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An everyday citizen keeping politics simple. We all have a responsibility to do the right thing and stay engaged. "Pop" into Politics every Monday for a few takeaways, some laughs, and some pop culture references sprinkled in for good measure.
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America makes Juneteenth a holiday. Conservatives fail, once more, to overturn the Affordable Care Act. 
Voting Rights in America remain under attack and The Real Housewives inspire a conversation about race. 
In the first episode from the Season Two hiatus, Trump's return to the spotlight is discussed as well as the inaction of the Democratic Party to solve the attack on voting rights across the country. 
S2.E16: The Hamburglar

S2.E16: The Hamburglar


President Biden has been in office for over 100 Days. Republicans are still batshit crazy and we a new member is added to our Pervert Politician corner. 
Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder and manslaughter of George Floyd. Can the George Floyd Policing Bill pass the Senate? Covid-19 still remains a threat and the episode concludes with our weekly discussion of Pervert Politicians.
Mass shootings and the Derek Chauvin trial dominate the news. Will Americans begin caring about police misconduct if they realize it costs taxpayers? Commentary on Andrew Cuomo and Matt Gaetz round out the epiosde. 
S2.E13: Voting Rights

S2.E13: Voting Rights


Another attempted attack on the Capitol. Voting Rights are under assault across the United States and we round out the episode with our first pervert politician segment. 
S2.E12: Georgia

S2.E12: Georgia


In today's episode, President Biden holds a Press Conference and people aren't happy. Will the country ever do anything sensible on gun control? Georgia Republicans decide if they cannot win elections, they will make it harder for its citizens to vote . Lastly, Grabby Andy remains Governor of New York. 
President Biden falls down the stairs - three times. Other pitfalls for the Democratic Party are discussed in the episode. 
President Biden signs his Covid-19 relief bill into law - with no Republican support. What exactly are Republican objections? Republicans are also against bringing H.R. 1 to a vote in the Senate. Why? The episode closes with thoughts on Andrew Cuomo's laundry list of scandals. 
S2.E9: Stimulus

S2.E9: Stimulus


The Senate passes its version of the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan.  Is Senator Joe Manchin the new Mitch McConnell? House Democrats have been busy, also passing H.R. 1. Can the bill get through the Senate? 
President Biden is on the cusp of his first legislative achievement as Congress moves closer to passing his stimulus bill. What has the Republican Party been up to in the last 40 days and what are Democrats to do about Andrew Cuomo? 
Governor's Abbott, Cuomo, and Newsom find themselves embroiled in various levels of sacandal. On today's episode, we discuss when does partianship take a back seat to calling out leaders - in either party - who do not do the right thing. 
S2.E6: Twenty Questions!

S2.E6: Twenty Questions!


Different political issues of the day are discussed through a game of Twenty Questions. 
President Biden and Democrats move ahead with plans for a stimulus plan - without Republican support. House Democrats remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from two committees. Trump's Impeachment Trial begins Tuesday. 
S2.E4: The Enemy Is Within

S2.E4: The Enemy Is Within


Relations between the two parties continue to deteroriate in the House of Representatives. What should be done with radical members like Marjorie Taylor Green? Thoughts on the pending Impeachment Trial, the appropiate time for unity, and thoughts on next steps for the Biden admistration round out the episode. 
Joseph R. Biden, Jr.  is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. America's Republic lives to see another day, but how does the nation address the segment of the population living in a misinformation fog machine? Alex joins the podcast to discuss this and what a Biden agenda should look like moving forward. 
President Trump's lawlessness helps him make American history. What's to be made of the ten Republicans who grew spines and voted with the Democrats for impeachment? Do they deserve credit for their historic votes, or is it too little too late? The on-going COVID-19 crisis and President-elect Joe Biden's priorities upon taking office round out the episode. 
S2.E1: Insurrection

S2.E1: Insurrection


The President's incitement of a riot at the Capitol and Democrats taking control of the Senate are discussed. What should Joe Biden's priorities be upon taking office and what can he realistically achieve?
The last episode of Season One of Pop into Politics ends, with Season Two scheduled to begin on January 11, 2021. The final episode of the season delves into the current Relief Bill negotiations, Trump's inability to know when to fold them, the Georgia run-offs, and the myriad of problems Joe Biden faces entering office in 2021. 
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