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In this episode, we welcome back Ixchel Lunar!Ixchel and Luis discuss the role of time in their lives including how time is hyper local, what it means to attune to the rhythms and the cycles of the land, why we often judge ourselves and others for honoring the pace of their body, what they've learned from observing turtles and sloths, and how we allow time to be stolen from us. They also revisit the idea of decolonization: what does it mean to relate to time as a being rather than dominating it as a resource?For more information on Ixchel's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
In this episode, we are joined by Eileen Knott. Eileen offers individual healing sessions for a variety of health concerns such as pain-both physical and emotional,  nightmares, obsessive thoughts, grieving, feeling stuck, and addictions. Eileen was also a student of the Holistic Life Navigation course last year.Eileen and Luis explore why healing in an ongoing, iterative process. Both share how and why "bad habits" persisted after having a magical or healing experience. They discuss how catharsis can actually be overwhelming for our bodies; however, time and embodiment practices allow our bodies to integrate that experience and learning.For more information on Eileen's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
Finally, she's back!! In this episode, Luis is joined by herbalist and astrologer Aemen Bell to discuss the many, many benefits of oatstraw.Aemen and Luis discuss how oatstraw is neither a depressant or a stimulant but rather a nourishing herb that helps to bring us into our true nature. They also discuss the wisdom they've gleaned from oatstraw, what it means to have energy from a source of nourishment vs a source of stimulation, and why so many of us are terrified of going slow.Additionally, Aemen walks us through the process of creating an oatstraw infusion.For more information on Aemen's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
In this episode, Luis explores how attuning to the now, i.e. remaining in our safe center even when ruptures may be happening around us, provides us the resourcing to deal with threat as it comes.Threat is very really and exists all around us. But the question we have to ask ourselves is, is my body responding to remembered threat, anticipated threat, or threat that is actually in front of us right now?Luis also discusses the critical distinction between acknowledging events around us vs orienting/attuning to them.  How can we be an engaged participant of the world while also realizing the realities of our immediate situations? Luis also provides a brief attunement practice -- an exercise to help our bodies begin to be aware of when our sensations are actually in response to anticipated or remembered threat rather than what we are currently experiencing.For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
In this episode, we are joined by Maureen Gallagher, PhD. Maureen is a licensed psychologist, Somatic Experiencing faculty member, and Inner Relationship Focusing trainer. She is also a teacher of Luis.Maureen and Luis explore what it means for us to relate to our body's and sensations vs identifying with them. They discuss how transitioning to a place of witness or observer of their bodies supported them in becoming a compassionate guide on their own healing journeys. For more information on Maureen's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
In this episode, Luis explores how we can begin to move through numbness.We can often describe numbness as not feeling anything at all but in reality, numbness is a sensation -- it is the sensation of the lack of sensation. Numbness also carries with it a negative stigma; something that is wrong with us. However, numbness is our body's healthy response to overwhelm. It is our body's boundary to sensations that are too much for us, that we are not ready to feel just yet.Luis shares with us a practice that can support us in relating  to our numbness rather than bypassing it. For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
This Holistic Life Navigation's 100th episode! To mark this occasion, we pull back the curtains and we meet the entire Holistic Life Navigation team. Luis, Marika, and Camille share what brought them to trauma healing work, their perception of trauma healing as a business, and how their relationship with money has evolved over time. We also get to know a bit more about their past lives -- Luis was a real estate agent and Camille worked in corporate America! They share what they learned from those experiences and how it informs their approach to Holistic Life Navigation.For more information about Holistic Life Navigation, visit:
In this episode, Luis explores how we can find safety in nature when human relationships don't feel safe.A byproduct of colonization is our tendency to view nature a resource we should dominate vs a relative we can relate to. Traumatized nervous systems can often find it difficult to r co-regulate with human beings -- but what about non-human beings? What other beings around might we regularly ignore that could offer us an opportunity for co-regulation?For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
Jaguar Mary X is an artist who says "I believe that it is my role as an artist to activate and be part of a remembering of the transforming power of communal space. I agree with Nina’s Simone’s dictum that the mission of the artist is to 'respond to the times in which I find myself.'"In this episode we explore their journey of becoming ungovernable, how they are challenging themselves, and the institutions they navigate.Being ungovernable is akin to previous conversations we've had about decolonization. One critical question to ask is "How have we internalize colonization or self domination?" In this episode, Jaguar Mary X generously shares their own reflections on transitioning from unquestioningly accepting every opportunity that comes our way to diplomatically challenging expectations. For more information on Jaguar Mary X's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
In this episode, Luis explores how manifesting can keep us from building the capacity to be with the present. When focusing on what may come in the future, we are focusing on what we want rather than what we have. Manifesting isn't bad. But how can we also find ways to attune to the calm, joy, or beauty that is happening around us?For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
This episode is so deliciously wonderful. We had the honor to sit down and speak with A'Lelia Bundles, the great-great-granddaughter of Madam CJ Walker.This episode is all about resiliency and intergenerational wisdom. A'Lelia generously shares what she learned about her lineage as she was writing her great-great-grandmother's biography. We explore how a woman who was the very first person in her family born outside of slavery was able to navigate a society they didn't value her and go on to become the first self-made millionaire woman in the United States.For more information on A'Lelia's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
