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Bernd Blossey has been a Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment at Cornell University for almost 30 years. His research has involved assessing impacts of deer on ecosystems and how large carnivores may, or may not, aid in ecosystem recovery.  Another focus of Bernd’s work is addressing the responsibility and accountability of humans on the conservation and management of these species.Our discussion touched on Bernd's early work in Germany, his research on the deer population in the ecosystem and how the perceived impact of wolves across the landscape has shaped our views on them. Myths, Wishful Thinking and Accountability in Predator Conservation and Management in the United StatesBring back the wolves - but not as heroes or villains (Cornell Chronicle)Bernd Blossey Bio
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is located in New Mexico, and their mission is to rescue displaced, unwanted, and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf-dogs, and other wild canid species. They provide all rescues with permanent, safe sanctuary and lifelong care through nutrition, medical support, and enrichment. Katie Forbis, who is the Social Media Coordinator, spoke about her journey to the sanctuary and the overall mission and vision of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary@wildspiritwolfsanctuary@katieandthewolves
Arthur Lefo is a French-American wildlife and conservation photographer, writer, nature guide and storyteller. His inspiring visual arts work has captured the attention of global audiences and has been featured by acclaimed outlets such as National Geographic & World Wildlife Fund.Arthur spoke to us about his personal journeys into photography & guiding, described his experiences while photographing wolves and how he hopes to make a conservational impact with those who see his work and join him on a guided experience. Arthur Lefo Photography@arthurlefoMother Wolf Gallery (Coming Soon!)
Marc Cooke and Kim Bean are the President and Vice President of the non-profit organization Wolves of the Rockies. Since 2011, their mission has been to protect and defend wolves from Yellowstone & the Rocky Mountains while trying to enact positive change for all wolves across the country.Marc and Kim joined us again to speak about the proposed Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping Plan for 2022. They discussed the impacts the proposal would have on wolves moving forward, wolf management practices in Idaho, and updates on the Colorado wolf reintroduction.Montana Fish & Wildlife Wolf Proposal & Comment SectionWolves of the Rockies Contact (Kim & Marc)@wolves_of_the_rockies
Wolf Tales is where you'll hear stories from Wolf Connection's staff and volunteers about their experiences. We'll also be speaking with musicians, artists, photographers and videographers about how the wolf has impacted their work.Edward Amaya is a former student who participated in the Wolf Connection youth program. He now works at Wolf Connection as a Program Assistant, mentoring the youth that come through the programs. @_.greatv @wolfconnectionpodWolf Connection Programs
Wolf Tales is where you'll hear stories from Wolf Connection's staff and volunteers about their experiences. We'll also be speaking with musicians, artists, photographers and videographers about how the wolf has impacted their work.Renee has been with Wolf Connection for 13 years and is the Lead of Pack Behavior. She has interacted with all the wolves that have come through the organization and shares her wonderful videos & photos from the pack on her social media! Follow her on Instagram @reneealfero22@wolfconnection@wolfconnectionpod
Welcome to the 100th episode of The Wolf Connection Podcast! Thank you to all our guests and listeners who have been along for the journey. Here's to the next 100 episodes and beyond! HOWLS! Project Coyote is a national non-profit organization based in Northern California whose mission is to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy. We spoke with both Michelle Lute, the Conservation Director and Renee Seacor, the Carnivore Conservation Advocate at Project Coyote. They told us about the mission, their individual roles within the organization and how they are helping promote coexistence between humans and wildlife across the country. Project Coyote WebsiteRewilding Institute@coolhandlute@rseacor
Brenna Cassidy is a PhD Candidate at the University of Montana where she is studying the recent effects of Montana's wolf harvest on the packs in Yellowstone National Park. Her research is vital to understanding how humans can impact the survival of wolves that live most of their lives inside Yellowstone. Brenna spoke to us about her love for the outdoors, how she was able to begin working in Yellowstone with wolves and her experiences putting this research together. @brenna_j_cassidy@BrennaJCassidy@wolfconnection@thewolfconnectionpod
Rick McIntyre has been watching wolves for over 40 years, with 25 of those years in Yellowstone National Park. Rick has spent more time documenting wolves in the wild than almost anyone, surpassing 9,000 days in the field with over 100,000 sightings in that time. Rick joined us to give updates on the Junction Butte pack in Yellowstone, the impacts that recent wolf hunts have had on the packs in the park, and to talk about his newest book The Redemption of Wolf 302. All of the books in the "Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone Series" are available wherever books are sold. Meet The Author Greystone BooksRedemption of Wolf 302 on Amazon@wolfconnection@thewolfconnectionpod
Cheryl Alexander is an environmental photographer with a focus on wilderness. She is increasing the awareness of the natural world and encouraging a sustainable human relationship with the earth. She has authored the book Takaya: Lone Wolf  that chronicled the journey of a sea wolf on a group of uninhabited islands in British Colombia's Salish Sea. Cheryl told us about her early work with at risk youth, fighting for conservational legislation, her passion for telling stories through photography, and the legacy of Takaya.Wild Awake Photography Takaya's Legacy@takayalonewolf@thewolfconnectionpod
