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The Torah Journey Podcast - with Rabbi Ken Brodkin
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The Torah Journey Podcast - with Rabbi Ken Brodkin

Author: Rabbi Ken Brodkin

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Welcome to the Torah Journey Podcast with Rabbi Ken Brodkin. This broadcast will help you access the timeless wisdom of Judaism and enrich your Jewish journey. How do we apply the wisdom of Judaism to real life? If you are in search of Jewish insight and inspiration, the Torah Journey Podcast is for you! Our weekly podcast will offer you timely insights from the Parsha, current events, the Jewish Year & more.
56 Episodes
The Greatest Legacy

The Greatest Legacy


As we begin a new year, we consider the plight of the marginalized. How we can support people who may be on the margins of our Jewish society?
In a changing universe, the path of Avraham guides us to the place where we can hear the word of G-d guiding us to our destiny.
Gratitude and thanksgiving for our blessings are a major key to success in life. Learning to recognize the blessings can define our experiences during the New Year and beyond.
The book of Yona, which we read on the day of Yom Kippur, helps us navigate many of the inner contradictions that we face in our own lives.
The months of Elul and Tishrei place a demand of “doing more” upon us. But what if our time is already completely tapped? Can we really do more? This podcast explores a refreshing Torah insight into the spiritual makeup of a human being. This insight provides a foundation for Jewish success during the month of Elul and beyond.
Waking Up In Elul

Waking Up In Elul


In Parshat Re’eh, the Torah starts to present us with a stark choice between blessing and curse, life and death. The month of Elul is a time to ponder this choice as we prepare for renewed life.



The Torah’s idea of matrilineal descent sheds light on how we Jews can understand ourselves in a culture that often misconstrues us.
What is Freedom?

What is Freedom?


The Nine Days and Tisha B’Av are a time to reflect upon the Jewish meaning of freedom, and our deepest aspirations during the days of Chodesh Av.Visit to contribute to Kesser Israel's Sefer Torah Campaign. 
Are You Replaceable?

Are You Replaceable?


We are living through an age of change and transition, but what is the real truth of our lives?  Are we irreplaceable as we may often feel?  The paths of Moshe and Eliyahu sheds light on the meaning of our lives.
If we can't win the battle against antisemitism on social media, where can we triumph? The non-Jewish prophet Bilaam as well as the period of the Three Weeks offers insight into where the Jewish people can overcome their enemies. 
If most of life entails struggle, doubts and challenges, how do we go through these moments? Our state of joy or lack thereof is a key sign of where we stand on one of life’s most critical issues.
The Torah Conspiracy

The Torah Conspiracy


How do we know who to follow in a complex and changing world? Join us as we consider a Torah perspective on conspiracy theory.
In this episode, we explore how we bring our Jewish beliefs into our tangible lives. What is it that enables some people to enter the promised land while others languish in the wilderness?
With the rise of anti-Semitism, we witness the power of words. In this moment, we strive to lift up our world with our words
Ruth was an unknown, destitute foreigner in her day. As we explore the lessons of her life, we find the path toward meaning in our own lives, on Shavuot and beyond. 
In this episode we explore the Torah’s guidance in grappling with a tragic event that claimed innocent lives.
Lag B'Omer Episode. This week's episode is dedicated to the merit of a completel recovery for those who were injured in Meron this Lag B'Omer. In addition, this is dedicated to the memory of the lives that have been lost. Discover the great light that Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed in his life, and the essential connection that every Jew has to that light.
Discover the Jewish foundation of holiness, a principal that ties all the Mitzvot of the Torah together.
On Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) we reflect on the miracles of Israeli history and what it means for our lives, wherever we live on G-d’s globe.
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