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This podcast explores how to heal stress & trauma holistically. I am your host, Luis Mojica. My work, Holistic Life Navigation, was modeled after my own journey in healing myself of chronic illness & PTSD. I share this podcast with many other brilliant minds who, like me, healed themselves through unique, unusual, and unorthodox ways. For more information on me & my work, please visit: (Written, produced & recorded by Luis Mojica. Additional production, music composition & editing by Evan Glenn Adams. Intro & outro song: "Witch Love" by Luis Mojica)
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This week Luis is joined by a pioneer in intergenerational trauma and author of "It Didn't Start With You", Mark Wolynn. They dive into language and the history of stored and inherited family trauma. They discuss how trauma unconsciously passes down through DNA and the expression of that through verbal and nonverbal trauma language. Mark also tells stories from his practice and talks about rewiring the brain through positive practices. "Scientifically, when a trauma happens, it changes us. So literally it causes a chemical reaction in our DNA, and this changes how our genes function.""We rarely make the link that our anxiety, our hyper-vigilance, our shutdown, our depression is connected to our parents and our grandparents. We just think we're wired this way, and that's what I keep running into, people just saying 'Well that's how I am, I'm wired this way.'" For more information on Mark's work and his book, visit
In this episode, Luis speaks with Natasha Levinger - energy reader, healer, spiritual coach - about energy work, attunement, Spirit, grief, and more."What a spiritual experience it is to be in a body.""Attunement is a beautiful thing. I was recently using it in an example of when we’re only attuning to others and not ourselves, that’s when it gets off balance. But attuning to people is also how we have empathy and how we connect and how we notice something’s off.""I easily talk to people who aren’t in bodies anymore. I love doing that. When I was nine, I used to look at the obituaries and write down new friends to talk to. I’m very much not an Earth-based person, necessarily? But again, it’s maybe counterintuitive, but the more I got into my energy body in the present, the more I was able to be like, “Oh yeah, I can see why I want to be on Earth, I can see what’s special about Earth and what’s special about my body.”"It’s the meaning that we attach to things that creates tension, or contraction, or makes us want to jump into someone else’s experience."To follow Natasha's work or listen to her podcast, visit
Luis speaks with Euphrasia Nyaki about her upbringing in Tanzania, the journey to somatic experiencing, engaging the ancestors, family constellation in her practice, and more."I think those two pieces - the somatic experiencing with the intergenerational work - I feel like that's just the gold. I see so many people who...their bodies are still behaving like their ancestors', unbeknownst to them, because it's in there trying to express itself out, right? But it lacks context. So as you start filling in the context, there's this separation and it starts to heal itself, essentially.""What we do with family constellation is to bring the invisible out of the subconscious mind.""One thing you said that I really resonated with was how SE (somatic experiencing) gives you the ability to feel the present. It's not just being in the present, you feel what it's like to not have a past or a future."To learn more about Euphrasia's work, visit 
This episode Luis reconnects with his dear friend, Lynida Darbes, to talk about spiritual integration therapy -- which involves "an awareness of the process we go through of constantly being called on to integrate our emotions or psychological  experience  with our spiritual evolution." "I think the falling off the cliff was pretty instantaneous, after all the pain. I think I either had to die or I had to do this “falling off the cliff.” And then... I was totally alive, just completely every tiny cell in my body was alive and turned on and open and full of love.""I must have learned early on that it’s all about allowance, that’s the word. You 'allow' and it’s the level of willingness in you of allowance that determines how much you experience.""That’s what I find true healing to be: when concept and ego kind of just dissipate and your body is dancing with what is. It’s magical. You don’t have to be cancer-free to heal. It’s more like your state of being versus your physical state.""The feeling of whatever happens, it’s teaching me something. If I look at it the right way, it will teach me something."To learn more about Lynida or to work with her:
Today's episode is a recording from an interview Luis did with Helena Grant for the Divine Instruments global event this past April. He speaks about somatic therapy and food and how that relates to trauma healing."We're talking about trauma because it's the unconscious root of all of our imbalances. What's amazing about trauma when you start understanding it somatically versus psychologically is trauma has nothing to do with the event that you've been through. Trauma has everything to do with how the body responds to the event you've been through.""The mind is so quick to go to feelings as ideas, feelings as experiences, feelings as meaning. Often when I ask someone, I'll say "What do you feel in that moment?" And they say "I feel like--" and whenever there's that word like, I know we're leaving the body.""We learned that at birth, we screamed out of pain and we were able to nurse or drink from the bottle. So food is the first thing we experience in this human body on this planet of calming us down, and as we get more embodied with our trauma, we learn "Is this food going over my trauma, is it pushing it down, is my trauma choosing it? Or is my body choosing it to nourish?" And you start getting clear over what drives those decisions."
