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Yulander McTier's Radio Show is to Empower, Encourage, Inspire along with Motivate people. God is the Foundation to it All! Interviewing Live-Guest who are making it Happen
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Welcome to "EMPOWERMENT4ALL" 2021 first segment Saturday January 16th with me Yulander McTier. I am the host and creator. To jump start the year today's segment will be "ALL" music with a touch of inspration at the end from me. The frivolous times we are living in everyone needs to take some time and have those moments to "RELAX". Music is an awesome soothing outlet to allow your mind and body to be at peace. The type of music to take your there is key. Empowerment4ALL new segment today will bring sultry, touching, relaxing with a sprinkle of gospel music.    Sit back and Enjoy "MUSIC TAKE ME AWAY" on Empowerment4ALL
Welcome to "Empowerment4All" I am your host and creator Yulander McTier. Today's new segment Sunday November 22, 2020 I will be speaking and I am going to include: "Stop looking at peoples accreditations and trying to get them to acknowledge you." You don't have to always be a part of someone's crowd. Often times the rejection is for your protection. Your life's journey will take you many times off your presumed course because the lessons you have to learn are in unfamiliar territories.
Hello, Welcome to "EMPOWERMENT4ALL" with host and creator Yulander McTier. Today's podcast I have Special Guest "God's Empress." She is a young lady making headways by delivering and empowering people with the fire of God's divine word. In these uncertain times it is a priority to keep your faith and not be weary. My favorite message on YouTube by God's Empress that caught and maintained my undivided attentuon was "Your Anointing brings Jealousy." It resonated right on time for many different reasons in my own life. Tune in to hear God's Empress talk live on Wednesday November 4th at 3pm EST.
Empowerment4All with Host Yulander McTier. Today's show is discussing Abomination will Allow you to get to your Destination in your Life. Manipulation will Place you in Detriment. Life is consistently changing especially in these uncertain times. Key factors to make it through are Totally depending upon your choices. Make the right choices that take you higher and Not bring you Lower. Rising causing elevation not only in your mind but in your discernment to alot of things that used to anger you; you simly ignore it and keep going. Make SURVIVAL you everyday Affirmation.
Welcome to Empowerment4All with host Yulander McTier. Today's show Friday June 26,20020 is on the Unleashing of Assassinating Evil Spirits in the Land. GOD is very aware and prevalent in this Earth at this time. The EVIL Roaming this land is Very Volatile which means is able to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse, Fierce, Readily in Attack Mode and Assassinating people within a Split second. Often time we Instantly think of Assassination as Killing. Well typically that is what it means in verb form which is to murder (an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons. Then we have Assassination. It is the act of deliberately killing a prominent person, such as a head of state or head of government. Then Similiar words to assassinate are: 1. Execute  2. Liquidate  3. Eliminate  4. Terminate  5. Hit  6. Slay  7. Hit..The EVIL that is Roaming tis Land in this season is DOING ALL the Similiar words and the Actual word meaning of assassinate which is Killing People In order to Prevail, Survive and Keep you Sanity in these Uncertain Times in the World you got to Keep your Armour on for God EVERY DAY. The armour is: 1. Your Helmet of Salvation  2. Breastplate of Righteousness  3. Shield of Faith   4. Feet Planted in God's Kingdom             5. Sword Drawn in Faith   6. Belt of Truth
Hello and Welcome to EMPOWERMENT4ALL with Host Yulander McTier. This episode is discussing will Americans Turn to God or Still put ALL their FAITH in Man? GEORGE FLOYD'S DEATH has launched an all out REVOLUTION for Change GLOBALLY in Supporting BLACK LIVES MATTER. The world has been Turned Upside down in Just the last 4 Months. The CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK caused the WHOLE COUNTRY to be SHUT DOWN. Then Not even 14 days coming out of Quarantine EVERYONE in the World Witneeses and Views an INNOCENT BLACK MAN be KILLED by Racist OfficerDerek Chauvin along with his 3 colleagues who WATCHED George Floyd be Murdered and did NOTHING to HELP SAVE HIM! After an ALL out start of RIOTING, PROTESTING, Setting FIRES, LOOTING Stores, People Killed and Seriously Hurt along with Police Precints being BURNED to the Ground caused FINALLY Charges to be brought to the MURDERER DEREK CHAUVIN and he is in JAIL. Unfortunately NO Charges to Date hae been brought against the other 3 Officers. America is NOT HAVING THIS! RIOTING and PROTESTING are STILL COMMENCING until these other 3 OFFICERS are Charged and PUT in JAIL! As the World awaits ths day Many are Torn between what is Right and What is Wrong? Do I STILL TRUST GOD, Unbelievers saying Do I start to Accept God and Trust him, Non Believers Promoting NOT to Trust God saying no GOD will allow this, Sorcery Workers in High Places attending their Ritual Meetings Chanting to ARISE the EVIL FORCES to this Land in Hopes of ALL CONTROL of the World be given to them in Everything. Today Tuesday June 2, 2020 I will update you on my show why TRUSTING in GOD is REALLY ALL we have! May GOD have Mercy and Help US ALL.