Wolf Tales is where you'll hear stories from Wolf Connection's staff and volunteers about their experiences. We'll also be speaking with musicians, artists, photographers and videographers about how the wolf has impacted their work.Kacey has been a volunteer at Wolf Connection for almost 2 years since coming on a visit to Wolf Heart Ranch.  She's currently the head of Marketing and Graphics at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History. Kacey is a professional artist that focuses on animation but has been drawing almost her entire life, and some of her drawings include wolves from the Wolf Connection pack!Check out all of her incredible work on Instagram @kacey_m_art@wolfconnectionWolf Connection Website
Brad Orsted is an award-winning conservation and wildlife filmmaker, photographer and writer. He has spent the better part of a decade sharing stories of the wild through the lens of his camera, podcast and upcoming memoir due out in 2023. Brad spoke about his photography & filmmaking and how the tragic loss of his daughter Marley, has forever changed the way he views, films and speaks about the wildlife and wild places that have shaped his life. Brad Orsted Website Take It Outside Podcast@brad_orsted@thewolfconnectionpod
Laurie McConnell is the Director of Community and Systems for Pacific Wild. She also is the Wolf Campaigner for Save BC Wolves which is working to stop the wolf cull and resist ongoing efforts to escalate the persecution of wolves across the province. Laurie explained the dynamics of the Great Bear Rainforest, the history and continuing conservation efforts of Pacific Wild, and describes the sea wolves that live around the province. Pacific WildSave BC Wolves CampaignEnd the BC Wolf Cull@pacificwildWolf Connection
Daniel Curry joins us once more to talk about the expansion of his business into ecotourism. He is inviting guests to go on guided trail rides, photography tours and be a range rider for a day, all in the name of conservation and coexistence. **Links to these adventures are below**Daniel is a range rider who specializes in human wildlife conflict mitigation using non-lethal methods in northeastern Washington. He started his own business, G.R.I.P.H., which helps wildlife and humans coexist on the landscape.G.R.I.P.H. Adventures@thedanimalmanimalGriphs.comWolf Connection
Casey Anderson is the Creative Director of VisionHawk Films, an Emmy nominated filmmaker, explorer and adventurer. Cara McGary is the owner of In Our Nature Guiding Services and has a Masters in Biology. Both are part of the Wild Livelihoods Business Coalition. Their mission is to give a voice to local businesses near Yellowstone National Park whose livelihoods depend upon wild places. They do this by connecting consumers with their business members who have shared values around open spaces, clean water and air, and sustainable, bio-diverse wildlife populations.Casey and Cara spoke about their businesses in Montana and the goals of the coalition to ensure local ecosystems stay wild and coexist with all species on the landscape. They discussed the impacts of the recent wolf hunts on both a personal and professional level. Wild Livelihoods Business Coalition VisionHawk FilmsIn our Nature Guiding
Wolf Tales is where you'll hear stories from Wolf Connection's staff and volunteers about their experiences. We'll also be speaking with musicians, artists, photographers and videographers about how the wolf has impacted their work.Elena Albanese is the Manager of Pack Services for Wolf Connection after beginning as a volunteer in 2016. She and her team oversee the health and well being of the 30+ wolves and wolf dogs at Wolf Connection. Follow her on Instagram: @elena_ny2ca@wolfconnectionWolf Connection
Maggie Howell has been the Executive Director of the Wolf Conservation Center since 2013. They are a not-for-profit environmental education organization working to protect and preserve wolves in North America through science-based education, advocacy, and participation in the federal recovery and release programs for two critically endangered wolf species - the Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf. Maggie spoke about her journey, the Wolf Conservation Center recovery and release programs, and the many ways they educate the public on the importance of wolves in the wild. Wolf Conservation Center@wolfconservationcenterWolf Connection
For over two decades Gary Skiba was a Wildlife Biologist for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. He is now the Wildlife Manager for the San Juan Citizens Alliance. Gary updated us on the Colorado wolf reintroduction, his history working for the Colorado Division of Wildlife and his role in the San Juan Citizens Alliance. Wolf Posts San Juan Citizens AllianceSan Juan Citizens AllianceColorado Parks & Wildlife (Wolves)
Erin Johnston is a Biologist and Wildlife Lead for the Natural Resources Department in the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC). Austin Ayres is a Wildlife Technician and a KBIC Tribal Member. Both Erin and Austin spoke about their roles in the KBIC, positive impacts of tribal influence on land & wildlife management in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and the history and current state of wolves in the region. KBIC Natural Resources DepartmentKBIC Facebook PageWolf Connection
Louise Liebenberg has been a rancher in Alberta, Canada since 2008 after immigrating from Europe. Since she has come to North America, Louise has been at the forefront of coexistence ranching and teaching others how to deal with predators in Canada's wilderness with the help of livestock guardian dogs. Louise discussed what led her family to come to Canada, her opposition of wolf bounties in the late 2000's, guidelines for successful predator management, and how she reinforces positive messaging around wolves coexisting with livestock. Grazerie.comPredator Friendly Ranching BlogWolf Connection 
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