On this episode, Luis brings back biochemist and holistic nutritionist, Karen Hurd - from [Ep. 8 - Healing Your Body With Beans], [Ep. 19 - Caffeine & Adrenaline: How They Affect the Body], and [Ep. 34 - How Dairy Affects the Body] to talk about what sugar is actually doing in our bodies. "Some things take a lot of time to break down and enter into the bloodstream. That is not so with sugar. Whenever we put in sugar, it's what we call saccharide. Its molecular construction is such that it takes very little digestive effort - basically none - for it to cross the barriers that allow it into the bloodstream.""You produce insulin in response to the spike. So if you're going up really rapidly with your blood glucose levels, you're going to release a boatload of insulin to bring down your sugars just as rapidly. Insulin is very effective. It actually grabs these sugar molecules in your bloodstream and will convert them into something known as a triglyceride.""Sugar is so addictive and satisfying on so many levels and I think because initially it's this concentration of life force because we're breaking down all these foods into the building block of the life, which is the glucose feeding our cells so they can function."To follow Karen's work or take one of her courses, visit
In this episode, Luis talks with James-Olivia Chu Hillman about self-inquiry, regulation vs. relation, attunement, somatic embodiment, blame, certainty, animism, Disobedience School and more."I believe the willingness to change is the willingness to live, and the willingness to witness others without judgment as they change is the willingness to love.""What is my relationship with myself like and therefore all of my other relationships with everyone and everything? There's a thing that my dear friend Nic Strack who facilitates conversations with parents, and people who are self-parenting, re-parenting, preparing to parent: 'The relationship you have with yourself defines the relationship you have with your child.'" "Magical I think is exactly the right word for it, for me. A thing that I've come to recently is that everything doesn't have to make sense... Let me be more specific: I don't have to make sense in order to regard myself. Which I get kind of emotional even just saying it because it's fairly new in the last few months for me to even have that idea as something I'm willing to commit to. Like oh yeah, you don't have to be logical, the math doesn't have to add up, the machinery doesn't have to run smoothly. Everything doesn't have to make sense, I don't have to make sense, and there's magic that's holding it all together. I don't have to do this myself."To follow James-Olivia, you can find them on Instagram at @inquisitive_human or their website:
In this episode, Luis shares a pre-recorded workshop he led for Tending the Roots Festival, founded by Karine Bell, about the way we use our food and treat our bodies as a direct result of colonization, which includes a Q&A at the end."Part of the most effective way to getting to the trauma and healing the trauma is creating a body that is so well-nourished that it reflects safety in its biochemistry. That the foods it eats grounds and supports and strengthens rather than depresses or depletes or activates. Food is a powerful medicine and tool for healing trauma because food can create a safe body or an activated-slash-depressed body.""What I do believe is that a lot of the things we call 'symptoms', and 'conditions', and 'problems' are unprocessed trauma responses that are stuck physiologically. So what's amazing about food - amazing and difficult and confusing - is it's, I mean, to say it's a necessity dilutes it. It's something that our bodies know, it's something our bodies need, it's something we depend on. 'It' being food, food being Earth.""Decolonizing and colonizing is simply the difference between being in dominance over or being in relationship with. It's that simple. Now where it stems from is quite complex, we've seen that in our history, in our social constructs, in our criminal justice systems. We see how complex it's gotten. But at the root of it -- it's a mentality of: Is this here for me or is this here with me?"Connect with Karine Bell's work at and @karinebell on Instagram.