Empowerment4ALL- I am Yulander McTier your host. Today's show Thursday April 30, 2020 is about WHAT PEOPLE will Do these DAYS which is ANYTHING for CLOUT!!! What is Considered TOO FAR though?? There is a Woman giving Oral Sex to a man in a CAR Outside while her TWO CHILDREN are Watching!!! They are two little boys. One is Screaming and Crying saying Mommy in the Front Seat while the Man is looking at him like WELL you just gotta WAIT while I get SATISFIED. The other little boy is Banging on the window and zooms in to look in Amazement. The Mother NEVER STOPS doing what she is Doing. Now my other QUESTION is who in the HECK is HOLDING the CAMERA TAPING tis DISGUSTNG MESS???? Social Media ha become an OUTLET for ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!!  Follow me on IG @sassyeliteme to see this HORRIFIC VIDEO which will Come Down after my Show!!!
LOVE is in the Air! Tonight on a Brand New Episode of my Radio Show "Empowerment4All" I will be discussing what you Really need to do in order for REAL Love to arrive into your life. In todays world socia media has taken LOVE out of the atmosphere and replaced it with Free for All with no repercussions. Women extend their bodies to every man who pays them some attention, men continually sleep with every women they find attractive and the women allow them to enter into their Honey Pot with No Condom on. In return from all the Sexual escapades now there has been a Serious Spiritual Transfer of  unknown "SPIRITS" which carry nothing but evilness. Then the Spirits take control of the individuals mind and body. Now the action of sexual exploitation begins to happen, negativity continues to rise in their lives and everyone that REALLY Loves them begins to suffer because the outburst, disrespect, anger and frustation is coming out of them due to the Spirit that has taken HOST inside of them. Sexual Control to be with one partner and when not in an association with anyone to remain in abstinence is the KEY essential to keep you Balanced, Available to receive Real Love and Happiness with yourself
Welcome to Inspirational Monday on my Radio Show titled: "Empowerment4All" with host myself "Yulander McTier" here on Blog Talk Radio at 7:30pm EST. Tonight I will be discussing: "Why are U Continually acting and being "DESPERATE" when on the inside you are TRULY "DESOLATE"! Today Social Media has put nothing but Unrealistic PRESSURE for EVERYONE to quote on quote "FIT IN or BE A PART OF" when in actual REALITY many are doing NEITHER! People are SELLING their SOULS, CHARACTER, SPIRIT, ATTITUDE and DEMEANOR to the IDLE Worship of the INTERNET! By doing this MANY are committing Suicide, Robbing, Stealing from Family and Friends and even Lying to their Spouses or boyfriend/girlfriend on who they REALLY are along with what they Don't Have!!! The TIME has come where GOD is SNATCHING the COVERS and REVEALING the TRUE IDENTITY of who these people are! Once the DEVIL is done using you he doesn't REWARD YOU; instead he leaves you out to DRY! Know that NO MATTER WHAT GOD will NEVER Leave or Forsake you!!!   Hear mne Live at (914) 338-1434 or at
Trending Worldwide is Famous R&B singer Mr. R Kelly! for the documentary aired on Lifetime TV titled: "Surviving R Kelly" Well everyone there is another Documentary Ignored ALL the TIME also in the World. It is called: "PIMPING in the PULPIT!" Tonight on Inspirational Monday's on my Radio Show "EMPOWERMENT4ALL" I will be talking about Unclean Pastors on the Mantle for God but their FLESH is on the Mantle for the Devil. They are taking women and making them into a Puppet for the Glory and calling it GOD's Work! Here me LIVE at (914) 338-1434