Out of all the things we explore on this podcast, who would've thought beans would be the most controversial? So we had to invite Karen Hurd, the Queen of Beans, back to the show to help sift through some of these bean myths. In this episode, we cover the common concerns and fears people have about beans including:Why do beans give me gas?Don't beans have a lot of antinutrients?Don't phytates and lectins stunt growth?Should we avoid grains, nuts, and seeds in addition to beans?Luis and Karen also discuss the lovely interconnection between science, ancestral wisdom and self inquiry. For more information on Karen's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit: out some of our previous episodes with Karen:Ep. 8 Healing Your Body With Beans (feat. Karen Hurd)Ep. 19 Caffeine & Adrenaline (feat. Karen Hurd)Ep. 34 How Dairy Affects Your Body (feat. Karen Hurd)Ep. 56 How Sugar Affects The Body (feat. Karen Hurd)
"You're not overreacting, you're overcoupled."In this episode, Luis explores how we can begin the work of recognizing when our bodies are being reminded of a past traumatic experience and how we can uncouple that from situations where there is no threat present.For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
"I'm not weird, I'm  just from somewhere different." Today's episode is all about honoring our "weird" -- the call to break from the norm, standard, or "right way".Aiyisha Castillo  is a Somatic Therapist, Intuitive Bodyworker and Yoga Teacher.  She felt called to enter into the holistic field after returning from a 2 1/2 year trip to Africa.  Her love for bodies and their innate wisdom is what guides her practice today.In this episode, Aiyisha shares with us why and how she has eschewed many of the mandates placed upon therapists, including sitting in a chair during therapy sessions. We also explore how her calling to approach therapy differently impacts both her and her clients.  For more info on her work visit: more info on Luis' work visit:
In this episode, Luis explores how we can affirm our bodies' boundaries while also exploring from a place of curiosity vs. judgement, i.e. how to turn judgment into curiosity to heal trauma. Our brains work really hard to categorize things into "safe" and "threat" consistently. Not knowing is scary because it invites vulnerability. When we have a traumatized system, we sense threat in most places. Judgment takes us from our needs, from our felt sense and we go into our mind to figure it out – to put an identity to it, to make it still or stagnant. Judgment is a fixed state but curiosity is the opposite of an adrenalized judgment state. What happens when we are curious in the same situation?  What happens when we follow the question of “What’s next?” For more information about Luis's work, please visit:
Nisha Mody is a 'healing hype girl"! What stands out about Nisha is her practice of noticing the joy along with pain. This practice of seeing joy as complex, nuanced, and juicy is so important.It is very easy to mistake this practice for bypassing but Nisha shares with us how this is critically different. Bypassing is when we ignore the event or the impact of the event on us. However, a practice of noticing the joy along with pain allows us to be aware of pain but not constantly attune or relate to it. For more information on Nisha's work, visit: more information on Luis' work, visit:
"The first alter of our ancestors is the body." This quote from Amber McZeal beautifully illustrates the connection between relating to our bodies, the land, and our lineage. To move from colonization to decolonization, i.e. be in relationship with rather than dominance of, applies to our bodies just as it applies to land. When we're in relationship with our bodies, we're in relationship with the land and vice versa.  In this episode, Luis explores how, through ancestral healing work and exploring our lineage, we can reclaim beautiful knowledge and practices which can help us navigate overwhelm and anxiety.  For more info on Luis's work, please visit: At the site you can also purchase the webinar about Decolonization of the Body.
Today's episode is all about building capacity for difference: having the capacity to express our differences and having the capacity to receive the differences of others.Camille Leak is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Practitioner and the Community Manager for Holistic Life Navigation -- in these roles, she helps to facilitate uncomfortable conversations. She is also and a former student of  my 6-week course. Her approach to navigating difference really stood out to me during the course and I wanted to learn more about her journey and subsequently choose to invite her to join the team! In this episode, she shares a bit of her healing journey and how she maintains the capacity to explore things like bias, prejudice and discrimination on a regular basis. In particular, how leaning into curiosity helps us to work and communicate across difference. Camille's work focuses on honest discovery -- not saying the "right" thing or trying to change someone's mind.For more info on Camille's work visit:; LinkedIn: more info on Luis' work visit:
Today's episode navigates whether we use our energy to change others or connect to ourselves.Why do we so often devote our energy to changing, motivating, or even talking about others? Releasing the need to change others in order to find safety in them, allows us the energy and space to begin to find safety in ourselves through self-relationship and embodiment.For more information visit:
Today's episode is SO good. I welcome past students and current members of my membership to talk about the topic of the sovereign body.It's a strange idea at first: the body not being us. However, the more we practice it and notice it, the more obvious it becomes and the more helpful it becomes.Why? Because we're able to actually relate to it as its own being, instead of a thing that's supposed to work for us or that we own.Enjoy this episode with these gorgeous people who I can honestly call my teachers now.For more info on my upcoming courses & membership visit: can learn more about some of the guests and their work below:Jeana Brown:; Instagram - @gypsy.rootLeena Chauhan: Instagram - @leenacharmColleen Duffy:; Instagram - @DevilDoll_OfficialIxchel Lunar:; Instagram - White: Instagram - @k.arenwhite
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I'm quite enjoying this and thought you would as well... [Ep 14] Decolonizing The Psyche | Dr. Amber McZeal on holistic life navigation podcast. If you Install Castbox use my referral code - rewards! Se Instalar o Castbox use esse código! thank youuuuu sss

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