourselvesthe role of anger in healingwhat do in the wildernessthe small and simple way to find belonging even when you can't be at churchand the #1 question to ask yourself when trying to help others heal from their othered experiencesJenai Auman is a Filipina American writer and artist...
In 2 Samuel 9, we discuss ...the harmful treatment and narratives surrounding disabled people in the storywhat difference an honor culture background brings to the texthow David buys into his own hype (and shouldn't)why looking for "big things" to do for God may actually miss the point of faithfulness in the first placeKate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
In this episode ...Why white supremacy isn't exclusive to evangelicalismHow the gospel changed to marginalize peopleWhat makes anger righteousHow to heal from toxic church environmentsRobert is an author & accomplished attorney at the Callahan & King law firm in Waco, Texas. He earned his law degree at Baylor University School of Law in 2006, where he now teaches a course on Integrating Faith and Legal Practice. In 2020, Robert was named Lawyer of the Year by the Texas Criminal Defens...
Join us for a journey through the ins and outs of 2 Samuel 8 as we discuss ...if David can be a good guy and have such a violent streakwhat the headers in our Bibles all have to say about this period in David's lifewhy David's fame may have negatively affected his identity (and his actions)how David went from artist to warriorif David is a like a mafia donKate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
Have you been wondering that amidst all the upheaval, denominational splits, and church failures -- where the heck do we go next? And how do we do better?Same. That's why I was so glad that Eugene Kim joined me for a conversation about just that, and we discuss ...the cycles in church history (and where we are right now)how young people are approaching spirituality differently than ever beforewhat we can learn from the failures of the attractional model of churchwhere change really comes...
David makes a request of God to shore up his legacy, but it gets denied. Instead, he gets a covenant and Nathan proves his prophetic presence. Listen in as we discuss 2 Samuel 7 and ...What happens when God is a minor character in the storyThe role of prophecy in the BibleHow strategic editing shapes our interpretationsA surprising connection to the book of ActsKate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
What is like to be the only one who looks like you in a room? Ethnic loneliness is a pervasive feeling for ethnic minorities in the U.S. and in churches. In this conversation, Prasanta Verma talks me through:What ethnic loneliness is and what it looks likeHow the church has been complicit in perpetuating this loneliness and its entanglement with systemic racismWhat to do instead of forcing assimilation in the name of unityHow individuals and churches can be effective friends, advocates, and a...
Taylor Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department, has been causing a stir due to its use of religious imagery and vocabulary. Is she mocking Christianity? Is she saying she's God? Or is there maybe something else going on here?Join me and three other with joint cred as Swifties and theologians as we discuss ...the weird takes we've seen IRL and onlinethe cracks in biblical interpretation that are illuminated by how people interpret Taylor's latest lyricsthe religious images and vocabul...
What happens when we add context from literature, history, art, and architecture to our study of the Bible? It can actually illuminate tricky ideas and confusing cultural backdrops. Dr. Sandra Glahn joins me today to discuss why bringing these different sources together is important, how it affected her interpretation of 1 Timothy and provisions against women, and how Paul may have been nicer than misogynists want us to think.Dr. Sandra Glahn is a seminary professor, the author of more than 2...
David continues his consolidation of power, and we talk about the ways that affects who he is becoming as a king and a family man. Join us on our walk through 2 Samuel 6 as we discuss ...What happens when you bring religion and politics togetherWhy it matters what metrics do you use for God's pleasure in your deedsThe actual way that David is undignified (and it's not the way he thinks)And who we are "ride or die" for in the story (spoiler alert: it's not David)Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter |...
When the church hurts you, where do you go to find healing? How do you recover when the tools you would've once turned to remind you of the trauma? Dieula Previlon joins me to talk about the deep pain of spiritual abuse and church trauma and how we can find a way forward with God even if it means stepping out of the box of the expected.Dieula Previlon is the founder and executive director of ElevateHer International Ministries with a vision to empower women to heal from trauma. She is a ...
When it comes to leadership in churches, we've seen what happens when the balance between altruism and ambition tips in the wrong direction. Turns out we may have some of evangelicalism's favorite Bible characters to blame for that.In 2 Samuel 5, we see another "success" of David, and yet we wonder, is he really the model we should look to? And what happens in the real world when we read the Bible without deep consideration of how our interpretation affects real people?Kate Boyd - Book |...
With election season upon us, how do we create our own faithful political theology when we've been shaped by political idolatry? How do we navigate the tense conversations we will likely be having in an election year? How do we use the Bible well to shape our theology and practice when it comes to loving our neighbors?Kaitlyn Schiess joins me to talk about this and more.Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
Betrayal is around every corner as we follow David into the next era in his life. In this episode, we discuss ...- the use of women as political pawns- how David is building his army in the bedroom- the limits of "technically" keeping your hands clean when something goes wrong - dealing with ableism in the biblical textKate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
Trey Ferguson is a Miami-Dade County based minister, writer, and podcaster whose passions include jokes, justice, and Jesus. He’s the creator of New Living Treyslation–a podcast that retells and relates scripture in a modern vernacular–and a co-host of Three Black Men, a podcast where he muses on theology and culture with Sam Gay, Robert Monson, and a wide array of riveting guests. The author of Theologizin’ Bigger, Trey also writes and publishes regularly in his newsletter: The Son Do Move. ...
1 Samuel Wrap Up

1 Samuel Wrap Up


Recapping our feelings about Scripture and 1 Samuel after a year-long journey through this book. It includes big feelings, silly stories, and lots of thanks to you for journeying with us. Take a listen!Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
Content Warning: Suicide, Israel-Palestine War, and Heavy ContentAs we reach the end of the book of 1 Samuel, we grapple with the victory of David and the tragic end for Saul and the connection to the international conflict we are witnessing today.Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
Just in time for Spooky Season, we come to a ghost story right here in 1 Samuel. Join us to see how David manages to escape his deception being discovered, Saul's desperate (and spooky) measures to stay on top, and the set up for our final battle in 1 Samuel.Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
The one in which we spot a potential pattern of behavior and wonder if David is actually a likeable.Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter
In 1 Samuel 24-25, we encounter Saul in a compromising position that almost costs him everything, and a wise woman who helps David keep his cool.Kate Boyd - Book | Newsletter | Instagram | Twitter