It is Time for another Episode of "INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY'S" on my Radio Show "Empowerment4All". I will be discussing the worldwide "RACISM" going on daily which means prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Afro Americans are dealing with RACISM Still after it is CLEAR and the Constitution Right that- FREEDOM belongs to ALL RACES! There is also a disturbing Paradox in the American workplace of PURE RACISM. Employers say they look to reap the benefits of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive workforce, but the force of racism often undermines that effort, creating challenges that HR cannot often overcome. Starbucks faced its own public relations nightmare when two Black patrons were videotaped being arrested at a store in Philadelphia quoted by the caucasain employees for trespassing but their only "Crime" was sitting at a table without making a purchase while waiting for a friend.  In the workplace, Racism most often manifests itself through managerial aggressions of Hatred toward Afro Americans, which when brought to the CEO of the companies they turn around and defined Racism as indirect subtle or even unintentional acts of discrimination against members of Afro Americans. In REALITY it is Known and Obvious these managers put in place on Many of these jobs have taken the form of Stereotyping, Attacking, Watching consistently, Criticizing and Firing ALL Afro Americans yet while Favoring, Giving Special Privileges, Allowing No Work to be Done, Excessive Tine off Granted, Fighting or starting Fighting without Any Repercussions to be given to other Nationalities
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the "NEW" Inspirational Monday's here at my Radio Show: "Empowerment4All" I will be broadcasting Live delivering to you an Inspiring, Uplifting, Informative "WORD" for you to deposit into your Spirit. In the cold, trying, frightening, callus, indecisive, unknown, frivolous, and mind blowing times we are living in "EVERYONE" needs to be Encouraged to keep pressing on. God has NOT Forsaken and will Continue to Keep, Carry, Bless and Heal his children who TRULY believe in him even though "FAMINE is in the Land! I Encourage you to KEEP YOUR FAITH and may Blessings come to you along with the MIRACLE you are in Need of! In Jesus Name I am PRAYING for you..... GOD BLESS
Performance Artist Lala D'iore which includes performing with ICON "JANET JACKSON" will be Live with Yulander McTier on EMPOWERMENT4ALL Tuesday July 10th at 8:45pm EST /7:45pm CST. Lala D'iore is a Woman in Birmingham, Alabama who is Pioneering Straight to the TOP! Her accolades include Performance Art, Runway Modeling, Singing, Dancing in music videos,  being Featured in "The Birmingham Times" Editorial Catalog Commercial at Sleep Over Worldwide, and Lala D'iore's Heel Class. This woman works around the clock to ensure her Dream is Manifesting into Reality! Congratulations is Not enough but Muc Wished Continual Success is what is given to her from me. TUNE in and hear Lala D'iore LIVE with me (914) 338-1434
NFL cornerback with the Chicago Bears "CRE'VON LEBLANC" will be Live with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All Tuesday June 26th at 7:45pm EST. Cre'Von was borned and raised in Belle Glade, FL. He attended Florida Atlantic University. Cre'Von started is NFL career with the New England Patriots for a short time. He signed with the Chicago Bears in September 2016 to now. Cre'Von LeBlanc Foundation was founded by Cre'Von. Through Cre'Von LeBlanc's foundation, he instills health and wellness, implements youth mentoring, empowerment and  various community outreach initiatives; all of which accomplish the encouragement, self-worth and determination needed in children, young adults and the less fortunate within and beyond Palm Beach County. Also Cre'Von started "A Second Chance Program" He helps transition convicted felons back into society. By assisting them with higher learning education, jobs and transferable skills, and training. Adding to his accolades Cre'Von has now entered into rapping. He is bringing strong, real and fresh lyrics to the rap industry. One of the Awesome songs is titled: Beezo Ft. Strap on a Wave available on YouTube Tune in and Listen to Cre'Von LeBlanc Talk Live at (914) 338-1434