In this episode, Luis dives into animism with Daniel Foor, Ph.D., a teacher of Earth and ancestor reverence, and author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. "[Animism] is a way to refer to a set of values that basically says living humans are just one kind of person in a much wider field of kinship, community, and other kinds of people. Those other kinds of people include the ancestors, the plants, the animals, deities, nature spirits, planets... you name it.""If we can’t see other people, we can’t really see them on a soul level, we’re not going to be as useful to them. And there’s going to be something that doesn’t quite click. Making a study of the different forms and patterns and expressions of the sacred is important if you’re going to be in a healing capacity, because you’ll be more able to see people accurately.""Like any of the binaries we’re being asked to disrupt, there’s who we’ve been and there’s who we are now. And it’s not that we choose one over the other, but how do we bring all of what we are into the moment? And see the powers that are unifying, the earth that is beneath all of us, and the stars, the bigger frame that we’re being held in. It’s important to spend time resting in what’s unifying, as well." To learn more about the Ancestral Lineage Healing online course, ancestor circles and the work of Daniel Foor, visit
In this episode, Luis embarks on  a new conversation with an old friend, Lindsay Christine, centered around Juneteenth. Christine shares what it was like growing up as a Black woman in this country, from the way she was raised to the narrow messaging we are sold about African American stereotypes."My skin tone and the weight that it carries in America really doesn’t have anything to do with me. It is to do with our society and the way it’s been structured and the way that it’s been set up, but racism doesn’t have to do with how good I am as a person or what I’m like internally. I think I was able to develop a sense of self that was separate from the idea of what it means to be Black in America. I know it’s a part of me, I know by many standards it defines me, but it’s not all of me." "The reality is there’s still work to do, but I’m not going to wait to be free until that work is done. I can be free in myself and they can catch up to me, and I’m going to keep doing the work.""Everything I try to work towards and do in my life is to just spark positive change not just for me but for the next generation."You can follow Lindsay Christine and sign up for the newsletter at her new project, The Wellness Feed, which is a hub for sustainable champions around the world. You can also find her on Instagram at @the_wellnessfeed. 
"The mystical experience is, qualitatively, one of connection. Everyone who is able to expand enough will report this interesting experience of all is one." -Joshua SylvaeIn this episode, I speak with Joshua Sylvae about the spiritual experiences that arise from somatic practices of embodiment. The body is this incredible vessel for experience. Sensations, desires, movements, memories, images - so many things happening in our bones.If we're not embodied, we miss all those incredible sensations. Embodiment, as we discuss, goes beyond a simple practice of stillness and peace. It helps us actually experience all the realms within and outside of us.Joshua Sylvae is a Somatic Psychologist and one of my teachers. I was so thrilled to have him on here to lend his wisdom and heart to this discussion.For more information on his work, please visit
I found Lorcan after I was searching for resources regarding the indigenous, pagan ways of the Irish people. My mother is half Irish and, when I was 13, I found myself reconnecting to my Irish roots through Wicca. Speaking with Lorcan was so lovely. He exemplifies the respectful balance of reconnecting to his indigenous roots while respecting the delicate nature of the word indigenous.It's thought that only people of color are indigenous, but this is a stereotype that furthers racial constructs & divides. Indigenous means what land you originally belong to. Connecting to our own indigenous roots doesn't mean we have the indigenous experience, however it can help us understand how to co-create with the indigenous peoples of the lands we live on now through commonality of values that come naturally from connecting to the Earth.This is because indigenous ways have several foundational practices in common. They are Earth-based, see everything as a relative, and are rooted in reciprocity. Connecting to your own indigenous bloodlines means you can access these traditions, rituals, and powerful ways of connecting so that you can relate to other indigenous peoples, as well as the lands you currently reside and travel on.In short: you get to use your ancestral wisdom to relate better to everything around you.For more information on Lorcan's work, please visit or follow him on IG
 I welcome back Dr. Amber McZeal to speak with me about  decolonizing the psyche through a spiritual, somatic, and philosophical lens. I first had Amber on back in September. It was Episode 14: Decolonizing The Psyche & I recommend listening to it first if you haven't yet. It will help you with the language and understanding to fully receive this episode.For me, Amber is pure medicine. Her tone, her delivery, her essence, and her work. Just sitting virtually with her feels like something is shifting and softening in me. The fertile Earth in me is opening up to some new sprouts of growth that I didn't know were there.After really meditating on her work and our discussion from last year, I started finding the colonizer in me and, from that experience, discovered some clarity around what colonizing even means.I see colonizing as being in control of, dominating over, or opposing something's nature. I see de-colonizing as unlearning that so we can be in relationship with everything around us. This is what I've learned from indigenous elders and witches: everything is a relative. In this episode we explore personal experiences & philosophies in this episode to create more clarity and understanding so that we can guide ourselves, and others, toward unlearning the conditioning we grew up in and reclaiming the original ecosystem of reciprocity, respect, and relationship. 
