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An everyday citizen keeping politics simple. We all have a responsibility to do the right thing and stay engaged. "Pop" into Politics every Monday for a few takeaways, some laughs, and some pop culture references sprinkled in for good measure.
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Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their last Presidential Debate without it ending in a wrestling match (imagine that), while more than 50 million Americans have voted early. Prominent rappers are supporting Trump and the race for the Senate are also discussed this episode. 
Ashley rejoins the podcast to discuss Amy Coney Barrett's unfortunate Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing, as well as if the pro-choice movement has defended reproductive rights in the wrong way by fighting on conservative terms. Also, can America really consider itself pro-life? Lastly, the dueling Biden and Trump Town Halls and the on-going Covid-19 crisis are discussed. 
S1.E18: Fly Into Focus

S1.E18: Fly Into Focus


Hospital parades! Flies! Mike Pence's diseased eye! Kamala giving you the side eye! Debates! A plague ridden President Trump on the Truman Balcony doing his best version of Evita! Murder plots! Whoa, what a week! We cover it all in today's episode, while closing with what all Americans need to focus on. 
Alex joins the podcast to discuss last week's farce of a debate, news about the President's taxes, and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Did Joe Biden do enough to describe Republican hypocrisy surrounding the Supreme Court? The latest on the Breonna Taylor case, Black Voters for Trump, and the 1994 Crime Bill are also discussed.
Kolbi's friend Ashley joins the podcast to discuss the 2020 election from the vantage point as a white woman in a small, rural Pennsylvania town. White working class voters were instrumental to Trump's victory broadly, but specifically states like PA. Is this voting bloc still with him - and why? Black Lives Matter, the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and ridiculous campaign signs depicting Trump dressed as Rambo are also discussed in the episode.  
News of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing rocked the political world over the weekend. Implications for the court, the nation, and the fight that lies ahead to replace the iconic jurist are discussed in this week's episode. 
In today's episode we discuss what happens in a Presidential Election after November 3, 2020 and why it is important Americans have an understanding of the process. The United States hit a grim milestone of 200,000 coronavirus deaths. Voting plans, the West Coast wildfires, and updates regarding the Rochester Police Department in the Black Lives Matter segment. 
With every new day comes more damning books about the Trump's. Melania and Me by Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, Compromised by Peter Strzok and the fallout from excerpts of Bob Woodward's yet to be released Rage are discussed. Good polling news for Joe Biden, a new potential Trump scandal regarding the 9/11 First Responders Fund, and Black Lives Matter issues round out the episode. 
The release of Michael Schmidt’s book, Donald Trump v. United States of America causes President Trump to reveal health problems no one inquired about. Kanye West is still trying to get on state ballots across the country. The Blake family and news about the merger of black owned banks are discussed in the Black Lives Matter segment. 
Alex rejoins the podcast to receive a palatable and comedic recap of the Republican National Convention. Jacob Blake, African-Americans standing on stage supporting Trump, Hillary Clinton and voting information are touched on. Lastly, Richard Nixon and the historic abnormality of Trump seeking a 2nd Term with such an absymal record are also discussed.
What a week! Pop into Politics delves into the Democratic National Convention from last week. In selecting Kamala Harris, is Joe Biden perhaps a more deft politician than what we give him credit? Both Obama's kept it straight with the country. The post office is in turmoil, but did all of these problems start in 2020? And what are some ways we can ensure we get our votes counted? Other scandals rocked Trump World this week with Steve Bannon's arrest and the release of the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence on Russian Active Meaures Camaign told us what we sort of already knew. Trump lied to Mueller and sought assistance from Russia to win the election. And Nancy Pelosi provides the insult to end all insults this week. 
Joe Biden taps Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential pick and the attacks on her, and her record, begin. The President suffered a personal loss over the weekend and the COVID-19 crisis continues to rage out of control. What do Milli Vanilli have to do with Donald Trump? What do The Golden Girls have to do with The Census? Why is Kanye West running for President now? The episode ends with a list of reasons why the Biden/Harris ticket should receive your vote. A Real Housewives of Atlanta quote ends the episode on a light note. 
Joe Biden is still trying to pick a running mate. Who would be the best choice? Does it even matter? And what does Count von Count from Sesame Street have to do with the Census? Will our elections have interference from foreign actors again, but not just Russia this time? Why is Donald Trump, of all people, suddenly talking about God? These items and more are discussed in today’s episode. *** Correction: Coronavirus deaths at the time of this podcast exceeded 161,000 not 61,000 as noted in the episode. 
Sami, Leti, Desiree, and Heather from the hilarious, and NSFW podcast, Bring the Mio join Pop Into Politics. The ladies bring their perspective on women's issues, the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 election, and more from a battleground state - Arizona with a touch of humor and their alcohol of choice with a splash of Mio!
Pop Into Politics features its first guest this week. Kolbi's friend Alex joins the podcast to discuss Donald Trump's latest antics, the movement to defund the police - and what exactly that means? Is it good politics? Alex provides perspective in the city for black men as a lifelong New Yorker and his interaction with the police. The conversation also delves into dialogue this week between Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience regarding issues of race. 
Can Donald Trump win re-election with a 1968 style campaign? Polls have Joe Biden clobbering Donald Trump in November, but will Uncle Joe really be able to Cha Cha Slide his way into the White House? Plus, a brief recap of the wild events of the last week - as well as a retraction in the Housekeeping Segment. 
What has happened to America? In today's episode the on-going, and surging COVID-19 crisis is discussed, as well as the vandalizing of Frederick Douglass' statue on July 5th and on-going racial tensions. Does America need to re-examine it's heroes? Other political items are discussed during the Housekeeping Segment, with a few pop culture references thrown in for good measure. 
A conversation between two friends, one black and one white, in a NYC park reveal a possible gem on the subject of race. "I was never taught to be racist, but I was never taught how not to be either." Today's podcast delves into that theory. Other political news of the day is discussed in the Housekeeping Segment. 
A deep but easy to understand dive into America's racial history, plus a rundown of vulnerable Republican Senate candidates in 2020 are discussed. Recent legal developments around the LGBTQ community are reviewed in the housekeeping segment. 
The concept for Pop into Politics is introduced, plus five reasons why voters should pull the lever, even if reluctantly, for the imperfect and sometimes bumbling septuagenerian - Joe Biden. 
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