One of the Baddest NFL Players Edgerrin James will be Live with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All June 7th at 8:15pm. He played for 11 Seasons in the NFL. He was drafted Round 1 Pick 4 in 1999 for the Indianapolis Colts. Played for the Arizona Cardinals 2006 through 2008 and the Seattle Seahawks 2009. He holds many Accolades such as 4x Pro Bowler. 2x First Team All Pro. 2x NFL Rushing yard leader Join us (914) 338-1434 and live via the web:
Models Niki Davis and Lauren Allen w/One Strut Models will be LIVE with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All Wednesday May 30th at 8pm EST. These dynamic ladies are the team that is bringing Jazzy, Classy, Vibrant, and Fresh to the Runway! Gracing many stages in Atlanta including Georgia Peach Fashion Week and in California a Fashion show hosted by R&B Singer Chante Moore in San Diego. The flare they have is Unstoppable! They are the NEW black girl fashion model magic coming to a fashion show near you! Tune in and Join us (914) 338-1434 and via the web at:
Turned Up! Hip Hop Rap Artist 6FO from New Brunswick, NJ will be LIVE on my show "Empowerment4All" Tuesday, May 15th at 8:00pm EST. Since age 14 6FO has entered into music. It was here he found his Passion to press forward and grow more. 6FO earned respect and gained credibility from battling and rap ciphers along with flooding his area with mixtapes. Projects include Just Tryna Do My Thing,Bout my Pay Puh Featring French Montana. His release Dreamcatcher received tremendous Praise even from Power 105.1 Breakfast Club host Charlamange. 6FO has performed in front of crowds, held release and listening parties, graced stages at various venues and colleges. 6FO has the ambition, drive and commitment to reach the Top. His cleverness with his lyrics and delivery is able to grab your attention! 6FO is definitely the Future voice that will be heard and widespread in Hip Hop
KIA NICOLE  has been sharing her gifts of soul music and poetry for many years. Born and raised in Pensacola, FL she now resides in Jacksonville, FL where she is immersed in the rich music culture of the nation's largest city, establishing herself as one of the most sought-after Neo-Soul vocalists around. She captured my Attention for the love of her music when I heard her Live in Jacksonville, FL at Indonesia. Tune in and here Kia Nicole talk LIVE with me (Yulander McTier) on my Radio Show-Empowerment4ALL Christmas Eve 12/24/17 @ 10:00am Eastern, 9:00am Central and 7:00am Pacific (914) 338-1434 and via the web at
Welcome to Inspirational Monday on Christmas Eve 2018 here at my Radio Show EMPOWERMENT4ALL with me Yulander McTier your Host. Today you will Hear a Powerful Message from Bishop TD Jakes Titled: "The Aroma of Prayer". It will Surely BLESS you along with take you out of 2018 into the New Year 2019 with Reassurance GOD is ALL you NEED to make it!
Hollywood is in the House!  Vh1 Basketball Wives newest member Saniy'yah Sanaa will be Live on Yulander McTier's Radio show titled: "Empowerment 4 All" Sunday June 4 at 5PM EST, 4 Central and 2 PST.  The Theme for this show is: Women in the Spotlight making it Happen! who have Endured Pain from their Past, Gone through the Fire to get where they are, People trying to Discredit them and been Betrayed but YET have come forth as Pure Gold! Please Join us Live (347) 637-2096 or via the web at
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