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Inside Modular: The Podcast of Commercial Modular Construction
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Inside Modular: The Podcast of Commercial Modular Construction

Author: Modular Building Institute

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Inside Modular is the official podcast of the Modular Building Institute, the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction. This series will highlight industry news and trends, include conversations with industry players, and discuss the advantages of modular construction.
31 Episodes
In this episode of Inside Modular, Gary Badge and Manny Lamarche of FK Architecture (formerly Fugleberg Koch) return to discuss FK's recent inclusion of modular design and the evolution of their design processes. Gary and Manny also highlight their efforts to bring sustainable design elements into FK's modular construction projects and talk about the importance of sustainability both inside and outside the construction industry. Lastly, Gary and Manny preview the prefabricated "tiny house" project that they're designing and how it can benefit the growing need for emergency and affordable housing needs around the country.
Brian Perlberg, executive director and senior counsel at ConsensusDocs, joins the podcast to talk about the recent creation of the offsite industry's first standard contract: ConsensusDocs 753 Standard Prefabricated Construction Contract. Created in partnership with MBI, this contract simplifies a formerly-complex and inadequate contracting process and provides greater clarity and well-defined risk allocation for all involved.Brian also explains how 753 came to be and what additional resources the offsite/modular industry can look forward to soon.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Brent McPhail, founder and CEO of Brave Control Solutions, returns to discuss the current state of automation within the modular construction industry and what lies ahead as both designers and manufacturers embrace the benefits and challenges of modular automation.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Tom Hardiman, executive director of the Modular Building Institute, previews MBI's just-released 2021 annual reports. Tom talks about how the reports were complied, what's new in the industry, and why these reports--filled with data direct from MBI member companies--are critical to the industry.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Claudia Granados, founder of New York advocacy firm The Carnelian Group, joins MBI's government affairs director Jon Hannah-Spacagna to discuss MBI's recent efforts to forestall legislation in New York that would significantly hamper modular construction in the state. Claudia and Jon also provide a preview of MBI's planned efforts in New York during the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.
BROAD USA's general manager Sunny Wang and director of communications Jeremy Zimman join the podcast to describe BROAD's newest project: an 11-story modular multifamily "Living Building" that was built in just 15 days and then stacked in only 29 hours. What was behind this remarkably fast turnaround? BROAD's adaptable B-CORE stainless steel building slabs.Learn more about B-CORE—and about BROAD's commitment to environmentally-conscious business practices—in this episode of Inside Modular!
Michael Heitsman, President of Development at Best GEN Modular, joins the podcast to talk about Best GEN's newly-stacked housing development in Rapid City, South Dakota. Michael also discusses the labor shortage in the construction industry at-large and how Best GEN is bringing in and retaining talented workers.
In this episode, Pedro Tavares and Anthony Gude of R & S Tavares Associates share best practices for owner/developers looking to incorporate modular construction into their upcoming projects. 
In this episode of Inside Modular, Mehmet Yucesoy, business development manager at Turkey's DORCE Ltd. shares DORCE's 40-year story of international success and details how modular construction can be applied to almost any construction market around the world. Mehmet also gives advice on how modular companies can begin and expand their globalization efforts.
Modular Genius president Damon Pross joins the podcast to discuss their recent award-winning mixed-use firehouse and community center. Set in the Pinelands of New Jersey, Modular Genius was challenged to build this structure within the legal and aesthetic confines of the Pinelands National Reserve. See their online case study here. Damon also speaks about the advantages of using regional purchasing cooperatives to improve the materials procurement process.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Suzie Hall, founder and president of The Cornerstone Collective, explains the idea of modular system integration. She also discusses the importance of communication during the modular construction process and some of the current misconceptions of modular construction.
In this episode, David Osborne, CEO of UK-based Roman Ltd., speaks about the growth of the international modular shower industry, how modular showers themselves have evolved, and the trends that will define the industry over the next few years.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Chesney Beck, WinTech's vice president of sales and engineering, joins the show to discuss the challenges of proper window installation during modular construction and preview their new Modular Installation Certification. This certification—and free service of WinTech—was created to bring help modular manufacturers install windows correctly and consistently and will be officially introduced at the upcoming 2021 World of Modular. 
In this episode, MBI's Government Affairs Director Jon Hannah-Spacagna shares breaking news about the adoption of new modular-friendly building standards in Salt Lake City. He also speaks about how this news could affect other cities and states around the country. Lastly, Jon provides an update on other government affairs initiatives and previews his panel presentation at the upcoming 2021 World of Modular.
On this episode of Inside Modular, Brent McPhail, founder and CEO of Brave Control Solutions, talks about the role that automation can play in the modular manufacturing process, its current limits and best uses, and its potential for the future. He also discusses the process that manufacturers can use to bring automated processes into their factories.
Welcome to the second season of Inside Modular! In this episode, Tom Hardiman, executive director of the Modular Building Institute, joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming 2021 World of Modular. Scheduled for March 8-12, this year's World of Modular promises to have more speakers and more opportunities for learning than ever before. For those interested in the show, this episode is a must-listen!
In this episode of Inside Modular, Principal Gary Badge and Senior Designer Manny Lamarche of Winter Park, Florida-based design firm Fugleberg Koch talk about FK's future and their recent inclusion of modular design into their portfolio.  Gary and Manny identify the biggest factor they had to consider when designing a modular building, and they also discuss the perceived barriers that design professionals may come up against when switching to modular design.
In this episode of Inside Modular, Kevin Read, President & CEO of Nomodic, talks about the founding and growth of the company and about how the recently launched Rapid Housing Initiative by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation is quickly changing the affordable housing landscape in Canada.
In this second part of our series on affordable housing, Rhys Kane and Brock Elliot from Horizon North join the podcast to discuss the advantages of the modular construction process and details about the affordable housing projects Horizon North is building all over Canada.
In this episode, RC Alley, partner at AO Architects in Southern California, joins the podcast to talk about the value of collaboration, the importance of finding an affordable housing solution, and how affordable modular housing projects can be designed to stand out or blend in with any aesthetic.
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