My wife showed me Stasia's Ted Talk in 2018 and I was instantly taken by her story. Like most people I have on my podcast, Stasia discovered, through trauma, a gift and a tool that she could apply to her life and teach others to aid in their healing journey. And that tool was style.She found how much style impacts your psychology and emotional state. She first discovered this through her daughter, who was born with a myriad of medical issues and developmental conditions. Her daughter had low confidence and felt quite removed, but when she put on boy's clothing she felt alive and ran around the house saying "I feel outside how I feel inside!". And that was the moment for Stasia.From there she developed the term "inner-outer congruency". It's the practice of developing the capacity to express your internal experience through your style. This is huge for trauma healing because we often feel threatened around being seen. The ability to use your closet and your clothing as medicine to call up pain and then transmute it into glorious style is a true magical practice that Stasia teaches now.Have a listen, have a feel, and go back into the closet to see what's still waiting to come out.To follow, or work with, Stasia you can visit her website at or her Instagram @stasiasavasuk.
I love speaking with Carolyn. She's such a kindred soul in the way that she welcomes the trash of life as equally nourishing as the treasures of life. I find transmutation to be the exact work that I do. I'm teaching people how to feel a sensation that is threatening to the body and, rather than constrict against it, we expand into it which gives it more space to be free, move, teach us something, or simply dissipate.We talk about how this practice and lifestyle is the epitome of abundance. Especially in terms of how much capacity do you have to receive. Receive what? Everything!I will say that I went into some detail about my own sexual trauma history, so if you're feeling tender you may want to give yourself extra comfort before listening. I found it necessary to explain, through my own suffering, how transmutation was working me before I even knew what it was. Have a listen, notice what you feel in your body, and see where this takes you.BIODr. Carolyn Elliott is the author of Existential Kink: A handbook of life-altering magic, and cult-favorite creativity book, Awaken Your Genius. She runs a 7-figure online business specializing in helping people achieve dramatic positive change in their lives through shadow integration practices and applied occult philosophy.Carolyn is known for her uncanny and uncomfortable ability to trick really smart, high-achieving magical people into doing the things that they actually want to do. She’s the teacher of life-altering online courses, including WEALTH: the alchemical community where leaders come into their full power.You can follow her on IG @carolynelliott_
I love working with parents because it gives us, as adults, the opportunity to revisit our own nervous systems and learn which parts haven't fully developed. Which parts still hurt from our own wounds with our parents? Our children give us the opportunity to get triggered into those sensations and they can become our greatest teachers.We chat about how important it is for the parent to become embodied before we can even bring safety and regulation to our children. When we become embodied, we notice and feel our own capacity, our own triggers, and our own childhood wounds that can get easily projected onto our children.BIOAnna is a holistic parent coach. Her parenting approach embodies the truth that every person, including every child, is a whole being of mind, body, and spirit; and thus should be incorporated into parenting.After going through a spiritual awakening and facing her own shadows, Anna became aware of the cycle of generational trauma she was caught in. She is now breaking this cycle as a step-parent, and is helping others see the role generational trauma plays in traditional parenting, and how in using a holistic, conscious approach, parents can break this cycle and give children what they didn't get from their parents and parent-figures. She provides free content on her Instagram @the.holistic.parent and offers 1:1 coaching. She also has an online course that is financially accessible and is available world-wide, guiding healing amongst families in learning this new paradigm of raising children and breaking the cycle.
In this episode, I speak about my upcoming album titled Songs From The Land & a special ancestral & somatic healing ritual that I'm offering to the public.Through these 10 songs, my body awakened to many things. My relationship to the land & my body being the most profound. They took me through an 11 year journey of decolonizing which, for me, is removing the act of being in dominance over something and, instead, becoming in relationship with something. A journey I have only just begun.This personal experience has inspired me to find a way to honor and produce this album, while weaving the wisdom of what these songs and this land I live on (Esopus territory in what we call Woodstock) has taught me.I've created a special pre-order package for $100 which includes shipping. Each order will get you the signed 12" vinyl, a bundle of hand picked herbs for burning in our ritual, a 2-hour Zoom healing ritual, and a 25% donation to the Center for Native Peoples & the Environment.I am limiting this to 100 packages so that I can afford to produce the album into vinyl and donate $2500 to this center that I very much believe in. Those of you who purchase it will receive the digital files of the songs shortly after, as well as a monthly email with videos from me to prompt you into doing the somatic work in preparation for our ritual, which will be held in October.The ritual will be 2 hours long via Zoom and we will weave the wisdom from our bodies & our ancestors in a collective way to be witnessed, released, and shared.I am so excited for this! To purchase one of the 100 packages, please visit my bandcamp page here.
I saw Mira's Ted Talk about "Why Not Me?" and I was instantly hooked. I'm so attracted to people who find a way to use everything that comes their way - everything - for their own healing, gratitude, and life.I reached out to Mira because she lives by the Arabic word llhamdella, which means "I'm thankful for everything" and she means everything. Mira was born in Egypt and grew up during a war in Beirut, the capitol of Lebanon, where bombs were dropped.  Her grandmother, who lived in Palestine,  lost her home, yet they all continued to live by, and say, llhamdella.What is the wisdom in radical gratitude? First, it keeps our biology healthy. Our physical bodies breathe deep, remain opened, and can transmute charge and stress quite easily through our bodies. This keeps the mind open, and it also keeps the body in a state of safety. Even when our outside world is very unsafe.Mira is a beautiful example of how gratitude keeps us whole and allows us to be more abundant, generous, and open to life. She also reminds us how growing up with great co-regulators (parents in this case) make all the difference. This is why someone can see a scary movie when they're 4 and emerge with more trauma than Mira, who experienced actual violence.There's so much wisdom and beauty in this episode. I'm very grateful for Mira sharing herself so that I can now share this with you.Llhamdella.BIOMira Kaddoura is founder of Red & Co., a female & minority owned boutique consultancy that helps brands make a larger, more meaningful impact on society. Red&Co. created “Made with Code,” one of Google’s most important initiatives to diversify the tech industry & Netflix’s lauded brand campaign, “Make Room,” that positioned Netflix as a champion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Red & Co.'s clients also have included lululemon, New Belgium Brewing, adidas, Planned Parenthood, Diageo and most recently Babyganics.Mira is an Egyptian-born Lebanese Palestinian fluent in Arabic, French and English. Her passions are her family, her mindful practices & learning to cook her mamas love-filled food. She sees nature as her greatest teacher. She’s most proud to be raising three multicultural, multiracial and multilingual daughters.Her recent TEDx Talk “How women can change the world by asking ‘Why not me?’,” shares a lot of her thoughts on the world. In 2019, Mira was awarded Ad Age’s “Women to Watch" & Adweek’s “Creative 100” and Portland Advertising Federation’s “Ad Person of the Year”. Her work has also won Cannes Lions, TED’s Ads Worth Spreading, D&AD Pencils, Effies, Clios, Communications Arts and Webbys.She is also known for her conceptual interactive art projects that challenge rigid cultural assumptions around feminism & biology as well as projects that highlight the media’s control on what we think is our individual Point of View. Her philanthropic efforts include, but are not limited to, sitting on the board of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation and 600 & Rising a non-profit & advocacy group whose mission is to dismantle systemic racism & advocate for Black talent in advertising and public relations.You can follow her at @mirakaddoura on Instagram.
This episode explores the pain & beauty of being different. I met Carolyn on IG and we had a good old fashioned phone call which was so connecting and gorgeous that I wanted to have her on my podcast.Carolyn embodies my personal philosophy and belief system: allow your pain to teach you so that you can teach others. We focus on the topic of racial & cultural trauma, however anyone can relate to the experience of "something is wrong with me", but not all of us find freedom from that belief. When we do, skies the limit!Carolyn reminds me that we walk with our ancestors and we carry many lands, stories, and strengths within our bones. When we heal our trauma, our bodies, our hearts, and our minds open so that we can fully receive these gifts of past and present.BIOCarolyn Waiters Carter has served 27 years in the fields ofHuman Services, Non Profit Management, and ProjectManagement, including Decades of experience in Training andDevelopment, Program Design,, Community Economic, andWorkforce Development, Disaster Recovery, HousingRevitalization, Youth Development, and Racial Healing,Reconciliation and Equity.Carolyn is currently using her intuitive ability, passion for healing,personal development, beauty, justice, with her decades ofdiverse experiences and skills,  towards  self mastery coaching, self healing resourcing, ,focused towards supporting, nurturingand facilitating people, communities, and organizations indiscovery and activation of their highest self.Carolyn can be reached by phone at 504-505-5528 or email her at You can also follow her on IG @lunabloom4u
Music was the force that connected me back to myself. It was my Kintsugi - the Japanese art of putting broken bowls back together with gold. I was broken from trauma and the vibrations of music brought my back into my body and taught me capacity and, essentially, transmutation of energy.On today's episode, I invited by dear friend Fredo Viola on to speak about using music to process trauma. He is an accomplished composer, singer, and performer who's newest album releases on April 9th, 2021. This particular album, titled My New Head, is truly about transmuting pain into beauty & I use it as a compass for this discussion.You can purchase his album on vinyl, or digitally, at Viola is a singer, composer and audio visual artist living in the United States.  He studied film making at Tisch School fo the Arts and released his first full-length album with experimental videos to great acclaim in France and England in 2008.  For more info about Fredo’s latest album, My New Head, go to  More info about Fredo’s projects can be found at
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